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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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DP70s in Holland

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas HauerslevDate: 04.06.2009
AmersfoortGrand Theatre
 Two DP70 (1641+1643) from February 2005 stored in the basement. Came from the Cinema Palace in Maastricht. Also machines from Metropole, Eindhoven stored
AmsterdamBellevue Cinerama
 Two DP70 (854+1434) CP200, 46ft flat screen, 640 seats, BOSE speakers. 854 sent to Rotterdam Cinerama #1 and 1434 taken out 1993. DTS. Closed in 2006 and demolished July 2007. #1434 sold to Serge Bosschaerts, Belgium 05.05.2007.
AmsterdamCalypso #1
 One DP70 (1705). DTS. Demolished July 2007.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1994
AmsterdamDesmet #1 (P)
 Two DP70 (1486+1515). Theatre closed in 2000  machines to deFabrik in Zaandam

Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1994
AmsterdamDesmet #2 (P)
 One DP70 (2399) 35mm only. Theatre closed in 2000 machines to deFabrik in Zaandam
AmsterdamFlora (»)
 Two DP70. Cinema closed and projectors sold to Teccon Enterprises Ltd in San Dimas, USA.
AmsterdamNederlands Filmmuseum (P)
 Two DP70 (2394+2398) from Philips Division Centre Eindhoven, Holland. Installed 01.10.1991.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 1994
 One DP70
AmsterdamTheatre 'du Midi' (*»)
 Two DP70 from 1962. 700 seats and 13 x 6 m screen. Closed

Image by Philips
Beekse BergenSafari Park (P)
 One DP70 (1502) from Theater aan de Parade
DelftLumen #1 (P)
 Two DP70 (1425+1429) bought 26.04.1994 from Cine Quellin, Antverpen, belgium.
DelftLumen #2 (P)
 Two DP70 (1605+1606) bought 09.04.1996 from Asta, Haag, Holland.
Den HaagAsta #1 (*»)
 Two DP70 (1605+1606). Cinema Closed in 1996. DP70 to Lumen #2, Delft.
Den HaagEurocinema (»)
 Closed. Projectors in store
Den HaagFilmhuis the Haque (P)
 One DP70 (1705) installed in March 2018 by Rosbeek Cinema.

Machine came from Calypso #1 in Amsterdam

Picture by Rosbeek Cinema

Den HaagMetropole (*»)
EindhovenChicago (*»)
 Closed late 80s. DP70 to Indonesia
EindhovenMetropole (»)
 Cinema is closed 1996. DP70s to Grand Amersfoort.

See a picture of the machines

Image from Anton Kotte
EindhovenPhilips Electro Acustive Division
 ELA Studio. One DP70.

All DP70s were made in Eindhoven. Here is Anton P. Kotte with the OSCAR his dad Jan Kotte won in 1962. Image by Ton Beetz.

The Story of the Todd-AO Projector

EindhovenPhilips Congress Centre
 Two DP70 (2394+2398). 42 feet wide screen. Projectors removed to Nederlands Filmmuseum, Amsterdam 01.10.1991. Demoilished, now a car park.
EindhovenPhilips Museum
 One DP70 (1656) on loan from Emiel de Jong for the retrospective exhibition "And the Oscar goes to... Philips" in the Philips Museum in Eindhoven, Holland - 2. March - 13. May, 2018. Picture by Christ Clijsen, © Twycer, and used with permission

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55th Anniversary of the DP70 Academy Award
EindhovenPlaza Futura Theatre
 Two DP70 (1820+1821). From Colosseum in Vienna. Installed 2008
GeldropTon Beetz (private)
 Several DP70s (1657+1722+2395+ ?)

Image by Ton Beetz

DP70 1657 looking in my garden. Can be seen on, type "70mm in Geldrop" and you can see it running with 70mm film "Krakatoa,
East of Java".

Ton Beetz, chief-projectionist at the Plaza Futura

 DP70 2395 not yet assembled. Still waiting for assembly.

Image by Ton Beetz

 A stranger in my hallway: no number. Seller said it came from Duesseldorf or Essen, Germany. I bought this with 2395 in Lemgo, Germany.

Image by Ton Beetz

Some DP70 machines have moved from their location and again are in the neighbourhood of where they were made: in the village of Geldrop near Eindhoven, Netherlands. DP70's nr. 1820 and 1821 that used to be in the Colosseum in Vienna were bought by the Plaza Futura Theatre in Eindhoven that is planning to move to a new location in Eindhoven and will re-install both machines in a take-over installation.

Momentarily both machines are stored in Heeze near Geldrop in the crematorium (!). Ton Beetz, chief-projectionist at the Plaza Futura, 30 Jun 2008
 DP70 (1722) from the Palace Theatre in Haarlem, Netherlands stripped for spare parts and sent to the scrap yard 27.05.2009.

Because of your mail I got stimulated to send you this picture of the final moments of the DP70 #1722 that stood in my garage for parts. It is stripped clean and the Maltese Cross is of course not leaving. Best wishes, Ton Beetz

GeldropEmiel de Jong (private)
 One DP70 (1656) with a Friedl & Chaloupka projector in the background.
GroningenCamera #1 (»)
 Two DP70 (1914+1919) Curved screen. SR, SRD, DTS 35/70, Magn.

Foto a few weeks before closing by Gerard Bierling.

Closed medio June 2006. The numbers 1914 and 1919 are now stored at Wolff Cinema Group Utrecht.
 Camera from ca. 1964.

They started in 1962 with SPP. The first film was "Lawrence of Arabia". Gerard Bierling, Roden, The Netherlands, 30.12.2006

GroningenLuxor (»)
HaarlemCinema Palace (»P)
 Four DP70 (1714+1720+1721+1722) DP70 1721 and 1722 are in reserve. Came from De Kroon in Zwolle. 1722 sent to metal scrap yard 27.05.2009. #1720 sold to J Branbergen, Oldekerk, January 2015
HaarlemLido (»)
Closed and demolished in 1985. Two DP70 stored at Wolff Cinema Groep Utrecht.
HeerlenRoyal (»P)
 Two DP70 (1712+1713). DTS. 1712 with SR*D on top, and DTS on place of 10 track mag. reader

DP70 1713 move and used for spares.

Image by Darren Briggs

HengloPalace (»)
 Image from Anton Kotte
HeezeCity crematorium
 Two DP70 (1820+1821). Temporarely stored for checking. Machines from Colosseum in Vienna, and later sent to Plaza Futura Theatre in Eindhoven 2008.

Ton Beetz next to DP70s in the crematorium. Image by Ton Beetz
s-HertogenboschCasino (*»)
 Three DP70 (1482+1487+____) installed 1960, 850 seats, 14 x 7 m screen. Also one spare projector. Number unknown. DP70 to Theater Aan de Parade. Casino theatre demolished.
s-HertogenboschTheater Aan de Parade (P)
 Three DP70 (1482+1487+1502). 1502 removed and sold to Safari Park, Beekse Bergen

Image by Darren Briggs
 Five DP70 (1654+) in storage. Free to a good home who will use them!

Image by Darren Briggs
s-HertogenboschParade Bioscoop (*)
KeuringKeuring Cinema
 Mr. V D Mortel, Philips Cinema 22.12.1964

Image from Anton Kotte

MaastrichtCinema Palace (»P)
 Two DP70 (1641+1643). DTS. 1641 with SR*D on top and 1643 as spare, but still in use. Closed  30-01-2005. Projectors removed to Amsterdam. Last 70mm was "Brainstorm" in 1983 with change-over (by hand). Machines removed February 2005, probably stored in the basement of Grand Theatre, in Amersfoort
 One DP70 (1800) Only 35mm. No sound or screen for 70mm. Machine moved to Lux cinema, Nijmegen
NijmegenLux cinema
 One DP70 (1800) from Cinemarienburg. Machine moved/sold to Rembrandt Boswijk, Utrecht, April 2012.
NijmegenLuxor (»)
NijmegenScala (»)
OldekerkJan Branbergen (p)
 One DP70 (1720) from Cinema Palace, Harleem
RotterdamCinerama #1 (P)
 One DP70 (854) from Bellevue Cinerama in Amsterdam. 3-strip Cinerama. Former Scala Cinerama. Opened 14.07.1960 as 34th Cinerama theatre. 5 screens from 1979 and later two more screens added. DTS

Image from 1992 by Thomas Hauerslev
RotterdamCorso (*»)
 DP70 to Eurocinema Hertogenbosch (1975). Sold to Desmet Amsterdam in 1983

Corso cinema. Image by Hans van der Vlist.
TilburgTilburg Midi Theater
 Two DP70 (1657+1656) from Vreeburg, Utrecht 1974.

Image by Erik Mentink, Tilburg, The Netherlands

SR-SRD-DTS 35/70-Mag. Closed December 2007. Machines to Ton Beetz & Emiel de Jong, Geldrop.
UtrechtUtrecht Bioscoop Catharijne #1 (P)
Two DP70 (1912+____) from City 2, Utrecht. One DP70 in use for 70mm only. One DP70 stored. Cinema opened 1973. DP70 used as standby for an FP30 with non-rewind system projector with DOLBY-SR-SRD-DTS sound.
UtrechtCity (»)
 Two DP70 (1657+1656)
UtrechtCity 2 (P)
DP70 to Bioscoop Catharijne #1 , Utrecht
UtrechtRembrandt Boswijk (p)
 One DP70 (1800) from Lux cinema April 2012.
UtrechtVreeburg (»)
 Two DP70 (1657+1656) from City, Utrecht. Opened 1936, closed 26-05-1974 and machines now at Tilburg Midi Theater, Tilburg.
UtrechtWolff Cinema Group
Two DP70 from Lido, Haarlem. Two DP70 (1914+1919) in storage from Camera, Groningen 2007
 Three DP70 (1486+1515+2399) from Desmet in Amsterdam
ZwolleDe Kroon (»)
 Two DP70 (1721+1722). Cinema closed. DP70 to Cinema Palace in Haarlem.

Image from Anton Kotte
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