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Audience feedback
Widescreen Weekend 2009

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Audience Guests Date: 11.04.2009
Was great to meet you and the many others who are now friends, at the Widescreen Weekend. You have some great photos on your site including one with me and Mark Lyndon and his good Lady.

Brian Allsopp, Walberton, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the ["Where Eagles Dare"] film screening Friday 20th

My best
Neil Thomson, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and the variety of films and technical updates. I have not seen any of the latest digital 3D films as I have been sceptical, but the demonstration was incredible. How things have moved on since I went to our local Odeon to see "Broken Arrow" (I think that's what it was called) as a child. If you speak to Duncan and the projection staff at Bradford please pass on thanks to them for all their efforts, another good quality show from the staff.

"Khartoum" is one of the Cinerama films I enjoyed the most when first released and it was good to see it once again on the curved screen.

All the best
Peter Phillips, Croydon, South London, UK
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Mr. Derren Nesbitt ("Major von Hapen" in "Where Eagles Dare")

Lost Orphaned Films Abandoned in Basement

The History of 70mm Short Subjects

Ramon's WSW review

Images: Friday, Saturday
and Sunday

"Audience on Stage"
and Academy of the Wide Screen Weekend

Film Introductions:
"The the beginning"
"How the West Was Won"
"The King and I"
"This is New Zealand"
"West Side Story"

"Faubourg 36" 70mm in Paris

"This is New Zealand" 3-strip EXPO Film From New Zealand

The M.C.S.-70 Process

Wow, what a fantastic time!

Thank you so much for your terrific organization. This was an event I will remember forever. Lee and I were blown away by it. Great people, great programme, great time. It was both a pleasure and honour to sponsor the "Where Eagles Dare" presentation.

My very best
Dave Worral, Cinema Retro

Internet link:

Arrived back in Wales after another hugely enjoyable three days in Bradford. We always arrive back thinking that you will be unable to improve on the WSW, but this has been a vintage Weekend! So many highlights, "Faubourg 36", beautiful film and print, and stunning prints for both "West Side Story" and "Carousel", neither of which we had seen before in the cinema, only on DVD. We had seen "How The West Was Won" a few times in three strip, but we were amazed at the quality of both the image and the audio of the digital print, the sign of things to come! Despite the excellent source, "The Bible" proved to be as turgid as ever, we lasted until the Intermission. Many thanks again for all your efforts in ensuring another memorable weekend. Looking forward to March 2010!!

Best Wishes,
David and Kyle, Mold, North Wales
Another fantastic WW comes to a close and many thanks again for all your hard work in making it happen. It's easy to think it all just magically happens, when in fact there is obviously much (Viking?) blood, sweat and tears behind it all. Every year there is something new and extraordinary to see and the WW never fails to uplift and inspire! Next stop Copenhagen!

Very best
Brian Guckian, Dublin, Ireland
Great weekend and very little to gripe about. One observation, and I know it is difficult, please try not to let the programmes overun. We had very little time for meals / breaks. This needs to be looked at. Also try to persuade the Pictureville Bar staff to have it open earlier ...not at 5pm.... there are many people around looking for a cold beer or drink in those congenial surroundings!!! Next year subject, to source material, how about: “Krakatoa”, “Custer of the West”, “Ice Station Zebra”, “Grand Prix”, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, “2001”, restored “My Fair Lady”, “Sound of Music”, “Fiddler on the Roof”?

Bruce Campbell

Thanks very much for another most enjoyable Widescreen Weekend. I even found time to eat and my only regret was that I had to miss Carousel. I think that the highlight for me was "Where Eagles Dare" even if it was shown on the flat screen - it definitely lost some of its impact. This has to be the best use of music to keep the tension and it shows why a blow-up was such an improvement in mono optical pre-Dolby days. The interview with Derren Nesbitt was most entertaining and a real bonus.

I was also very impressed by the digital presentation of "How the West Was Won". The picture and sound were superb and if this is the only way to see the travelogues and Brothers Grimm then it must be encouraged. Please keep showing film where copies exist. I had not known what to expect with "Faubourg 36" but thouroughly enjoyed it and the sub-titling was excellent. Other high points were "Khartoum" and "This is New Zealand". For next year is there any chance of re-showing the best of the Fox new prints (such as "The Sound of Music" and "Hello, Dolly!") before the copies disappear?

Best wishes,
Andrew King, Southport, UK
Firstly please give my thanks to you and the rest of the projection and front of house teams on a FAB weekend at Bradford including the weather.
Driving home on the M1 on Monday was a different matter with 12 miles of roadworks and the rain.

"How the West Was Won"
When last year David Strohmaier asked the audience to vote on whether removal of the joins in "How the West Was Won" would be good or bad I put my hand up in favour of removal (one of the few) and I feel watching it I was right, I thought it was absolutely stunning almost having a 3D feel to it with details we have probably never seen. I know some of the purists weren't happy but if this digital restoration enables future generations to see this wonderful film then so much for the better.

When I used to visit my aunt in Ruislip, Middx she had a large record collection, one of the records was "Carousel" with that lovely still on the front of Billy and Julie in front of the carousel, I used to look at that photo because it looked like the movie. I went to see the stage version recently with Leslie Garret (although she was off ill that night) and thought they did a good job. But at Bradford I have had the first chance to watch this movie and because of the restoration how it originally looked on the big screen and I wasn't disappointed, although talking to Tom March at the end he thought it was a bit sugary, anyway I was happy and that goes for the King and I.

"Faubourg 36"
With everyone's effort over the subtitling which enabled us to watch this I thought this was a really nice film, beautifully shot and acted and very French.

Bye for now
Graham Gurtner

This year’s Wide Screen Weekend was a great, unforgettable experience for me. I really enjoyed meeting up with you again and watching the results of all your hard work and planning.

Would you thank the others at WSW for me. The hospitality shown towards me this week will be remembered always.

All the best
Tom March

Once again, it was a great widescreen weekend. Hope you made it back home well, too.

Right now I'm digging into the story of "This Is New Zealand", reading the info on your site and the NZ Film Festival 2008. In Bradford we were slightly irritated, that the presentation of the restored 3-strip feature was announced as being 58 mins, but two 4:3 films were shown for 38 mins. Finally the restored main feature was presented and turned out to be 20 mins long.

Now I found the explanation:

The NZ Film Festival decided to show the 20min. feature together with two other NZ-productions of this time for better understanding and illustration. The runtime of the complete program is 58 mins, but this appears as a run length error for "This Is New Zealand" already on their site and so went to yours.

In the written description they say: "The star attraction at that event was a revolutionary 20-minute film..."


"These two films will screen before "This Is New Zealand":

"C'mon to New Zealand"
NZ 1969, Director/Screenplay: Arthur Everard Producers: Geoffrey Scott, Ron Bowie. 16 mins

"This Is Expo"
NZ 1970, Director/Screenplay: Hugh McDonald Producers: Ron Bowie, Geoffrey Scott. 22 mins

I was reading the article about making the film in the reprint of FLICKS & PIX, June 2007 pages 12 to 17. But at least one page is missing and so the end of the story. I can't find any info on this magazine or Warren Smyth on the web. Do you have further info or perhaps the complete article available?

Would be great to read the story to the end.
Thanks a lot,

Clemens Scherer
"This is New Zealand" introduction

"This is New Zealand" 3-strip EXPO Film From New Zealand

I really enjoyed the Widescreen Weekend again this year - an excellent programme !!
I brought an old close friend for the whole weekend with me who only wanted to see " How The West Was Won " initially as he is more a western fan than a movie fan but thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend.

Kind Regards both to you and Bill

Mark Trompeteler, Croydon, Surrey, UK
Hi there Thomas

I really enjoyed the weekend and you really had another diverse programme which showed excellent planning. It was lovely to see "'Carousel" as it was made to be seen. A brilliant screening, thoroughly enjoyed by my friends and myself. Can you please tell me if you have any plans to show the restored versions of "South Pacific" and "Mad, Mad World"? Also "Earthquake" as my friends and I would love to see it again in Sensurround. Also some of the big musicals like, "Flower Drum Song" and "White Christmas" would be nice, too.

It is so good to see the films you select in their original formats. I look forward to the next weekend. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations, to yourself and all concerned for all the hard work and preparation you do. Believe me, it is very much appreciated.

Very best wishes,
Gareth Rickards, Salford UK
Thanks for a great weekend. I really enjoyed meeting fellow enthusiasts and seeing some of the great movies of the "Last Century".

Kind Regards Bob Jessopp, New Zealand
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Updated 22-12-16