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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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The German Travelogue "Flying Clipper – Traumreise unter weißen Segeln" in Germany and in the USA
By Gerhard Witte
"Flying Clipper", perhaps a German answer to the successful Cinemiracle movie "Windjammer", had its World Premiere at Munich's "Royal-Palast" on Goetheplatz on Wednesday, December 19, 1962. The travelogue is the first German feature film production shot in the new wide-gauge film process called "MCS 70" which had been developed by Modern Cinema Systems (MCS) Film KG.
New 70mm print of "Flying Clipper"
By Egbert Koppe
FOTOKEM recut the negative and restored the sound, produced a DTS70 sound and made the final DTS70 print. Friday 6. February we'll check some reels on the screen in Cinestar 8
The man with the camera. Coburg's film historian
Manfred Romboy
Jürgen A. Brückner, born in 1941, virtually inherited the passion for films. In 1938 his father, Rudolf Brückner, a factory owner in Coburg, bought a Siemens film camera. His father bought the camera so that he could film both of his sons at the time. It was no surprise that the crafty Jürgen managed to get his father´s camera´s up and running when he was a child. This meant that much of his fathers stock of undeveloped film got drastically reduced!

The M.C.S.-70 Process and European Cinema of the 1960s
By Christian Appelt
It was a happy chance, that brought together, the MCS company and an inventor and film technician of special genius, the Norwegian Jan Jacobsen
MCS 70 Superpanorama Films Adverts and posters
A collection of posters and adverts from MCS 70 Superpanorama films in the US, Denmark, France and in Holland.
MCS 70 Superpanorama Camera For Sale
This is the opportunity to get your very own 65mm camera. This camera is very rare, only about 6 copies were made for the MCS Superpanorama 70 process in Germany.
MCS 70 Camera on Display in Schauburg
One of the original M.C.S.-70 Superpanorama cameras, originally made by Jan Jacobsen in the early 1960s, will be on display during 8. Todd-AO 70mm-Festival 2012 on the Saturday and Sunday in the Schauburg foyer.

In the Movies with Gerhard Fromm
By Thomas Hauerslev
Gerhard Fromm (b. 1932) has spent a lifetime with movies. From small beginnings with DEFA in Berlin, to big European 70mm productions in the 1960s. From working with Heinz Hölscher, Jan Jacobsen and Leni Riefenstahl, to teaching camera techniques to students in his later life.
Re-visiting Large Format With Gerhard Fromm
By Thomas Hauerslev
In the late 1990s, Mr. Gerhard Fromm invited me to come to München to talk about movies and cameras and in 2009 I was on my way to see him. I left Copenhagen on a cold Thursday January night, and I was not travelling alone for this epic adventure. My friend of many years, Orla Nielsen joined me en-route and boarded the City Night Line train in Odense. The following morning we would arrive - by train - in south Bavaria to look for traces of the MCS 70 film process.

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Re-visiting Large Format With Gerhard Fromm
Dieter Gäbler passed away
By Herbert Born
Dieter Gäbler, German DoP and well known MCS-70 camera technician, passed away last Wednesday, March 06, 2014. We remember him as a very passionate filmmaker and a very friendly and likable friend who was always very helpful in answering questions during our long research conversations.

Der Reisefilm "Flying Clipper – Traumreise unter weißen Segeln" in Deutschland und in den USA
Von Gerhard Witte
"Flying Clipper", vielleicht eine deutsche Antwort zum erfolgreichen Cinemiracle-Film "Windjammer", hatte seine Welt-Premiere in Münchens "Royal-Palast" am Goetheplatz am Mittwoch, den 19. Dezember 1962. Der Reisebericht ist der erste deutsche Spielfilm, den man in dem neuen Breitfilmverfahren mit dem Namen "MCS 70" drehte, das damals von der Firma Modern-Cinema-Systems (MCS) Film KG entwickelt wurde.
Traumreise Unter Weissen Segelen
Jürgen A. Brückner
Jürgen A. Brückner zeigt den ersten deutschen 70mm Farbgrossfilm. "Flying Clipper, Traumreise unter weißen Segeln" Eine Produktion der M. C. S. - Film K. G. Rudolf Travnicek in "MCS 70" modern cinema systems Sechs-Kanal-Stereoton und Eastmancolor.
Traumreisen auf breitem Filmband: Das M.C.S.-70-Verfahren
By Christian Appelt
Ein Zufall bringt die Modern Cinema System K.G. mit einem genialen Erfinder und Filmtechniker zusammen: Der Norweger Jan Jacobsen
MCS 70 Field Camera
By Christian Appelt
Wir danken sehr herzlich M. Jean-René FAILLIOT, Kopierwerk Gulliver-Arane, Paris, der die Fotoaufnahmen der MCS-70 Kamera anfertigte und uns zu Verfügung stellte.
Der Mann mit der Kamera. Coburgs Filmchronist
Von Manfred Romboy
Coburgs Filmchronist von Manfred Romboy, DGPh Lust am Film wurde dem 1941 geborenen Jürgen A. Brückner quasi in die Wiege gelegt. 1938 hatte sich sein Vater Rudolf Brückner, ein Coburger Fabrikant, eine Siemens-Filmkamera gekauft. Es versteht sich, dass als beliebte Filmobjekte auch seine beiden Söhne herhalten mussten. Eventuell hat das katzenartige Abschnurren der väterlichen Doppel 8-Kamera schon im Unterbewusstsein des kleinen Jürgen die Grundlagen seiner später so ausgeprägten Filmaffinität gelegt.
Dieter Gäbler Verstorben
Von Herbert Born
Dieter Gäbler verstarb vergangenen Mittwoch, 5. März 2014 nach schwerer Krankheit. Viele Gäste unseres 70mm Festivals lernten Dieter Gäbler als einen aufgeschlossenen und freundlichen Zeitzeugen kennen, der zweimal als Ehrengast unser Festival besuchte.

"SAVAGE PAMPAS" will get a 4k digital restoration
By Thomas Hauerslev
Schauburg Digital Division will scan a pristine original 70mm print from the first release in 1966, which came directly from the 65mm camera original. This print already has the color corrections, but it is faded. The print will be cleaned and scanned at 4K Resolution. Schauburg's scan expert Vincent Koch will restore the color.

Online: 02-06-1999. Updated: 22-12-2016