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"In the Picture" - Now Shooting
CINERAMA shoots again after a 50 year intermission

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Strohmaier/HauerslevDate: 02.11.2011
A short subject called "In the Picture", filmed in 3-strip Cinerama

Script is 10 pages about 2 couples, one older, one younger as visit LA area and see some sights then end up at the Cinerama Dome for a movie probably about a 10 minute movie short, called "in The Picture".

Wednesday November 2nd, 2011 will be the first time the Cinerama camera will shoot 3 strip since
"How The West Was Won" over 50 years ago.
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"In the Picture" - Prep. Day 1

"In the Picture" - Testing. Day 2

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How The West Was Won - in Cinerama

PDF: Classic Images, April 2016

Internet link:
Setting up the Cinerama camera in the garage. Image by Dave Strohmaier.

The old Cinerama has been refurbished and readied for one last fling: A short subject called "In the Picture" which be filmed in and around Los Angeles in November 2011 and shown in the original 3-strip format as part of the fall 2012 showings at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.

"In the Picture" - Now Shooting Day 1
2011 crew shot (L to R): Tony Saenz (Production Manager/Producer), Lance Fisher (Camera Operator), Doug Knapp (Assistant Director of Photography/Camera Operator), John Hora (Director of Photography), Dave Strohmaier Director/Grip, David Tondeur (Camera Operator), Ken Stone (restored the camera, he can fix anything)

Wednesday will just be the test of the focus charts, new projection alignment chart, a dolly shot with our little portable dolly, and we get the use of a camera car for a quick spin around the neighbourhood in Cinerama.

"In the Picture" - Now Shooting Day 2
1951 "This is Cinerama" crew shot

Note that the slate we used is from Oyster Bay and still has the chalk writing on it dated 1/24/57. We could not bear to erase it so we just printed out our slate and pasted it on the boards.

Only going to shoot 800 feet or (2) 400 foot loads X3 of course. Total of 2400 feet in all. It takes 25 feet to just get up to speed with 26fps.

Day 2 went pretty smooth well only make a few minor adjustment to the unit. Well show the stuff at the Cinerama Dome after the 10th.
Loading 35mm film into the Cinerama camera magazines. Image by Dave Strohmaier.

Camera car was fun well. Just a test to make sure of some things on the camera.
Test footage 02.11.2011. Cinerama alignment "Curved" chart-before blending. Press image to see enlargement



Thank you for scanning and combining the panels. Judging from the Ebell_camera_car_blend there is definite vignetting going on at higher F stops (F-16 on this one). We need to get a 6x6 filter tray attached to the front of the camera and use ND6 or ND9 filters to open the lens F stop, even with the 64ASA Daylight Film.. The back yard shoot was F 4.5 - 5.6 - noticeably less vignetting. It's a delicate balance between vignetting and depth of field.
Smile Boxed

Ken Stone - can you remove the stuff from the front of the camera that prevents mounting the Cinerama Sunshade and dome (we will need the dome on the ocean), and replace it with a 6x6 filter tray, with a cutout on the backside of the sunshade to allow for the filters?

ALSO - note to all of us Operating the Camera - whenever we remove a "camera (A B or C)" to look through the viewing tube, when we replace the camera, run a foot of film, open the shutter to "flash" all 3 panels. This will give Dave an accurate "sync mark" for the 3 panels - much better than any clapper.

Douglas Knapp, soc
Test footage 02.11.2011. Back yard people test-blended. Press image to see enlargement

Smile Boxed
Lance Fisher, Doug Knapp and John Hora are riding on the camera car mounting

Dailies are synched

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Updated 31-03-16