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Sales Manual For Louis De Rochemont's Windjammer

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: CINEMIRACLE PICTURES CORPORATION, A Subsidiary of National Theatres & Television, Inc. Retyped for in70mm.com by: Anders M. Olsson (Sweden) Date: 10.12.2016

It is with great pleasure and pride that we present WINDJAMMER to you.

Produced by Academy Award winner, Louis de Rochemont; WINDJAMMER is the first production filmed in the revolutionary Cinemiracle process.

A film for all people of all ages, WINDJAMMER is a self-selling commodity; as evidenced by the record breaking grosses.

It is a high level production, an entertainment, and, as such must be handled with special care.

This is why WINDJAMMER has been and will be presented just like a Broadway show, on a hard ticket basis.

We have an excellent staff, one greatly experienced in the roadshow method of presentation; and they will be at your service, to assist you in every way to make WINDJAMMER the most successful, profitable engagement in your city's history.


Oliver Unger
Executive Vice-President
Cinemiracle, Inc.
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A Subsidiary of National Theatres & Television, Inc.

Internet link:


The Most Important Factor

"WINDJAMMER" is not a movie - it is an "entertainment event", and as such will be shown exclusively at your theatre, and will never be shown in any neighborhood houses or any theatre unless it is especially equipped for Cinemiracle. Something special, it is a prestige item that must be presented and sold to the public on the highest level. It is because of this that "WINDJAMMER" will be played first as you would present a legitimate show, on a hard ticket policy (as opposed to the "soft ticket" which is dispensed from a roll).

Each reserved seat ticket is an individual ticket showing a specific seat location for a specific performance. It entitles the patron to a certain seat for a specified date and time.


1. Reserved seats should carry the following information:
• Theatre masthead
• Row and seat number
• Day, date and time of performance
• The location, i.e., orchestra, loge, balcony
• The producer and the production, i.e., Louis de Rochemont's "WINDJAMMER" in Cinemiracle

When the ticket is presented at the theatre at performance time, half is torn off and kept by the ticket taker and the other half is retained by the patron so that he can be seated by the usher. The collected stubs are retained for checking purposes and for future inspection by Internal Revenue Agents. All performances of "WINDJAMMER" must be reserved. This includes press previews, special showings, etc..

2. Tickets should not carry the words "left" or "right", instead the location should be indicated by number. It is of utmost importance that you establish a well defined seating plan to facilitate things for the box office, ushers and patrons. The easiest plan is to keep the left side of the house odd, (1,3,5,7) the right even (2,4,6,8) with centre section or sections in the hundreds.

1) Three section house:
Left side: 1-3-5-7 etc.
Right side: 2-4-6-8 etc.
Center section: 101-102-103 etc.

2) Four section house:
Left side: 1-3-5-7 etc.
Right side: 2-4-6-8 etc.
Left Centre: 101-103-105 etc.
Right Centre: 102-104-106 etc.

Before tickets can be ordered, the theatre must be charted or diagramed in detail showing how the seats are arranged throughout. All rows must be assigned a letter (a,b,c,d.) and all seats must be assigned a number (described in the previous paragraph)

3) Color of tickets:

The color of the ticket should be associated with the price. This makes for ease of handling by experienced and inexperienced ticket sellers. Therefore, if you have four price ranges, you use four different colors.


1. Ticket racks to accommodate 16 performances can be purchased. These racks are constructed of wood (the frame is 32" x 34") with masonite honeycombs that form 13 horizontal and 16 vertical slots. The racks are equipped with a door that fits flush over the front.

• The depth of each slot is 3Ό". The tickets extend outward for easy handling.
• Each slot can accommodate 200 tickets.
• The height of the bottom row of slots is 3" to accommodate reservation envelopes.
• Racks should be hung on the wall of the box office with the use of hooks and eyes. This arrangement permits easy shifting of racks rather than a shifting of tickets from one rack to another. In addition it permits easy removal and replacement of racks (if necessary) each morning and evening.

For your information and convenience, the names of two well-known ticket companies are:
Globe Ticket Company
625 Eighth Avenue
New York, N.Y.

National Ticket Company
Shamokin, Pa.


1. For long runs, brass number plates should be attached to the arms of the chairs.
2. For limited runs the numbers can be stencilled on the back of the chair.
3. The row lettering can be done by stencil or cards pasted in the aisle.


1. The envelope should contain the theatre masthead and the line "Kindly Examine Tickets and Change; No mistakes rectified after leaving the window".
2. These ticket envelopes can usually be promoted from a local hotel, restaurant or merchant and carries that copy on the reverse side of the envelope.


1. It is necessary to have a box office for advance sale prior to opening, and after opening, one for advance and one for current sale.

• Where it is necessary to build additional facilities to accommodate 2 box offices, an auxiliary box office can be constructed of masonite or beaver board.
• Make certain the dimensions permit 2 or more ticket sellers to work comfortably at one time.
• A length of six feet can accommodate six weeks of tickets (2 racks side by side and 2 above on the rear wall, and 2 racks, one above the other on the end wall facing the door).
• The box office should be six feet in length in order to accommodate 2 ticket windows.
• The windows should be placed at the extreme ends of the structure with the price and policy posted permanently between.

II Advance Sale

A. Tickets must be carefully counted and checked for day, date, time and price before being placed in the rack.

1) All ticket sellers should be bonded. When Union treasurers are employed, the Union, in some areas guarantees against loss and all Union treasurers assume full responsibility.

2) Guide your ticket sales:
• Instruct your seller to encourage sales of high priced tickets to patrons.
• Have the seller channel sales to the performances that are not selling as quickly as others.


If and when you take phone reservations at your theatre, they should be held no later than the specified deadline hour. DO NOT LOSE SALES BY TYING UP SEATS. If phone request should come in prior to the day of performance, it is a wise idea to advise the customer to send a check by mail.

1. Procedure for handling mail orders is as follows:
• Open envelopes
• Check request, against amount of check or money order.
• Clip check or money order on top of envelope.
• Ticket seller then fills order by placing tickets beneath clip.
• The Order is now recorded by writing on the back of the patron's letter the quantity and individual price of the ticket, the total price of the order, the location, day, date and performance time; date the order was filled and the type of payment, i.e.:

3 @ $3.00 = $9.00
Orchestra C 1-3-5 12/23/60 Eve.
Check - Filled 12/1/60

For uniformity, accuracy and speed a rubber stamp can be made up at relatively little cost.

• It is imperative that all filled mail order requests be retained and filed alphabetically. This is done primarily as a means of protection against loss and discrepancies; and the file will prove to be an excellent solicitation list for future theatre use.
• In the event that the requested performance and alternate choice are sold out, notify the patron immediately inquiring if you can accommodate him for another date and advising him that if that is not satisfactory you will return his check at once.

How to Exchange a Torn Ticket

Whole ticket purchased.

After being shown to seat customer returns to B.O. with stub to exchange...

for another seat.

New ticket is torn by B.O.

...and new stub only is given to customer.

B.O. joins stub returned by customer to control stub of new ticket given to customer and...

the ticket is ready for resale or to be counted as deadwood.

III Current Sale

Our sales technique is formulated to give you maximum penetration & big box office. Unlock the door to sales

A. All tickets sell at the advance window until you near curtain time when the Current Sale window should be opened to handle only that specific performance.

1. It is imperative that tickets are checked, in the rack, each morning before the box office opens to make certain the dates are not mixed or misplaced.

2. If a patron who has already entered the theatre wishes to exchange his tickets, he should give his ticket stub to the seller, who, in turn tears the new tickets and presents the patron with a new stub. The seller then scotch tapes the bottom portion of the occupied seat to the stub portion of the vacant seat, and voids the price and location of the occupied seat with pencil or crayon. The boxoffice can then sell the ticket for the price on, the stub portion.


1. All tickets sold at a group rate must be marked with a coded percentage rate as a means of identification and control.

• The two reasons for this are: 1/ By thus identifying the tickets, group rate stubs can easily be separated from the full price stubs when counting up after each performance. 2/ In the event a customer wishes to exchange or refund a group rate ticket, the proper adjustment can be made.
• We suggest a rubber stamp as the best means of identifying tickets, although a punch can be used (since you have three different rates, three different punches should be used).
• The rubber stamp should be made so that each end of the ticket is clearly marked.
• Since you have three group rates, you must have three separate stamps.
• The stamp can read:

1011 for 10%
1511 for 15%
2011 for 20%

House Operation

Outside - exciting, colorful, dignified theatre fronts in keeping with the prestige, quality and uniqueness of windjammer opening night. Inside... An atmosphere of elegance


1. Plan your theatre front in keeping with the prestige, quality and uniqueness of "WINDJAMMER".

• The marquee should be exciting, and colorful but dignified - no screaming displays.
• Louis de Rochemont should appear above "WINDJAMMER" and, wherever possible, the marquee should carry the "Cinemiracle" logo.
• Please refer to the illustrations of marquee and lobby displays, which may provide some ideas for your theatre.


An atmosphere of elegance can be created by careful selection of character shots and scene stills. Blow ups, montages, one sheets, three sheets, six sheets and cut outs can be utilized beautifully. A budget for front and lobby must be submitted, along with detailed plans and sketches, to the "WINDJAMMER" office for approval.


1. The handsome, bound, beautifully illustrated souvenir programs have been published by Random House. Information can be obtained from: Harry Green, National Theatres & Television, 9570 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Calif.
2. These are great salesmen and prove of utmost value at the Special Invitational Preview. Plan on ordering at least one for each invited pair of guests.


1. The Theatre Manager as the key figure in a reserved seat run must keep a constant check on the many details that go in to making it a really successful engagement. It is his function to directly co-ordinate and supervise the following:

• See to it that the box office personnel are courteously doing a real "selling" job
• Keep in constant touch with supervision of the away-from-theatre box-offices.
• Devote as much time and energy as possible to, tie-ins, promotions, groupsales, etc.
• As a prominent figure in the community, the Manager should avail himself of the opportunity to speak before clubs and organizations.
• It is the Manager's responsibility to see to it that the mail order mailings are sent out prior to opening.
• And of course, it is his task to promote and maintain good public relations and to attend to and settle any differences or problems that might arise with the theatre patrons.


1. In keeping with the dignified level of presentation, and the premium price paid by the reserved seat ticket buyers, we must in turn offer the best possible service.

• The ushering staff should be uniformly attired. This can be done inexpensively, as an example: Usherettes can be dressed in black skirts and simple white blouses or black skirts and sweaters with white collars which can be supplied and laundered by the theatre.
• The Ushering Staff should be thoroughly familiar with the theatre, the reserved seat ticket, and the method of seating patrons.
• A dress rehearsal for ushers prior to opening can mean the difference between confusion and a smoothly functioning operation on opening night.
• Each usher should be supplied with a flashlight.
• A head usher should be appointed to direct patrons to the proper aisles.
Here is the key to your city's audience. We will do the job! The basic steps to penetration and sales

1. Publicity Campaign is planned and launched.
2. Advertising campaign is planned and set up.
3. Major billboard and posting possibilities are prepared.
4. Trailers are set.
5. Music, merchandising and other tie-ins and promotions are set in action.
6. Group Sales Program is set in action.
7. The most important organization available is secured to sponsor the "black tie" premiere at advanced prices.
8. Theatre front and lobby decor is budgeted, designed and approved.
9. Mailings are sent out to mail order customers.
10. Box office is set up, tickets are now racked . . . sales begin.
11. Away-from-theatre box offices are established.
12. Ushering staff is hired and trained.
13. Special screenings are set up for members of the press, radio and television, as well as, major group sales prospects.

(A detailed outline for the entire program is to be found in the Windjammer Manual.)


Boat Picture Especially Effective On Billboards

All available media within your metropolitan area should be carefully screened and evaluated in setting up your pre-opening advertising campaign.

Obviously, your major advertising efforts will be expended in your metropolitan newspapers.

Special publications appealing to particular areas or to particular ethnic, cultural or social groupings can definitely aid your mail order response and your group sales, or result in a "show train" or similar audience.

These special publications which, after careful consideration, you choose to employ, must be part of the overall pre-opening budget. They cannot be included as extra advertising outside of the budget.

It is probable that you are familiar with most special publications and other special advertising media in your market, and with the results obtained from their use by other theatrical attractions. This should make selection of these outlets easier.

Following is a breakdown of some of the various advertising media employed in the first five engagements:

1. Metropolitan Newspapers, Daily and Sunday.
The great bulk of the budget is, of course, expended in this classification.

2. Special publications: Examples:
• Negro Press, Catholic Press, Jewish Press, Labor Press.
• Programs, Playbills, Hotel Guides, Convention Bulletins.

3. Suburban and Rural Publications:
• Small town dailies within your market area.
• Small town, county or area weeklies within your market area.
• Shopping guides.
Pre-Sell The Engagement With Our Colorful Eyecatching Displays And Promotional Material. Diagram: Excellent In Sport And Boating Supply Stores Or Distributed To Schools And Youth Groups

4. Radio: Spot Announcements.

5. Outdoor:
• Billboards
• Snipes.

6. Transportation:
• Buses, streetcards, outside and/or inside panels.
• Commuter railroads and/or buses:
(i) Outside, inside Panels.
(ii) Terminal posting.

7. Direct Mail:
Various lists are available. They include:
• Legitimate theatre.
• Opera.
• Concerts.
• Lectures.
• Motion Pictures.
• Business organizations, banks, department stores.
• Special interest groups - negro groups, music cultural and other organizations.

8. Heralds:
For your theatre, department stores, shopping centres, public events.

9. Cross-plug trailers.

10. Because "Cinemiracle" is a process of gigantic scope, we feel it would be damaging to use scenes from the production on a 35mm screen. We suggest you make up a trailer using color stills, using the following copy:

A drama of modern adventure on the high seas, "WINDJAMMER" is the salt-sprayed, thrill-packed, true saga of a graceful three-masted sailing ship and its stalwart crew of twentieth century Vikings opening at the Theatre. Reserved seats are now on sale for the thrill of a lifetime. Get your tickets now for "WINDJAMMER".

Publicity Campaign

"A Screen Miracle"...Frank Quinn, NY Mirror
"TRULY A WALL-TO-WALL THRILL"...Rose Pelswick, NY Journal American
"Cinemiracle is the Last Word in Perfection!" - Louella Parsons, Syndicated Column
JACK PAAR SAYS: "A Milestone in Motion Pictures!"


The Publicity Kit is the basic tool of the publicity campaign. It contains a tremendous amount and variety of material.

Every bit of this material is directed to achieve specific objectives. It is a result of careful planning leading to the preparation of stories and pictures on a vast scale, edited and compiled into a compendium able to service any possible request from any kind of media.

The kit is a dynamic, not static, workshop. It will keep growing, in the forms of special field bulletins and other special material. From it, you can draw from the operations of those cities where "WINDJAMMER" has already opened, and gain ideas from their success stories in publicity, promotion, and group sales.

Other exploitation material in the publicity kit, includes:
1. Sample sound-track album.
2. Sample souvenir book.
3. Sample premiere and press preview invitations.
4. Reprints of unusual and extensive publicity breaks.


The following is a suggested schedule adapted from two earlier campaigns:

1) An announcement of the booking at your theatre.
2) Contact roto pages and other pre-date sections which need several weeks to publish layouts.
3) Announcement of the opening of your Group Sales Office and the appointment of your group sales Director.
4) Story of box office opening, advance sale and order business.
5) Plant photos and stories on the organization which will sponsor the opening. Continue at intervals to service the society and city side pages with stories and art of sponsoring organization's committee meetings.
6) Feature and production stories with art should be planted as far in advance as possible with subsequent stories and layouts going out each weekend before opening.
7) Service rural papers regularly with art and mats.
8) Continue to service advance sales figures to movie pages and columnists.
9) Disc jockies should be contacted early in the campaign and arrange for "WINDJAMMER" plays. In addition to the Columbia Record soundtrack album, Dot Records has also released a version of this music.
Arrange to get your playdate credited by the disc jockies. You will also receive complete details about the Columbia Record tie-up. Contact your local Columbia Records distributor.
10) Arrange for radio and TV interviews of the theatre owner, or manager, or group sales director to discuss the importance of the engagement and the reserved seat policy. The discussion should cover an outline of the ticket sales plan and how groups can arrange to purchase tickets. You should not go into detail on the discount policy.
11) If your city has never had a triple projection process before; then set up a news and photo story on the installation of the Cinemiracle equipment. Take photos in the theatre; a good shot is one in which an attractive girl is posed with a 35mm reel and a Cinemiracle reel illustrating the vast difference in size.
12) To further emphasize the importance of the attraction you should try for editorials. Reprints of some already obtained in other cities are in the kit. Work with the travel Editors.
13) Maximum coverage should be arranged for your premiere. The charitable organization sponsoring the premiere should aid you in getting coverage. Very often the society people involved have excellent contacts with your papers, television and radio. Letters or phone calls to a newspaper publisher can result in your getting impressive premiere coverage which the film warrants.
14) Because of the nature of the engagement publicity must continue to be disseminated throughout the run of the picture.

Stories should go out to the newspapers at least twice a week during the run. Subjects are easy to find, for example, the number of performances the picture has played to date, the total attendance, an item on each group which has booked a party for that week, a picture of the 10,000th customer, a picture of the heads of large theatre party groups, a picture of charter buses arriving at the theatre. Service near-by out of town papers with pictures of their citizens attaneind a performance. Keep your eye open for opportunities to tie in with local drives with a lobby exhibit which is usually good for a picture. Arrange for celebrities visiting your area to be photographed attending a performance. Keep in touch with the manager for amusing incidents or comments that occur at the theatre or box-office.
• MAP: Used primarily as a place mat in leading restaurants, clubs, tea rooms, etc. Also valuable as a promotional piece among educators and students.
• MAIL ORDER ENVELOPE: We make it easy for the customer
• BOX OFFICE TICKET ENVELOPE: Promoted from local source at no cost to you.
• GIFT CERTIFICATE: A boon at holiday season-for birthdays,anniversaries or any "giving occasion"-tickets for "Windjammer" are a perfect gift.


An invitational screening for press prior to our opening will be held. Allow yourself as much time as possible to prepare your lists. An RSVP invitation with return card envelope should be mailed three to four weeks before the screening date. Check your lists with the sponsors of your premiere. The important political and social names not included for the opening should be invited to your press preview. This list should include:

• Motion picture and drama critics
• Executive editors
• Managing editors
• Publishers
• City editors
• Columnists
• Feature editors and writers
• Photo editors
• Sunday supplement editors
• Music critics.
• Travel editor.
• All entertainment page personnel
• Record reviewers
• Advertising managers
• Editorial writers
• Women's page editors
• Society editors and writers
• Foreign language press
• Negro press
• Suburban and special publication
• Trade Union Press
• High school and college editors.


• Program directors and producers
• Disc jockies
• Librarians
• Commentators
• Interviewers
• Station personalities
• Station owners
• Newscasters.


• Distributors.
• Dealers.
• Promotion staffs.


• Governor
• Mayors
• Police Chiefs
• Board of Education officials
• Parochial School Officials
• College Heads.


• Representatives of Social, Civic, Service and Fraternal Organizations
• Tour and Travel Agents
• Industrial Recreation Representatives
• Transit and Charter Representatives.

Please note that this is merely a suggested guide list. You will, of course, be governed in your invitations by your own knowledge of your local situation.

Follow up your invitations to key people by telephone.

Additionally, invite your important opinion makers and merchants, etc., who will be of help to you during the engagement.

Distribute souvenir books at your screening.

Group Sales

Group sales a treasure-trove of additional revenue extending to organizations * industries * schools. We set up the entire program

On the basis of the success and failure of previous road show engagements, we believe that Group Sales is a primary factor in your campaign planning for "WINDJAMMER", and should be considered an integral part of your sales and promotion program. The successful sale of blocks of tickets to organized groups means assurance of a long and consistently successful engagement of the picture.

It is imperative that your group sales program begins at least six to eight weeks prior to your opening. If a large number of groups can be booked into the first weeks of your engagement you will have created a "tight ticket" at the box office, and any theatre treasurer will tell you that the most effective sales ammunition is a "sold out" sign.

Your Group Sales Program will enable you to channel business in the Sunday through Thursday period which is always more difficult to sell out than the weekend.

A solid, well planned, group program increases box office receipts, lengthens the engagement and builds good will for your theatre.


Your Group Sales Director will be one of the most important members of your staff and as such, great care and judgment should be exercised in selecting that person. The right group salesman can mean the difference between a successful engagement and a "record breaking engagement".

It is advisable, wherever possible to hire someone who has, in the past, successfully specialized in selling theatre parties. If no such person is available in your city, another good prospect might be someone who has worked for a charity fund raising office such as the Community Chest or Heart Fund.

Your Group Sales Director should have a background of sales and public contact. He or she should be energetic, imaginative and personable, with an enthusiastic sales approach which can succeed without offending. This individual should have: a knowledge of the city and the fringe area; a knowledge of the local organizations; their members and activities, and should be a person who can meet and talk to important people in every walk of life - presidents and personnel directors of large corporations and banks, business men, merchants, school principals, and officers of every kind of club and organization. The New York office must give final approval of the selection and salary of each Group Sales Director.


An amazing number of groups exist in even the smallest towns and a comprehensive list of these groups should be carefully compiled at least eight weeks in advance of the opening.

Your local Chamber of Commerce should be able to supply you with a list of social, civic, professional and fraternal organizations and a complete industrial directory. The classified section of the telephone directory will supply names of fraternal organizations, American Legion Posts, Union, etc..

When complete, your list should include: Industrial and Business Firms (personnel directors and presidents), Union and Employee Organizations, Fraternal Organizations, Service Clubs, Professional Groups, Social Groups, Women's Groups and Auxiliary Youth Groups, Schools and Church Organizations.

A number of national organizations have already recommended "WINDJAMMER" to their local branches. You will be supplied with this information.


As far in advance of your opening as possible, officers or key members of all organizations and groups, should be invited to the preview. An RSVP invitation which you will print locally should be sent out, and followed up if possible, with a phone call. Each invitation should be for two people.

This special preview can be given exclusively for group contacts or depending on the size of the invitation list and the theatre capacity, can be a joint screening for press and group contacts. The latter is preferable.

When arranging your advance Invitational Screening, remember every member of your special audience is an important opinion maker in your community. These opinion makers are group sales contacts, true, but they also become enthusiastic publicity agents for the production.

If possible, secure letter of recommendation from some of the most important people present, with permission to use quotes from their letters.

Print a flyer locally, and use the quotes under the heading "Cleveland's Leading Citizens had this to say about "WINDJAMMER"...."


1. An intelligent group rate formula means good business and good public relations. We have established the following formula on the basis of past success and feel it best suited to a reserve seat engagement. This is merely a suggestion and should be adapted, with the approval of the New York office, to suit your area.

• Groups of 50 or more ............. 10%
• Groups of 250 or more ........... 15%
• Groups of 500 or more ........... 20%

2. When figuring your group price, remember that: A. Federal and local tax must be paid on the net or established price of the ticket; B. The group rate is based on the net price. The following is an example of how to figure the total group price on a $3.00 ticket when the group rate is 10% and the established or net price is $2.74.

• 10% of $2.74 = 27’: $3.00 - 27’ = total price of ticket or $2.73

Method of handling tickets for group sales can be found in the section on Current Sale under "Mechanics of Handling Group Sales Tickets".


• The group rates apply Sunday through Thursday and not on Friday or Saturday. You can, however, accommodate week-end groups with choice blocks of seats and you will find that a number of organizations will forego the special rate in order to get a week-end performance.
• There is to be no publicity of any kind at any time released in regard to "discount", "discount policy", or "discount tickets". In fact, it is a wise idea to avoid the word 'discount' in general mailings to groups. Use, wherever possible, the phrase "group rate" or "attractive group rate" or "special concession".
• There will be no marked-down or over-stamped tickets.
• Established price will remain, with no deviation, in all engagements at all times with any tax or taxes being absorbed in full by the purchaser.
• Group tickets will carry a code (either punch or stamp). This will be done to insure proper adjustment on any refund or exchange of tickets.
• All group sales will be paid for in full, in advance, whenever possible.
• No tickets are to be released to any group without a signed contract and, where possible, a deposit (except in cases that involve special industrial sales).

The "Industrial Campaign" can operate in a three-fold manner.

• Tickets may be issued on consignment basis providing that the group representative receives a signed contract or letter of agreement.
• A deal may be arranged on a "speculative" basis. By "speculative" we mean that the discount is predetermined by the group representative, orders are taken within the organization among the employees and a definite order placed with the theatre on a specified date. In an arrangement of this type, the industry pays the amount less the discount. We require a letter from the Company on Company letterhead, signed by a representative of that company stating that "X" number of tickets have been sold at $ price. This letter should then be attached to the box office report, with a copy to the "Windjammer" office.
• A "mail order" campaign may be set up within an industry at a special price, for a specified date. This is usually done by means of a bulletin (which the theatre prints) with an order coupon on the bottom. The orders are sent directly to the Group Sales Representative or to a representative at the plant. We require your Group Representatives to retain all order coupons for audit. A sample order form is illustrated in the manual.


The special shows for young people have been authorized, with an intensive school campaign in mind. This should be an excellent source of additional revenue for your engagement.

These shows are to be arranged only at times (mornings or afternoons) when we do not have regularly scheduled performances with the tickets priced at 90’. This price is not to be advertised publicly, nor are the tickets to be sold at the box office.

The tickets should only be sold to High School students in supervised groups through schools, community centers, scout and church organizations. The reserved seat ticket should not be used. The plan should not be made available to adults or college students and adults should only be admitted as group supervisors.


• A mailing must be sent out, on theatre stationery to all groups, industries and schools at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance of your opening (suggested letters are included) and signed by your group sales Director. With this letter enclose one copy of the flyer on which is imprinted the schedule of performance times and the price policy.
• Mailing is but the first step in your group campaign. Letters provide the announcement, the information and the introduction. They must be followed up at once by phone calls, and, most important personal contact.

The personal approach is the only effective one in selling theatre parties. The letter and the telephone call are vital in establishing rapport and arranging meetings, but sales are made face to face.


Made this day of , 19

by and between hereinafter called the "Operator,"

having an office address at

and hereinafter called the "Organization,"



FIRST: The OPERATOR herewith agrees to sell to the ORGANIZATION, tickets entitling the ORGANIZATION to occupy the following seats for the

performance of the attraction now known as

and to be presented at the

on the day of 195

SECOND: The ORGANIZATION agrees to pay for said tickets as follows:

$ on execution of this agreement
$ on delivery of tickets
$ on or before
$ balance on or before

THIRD: OPERATOR agrees to furnish ORGANIZATION with tickets for all seats in the theatre, which tickets will indicate the date and hour of the performance for which they are valid.

FOURTH: The ORGANIZATION agrees as follows:

(a) That it will pay all extra cost in connection with the printing of special tickets.

(b) That it will not sell, dispose or distribute the said tickets to any cut-rate agency, ticket broker or any other intermediary other than the ultimate user of said tickets, it being understood that any tickets so distributed in violation of this paragraph will be subject to confiscation by the OPERATOR without right or claim of offset by the ORGANIZATION, and that it will at its own cost and expense, fully comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations governing the sale, resale, distribution or other disposition of the tickets furnished to ORGANIZATION under this contract.

(c) That it will not display any advertisement in a public place or publication, advertising tickets for sale below box office price; that it will not advertise in newspapers or any other publication without the OPERATOR'S written consent. If such consent is given, it will use only copy approved in writing by the OPERATOR. Copy for announcements to be sent through the mail by the ORGANIZATION must be approved too.

(d) ORGANIZATION realizes that the tickets provided by the OPERATOR under this agreement do not represent all of the tickets for any one performance and that OPERATOR reserves the right to dispose of any and all tickets not specifically included in this agreement according to its usual practices.

(e) To assume responsibility for any and all tax or taxes and any waivers or permits issued in connection with such tax.

FIFTH: It is understood and agreed as follows:

(a) That if for any reason the said performance is not given, or it is necessary for the OPERATOR to cancel the ORGANIZATION'S benefit performance without substituting an alternate date, the OPERATOR shall refund to the ORGANIZATION and the ORGANIZATION shall accept any money already advanced for payment of tickets and neither party shall thereafter be under further obligation to the other.

(b) That in the event that the ORGANIZATION fails to make any payments at the time herein set therefor, then and in that event, at the OPERATOR'S option and without limitation of any other right or remedy which the OPERATOR may have, this agreement shall cease and come to an immediate end and the OPERATOR may retain any monies paid by the ORGANIZATION as liquidated damages.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this agreement to be duly executed the day and year first above written.


When selling theatre parties, keep in mind the fact that you have the product - one of the greatest motion pictures ever produced. Your product, "WINDJAMMER" is pre-sold, what you are selling is the idea of a theatre party. Stress the exclusive aspect of the engagement making clear that tickets are being sold on a reserved seat basis.

Clubs and Organizations: When dealing with clubs and organizations point out that a theatre party can serve the two-fold purpose of entertainment and fund raising. The group may want to use their rate as a means of augmenting their treasury, by paying the theatre the group rate and charging members the full price, or by selling the tickets above boxoffice price; or they may elect to pass the saving on to their members. Specify the group rates and choice seats. A theatre party is an excellent and novel feature for their schedule of activities. Present the advantage of having members seated together in choice locations.

Organizations are at times intimidated by large numbers of tickets. It is up to you to point out how simple it is to make an easy project ticket selling. As an example, you might inform them that if their active membership totals 75 and each member buys one pair and sells one pair then 300 tickets will have been sold.

Industry and Business: There are several group sales approaches when dealing with Industry and Business: 1. Tickets may be purchased by the employer and given outright to his employees as a bonus, or gift or as part of a company-wide program (such as a sales competition). Mention that a theatre party is an excellent and novel change from the annual employees picnic or outing. 2. The personnel director or president of a firm can build excellent employee-relations merely by making the tickets available at the special rate (at absolutely no cost to the firm). 3. A business firm or industry can use tickets as gifts to clients, buyers, etc..

Often, when a personnel office agrees to sell the tickets, or agrees to circularize a bulletin announcing that your representative will be selling tickets on the premises, it becomes necessary to set the group rate percentage on "speculation". If, for instance, you are dealing with a large factory that employs 15,000 men and you feel that you will be able to sell a minimum number of 500, then offer the 20% rate. A sample form is included in this manual.

Once you've made your sale and set the date, follow through with service. The organization should feel that you are ready and waiting to help them make their theatre party the most successful event of the season. Supply them with window cards, heralds and/or one sheets to post in their meeting rooms, etc.. Aid them, if need be, with their publicity. Society photos, item announcing such events are excellent "crossplugs" for your engagement.

Keep a close check with the group to see how the tickets are going. Make certain, if the sale is going slowly, to get the tickets back to the box office far enough in advance so that the box office can put these seats on public sale.

Follow up, after the party with a letter of thanks to the organization, asking if they know of other groups they might like to recommend for a theatre party.


A. School contact should be made through the Board of Education and the Principal.

1. Make certain the members of the Board of Education are invited to your Invitational Screening for Group Contacts.
• Secure permission from (and where possible, endorsement) to contact the High School Principals.
• Offer a 90’ or reduced rate student ticket, which, under no circumstances is to be advertised or sold at the box office.
• Have the Principal distribute the special "Student Bulletin and Order Blank" (illustration) to all teachers, who, collect the money and send the order to the box office.
• Please note that teachers accompanying students are admitted at the student rate.

B. Youth Group contact should be made through the central office (Scouts, 4H, etc.)

1. Here again it is wise to secure endorsements as well as permission and cooperation.
• Bulletin type order blanks should be sent out through the Central Office to all leaders. This bulletin can sometimes be enclosed with their regular monthly mailing at no cost to you, or, if you pay the postage, the office will send out a special mailing for you.
• The leaders collect from the members and send order blanks to the box office or Group Sales Office.

C. When and how to schedule Special Performances:

1. The performances should be scheduled when you feel you need them. It should be at times when there is no regular performance, i.e.: Saturday mornings, weekday afternoons, with the exception of matinee days, etc..

Under no condition is the 90’ ticket to be advertised or sold at the box office window, nor to be used by college students or other adults except as supervisors of groups of students of High School age.

1. Be on the alert to capitalize on all local events, holidays, etc..
• A good example would be to circularize a bulletin to all large business firms announcing a "Special Secretaries Performance" on National Secretaries Day, etc, with instructions to place orders through the group sales office.

2. Athletic and Sports Clubs:
• Don't overlook the leagues and teams, such as the Bowling Leagues (they schedule at least two social functions each season) soft ball teams, etc..

3. Graduating Classes:
• High School and College graduating classes should be contacted with the suggestion that they include a theatre party in their scheduled activities.
• Don't overlook Music Majors, Conservatories, etc..

4. Conventions:
• The Chamber of Commerce can supply you with a list of all incoming Conventions. Contact them well in advance of their meeting date suggesting a theatre party for delegates and their families.
• If they are unable to book a definite performance or block of seats, then see to it that tickets are on sale (at full price) at the registration desk or hospitality desk at Convention Headquarters.


The opening night of "WINDJAMMER" should be an important social and cultural event in your community. Your local premiere can establish the mood and quality of something special, something exclusive.

Choose a sponsoring organization for your opening night with great care. Make certain the sponsoring group can attract an audience that is composed of the top social, civic, professional and political figures in your town in order to insure a gala turnout.

Be absolutely certain that this is an organization geared to selling and promoting.

Be certain too that this is a group that can and will do a thorough publicity campaign of their own.

We insist on a black tie premiere.

Urge the sponsoring group to scale their tickets at considerably more than the box office price (the more expensive - the more social).

If you have a sponsoring organization for opening night, do not, under any circumstances sell their tickets at the box office. Be sure to mention in the ads that the "Opening Night Is Sold Out".


1. It is a wise idea to include the fact that group sales are available in your advertising copy. Perhaps a slug reading "for group sales information contact ............... ".
2. Another means of announcing advertising your group plan is to print a small card headed "For fun or funds - 'A Theatre Party'". This card would then be enclosed with all advance sale ticket orders, the card could also be distributed to travel agents, tour companies, railroads and bus lines.


Your Group Sales Director should be equipped with the following:
• Seating chart of theatre.
• Breakdown of house figures: Maximum net and gross price for each performance as well as weekly net and gross
• Breakdown of ticket prices for each performance, i.e.:
Est.Price $2.40 Fed.Tax $.30 City Tax. $.30 Box Office Price. $3.00
• Schedule of performances - times and prices.
• A telephone for the exclusive use of your group salesmen
• A complete file of letters and promotional material (flyers, heralds, etc.)
• A supply of Souvenir Books for key contacts. These books can be obtained from the "WINDJAMMER" Publicity Office.


The weekly Group Sale Report is of utmost importance and should be made out every Friday (listing all groups, whether a group rate has been given or not) in three copies and distributed as follows:
• Copy for your theatre file.
• Two copies to: "WINDJAMMER" Office
10 Columbus Circle
New York 19, N.Y.



spectacular epic

The much heralded Cinemiracle production "WINDJAMMER" opens an exclusive, reserved seat engagement at the
____________________ Theatre on _____________________.

Produced by Academy Award winner Louis de Rochemont, it is the salt sprayed, thrill packed tale of the three masted ship Christian Radich and her crew of 20th Century Vikings on their voyage round-the-world.

"WINDJAMMER" is the first production ever filmed in Cinemiracle which is the newly perfected Cinerama process incorporating the use of three projectors, surround stereophonic sound and a gigantic, curved, wall-to-wall screen.

Because of the outstanding nature and tremendous appeal of "WINDJAMMER", we believe a theatre party would make an unusual and interesting group activity for your organization.

Choice seats and attractive group rates are now available for a limited time only on purchases of 50 or more tickets.

May we assist you in arranging a theatre party for your organization? As a social event or a money raising project, an evening at "WINDJAMMER" will be a delight for your members and their friends.

Please contact me for further information.

Janice Gershon
Group Sales Director.


spectacular epic


The Mayfair Theatre is pleased to announce their forthcoming exclusive reserved seat engagement of "WINDJAMMER".

Produced by Academy Award winner Louis de Rochemont, "WINDJAMMER" is the salt sprayed, thrill packed adventure of 20th Century Vikings on their voyage to the most colorful, picturesque ports round-the-world.

Cinemiracle, the newly perfected Cinerama process, incorporates three projectors, surround stereophonic sound, and a gigantic curved wall-to-wall screen, creating the illusion of audience participation.

Industrial and business organizations are taking advantage of the attractive group rates available on blocks of 100 or more tickets and are using them for:

Customer gifts.
Salesmen's Prizes.
Part of a company-wide program (anniversaries, holidays & other occasions)
Customer party or meeting programs
Sales meeting programs.

There are, undoubtedly, other occasions for which these tickets would be appropriate among your clients, employees and employee organizations. As a gift or as part of a company-wide program, nothings offers as much for the money.

Because of the tremendous advance demand for tickets, I suggest you contact me as soon as possible so that we can obtain choice seating locations for your group.

Janice Gershon
Group Sales Director.


spectacular epic

The Madison Theatre, in keeping with its long standing policy of public service has arranged a special series of performances of "WINDJAMMER" for students and their teachers.

TIME 10.00am. DATES April 15-21-22 PRICE Only $1.00
(Teachers accompanying students admitted at student price)

"WINDJAMMER", a salt sprayed, thrill packed, adventure on the high seas was produced by Academy Award winner Louis de Rochemont in Cinemiracle. It is the tale of the Christian Radich, a Norwegian School Ship and her crew of 20th Century Vikings on their cruise round-the-world.

Cinemiracle, the newly perfected Cinerama process, incorporates three projectors, surround stereophonic sound, and a gigantic curved wall-to-wall screen, giving you, the audience, the thrill of visiting the most picturesque, colorful parts in the world.

"WINDJAMMER" has been endorsed by leading educators and religious leaders as being of tremendous educational value as well as wholesome entertainment for youngsters of all ages.

Tickets for "WINDJAMMER" sell regularly at $3.00, so don't miss this excellent opportunity.


Enclose the order blank below with a check or money order and a self-addressed stamped envelope and send to:
Special Performance
Madison Theatre
Toronto, Canada.

Order must be received no later than ten days prior to performance

Name__________________________________ Phone______________________
Enclosed $__________ to cover cost of __________ Tickets
at ___________ per ticket for the special performance of
"WINDJAMMER" _________, ________ Alternate Choice_______,____________
(day) (date) (day) (date)


Educational Consultants on Entertainment Films

The most exciting entertainment experience of a lifetime. Louis de Rochemont's Windjammer. Color by Eastman in Cinemiracle. 3 magic cameras fill the giant screen !

Educational Consultants on Entertainment Films (ECEF) to Film Estimate Board of National Organizations

Mrs. Rose Bodin .............................Language
Dr. Jack Entin ...............................History
Dr. Robert Fite .........................Audio-Visual
Mrs. Marie Hamilton .......................Music, Art
Miss Helen N. Klug .....Social Studies, Language Arts
Dr. Raymond Le Mieux ...........................Music

Miss Gloria Sarocco ...........................Speech
Mr. Simon Shulman ................................Art
Mrs. Pearl L. Spatz ..........................English
Miss Sarah Thorwald Stieglitz ................English
Mrs. Donna Wolkenstein ....................Homemaking

Direct communications to Dr. Jos Mersand, Chairman; Jamaica High School, 168th St. & Gothic Dr., Jamaica 32 N.Y.


Produced in the Cinemiracle Process for National Theatres, Inc., by Louis de Rochemont, Gayne Rescher, A.S.C., cinematographer; Coleman T. Conroy, Jr., cameraman; Richard J. Pietschmann, Jr., Director of Sound; Morton Gould, Composer; Jack Shaindlin, conductor.


WINDJAMMER, filmed in the newly developed Cinemiracle process, marks a new milestone in the artistic and technical progress of motion picture entertainment. The picture is recommended to teachers and pupils living in or near metropolitan centers where WINDJAMMER is being shown. The film is a documentary record of the 17,500 mile cruise of the Norwegian schoolship, Christian Radich from Oslo, Norway down to Madeira; on across the South Atlantic to Puerto Rico, Curacao and Trinidad; thence northward to New York City and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and after a joint exercise with a U. S. Navy task force, finally home to Oslo by way of the North Atlantic. The amazing illusion of reality provided by the Cinemiracle process enables the spectator to participate with the officers and cadets of the Norwegian merchant marine in the thrills and adventures of the voyage.

Cinemiracle is photographed by a single camera with three lenses which take three 35 mm pictures simultaneously. The center lens shoots directly, and each side lens photographs the scene as reflected in mirrors. The mirror technique reduces to a minimum the apparent displacement of an object as seen from two points. The three films are projected side by side on a giant 100 ft. by 40 ft screen. Lines where the film panels come together are almost unnoticeable and jiggling at the point of overlap is completely eliminated. The projection of the wide screen image covers a field of 146 degrees from side to side and 55 degrees vertically, thereby approximating the vision of the human eye, which encompasses 160 degrees horizontally and 60 decrees vertically. The process utilizes seven sound tracks, with five amplifiers located behind the screen and two placed at either side of the theatre. The resulting sound is stereophonic and of extremely high fidelity.

The cycloramic screen gives a feeling of inclusion and participation in the operations of the crew above and below decks. The picture seems to enfold the audience so that the spectator is on the ship, on the shore, on a sled coasting with breathtaking speed down a Madeiran mountainside and on the deck of a submarine as it submerges beneath the surface or the sea.
J.M. & J.W.E.


The Viking tradition is extolled in the odyssey of the Christian Radich. The crew of young men learn the ways of the ship, the sea and the weather. Though few, if any, of the cadets will become sailing ship officers in this age of steam, oil and atomic power, the Norwegian merchant marine continues to train them in windjammers. Facing the elements and enduring the hardships of life at sea in the schoolship, the young sailors learn lessons of integrity, courage and character. They return home as men, and regardless of the advancements of science, there will never be anything more important than the man at the controls.

In their visits to the Atlantic and Caribbean ports, the cadets of The Christian Radich become envoys of international good will. They enjoy the hospitality of the peoples of Madeira, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Trinidad and the United States. They establish friendships and acquire knowledge of the social geography of the countries they visit. Throughout the film there is a wholesome emphasis upon the points of similarity among peoples rather than their differences. The young seamen find much to admire and enjoy in the products, the crafts and the arts of their hosts.

Geographically the film provides a round-trip Atlantic cruise and captures the grandeur of the sea in all its moods. The spectator rides out the grey-green breakers of a North Atlantic winter storm, glides into the warm, blue waters off Madeira, dons diving gear and explores the soft, green depths of the Caribbean, fights the fury of a tropical hurricane and lies idle in the doldrums. There is enough geography and history throughout the voyage to provide resources for many interesting and worthwhile classroom projects.


WINDJAMMER is a film of spectacular pictorial beauty, executed on a grand scale. Natural color values and three-dimensional effects create the illusion of reality, while the significant selection and composition of the photography provide landscapes and seascapes of rare beauty. Among these are: a vibrant Caribbean sunset, a panoramic tour of Norwegian farms and pastures, of snowcapped mountains and blue fjords, fittingly accompanied by Grieg's Piano Concerto; the lovely Madeiran countryside, and many impressive views of the sea in all its massive and changing aspects. The Christian Radich rides the waves majestically, and when she is becalmed, it is reminiscent of Coleridge's famous simile: "As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean."

One of the most impressive photographic features of the film is the expressionistic interpretation of the emotional impact of New York City upon a visitor. Weegee, the famous cameraman, presents fast moving, kaleidoscopic patterns of the skyscrapers, the bridges, the roaring traffic and the lights of Broadway to the accompaniment of a jazz band.

There are also creative shots of the peoples, the costumes and the activities of the ports of call. Sparkling fireworks light up the Madeiran sky. Young children and old women sit patiently in the streets working on the world famous Madeiran embroidery. At Curacao a group of dancers appear in vivid Dutch costumes. Contrasting with these are the tropical costumes of the steel drum bandsmen, the Calypso singers and the Limbo dancers of Trinidad.


The cruise of the Christian Radich provides opportunities for a musical travelogue presenting a wide variety of compositions ranging from sea chanteys, tropical folk music and modern jazz to the Grieg Piano Concerto in A Minor. At sea the cadets sing several stirring and amusing chanteys, and when their ship puts in at the various ports, they enjoy much musical entertainment. At Madeira there are performances by the Mountain Shepherds Band and Dancers; in Puerto Rico, Pablo Casals plays the Song of the Birds for the officers and cadets; in Trinidad, steel bands, singers and dancers present the pulsating beat of Calypso music. New Orleans jazz as played by the Wilbur de Paris musical group serves as the background for the fantasy impression of New York City. At Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the Grieg Concerto is played by the Boston Pops Orchestra, conducted by Arthur Fiedler, with Cadet Sven Erik Libaek as soloist. Morton Gould skillfully introduces and interweaves the varied themes and motifs. It is played by the Cinemiracle Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jack Shaindlin.
DON'T KEEP IT A SECRET for the entertainment seeker... inform your mail order customers in advance ...AND THE MUSIC LOVER. MAIL THEM...DISTRIBUTE THEM


In accordance with the best precepts of the teaching of foreign language, the Direct Method is used by the cadets in learning English as a preparation for their trip. The young sailors are given permission to use a remodeled coal bunker as a combination clubroom and classroom. In these precincts a fine is levied against any cadet who forgets and lapses into Norwegian instead of speaking English. In their sessions the boys associate objects and actions with the corresponding foreign terms directly. They think English, hear it, speak it, write it and sing it. Faced with the need of learning the language in order to enjoy their voyage to the utmost, they achieve a remarkable facility by the time they enter American waters.


A documentary such as WINDJAMMER, which provides entertainment, information and social experiences, is an excellent springboard for correlated curriculum activities.

I. Social Studies

A. Trace the history of the sailing vessel from ancient times to approximately 1900.

B. Prepare reports on:
• The frigates in the War of 1812
• The clipper ships of the U.S.A., 1820
• The New England whalers

C. On an outline map trace the route of the Christian Radich.

D. Make a chart of the temperature zones crossed by the schoolship.

E. List the names and countries of origin of the explorers and discoverers of places visited by the Christian Radich.

II. Books About the Sea

Dark Frigate, Charles B. Hanes
Glory of the Seas, Agnes D. Hewes
Stormalong, Alan J. Villiers
Thar She Blows! And Sparm at That!, Wm. J. Hopkins
Two Years Before the Mast, Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
Windjammer, Kenneth Attwill
Seaworthy: A Whaling Boat, Aylward E. Dingle
The Pilot, James F. Cooper
The Bounty Trilogy, Nordhoff and Hall
Moby Dick, Herman Melville

Sailing Ships: Their History and Development, G. S. Clowes
A Century of Atlantic Travel, Frank C. Bowen
Models Any Boy Can Build, Leeming
Last of the Windjammers, Basil Lubbock
The Old Merchant Marine, Ralph D. Paine
A History of American Privateers, Edgar S. Maclay
Ships and Sailors of Old Salem, Ralph D. Paine

III. Language Arts
A. Prepare book reports on titles selected from recommended list.
B. Students add to list of books suggested above.
C. Vocabulary study
Prepare a list of nautical words and expressions frequently used conversationally: e.g. "the cut of his jib", "to trim one's sails", "to take a new tack". Look up and explain the derivation of these words and expressions.

IV. Music and the Dance
Plan and present record concerts:
A. Sea Chanteys
B. Selections by Pablo Casals
C. Compositions by Grieg (Song of Norway album)
D. Folk music and dances of Trinidad, Puerto Rico and other places visited in the film.

V. Guidance
A. Behavior and attitudes of cadets, hosts and hostesses at each port of call.
B. Character training: Discuss "One hand for the ship and one hand for yourself".

Ticket Agencies

A tremendous source of additional revenue can be derived from ticket agencies established away-from-the-theatre. Ticket sales, like the sale of all other commodities depend on a widespread sales campaign and easy availability to the prospective customer.

Anxious as we are for widespread business, you must be discriminating in your choice of locations. Tickets for a prestige picture like "WINDJAMMER" can be sold only through representative outlets.

In addition to receiving a percentage fee on the net price of each ticket sold, the stores, banks, etc., that cooperate have the distinct advantage of attracting additional traffic and creating good public relations by performing a service for their patrons. The agencies, in turn should carry a "WINDJAMMER" display of stills, window cards, posters, etc..

Promote a co-op ad with your various ticket agencies and try to arrange for all of their regular ads to carry the slug "Reserved Seat Tickets for Louis de Rochemont's "WINDJAMMER" Available Here".


1. Agencies should be established locally in Department Stores, Hotels, Banks, Chain Drug Stores, and Suburban Shopping Centers. In fringe area cities in addition to the above mentioned locations, you can set up agencies with travel agents, tour companies, bus companies and railroads.

• Department Stores:
Arrangements can be made so that customers can buy tickets on their regular charge accounts or, they can be purchased on a "cash and carry basis". Either way, the box office will settle with the store on a weekly basis.
• Hotels:
Tickets should be on sale at all leading Hotels in order to take advantage of the transient population. Here again the charge arrangement can be established with a weekly settlement.
• Chain Drug Stores:
The usual procedure with a Drug Chain is to establish a "cash and carry" set up which is explained in detail under "Mechanics of Ticket Agencies".


1. Agencies usually receive a percentage on the net price of the tickets sold. When a fee arrangement is made the figure should be a maximum of 10% but some theatres have been able to successfully negotiate arrangements without a fee or at rates of 5 or 7½%.

2. Tickets can be sold at the box office price.

3. Tickets can be controlled and distributed in one of two ways:
• A specified number of seats is held for each Agency every day. At the end of the day the agency calls with the total number sold (they can call for more if they sell out) and the unsold balance is released for sale at the window. The customer pays at the agency and receives an authorized order blank which he presents at the box office prior to curtain time.
• The second and more desirable method is to have the agency call the box office for each order, giving the customer's name. The box office then allocates a specific seat location over the phone, pulls the corresponding tickets, writes the customers name on the envelope and places tickets in the reservation rack. The agency receives payment from the customer, fills in the authorized order blank (see illustration) and gives a copy of the blank to the customer, who presents it at the box office in exchange for his tickets.

4. Ticket agency Order Blanks should be patterned after illustration.
• Each blank should be printed in triplicate (they can be filled in rapidly with the use of carbon paper). We suggest that you use a three color system - (first copy) white for the agency; pink for the buyer, and yellow for the theatre.
• The blanks should be printed in pad form and each blank should carry an identification number in series (this will insure control since you will keep a record of the numbers that have been assigned each agency.

5. Financial settlement with ticket agencies:
• The box office should bill the agency on a weekly basis.
• When the bill is paid in full the box office reimburses the agency their percentage by check, and surrenders the previous weeks order blanks.


1. All ticket agencies should be equipped with the following:
• Posters, window cards, stills and other material appropriate for display purposes.
• A theatre seating chart
• A supply of flyers for counter distribution
• A schedule of prices and performance times
• A supply of order blanks
• Directions on how to get to the theatre (this is especially important in out-of-town areas).
TIE-IN with Columbia Records * RCA Victor Records * Dot Records * Chappell Music Corp.


Sell "Windjammer" tickets to a local merchant who will use them as premiums, customer gifts or prizes. Utilize the "Windjammer" motif as a merchandising promotion - White Sales...Special Promotions

Basket Sled
Steel Drums
Boat Models
Fire Dept.
Fire Engines


Use the real thing "WINDJAMMERS"
Contact one of the ships in the International Fleet of Windjammers

Tie-Ins -- Sales -- Sales Promotion

"Gold Ticket" Promotion Insert enclosed with all outgoing ticket orders.


1. In addition to the Columbia sound track album, "WINDJAMMER" has been waxed on Dot and RCA Victor. Arrange for window and counter displays at all sheet music and record outlets.
• Contact your Columbia Record Distributor, he will give full co-operation by:
1) aiding you in arranging for window and counter displays at all Columbia Record Outlets:
2) promoting the album and the picture with local disc jockeys:
3) arranging for an ad to be taken by Columbia dealers when you open.

The Columbia distributor, his salesmen and dealers should be included in the special screening prior to opening.

2. The Chappell Music Corporation is publishing and distributing the sheet music. Be sure to contact your local Chappell Music outlet.
• Promote windows
• Promote tie-in ads
• Persuade your local high school or college bands to feature the "WINDJAMMER" score during their half-time entertainment.
• Drop a note to all local orchestra and band leaders reminding them that "WINDJAMMER" is opening or has opened in your town and urging them to use the music.


1. Special displays in Libraries
2. Displays in Banks, Department Stores, etc.
3. Perhaps your local Department Store will do a window centered on the "WINDJAMMER" album and records they are featuring in their Record Department.


1. An excellent sales stimulant is the "WINDJAMMER" Gift Certificate. Special certificates will be shipped to you on request. See the illustration.
• The certificate is filled in with the names and the amount.
• The recipient then presents the certificate at the box office and receives tickets for the date of his choice.

2. Capitalize on various gift-giving holidays and events, i.e., Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.. It is a good idea, especially at the above mentioned times of the year to play up the Gift Certificates with a line or two of copy in your ads. "The perfect Christmas present....Tickets to "WINDJAMMER"."

3. If there is a great deal of pedestrian traffic passing your theatre, you may find it profitable, during the Christmas shopping season, to station a pretty girl (attired as a Santa Belle) in your outside box office to handle the sale of Gift Certificates.

4. Post an attractive display in your lobby area of the box office, suggesting the purchase of Gift Certificates to your patrons.

5. Included you will note is an illustration of the "gold ticket" Gift Certificate promotional piece we have been including with all outgoing orders.


1. Advertising Campaign -- 1. Promote a mass ticket sale with a local appliance or furniture dealer; or the supermarket chain in your area.
• This is a deal where the business firm buys "X" number of tickets (at the special rate) to be used as customer gifts or prizes; ordinarily it is tied in with a sale or special.
• Usually a promotion of this nature carries with it extensive newspaper (double truck if possible), radio and sometimes TV advertising.


• Here we must keep in mind the prestige production we are dealing with; and exercise care in choosing the dealer or store that ties in.
• Under no circumstances is the word "free" to be used in any advertising in conjunction with our tickets. It is best to phrase these ads using the word "guest", i.e. "Be Our Guest"..."We Cordially Invite you"...."You are Cordially Invited".....
2. The "ticket" used by the store should be printed on card stock in invitational form by them.

It is imperative that the cooperating party is aware
• That these "invitational tickets" are negotiable at your box office and as such will be automatically honored by your ticket sellers.
• That the cooperating party is COMPLETELY responsible for the control of the "invitational tickets".

3. This "invitational ticket" is presented by the store to its customers, who in turn, present it at the box office for any performance Monday through Thursday.

4. The location (orchestra, balcony, loge) is determined in advance and the same location is used for every exchange ticket.

5. The box office surrenders the "invitational tickets" to the stores at the end of each week along with a bill.

Incorporate elements in "WINDJAMMER".

The basket, and steel drums are but two items that are excellent for premiere fanfare and make terrific lobby displays.

Tie-in with your local Fire Department and try for a fire engine display.

A tie-in with one of the Windjammers.

The following is a list of the International Windjammer fleet and their respective countries of origin:

Three masted square riggers:
• Christian Radich Norway
• Sψrlandet Norway
• Denmark Denmark
• George Stage Denmark
• Amerigo Vespucci Italy (This is the largest in the world and operated by the Italian Navy)

Other Windjammers:
• The Eagle USA
• Flying Clipper Sweden
• Pamir II (or G. Fokk) Germany (Built in 1959 to take the place of the original Pamir)
• Passat Germany
• Sagress Portugal
• Statsraad Lehmkul Norway
• Joseph Conrad USA (Docked at Mystic Seaport, Conn.)
A publicity bonus. One of the most clever publicity gimmicks ever ... A ready made color insert which your paper can print at no additional cost.


1. Contact your local bus and railroad sales representatives. Remember that they are just as anxious to sell fares as you are to sell tickets. Every local passenger agent is an additional salesman for our production.
• Promote local and out-of-town "package" excursions where the bus or rail agents sell a complete packet which includes transportation and tickets for "WINDJAMMER".

2. When dealing with large railroad excursions, the company often prints their own "entertainment ticket" which is exchanged for our theatre ticket on board the train or at the theatre.
• Try to avoid having these groups exchange tickets in the theatre lobby since it makes for traffic congestion at certain times.
• It is not always necessary to obtain payment in advance from the Railroad Companies since they are wellknown and reputable. Make the easiest financial arrangements with your local passenger agent.


1. Persuade an out-of-town newspaper or radio station to sponsor an excursion to "WINDJAMMER".
• Suggest that they use the profits for their favorite community philanthropy.
• Try to tie-in a local civic group such as the Junior Chamber of Commerce, since they are well organized and geared to sales and promotions.

You would be amazed at the amount of "Free Space" the above promotion can net in addition to additional sales.

As already mentioned on page 20 of this manual the opening night should be an important social and cultural event in your community. However, there should also be the impact of something strange and unique occurring.

Make certain that there is more fanfare and ballyhoo for this opening than for any other entertainment event in your city's history. This can be accomplished by the proper utilizing of bands, klieg lights, tie-ins with radio and television to cover the important personalities who are in attendance; plus making certain that all of the opinion makers in the community have received invitations and are instilled with the enthusiasm of the opening.

For opening night any exploitation stunt that can be adapted to local custom should be attempted. In New York this would be Marilyn Monroe on a pink elephant; in Paris the scaling of the Eiffel Tower; and in London placing a facsimile of a Windjammer over Big Ben.

EVERYTHING GOES ON OPENING NIGHT. The more bands; the more hoopla; the more flowers; the more excitement; the better.
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