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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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"Rama" - In all it's screen splendour!
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The 70mm Newsletter
Collected by David Strohmaier and Thomas Hauerslev Date: 25.03.2008. Latest update: 30-06-2022

A 1962 Confidential magazine exposť

Richard M. Morse, Manhattan, 22.11.2009

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David Strohmaier


Internet link:

Seen in Copenhagen on a van in October 2009 by Thomas Hauerslev

An advert of the German Hip Hop Group TWIST-÷-RAMA, there is announced a concert on the 29. July 2006 in the Luna Bar Munster, but it didn't take place on that day.

Gerhard Witte, Berlin

An advert of a restaurant in Wisconsin, a friend of me was there last year and gave it to me.

This is Minocqua, Wisconsin's annual ode to beef! Several business owners and organizations cook up 20 pounds roast beefs, then parade them to the local park, slice them

Gerhard Witte, Berlin

An advert of Cinerama Mobile Theatre "Itinerama", that was the name of the Cinerama Tents mainly in Great Britian and France

Gerhard Witte, Berlin
Kinorama, cinema in SÝnderborg, Denmark

14.10.2009 by Thomas Hauerslev
Explorama, in "Danfos Universe" in Nordborg, Denmark

14.10.2009 by Thomas Hauerslev

Naturama, science in Svendborg, Denmark

27.09.2009 by Thomas Hauerslev

Funorama, postcard display in Flensburg, Germany

14.10.2009 by Thomas Hauerslev

Rama, butter seen in Flensburg, Germany

14.10.2009 by Thomas Hauerslev

Found this on internet, two Swedish sites, one for bowling and one for pictures.

Lars-Olof Anfelter, 09.10.2009
Found this on internet, two Swedish sites, one for bowling and one for pictures.

Lars-Olof Anfelter, 09.10.2009

There is an actress by the name of Illeana Douglas. She's been involved in various aspects of "the movies" now for around 20 years, mostly acting, but occasionally producing and/or directing some projects.
She's currently participating in some internet-created "webisodes", and one of them are grouped together under the name, "Illeanarama".

Her IMDB details and if you go to the YouTube, you should get to a good segment of her webisode from a couple of years ago, and there is a prominent title, shortly into the segment, with the "Illeanarama" title rendered into artwork.

Cheers, Paul Rayton, 09.10.2009
Canauxrama, canal trips in Paris

14.10.2009 by Mark Lyndon, London, UK
Perforama, Danish DVD cover

14.10.2009 by Thomas Hauerslev


autorama web

Family owned and operated since opening in 1965, this North Ridgeville, Ohio drive-in theatre is open daily from Memorial to Labor Day (weekends in April and Sept.) and prides itself on the fact that it often pairs first-run movies as double features.

Richard M. Morse, Manhattan, 12.09.2009

Here's another "Rama" for you. Maybe. (Or maybe you already have it?)

It says "CasinoRama" here, but, it turns out, "Rama" is apparently a subsection of the town of Orillia, in Ontario, Canada. So ... not sure whether this qualifies.

Paul Rayton, Hollywood, USA, 24.08.2009

a panoramic camera built by the Charles Hulcher Corporation

All the best - Christian Appelt, Germany, 28.08.2009
Show A Rama

1972 ad for the United Motion Picture Associationís 15th consecutive conclave of producers, distributors, exhibitors, manufactures and dealers in order to view merchandising tools and marketing products, discuss the state of the industry and share ideas and strategy for the coming year.

Richard M. Morse, Manhattan, 14.08.2009
"Hanorama" , a plastic viewer for 24x36mm slides. Made in Australia by Hanimex Corp., propably in the 1960s.

All the best - Christian Appelt, Germany, 12.08.2009
News-a-rama web site found by Siddique Hussain 20.04.2009 
Vistarama from Barcelona, Spain by Gabriel 18.05.2009 
Music "Bananarama" by Thomas Hauerslev 
Glamorama, Front cover of Vogue magazine. Seen in Copenhagen by Thomas Hauerslev
Saw the car in this attached image yesterday. It was driving up the hill in my neighborhood, while I was heading down the hill. I stopped, turned around, and tried to catch it (going uphill, mind you, in my not-particularly-"muscle" car). Lost sight of it due to the hills and the curves, and so took one route with some visibility ahead, and did NOT see it ... so, went back, and took another twisty route further up the hill. By dead reckoning and dumb luck (and not turning down some of the other possible streets), I managed to spot it. Thank God they didn't park it in a garage!

Paul Rayton, Hollywood, USA, 21.04.2009
Wanted to include this picture of my "RAMA" to your page.

Thanks for your timeÖ.
John Clark



While in Birmingham recently I spotted this. I noticed the SIGN*A*RAMA was arranged similarly to the one I sent you previously in Harrogate. I did some research and found it is a franchise and has locations all over the world. Their website is www.signarama.com

Best wishes
Harry Rigby - Editor CTA Bulletin, 11.04.2009
Whilst I was in Mallorca last week recovering from BIFF and wandering round Palma's streets, I came across this business.

Duncan McGregor, Bradford, England. 16.04.2009
Hi! Just discovered your website and thought Iíd send you a link to another PanoRAMA out there. BBC Program thatís been running for years. Thanks, Aitch, 20.02.2009

S. S. Aquarama

The S.S. Aquarama, a cruise-ferry ship that took passengers between Detroit and Cleveland in the late 1950s and early 1960s, had nine decks containing four restaurants, four bars, movie theatres, recreation areas and room for 160 cars and 2,600 passengers.

Richard M. Morse, Manhattan, 30.01.2009

My "Rama" contribution. Thanks!

Pat Matthews Productions

Here is a picture I took in Harrogate [North Yorkshire] recently Ė only 30km from Bradford.

Best wishes
Harry Rigby - Editor CTA Bulletin

Filmed in HiFi Stereo 70 process

see 2008 "Rama" - In all it's screen splendour! 
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Updated 30-06-2022