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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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70mm Blow Up

The 70mm Newsletter

Compiled by William Kallay and Michael Coate - ©1999-2002


Absolute Beginners
Super 35April 18 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoOrionOriginally released (in 35mm) in the UK on 4 April. 70mm trailer: “Pirates” & “Howard The Duck”
AliensSpherical (1.85:1)July 18 (USA)6-Track Dolby Stereo20th Century FoxOAR blow-up. A great sequel...even greater in 70mm. 150+ 70mm prints. 70mm trailer: “The Fly.”  Expanded to 154 minutes in 1991, and released exclusively on LaserDisc (and subsequently, on DVD & VHS).
“Big Trouble in Little China”
PanavisionJuly 2 (USA)6-Track Dolby Stereo20th Century FoxAKA: ‘John Carpenter’s Big Trouble In Little China.’ 70mm trailers: ‘Aliens’ & ‘The Fly.’
Clan Of The Cave Bear, TheTechnovisionJan 17 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoWarner Bros.
CobraSpherical (1.85:1)May 23 (USA)6-Track Ultra StereoCannon/Warner Bros.The one and only six-track release in Ultra Stereo.  Prints note “Eagle Stereo,” while newspaper ads and one-sheets noted “Ultra Stereo.”  OAR blow-up. 70mm trailers: “Under The Cherry Moon,” “The Karate Kid II” & “Club Paradise.”  Some theatres began screenings on the evening of May 22.
Color Of Money, TheSpherical (1.85:1)Oct 17 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoTouchstoneOAR blow-up.
Down And Out In Beverly HillsSpherical (1.85:1)Jan 31 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoTouchstoneUS 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in Dolby’s records and the book “Wide Screen Movies.”
Fly, TheSpherical (1.85:1)Aug 15 (USA)6-Track Dolby Stereo20th Century FoxUS 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book “Wide Screen Movies.”
HighlanderSpherical (1.85:1)Mar 26 (France)6-Track Dolby Stereo20th Century FoxTested & trade screened prior to release in 70mm. International cut released with 70mm prints. US release (shortened to 111 min): March 7. US 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book “Wide Screen Movies.”
Howard The DuckSpherical (1.85:1)Aug 1 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoUniversalOAR blow-up.  AKA: “Howard: A New Breed Of Hero.”  AKA: a terrible movie.
Iron EagleSpherical (1.85:1)Jan 17 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoTriStarUS 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book “Wide Screen Movies.”
KarmaNANA (India)6-Track StereoNA
LabyrinthJ-D-CJune 27 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoTriStarUS 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book “Wide Screen Movies.”  According to Lucasfilm, no 70mm prints were struck.  70mm presentation advertised in Dallas (at a theatre believed to be equipped for 35mm-only!).
Legal EaglesPanavisionJune 18 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoUniversalUS 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book “Wide Screen Movies.”
“Little Shop of Horrors”Spherical (1.85:1)Dec 19 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoGeffenOAR blow-up. 70mm trailer: “Innerspace.”
“Manhunter”Super 35Aug 15 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoDEGThe one and only 70mm release from DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG). AKA: “Red Dragon.”
Mission, TheJ-D-CNov 14 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoWarner Bros.
Money Pit, TheSpherical (1.85:1)Mar 26 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoUniversalOAR blow-up. Would a movie like this have been released in 70mm had Steven Spielberg not been one of the producers?  70mm trailer: “Howard The Duck” and “Legal Eagles.”
Name Der Rose, DerSpherical (1.85:1)Oct 16 (West Germany)6-Track Dolby Stereo20th Century FoxOAR blow-up. US 35mm release: Sept 24.  AKA: “The Name Of The Rose.”
Nutcracker: The Motion PictureSpherical (1.85:1)Nov 26 (USA)
6-Track Dolby StereoAtlantic
PiratesPanavisionMay 8 (France)6-Track Dolby StereoCannonUS 35mm release: July 18.
Poltergeist II: The Other SidePanavisionMay 23 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoMGM/UAUS 70mm release unconfirmed. Title is listed in the book “Wide Screen Movies.”
SinghasanNAMar (India)6-Track StereoNA
SpaceCampSpherical (1.85:1)June 6 (USA)6-Track Dolby Stereo20th Century FoxOAR blow-up. 70mm trailers: “Big Trouble In Little China” & “Aliens.”
Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomePanavisionNov 26 (USA)6-Track Dolby Stereo SRParamount100+ 70mm prints. OAR blow-up. A couple 70mm-Dolby SR prints tested during release. 70mm trailers: “The Golden Child” & “Little Shop Of Horrors.”  AKA: “The Voyage Home: Star Trek IV”
Top GunSuper 35May 16 (USA)6-Track Dolby Stereo (SS)Paramount100+ 70mm prints. Some sources suggest this may have been released with a dual inventory of 70mm prints (some full-width, others matted to 1.85:1).  Sneak previewed in 70mm prior to release.  70mm trailers: “The Golden Child” (teaser), “Under The Cherry Moon,” “The Karate Kid II,” “Ruthless People,” “Legal Eagles” & “Deadly Friend.”
Tough GuysPanavisionOct 3 (USA)6-Track Dolby StereoTouchstone

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