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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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70mm Movie Theatres in Southern California

The 70mm Newsletter

Compiled by: Bill KallayDate: 06.08.2010
The following theaters were equipped to show 70mm films. Most that are still open may still be capable to show 70mm. 
Agoura HillsAgoura HillsMannOpenTHX 
AlhambraAlhambra PlaceEdwardsOpen  
AnaheimBrookhurstIndependentOpenRan some 70mm in the late ‘60s. Now four screens.
Anaheim HillsCinema 13IndependentOpenTHXTHX added for "Phantom Menace."
Anaheim HillsFestival 16EdwardsOpen  
AzusaFoothill CenterEdwardsOpen Now a Flagship theatre
Beverly HillsConnectionGCCOpenTHX 
Beverly HillsBeverly CenterLoews CineplexOpenTHXTHX dropped later. Beverly Hills
BurbankBurbank 14AMCOpen One of a few theaters to first show digital projection.
Century CityCentury PlazaLoews CineplexOpenTHX/HPS-4000Theater #2 split into three auditoriums
Century CityCentury City 14AMCOpenTHXTHX dropped later
Culver City, CulverCulver PlazaMannOpenTHX
GlendaleAlexPrivateOpen Live theater. Films shown occasionally
HollywoodChineseMannOpenTHXConsidered by many as THE 70mm theatre
HollywoodCinerama DomePacificOpen 
HollywoodEgyptianAmerican CinematequeOpen Restored
HollywoodFairfaxLoews CineplexOpen Discount house
HollywoodEl CapitanPacificOpenTHXTheatre touts DLP on select presentations
Huntington BeachCharter CentreEdwardsOpen  
IrvineUniversityEdwardsOpen Now an art film house.
Laguna Hills MallIndependentOpenFormerly owned by Edwards/So Cal.
Laguna NiguelLaguna Niguel 8EdwardsOpenTHXTHX later dropped.
LakewoodLakewood CenterPacificOpen Pacific refurbished main auditorium in 1999.
Long BeachMarketplaceUAOpen  
Marina Del ReyMarina Del ReyUAOpenTHX 
Moreno ValleyTown GateEdwardsOpenTHXTHX dropped later. Now owned by Ultrastar
Newport BeachBig NewportEdwardsOpenTHXTHX dropped later. Only one auditorium had THX
Newport BeachFashion IslandEdwardsOpenTHXTHX dropped later. All screens are common width
North HollywoodCentury 8CenturyOpenTHX 
North HollywoodNorth HollywoodUAOpen  
OxnardCarriage SquareIndependentOpen Second run movies. Possibly now closed
Redondo BeachRedondo BeachGCCOpenTHXSecond run movies. Cinemas 1, 2 and 3 closed
Santa BarbaraArlingtonIndependentOpen Used as a concert venue and film showimgs.
Santa MonicaCriterionMannOpenTHX 
Santa MonicaBroadwayLoews CineplexOpen  
Sherman OaksSherman OaksGCCOpenTHX 
TarzanaValley WestMannOpen  
Temple CityTemple CityEdwardsOpen  
Thousand OaksThousand OaksUAOpen  
TorranceOld TowneMannOpen  
TorranceDel AmoMannOpenTHX
Universal CityCitywalkLoews CineplexOpenTHX 
West Los AngelesRoyalLaemmleOpen 
West Los AngelesShowcaseLaemmleOpen Formerly owned by Cineplex Odeon
WestwoodAVCOGCCOpenTHXMain auditorium split in two in '93. Boo! Hiss!
WestwoodFestivalMannOpenTHXOnce known as the Egyptian Theatre Westwood
WestwoodNationalMannOpenTHXPremiere theatre for 70mm presentation
WestwoodPlazaMannOpen Known for 70mm revivals in the 90s
WestwoodVillageMannOpenTHXPremiere theatre for 70mm presentations
WestwoodWestwoodUAOpenTHXOnce known as the Coronet. Being converted into drugstore
WestwoodLandmark's RegentLandmark TheatresOpen 
Woodland HillsFallbrookLaemmleOpenTHXClosed and reopened as art/commercial cinemas
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The following theaters were equipped to show 70mm films. Most that are still open may still be capable to show 70mm. Most of these multiplexes have at least one “large” auditorium of approximately 300 seats, up to 2000. Some multiplexes may have more than one screen equipped for 70mm projection. If you attend one of these theatres, don’t be surprised if some are run-down. In the recent years, digital sound and the overbuilding of new megaplexes has either allowed these types of theatres to be neglected or closed down. Bankruptcy has also forced the sale or closure of many theatres. But there are some gems (Grauman’s Chinese) that are still in great shape or being renovated (Pacific’s Cinerama Dome) or are run with class (Galaxy 13). Just because most of them don’t have stadium seating doesn’t mean they’re all bad! Seek them out while you still can, despite the lack of 70mm prints today.

April 2003, Bill Gabel´s (USA) corrections added.


Classic Theatres Now Gone

AnaheimCinemalandMannClosedDemolished. Once a nice theatre, then converted into three screens.
Beverly HillsThe BeverlyPacificClosedTHXThe last chain was GCC not Pacific
Beverly HillsThe BeverlyPacificClosed & demolishedTurned into a bank in 1986. Was known as Pacific's Beverly. This theatre had one of the nicest 70mm presentations 2-DP70's & 2-XL's).
Beverly HillsWiltshireFoxClosed Now a live stage theatre.
BreaMarketplace 8UAClosedTHXClosed due to business from Edwards 22 screen complax
Buena ParkMallUAClosedTHXConverted into large department store in 2000.
CerritosTwinUAClosedNow a parking lot.
Costa MesaSouth Coast Plaza 3EdwardsClosedOriginal theater split in two. Edward's bankruptcy placed renovation in limbo 
Costa MesaTown CenterEdwardsClosedTwo 600 seat auditoriums w/70mm projection. Closed 6/01
El ToroEl ToroEdwardsClosedClosed April 2001 
HollywoodHollywoodMannClosedNow a Ripley´s believe it or not
HollywoodPacific #1PacificClosedNow run by ETC/USC Digital Film Lab
HollywoodPacific #2PacificClosedNow run by ETC/USC Digital Film Lab
HollywoodVogueIndependentClosedLive theater.
La MiradaGatewayEdwardsClosed 
La MiradaMallPacificClosed 
Los AngelesFour StarIndependentClosedNow a church.
Los AngelesCarthay CircleFoxClosedOne of the grand palaces. Demolished in the late 60s
Mission ViejoCrown ValleyEdwardsClosedNow a church
MonroviaHuntington OaksMannClosedBeing converted into a home accessories store.
MontclairMontclairUAClosed Demolished
MontclairMontclairGCCClosed Demolished
OrangeCinedomeCenturyClosed It had four-five screens capable of showing 70mm. A new stadium plex opened a mile away. Demolished April-May 2000
OrangeCity CenterCenturyClosed Demolished for AMC 30 plex and mall.
Puente HillsPuente Hills 6MannClosedTHX
Puente HillsPlazaAMCClosedTHX 
Redondo BeachStrandIndependentClosedTHXOne of the first theatres in LA region to show 70mm. Also known as the Marina Tri-plex
RiversideRiverside GalleriaUAUnknown Believed to have recently closed
RiversidePark SierraUAUnknown Believed to have recently closed
RiversideCanyon CrestSo CalUnknown Believed to have recently closed
RiversideCanyon SpringsSo CalUnknown Believed to have recently closed
San BernardinoInland CenterPacificUnknown Believed to have recently closed
Santa AnaHutton CenterEdwardsOpenTHXTHX dropped later. Really run down now. Closed and demolished
Santa AnaMain PlaceAMCClosedTHXTHX dropped later. Closed in Sept. 2000. re-opened Nov. 2000
Santa BarbaraGranadaWas operated by Metropolitan
Sherman OaksPacific 4PacificClosed Replaced a stadium seated complex
StantonStanton 6EdwardsClosed One of the first theatres to close after Edwards' bankruptcy
Studio CityStudio CityMannClosed Now a bookstore.
TorranceDel AmoUAClosedNot to be confused with the Mann Theatre
VenturaCentury 8CenturyClosed
West CovinaEastlandSo CalClosed 
West Los AngelesPicwoodPacificClosed Demolished
Woodland HillsWarner CenterUAClosedTHXKilled by megaplex madness?
Woodland HillsTopangaPacificClosed Turned into tri-plex. Last seen as a Halloween store
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Updated 07-02-23