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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Speciality Theatre Films and Ride Films

All 70mm film lists
Compiled by: Thomas Hauerslev, based on SHOWSCAN's list from 1992 Date: November 2002. Updated June 2011
Title Released Running time Notes
Big Ball *)
1984 22:00 The down and dirty hometown boys are challenged to a game of dune buggy soccer. This colorful action-thriller will have the audience rooting for the home team until the last hit of the Big Ball.
New Magic *)
1985 23:00 See the full spectrum of the Showscan process. Magic sequences, special effects, miniature photography, high speed thrills and suspense. Exciting, blood-pumping fun.

Filmed with Super Panavision 70 camera equipment
Let's Go *)
1985 17:00 The touching and comical story of a young boy's relationship with a robot. A technological adventure for the eyes.
Deep Sea Rescue 1985 5:00 Witness a deep water rescue within a specially designed submersible simulator.
Chevrolet 75th Anniversary 1986 60 min  
Night of The Dreams *)
1986 12:00 Fantasies become nightmares and dreams become reality in this spellbinding story of a young boy and his family.
Earthwatch 1986 7:00 The stoic, volatile beauty of Canada. See a giant icebreaker glide across the frozen water. Drop off a mountain ridge in a small plane and live to talk about it with the people of Canada as they celebrate Expo '86.
Discovery 1986 16:00 A young girl joins a space creature named Zargon and together they soar over British Columbia's endless majestic beauty. A rapture for the eyes.
Niagara Wonders 1986 23:00 Niagara Falls, North America's greatest natural wonder, as you have never seen it. Surging, dramatic and full of mystery and myth.
Kiwi Magic 1987 25:00 A hilarious tourist-comedy starring Ned Beatty and comedian Billy T. James. James plays the wacky tour guide who leads Beatty on an unforgettable tour by jeep, plane, toboggan, jet boat, raft and helicopter through New Zealand.
Celebrating Us 1988 27:00 A vivid, brilliant and breathtaking breeze through Australia which you will never want to end. The pageantry and people of New South Wales welcome you home in a film produced for this country's bicentennial.

Filmed with Todd-AO camera equipment
Call From Space 1989 27:00 James Coburn hosts a scientific experiment gone bad. When Coburn invites a young girl to help him with a scientific demonstration, he learns he is not the one giving the experiment. An enterprising alien zaps the girl away for an adventurous lesson in time travel. Charlton Heston is the voice behind the alien.
France 1990 40:00 All the grandeur of France in this sensual glimpse of the past and present. See the National Assembly in the full glory of the revolutionary period as they light the flame of freedom for a nation making a new beginning and influencing the world in the process.


The correct title for the movie shown as "France" is actually: "FRANCE: IMAGES D'UNE REVOLUTION" (France: Images of a Revolution) and the year of production is 1989, not 1990. This movie was produced by Alec Costandinos to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the French Revolution. This movie was shown with "New Magic" at the ERMITAGE cinema in Paris

Alain Dorange, Malaysia,
The Magic Ballon 1990 45:00 This classic children's fantasy follows the adventures of a boy and girl as they are taken on a magical trip around the world pursued by an evil magician. Stars Frank Langella and Henry Gibson.
Leonardos Dream 1990 24:00 Leonardo Da Vinci has a dream. The anguished inventor fears his life's work is meaningless until a dream lands him in 20th-century Milan and right into the middle of a festival celebrating his own inventions.
Concerto for the Earth 1992 16:00 This film celebrates the diversity and beauty of the natural world, showing the dramatic changes in the environment brought about by the rise of human technology. Through music, not words, it explores the relationship between humans and nature.
Nature Rediscovered 1992 22:00 Set in a series of national parks, this un-narrated ode to the natural world unleashes the drama of the earth's lands as well as the evolutionary behavior in the animal kingdom. The film's majestic score parallels the visual images in its beauty and scope.
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Douglas Trumbull - A Conversation

High impact immersive widescreen filmmaking with Douglas Trumbull

Take Me for a Ride in 70mm

The original Showscan:

Showscan Corporation 3939 Landmark Street Culver City
CA 90232 USA

Tel 310.558.0150
Fax: 310.559.7984

* Original Showscan process demonstration film acquired by The Showscan Corporation 26.04.1985


Showscan Ride Films

Title Released Running time Notes
Rollercoaster 1984 3:09 Ride Colossus, the greatest wooden rollercoaster ever created.
Police Chase * 1984 3:13 Try to evade the police in hot pursuit through the German countryside.
Runaway Train 1985 2:53 Plunge brake/ess through the steep passages of the Swiss Alps.
Alpine Raceway 1985 3:07  
Tour of the Universe 1986    
Alpine Thrills 1986   Roar through the winding Maloja Pass in the Swiss Alps to set a new winter race record.
Beach Buggies * 1988 2:39 Compete in a dune buggy race crossing the beaches of California.
Downhill Skier 1988 2:36 Experience the excitement of a ski run in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
Whitewater Rafting * 1988 2:37 Shoot the rapids through dangerous waters in a rubber raft.
Olympic Bobsled 1990 2:21 Luge to the finish line on the Calgary Olympic bobsled run.
Ninja 1990 2:56 Ninja v-<
Ride the "Black belt of rollercoasters."
Revolution 1990 3:08 Loop and twist along a maze ofspiraling rollercoaster track. You won't know which way is up.
Space Race 1991 5:16 Battle in an outer space demolition derby against alien space vehicles in an adventure from LucasArts' Industrial Light & Magic, creators of the effects for Star Wars
Alien Encounter 1992 5:06 Launch into a space odyssey from Industrial Light & Magic that hurls you into a wild chase with alien flying saucers.
Rescue at Sea 1992 4:45 Join a Royal Navy helicopter team to save a downed pilot in the North Sea.
Desert Duel 1992 3:55 Compete in the ultimate match race in a 4-wheel drive vehicle through the Mojave Desert.
Devil's Mine Ride 1992 4:08 Ride through a treacherous abandoned mine filled with dizzying surprises and advanced digital computer graphics animation. Winner of thirteen film awards.
Airial Dogfight 1992 3:30 Fly in a heart-stopping, action-packed aerial adventure in authentic British and German World War II aircraft.
River Run 1994 3:25 Run Whitewater rapids in a high powered jet aquacraft
Cosmic Pinball 1994 4:02 Bounce through a giant pinball machine in this totally computer generated, award winning, intergalactic thriller.
Stock Car Showdown 1994 4:20 Climb behind the wheel of an awesome 300 horsepower, 180 mph race car, in this thrill-packed, high-speed contest.
Night Race xx.10.1995 4:00
Hong Kong Havoc 26.05.1995 4:25
Dracula's Haunted Castle 1996 4:19
Street Luge 1997    
The Storm 1997    
Monte Carlo Raceway 198    
Dune Buggy Highlights 198    
Motorcycle Madness 198    
Underwater Experience 198    
Nature Rediscovered 199    
New South World 199    
Olympic Spirit 2000 Olympic Spirit Center, Munic, Germany 4 short films technically photographed with a Todd-AO camera.
All of these attractions have a 3-5 minute running time and are provided exclusively by Showscan to its customers. All films are also available in our Showscan HD Library except those indicated by an "*."


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Updated 31-12-21