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Lasse Kolstad passed away
January 14, 2012, ninety years old

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Kaare Terland, Olso, NorwayDate: 24.01.2012
Lasse Kolstad and Bab, actor and actress. Seen here January 15, 2011, in Oslo, Norway. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Four days after his ninetieth birthday Lasse Kolstad passed away. He was one of the main actors in Norway and mastered all disciplines from classics to musicals. With his powerful and disciplined baritone voice, he became a very popular actor and played leading characters in numerous musicals in over six decades.

But Lasse had also another interest. During nine months 1956/57 he acted as the “bosin” on board the ship S/S Christian Radich, the square-rigged sailing ship from Oslo shooting the film
"Windjammer" - a CineMiracle production.
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On the Trail of "Windjammer" - A Visit to Oslo

Alf R. Bjercke passed away

Internet link:



Two page tribute in Aftenposten, one of the biggest newspapers here in Norway

Back in Norway Lasse continued his career as a highly esteemed actor, but his heart remained on board the ship.

During difficult financing periods for the ship in the late sixties and the seventies, a support organization “Friends of Christian Radich” was established in 1974, and Lasse was elected the first chairman. With Lasse at the wheel, together with qualified and dedicated supporters, he managed to turn politicians and other opinion makers to view the ship as an asset. And finally in 1978 S/S Christian Radich was included in the national fiscal budget.

Later Lasse became Chairman of the Foundation Christian Radich, a position he held for many years.

Dave Strohmaier remembers Lasse Kolstad

Titlecard from "The Making of Windjammer" documentary to be premiered in 2012

After working on the "Windjammer" digital remastering for 7 months, getting to actually meet Lasse and Alf that night in Oslo was a major thrill for Carin-Anne, myself and Randy Gitsch.

Yesterday we started the first day of 3 panel photography on "In the Picture", the 15 minute short were doing for the 60th anniversary of Cinerama. We made an announcement about Lasse's passing on the set; The Hollywood "DeMille Lasky" Studio Museum, across the street from the Hollywood Bowl. Many of the extras were people of my age or older and they all had seen "Windjammer" on the original release and remember well Lasse and the famous Kari waits for me song.

"Windjammer" and our documentary will be shown on the big screen as part of the Cinerama festival first week in October at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. The DVD release is supposed to happen sometime in May, The distributor is not sure exactly when.
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Updated 07-01-23