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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Be part of Smell-O-Vision history!
A campaign to re-start Mike Todd Jr's. Smell-O-Vision for future screenings of "Holiday In Spain"

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: From the campaign page Date: 06.09.2015
What would it be like to SMELL this movie?

Close your eyes and imagine... the smells of Spain, of running bulls mingled with human fear, a salty sea breeze and the Scent of Mystery perfume itself! "Scent of Mystery" is THE original Smell-O-Vision movie. A murder mystery set on location in Spain, the film features an all-star cast including Leo McKern, Peter Lorre, Denholm Elliott and Diana Dors. The plot revolves around the pursuit of a 'Mystery Girl' (no spoiler here!) present only via her distinctive perfume until the final moments of the film…

YOUR chance to be part of Smell-O-Vision history!

Help bring this recently restored Cinerama treat to the very big screen in new and improved Smell-O-Vision by supporting two pilot screenings. We need to make these scented events as great as they can possibly be so we can tour Cinema with Scent all around the world in 2016!

Without YOUR help the film will screen sans scent!

"Scent of Mystery" (now a slightly modified 'Holiday in Spain') was the first and only film to feature a sophisticated automated scent track with "each dramatic point woven into the actual presence of a smell” (Director Jack Cardiff, 1986). Sadly in 1960 the film screened to less than rave reviews: “When this reviewer saw (and smelled) the picture … the Smell-o-Vision squirters weren't at full blast or his nasal apparatus was on the fritz.” (Bosley Crowther, New York Times Review). According to Jack Cardiff: “Using smells in a film was an ambition I had had for years…. It didn’t come off because the smells were a fake.” He remained convinced that “Sooner or later someone will get around to doing it properly.”

That time is NOW!

The science of scent has come a LONG way since 1960.
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Oliver Michael Todd in Conversation

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Widescreen Weekend, Bradford, England

Internet link:

Be part of Smell-O-Vision History

See the "Scent of Mystery" trailer
Help us prove how glorious Smell-O-Vision can be!

Scents and technology for the screenings will be provided by The Institute for Art and Olfaction with Scentevents and Harris Fragrances. They will include many of the original scents of the film including 'the cool moist pungency of a wine cellar', 'the delectable mouth watering scent of a peach' and 'the pungent intoxication of strong brandy' as the pay off of a scent gag! The Scent of Mystery fragrance for now will remain a mystery...

Like to SMELL this film in your part of the world?

Our first screenings are in October (yes October!) in Bradford in the UK and Scandinavia (date and venue to be announced 1st October). You are welcome to attend. We hope to tour this amazing event around the globe so if you would like to see the film (or sponsor an event) register your interest and we’ll try our best to make it happen! Contact Tammy via the link at the top of this page or visit us on Facebook for the latest news.

How will the money raised be used?

100 % of funds will go towards covering costs involved in mounting these pilot events. Everyone is volunteering their time and expertise. We need cash to cover fragrances, equipment, costumes, props, international freight and transport costs. Any extra funds raised will go towards travel expenses and future screenings.

Fragrances (vials, aromatic molecules, alcohol): 1568.54
Scent propagation machines/set up/freight 4650.00
Period costumes & props (three scented walk on parts) 1200.00
Souvenir scented fans (600 pieces and 8 large) 1200.00
Indiegogo fee/rewards costs (approx) 1300.00

Meet our team

Saskia Wison-Brown, Founder of The Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO)

The Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to access, education and experimentation with scent. In 2013 IAO co-facilitated scented screenings of ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.’ Tom Twyker’s film about perfume, desire, alienation and murder was presented with scents composed by New York perfume and art duo Les Christophs (Christophe Laudamiel and Christoph Hornetz).

David Strohmaier, Editor / Director/ Film Restoration

The movie has been restored and re-mastered by pre-eminent Cinerama expert David Strohmaier. David has an illustrious career primarily as an editor, having worked for nearly all the major studios in Hollywood. Historical documentaries, especially those on motion picture history have long been a fascination with David. In the late 1997 he embarked on an extensive search for the legendary Cinerama movie process and the lost films that thrilled millions around the globe in the 1950s. David is working in cooperation with Pacific Theatres (owners of Cinerama Inc. and its assets) in efforts to preserve and promote the Cinerama legacy.

Brian Jamieson, Producer/Director/Special Projects and Events

Brian was a Marketing and Distribution Executive for Warner Bros Theatrical and Home Entertainment divisions for 30 years. During this time, in collaboration with renowned film historian / filmmaker Richard Schickel, Brian spearheaded the worldwide release strategy for the work of Charlie Chaplin and collaborated on the reconstruction of Sam Fuller’s masterpiece, "The Big Red One". In 2011, together with Nick Redman, Brian launched Twilight Time, one of the top Boutique Distribution labels for an eclectic slate of restored classic and contemporary titles.

Tammy Burnstock/Producer/writer

Tammy has 26 years international experience in the screen-based industry, including 12 years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. For Tammy this project is personal: since interviewing Jack Cardiff for her Film School thesis: “Attempts to Record Smell for the Cinema” (1986) she has wanted to bring the dimension of scent to the big screen and Jack Cardiff’s original vision to life.

Here are a few of the great rewards you can reap!

$10USD - Thank you! Even if you have a good nose but limited cash you can still help out! Contributions of $10 or more rewarded with acknowledgement wherever possible. Every dollar counts and we thank you! (apologies to Australian friends for the lousy exchange rate!).

$25USD + Shipping. Hand printed tea towel. Your very own Scent of Mystery souvenir tea towel to keep and to treasure. Shipping fees (airmail from Australia) for ALL rewards are as follows:

$8 Australia
$14 USA
$18 UK
$20 Other places!

Estimated delivery: January 2016. Ships to: Australia, European Union, United States

$35USD + Shipping. Souvenir Scented fan. A limited edition souvenir scented fan with your choice of scent from the film! Estimated delivery: December 2015. Ships to: Australia, European Union, United States.

$60USD + Shipping. Unique Souvenir T-shirt. Your own Scent of Mystery 2015 T-shirt (choice of 2 designs). Estimated delivery: December 2015. Ships Worldwide

$150USD + Shipping. Souvenir Blu-Ray & extras. FEATURE FILM presentation with BONUS FEATURES including a 36 page booklet, reproduction of the original 1960 program, feature Length Audio Commentary, exclusive Interviews plus stereo music audio CD of Mario Nascimbene's score. Estimated delivery: December 2015 Ships Worldwide

$300USD + Shipping. Signature Mystery Scent. The first 20 supporters to pledge $300 or more will receive a limited addition souvenir Scent of Mystery perfume. Estimated delivery: December 2015. Ships Worldwide

$1,000USD Everything Above & Big Thanks! If you have a good nose AND money as well, pledging $1000 or more will get you all the rewards above along with eternal gratitude and your rightful place in Smell-O-Vision history!
The Challenges

Smell is not an exact science and the purpose of these screenings is to try our very best to fulfil the intentions of director Jack Cardiff while demonstrating the power of scent in storytelling. The approach we are taking is multi-layered and experimental so who knows exactly what will happen on the night. What we do know is that this will be an event to remember!

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can't afford to make a cash contribution please share and spread the word. Let your family and friends know about the project. Start a scent signal and let's see how far it will travel.

Your Impact

Every dollar we raise gets us closer to showcasing the power and potential of new and improved Smell-O-Vision. We see this as the perfect opportunity to see how far scented cinema has come since the film's original outing in 1960 and to prove how powerful and wonderful scented story telling can be.
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Updated 07-01-23