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"Hamlet" cast and credits

The 70mm Newsletter
Compiled by: Thomas Hauerslev Issue 44 - March 1996

"Hamlet" test from the 65mm negative. Frame blow up.

Original Title:
Hamlet. Filmed in: 65mm 5 perf 24 frames per second. Principal photography filmed in: Panavision System 65 and Arriflex 765. Presented in: 70mm flat and 35mm anamorpic. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1 (Panavision Super 70 and 2,40:1 35mm anamorphic. Country of origin: England. Year of production: 1996. Filming began January 25th for a 9 week shoot. Released by: Castle Rock Entertainment. World premiere: December 1996, USA.

David Barron. Director: Kenneth Branagh. Director of photography: Alex Thomson. Editor: Neil Farrell. Art director: Desmond "Dew" Crowe. Production designer: Tim Harvey. Costume designer: Alexandra Byrne.

Cast (Role)
: Riz Abassi (Attendant to Claudius), David Blair (attendant to Claudius + servant), Brian Blessed (Ghost/Old Hamlet), Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet), Richard Briers (Polonius), Michael Bryant (Priest), Peter Bygott (Attendant to Claudius), Julie Christie (Gertrude), Billy Crystal (First gravedigger), Charles Daish (Stage manager), Judi Dench (Hecuba), Gerard Depardieu (Reynaldo), Reece Dinsdale (Guildenstern), Ken Dodd (Yorick), Angela Douglas (Attendant to Gertrude), Rob Edwards (Lucianus), Jimmy Ellis (Old Fortinbras), Nicholas Farrel (Horatio), Ray Fearon (Fransisco), Sir John Gielgud (Priam), Yvonne Gidden (Doctor), Rosemary Harris (Player Queen), Charlton Heston (Player King), Derek Jacobi (Claudius), Jeffrey Kissoon (Fortinbrass Captain) and Sarah Lam, Jack Lemmon, Michael Malony, Ian McElhinney, Sir John Mills, Jimy Mistry, Frank Morgan, Sian Radinger, Melanie Ramsey, Simon Russel Beale, Orlando Seale, Rufus Sewell, Tim Spall, Tom Szekeres, Ben Thom, Don Warrington, Perdita Weeks, Robin Williams and Kate Winslett.

Production manager:
Iona Price. Production coordinator: Lil Heyman. Production assistant: Gay Whelan. Assistant to Mr Branagh: Tamar Thomas. Production Runner: Phil Stoole. Text consultant: Russel Jackton. Performance consultant: Hugh Cruttwell. Choreographer: Start Hopps. Production account: John Wall. Assistant accountants: Helen Seery, Sarah Dean. Accunts assistants: Claire Browning Young. Assistant art director: Don Dossett. Stand by art director: Iain White. Production Buyer: Celia Bobak. Draughtsman: David Lee. 1st assistant director: Simon Moseley. 2nd assistant director: Richard Styles. 2nd 2nd assistant director: Sally- Anne Hard. 3rd assistant director: Sara Desmond. Floor Runner: Ben Burt. Camera operator: Martin Kenzie. Focus puller: Chyna Thomson. Clapper loader: Robert Palmer. Camera department trainee: Matthew Frost. 2nd camera operator: Nic Milner. Focus puller: Robert Binnall. Clapper loader: Craig Bloor. Script supervisors: Annie Wotton, Sharon Mansfield. Casting directors: Simone Ireland, Vanessa Pereira. Assistant costume designers: Debbie Scott, Carrie Baylis. Wardrobe supervisor: Sharon Long. Wardrobe master: Anthony Brookman. Wardrobe mistress: Suzie Turnbull. Wardrobe assistants: Michael Mooney, Dan Grace. Runner/alterations: Helen Mattocks. 1st assistant editor: Danny Farrel. 2nd assistant editors: Melanie Viner Cuneo, Robbie Broughton. Gaffer: David Moroni. Rigging gaffer: Ossa Mills. Lighting rigger: John Pitt. Best boy: Paul Wells. Electricians: David Huges, Simon Lucas, Billy Thornhill, Paul Wood, Jim Smart, Darren Gatrell, Darren Grosch, Dizzy Meehan. Grips: David Appleby, Tony Cridlin. Location manager: Nick Daubeny. Location assistant: Mark Somner. Location liaison: Yasha Morgenstern. Make-up design: Tina Earnshaw. Make-up artists: Sian Grigg, Suzie Adams, Laura Borselli. Make-up artist (crowd): Ken Lintott. Make-up dept runner (crowd): Polly Earnshaw. Hair designer: Carol Hemming. Wig Mistress: Betty Glasow. Hairdresser: Elizabeth Lewis. Assistant hairdresser: Kay Georgiou. Property master: Danny Hunter. Chargehand s/by prop: Alfie Smith. S/by prop: Micky Swift. C/hand dressing prop: Kevin Wheeler. Storeman/dressing prop: Brian West. Dressing props: Brian Aldridge, Colin Burgess. Sound mixer: Peter Glossop. Boom operator: Shaun Mills. Sound assistant: Tom Glossop. Special effects supervisor: Joss Wiliams. Special efx administrator: Michael Dawson. Senior sp/fx technicians: Kevin Draycott, Steve Cullane, Darrell Guyon. Sp/Fx technician: Terence Flowers. Special efx trainees: Manex Efrem, Grant Wiesinger. Standby carpenter: Stephen Eels. Standby stagehand: George Chambers. Standby painter: Ray Campbell. Standby Rigger: Ian Rolfe. Stunt co-ordinator: Simon Crane. Stunt double ("Hamlet"): Sean McCabe. Stunt double ("Laertes"): Andreas Petrides. Swordmaster: Nicholas Powell. Transport captain: Terry Pritchard. Unit drivers: John Hollywood, Maurice Newsome. Construction driver: Terry Coates. Prop runaround: Philip Foley. Video assist operator: Dave Holland. Video assist assistant: Scott Holland. Construction co-ordinator: Michael Redding. Construction buyer/storeman: Richard Lyon. H.O.D. carpenter: Ken Pattenden. Supervising carpenters: George Coussins, Arthur Jones. Carpenters: Geoff Ball, Keith Dyett, Mark Williamson, Alan Tilley, Trevor Nicol, Steven Corke, Jeff Reid, Ray Norris, Paul Hayes, Nic Russo, David Williamson, Anthony Mansey, John Burn, Arnold Oke, Richard Denyer, David Trice, Stephen Whitworth, Alan Hausmann, Christopher Corke, Leslie Jones, Joseph McGurk, Jason Phelps, Leslie Wylie. C/hand wood machinist: John Lowden. Wood machinists: Richard Rowlands, Ronald Nicholls. C/H stagehand: Ken Wilson. Stagehand: Michael Cohen, Terry Newvell, Len Serpant. Sculptor/modeller: John Blakeley. Master plasterer: Don Taylor. Supervising plasterer: Ronald Seers. Chargehand plasterer: Neil Clark. Plasterers: Ian McFadyen, Gary Stokes, Brian Pegg, Anthony Turner, Andrew Sandbach, Mark Riding, Tony Boxall, Sean Bird, Michael Ricci, Maurice Andrews, Mick Chubbock, Patrick Laho, Robert Byron, Payl Robery, John Robery, James Buckley, John Hicks, Paul Jones. C/H Plasterers labourer: Otis Bell. Plasterers labourers: George Giles, Barry White, Brian Cooper, Ashley Bell. Hod painter: Kavin Hall. Supervising painter: Brian Western. Painters: Jamie Shelley, Geoffrey Shelton, Martin Hedinger, Ernie Bell, Edward Bradley, Peter Mounsey, Graham Pearce, Ronald Fallen & Robert Hill. Paint trainee: Richard Hall. Painters Labourer: Paul Budd. Chargehand rigger: Peter Wallace. Riggers: Jason Curtis, Ian Pape, Alfred Newvell. Stills: Rolf Konow. Publicity: Corbett & Keene. Running time: 240 minutes. Filmed at: Shepperton Studios and on location in England.

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