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The Return of "Windjammer" Update by August 1996

This article first appeared in
..in 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter

Written by: Willem Bouwmeester, The International Cinerama Society Issue 46 - September 1996
Willem Bouwmeester and Thomas Hauerslev recreating a Lasse Kolstad moment. On board the Christian Radich in its home port of Oslo in 1996. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

It has been a busy year following our visit to Oslo in late 1995. Putting Cinemiracle back together is a giant jigsaw puzzle. With the corporation of Swedish enthusiasts the whole project seems within reach of success. What follows is a line up of facts regarding the equipment and film.

A Stockholm enthusiast, has received the Dutch version soundtrack and two 3-strip prints of "Windjammer". The second print is only in parts and can be used only for testing. The copyright information is a bit unclear. Perhaps the film is in the public domain. The Friends of Christian Radic will investigate it by Cinerama, Inc in USA. The projectors, which all seems to be in a very good condition, are in Götenborg, Sweden, safe by another enthusiast. Two projectors need new drive- and Selsyn motors, but they can be obtained for free in the United States by John Harvey. The amps, rectifiers and Bauer lamp houses are at hand. If we are lucky, a screen can be obtained from an IMAX cinema in Germany.

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Lasse Kolstad, 1957

Friends of S/S Christian Radich still need a place to show the film in Oslo. The Olso Kinematografer has not been very interested to show the film again in spite of general public interest. If Colosseum is going to be used, the whole project must unfold before April 1997. The Colosseum will close for rebuilding.

When we are ready, a test of one of the panels will projected through one projector and video filmed. The quality of the film will be presented to Harald Tusberg in Olso, to determine if the project should go on. The purpose of doing that, is to tell Harald "We are ready with film and equipment". He will be able to judge the quality of the print and then use his influence to convince Oslo Kinematografer or other interested parties to go ahead with the project. In early July 1996, however, Harald became very sick and it is uncertain if the Windjammer project will ever materialize. Any showings will take place in the summer of 1997, at the earliest.

After checking the print in July 1996, however, it turned out to be too faded to charge admission. The film can only be shown at closed performances. As a new print will cost at least 650.000 NOK, it is not very likely that "Windjammer" will be shown publicly again in Oslo.
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Updated 07-01-23