Widescreen in Japan + in70mm.com
Collected by Eiji Aoki-san, Tokyo, Japan


01-01_The Robe 01-02_Otorijo no hanayome 01-03_Meiji Tenno to Nichiro Dai Senso 01-04_Ghekka no wakamusha 01-05_Oatari sanshoku musume 01-06_Dakareta hanayome 01-07_Yuki no wataridori
02-01_Carousel 02-02_The King and I 03-01_This is Cinerama 03-02_Cinerama Holiday 03-03_Seven Wonders 03-04_Search for Paradise 03-05_South Seas Adventure
03-06_How the West Was Won 03-07_Brothers Grimm 05-01_Oklahoma 05-02_Around the World 05-03_South Pacific 05-04_Can-Can 05-05_The Alamo
05-06_Cleopatra 05-07_The Sound of Music 05-08_Agony and Ecstasy 05-09_Those Magnificent Men 05-10_Doctor Dolittle 05-11_Star 05-12_Hello Dolly
05-13_Airport 06-01_Ben Hur 06-02_Mutiny on the Bounty 06-03_It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 06-04_The Fall of the Roman Empire 06-05_Battle of the Bulge 07-01_Jigokubana
07-02_Yuuwaku kara no dasshutsu 07-03_Zenigata Heiji torimono hikae 07-04_Mahiru no taiketsu 07-05_Meido no kaoyaku 07-06_Akado Suzunosuke 07-07_Tokyo no hitomi 07-08_Tsukihime keizu
07-09_Yuukyou gonin otoko 07-10_Hyouheki 08-1-01_Shaka 08-1-02_Taiheiyo Senso to Himeyuri Butai 08-1-03_Shinno Shikotei 08-2-01_Cartagine in Fiamme 08-2-02_Spartacus
08-2-03_King of Kings 08-2-04_El Cid 08-2-05_Un Deux Trois Quatre 08-2-06_Madame Sans Gene 08-2-07_Barabbas 08-2-08_55 Days at Peking 08-2-09_1_Circus World
08-2-09_2_Circus World 08-2-09_3_Circus World 08-2-10_Custer of the West 09-01_Exodus 09-02_West Side Story 09-03_Lawrence of Arabia 09-04_My Fair Lady
09-05_Cheyenne Autumn 09-06_Lord Jim 09-07_Grand Prix 09-08_2001 A Space Odyssey 09-09_Ice Station Zebra 09-10_Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 09-11_Mackenna's Gold
09-12_Song of Norway 09-13_Ryan's Daughter 09-14_Playtime 09-15_Brainstorm 09-16_Far and Away 10-01_The Story of the Flaming Years 10-02_The Sleeping Beauty
10-03_Bolshoi Ballets 10-04_War and Peace(1and2) 10-05_War and Peace(3and4) 10-06_Liberation(1and2) 10-07_Liberation(3) 10-08_Liberation(4and5) 10-09_Dersu Uzala
11-01_Windjammer 12-01_It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World 12-02_Mediterranean Holiday 12-03_1_Circus World 12-03_2_Circus World 12-03_3_Circus World 12-04_The Greatest Story Ever Told
12-05_The Hallelujah Trail 12-06_Battle of the Bulge 12-07_Khartoum 12-08_Grand Prix 12-09_Custer of the West 12-10_2001 A Space Odyssey 12-11_Ice Station Zebra
12-12_Krakatoa East of Java 13-01_Two Hours in USSR 15-01_The Bible in the Beginning 15-02_Patton 15-03_Gone With the Wind 15-04_Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 15-05_The King and I
15-06_South Pacific 15-07_West Side Story 15-08_How the West Was Won 15-09_Mediterranean Holiday 15-10_It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 15-11_The Hallelujah Trail 15-12_Those Magnificent Men
15-13_The Sand Pebbles 15-14_Once Upon a Time in the West 15-15_Cleopatra 15-16_2001 a Space Odyssey 15-17_Paint Your Wagon 15-18_Tora!_Tora_Tora_ 15-19_Scrooge
15-20_Kelly's Heroes 15-21_Strogoff 15-22_Le Mans 15-23_El Condor 15-24_The Poseidon Adventure 15-25_The Godfather 15-26_The Day of the Jackal
15-27_Papillon 15-28_Zardoz 15-29_Earthquake 15-30_Rollerball 15-31_Close Encounter of the Third Kind 15-32_Star Wars 15-33_Grease
15-34_Alien 15-35_Apocalypse Now 15-36_The Empire Strikes Back 15-37_Raiders of the Lost Ark 15-38_The Return of the Jedi 16-01_Gone with the Wind 16-02_The Bridge on the River Kwai
16-03_Ben Hur 16-04_West Side Story 16-05_Lawrence of Arabia 16-06_Cleopatra 16-07_Doctor Zhivago 16-08_The Bible in the Beginning 16-09_The Dirty Dozen
16-10_Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 16-11_Alfred the Great 16-12_Goodbye Mr Chips 16-13_Winning 16-14_Mackenna's Gold 16-15_Marooned 16-16_Monte Carlo Rally
16-17_Cromwell 16-18_Patton 16-19_Darling Lili 16-20_Tora_Tora_Tora_ 16-21_Fiddler on the Roof 16-22_Le Mans 16-23_The African Elephant
16-24_Red Sun 16-25_Young Winston 16-26_The Great Waltz 16-27_Elvis on Tour 16-28_The Godfather 16-29_Lost Horizon 16-30_The Day of the Jackal
16-31_Westworld 16-32_The Outfit 16-33_Papillon 16-34_Zardoz 16-35_One by One 16-36_Earthquake 16-37_Rollerball
16-38_Three Days of the Condor 16-39_Rosebud 16-40_Lucky Lady 16-41_The Food for the Gods 16-42_The Message 16-43_Logan's Run 16-44_Damnation Alley
16-45_Close Encounter of the Third Kind 16-46_Star Wars 16-47_Grease 16-48_The Deer Hunter 16-49_The Wiz 16-50_Alien 16-51_Moonraker
16-52_Apocalypse Now 16-53_The Black Hole 16-54_The Empire Strikes Back 16-55_Heaven's Gate 16-56_Raiders of the Lost Ark 16-57_Poltergeist 16-58_Brainstorm
16-59_Anna Pavlova 16-60_Starman 16-61_Young Sherlock Holmes 16-62_Silverado 16-63_Rambo 16-64_Back to the Future 16-65_Aliens
16-66_The Living Daylights 16-67_The Untouchables 16-68_Willow 16-69_Cocoon_The Return 16-70_Die Hard 16-71_Little Nemo 16-72_Black Rain
16-73_Dick tracy 17-001_Gone with the Wind 17-002_The King and I 17-003_Guns of Navarone 17-004_Taras Bulba 17-005_The Longest Day 17-006_Bye Bye Birdie
17-007_The Cardinal 17-008_Genghis Khan 17-009_In Harm's Way 17-010_Operation Crossbow 17-011_Heroes of Telemark 17-012_The Great Race 17-013_Doctor Zhivago
17-014_The Professionals 17-015_Is Paris Burning 17-016_The Sand Pebbles 17-017_Les Demoiselles de Rochefort 17-018_Camelot 17-019_The Comedians 17-020_Far From the Maddening Crowd
17-021_Half a Sixpence 17-022_Guns for San Sebastian 17-023_Oliver 17-024_Where Eagles Dare 17-025_Hell in the Pacific 17-026_Hellfighters 17-027_Funny Girl
17-028_The Shoes of the Fisherman 17-029_The Wild Bunch 17-030_Anne of the Thousand Days 17-031_Scrooge 17-032_Waterloo 17-033_Elvis That's the Way it is 17-034_Once Upon a Wheel
17-035_Fiddler on the Roof 17-036_Nicholas and Alexandra 17-037_Mary, Queen of Scots 17-038_Antony and Cleopatra 17-039_The Cowboys 17-040_Man of la Mancha 17-041_The Poseidon Adventure
17-042_Papillon 17-043_The Three Musketeers 17-044_The Great Gatsby 17-045_Earthquake 17-046_Airport 1975 17-047_Gold 17-048_That's Entertainment
17-049_Rollerball 17-050_Lucky Lady 17-051_The Wind and the Lion 17-052_The Return of A Man Called Horse 17-053_A Star is Born 17-054_Close Encounter of the Third Kind 17-055_Star Wars
17-056_Grease 17-057_Superman 17-058_Alien 17-059_Moonraker 17-060_1941 17-061_Apocalypse Now 17-062_The Black Hole
17-063_Altered States 17-064_The Empire Strikes Back 17-065_Superman II 17-066_Heaven's Gate 17-067_Outland 17-068_Raiders of the Lost Ark 17-069_Quest for Fire
17-070_Poltergeist 17-071_Tron 17-072_E.T. 17-073_The Return of the Jedi 17-074_The Right Stuff 17-075_Anna Pavlova 17-076_Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
17-077_Amadeus 17-078_Starman 17-079_Back to the Future 17-080_The Goonies 17-081_A Chorus Line 17-082_Silverado 17-083_Young Sherlock Holmes
17-084_Aliens 17-085_Howard the Duck 17-086_Top Gun 17-087_The Mission 17-088_The Untouchables 17-089_The Living Daylights 17-090_Robocop
17-091_Willow 17-092_Le Grand Bleu 17-093_Who Framed Roger Rabbit 17-094_Die Hard 17-095_The Bear 17-096_Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 17-097_Black Rain
17-098_Lethal Weapon 2 17-099_Batman 17-100_Dick tracy 17-101_The Godfather III 17-102_Memphis Bell 17-103_Star Trek VI 17-104_Hook
17-105_Beauty and the Beast 17-106_Patriot Games 17-107_1492 17-108_Cliffhanger 23-01_Metamorphoses 23-02_Final Yamato 23-03_Akira
23-04_Little Nemo