Cinerama Remaster, Oslo, Norway + The 2015 European Cinerama Festival Tour in Oslo +
Images: Anders M Olsson


1575. Film critic Per Haddal in conversation with Bjørn Sand, one of the main actors in "Norske Byggeklosser".

1578. Bjørn Sand.

1586. Tickets, tickets, tickets...

1593. The Bastion Hotel is conveniently located around the corner from the Norwegian Film Institute. It's actually two buildings of different age which have been joined together as one.

1595. Oslo City Hall, close to where the Christian Radich began and ended its journey in "Windjammer".

1601. "Filmens Hus" holds the offices, cinemas and museum of the Norwegian Film Institute.

1604. Only in Norway can you find signs saying "Please use the other sidewalk" on BOTH sides of the street!

1618. David Strohmaier posing with posters for two of his restorations.

1621. The Tancred is the only cinema in Norway that's been installed for Dolby Atmos sound.

1623. Some mandatory(?) reading for aspiring young projectionists.

1624. Queuing up at the box office.

1627. The audience getting seated for "This is Cinerama".

1633. Jan E. Olsen welcoming people to "This is Cinerama".

1641. Randy Gitsch.

1643. Randy Gitsch and David Strohmaier.

1646. Envelopes like this will be given out after the show with some sample 3-strip frames from "In the Picture".

1656. The projector on display at the entrance of the film museum is an AGA Baltic, a vintage machine of Swedish origin.

1667. If you've seen "This is Cinerama", you'll find many of the items from its prologue in the Film Institute's museum.

1657. The Zoetrope.

1658. The Thaumatrope demonstrating persistence of vision.

1659. The Altamira eight-legged boar. Now there was a bold pioneer!

1660. The Edison Kinetoscope.

1661. Muybridge's experiments. Can a trotting-horse have all four legs off the ground at the same time?

1670. Jan E. Olsen, Head of Projection, next to the digital projector that will run all the Cinerama films.

1671. Jan E. Olsen in conversation with Randy Gitsch. Tom March listens in with great interest.

1728. The Smilebox process makes a convincing simulation of a curved screen, even though the screen is completely flat.

1733. David Strohmaier admiring the view from the roof of Oslo's Opera House.

1734. The Opera House is an amazing building where you can walk right up on its slanted roof.

1764. Cinerama is THIS wide!

1780. Introducing "Cinerama's Russian Adventure".

1785. Dronningens gate - "Queen's Street" is the home of the Norwegian Film Institute.

1789. Tom March explains things to a Norwegian fan.

1790. Jan and Randy rolling out the red carpet for "Windjammer".

1791. Thumbs up, Jan!

1792. Dave filming an upcoming documentary.

1795. Sorry, no tickets left for "Windjammer"!

1801. Waiting in line to get the best seats for "Windjammer".

1805. Getting seated for "Windjammer".

1806. Perhaps there's an empty seat up there?

1814. Einar Corwin, the Managing Director of the Christian Radich Foundation.

1834. A sold-out house for "Windjammer".

1840. The Christian Radich.

1842. The ship's figurehead.

1844. The galley is midships on the main deck. Aboard all sailing ships, the cook is nicknamed "Doctor," and the chimney of the galley stove is called "Charlie Noble."

1845. A tarp has been stretched across the main deck to protect against rain.

1847. Jan Halvorsen, cadet #34, in conversation with the Americans.

1855. Getting ready to leave the dock.

1856. Passing Akershus Castle.

1859. Chief Mate Anders Lassenius informing about the security procedures.

1866-1867. Einar Corwin guiding on the ship.

1868. Jan Halvorsen reminiscing about his time on the ship.

1872. The sail locker.

1875. The poop deck.

1878. Tom March studying the ship's steering mechanism.

1881. The sun wasn't exactly smiling at us, but a nice bowl of fish soup was just the thing to keep us warm.

1882. A view of the Oslofjord.

1883. The main deck, under the tarp.

1884. I found this card for sale at the Film Institute. The woman is Bab Karine Christensen, wife of Lasse Kolstad. The song "Kari Waits for Me" was named for her.