2OO1: una odisea del espacio + Stanley Kubrick's "2OO1: A Space Odyssey" in Super Panavision 70 + in70mm.com
Set of promotional slides for the Spanish market
Pictures: MGM

01_TH_3751 02_TH_3735 03_TH_3737 04_TH_3738 04_TH_3739 05_TH_3740 06_TH_3736
07_TH_3741 08_TH_3742 09_TH_3743 10_TH_3744 11_TH_3745 12_TH_3747 13_TH_3746
14_TH_3748 15_TH_3749 16_TH_3750 17TH_3755 18_TH_3754 19_TH_3752 20_TH_3753
21_TH_3758 22_TH_3759 23_TH_3760 24_TH_3761 25_TH_3757 26_TH_3756 27_TH_3762
28_TH_3763 29_TH_3764 30_TH_3766 31_TH_3767 32_TH_3768 33_TH_3769 34_TH_3765