1st Todd-AO Festival, 2005 + Schauburg Cinerama, Karlsruhe, Germany. Home of The Todd-AO Festival + in70mm.com
Pictures: Thomas Hauerslev

DSCN8845 DSCN8849 DSCN8852 DSCN8853 DSCN8857 DSCN8859 DSCN8860
DSCN8874 DSCN8875 DSCN8876 DSCN8877 DSCN8878 DSCN8879 DSCN8880
DSCN8881 DSCN8882 DSCN8883 DSCN8885 DSCN8888 DSCN8889 DSCN8890
DSCN8901 DSCN8902 DSCN8903 DSCN8904 DSCN8905 DSCN8911 DSCN8912
DSCN8913 DSCN8914 DSCN8915 DSCN8916 DSCN8923 DSCN8924 DSCN8935
DSCN8936 DSCN8937 DSCN8938 DSCN8939 DSCN8940 DSCN8942 DSCN8943
DSCN8944 DSCN8945 DSCN8946 DSCN8947 DSCN8948 DSCN8949 DSCN8950
DSCN8952 DSCN8954 DSCN8960 DSCN8961 DSCN8962 DSCN8964 DSCN8966
DSCN8968 DSCN8970 DSCN8971 DSCN8976 DSCN8980 DSCN8981 DSCN8983
DSCN8984 DSCN8985 DSCN8986 DSCN8987 DSCN8989 DSCN8990 DSCN8991
DSCN8993 DSCN8994 DSCN8995 DSCN8996 DSCN8999 DSCN9000 DSCN9001
DSCN9002 DSCN9006 DSCN9007 DSCN9008 DSCN9009 DSCN9010 DSCN9011
DSCN9012 DSCN9013 DSCN9014 DSCN9015 DSCN9016 DSCN9017 DSCN9018
DSCN9019 DSCN9021 DSCN9022 DSCN9023 DSCN9027 DSCN9028 DSCN9030
DSCN9032 DSCN9036 DSCN9037 DSCN9038 DSCN9040 DSCN9041 DSCN9043
DSCN9044 DSCN9045 DSCN9046 DSCN9047 DSCN9048 DSCN9067 DSCN9075
DSCN9080 DSCN9081 DSCN9090 DSCN9091 DSCN9094 DSCN9095 DSCN9096
DSCN9099 DSCN9102 DSCN9104 DSCN9107 DSCN9110 DSCN9112 DSCN9114
DSCN9115 DSCN9116 DSCN9117 DSCN9118 DSCN9119 DSCN9124 DSCN9128
DSCN9129 DSCN9130 DSCN9131 DSCN9133 DSCN9151 DSCN9152 DSCN9153
DSCN9154 DSCN9155 DSCN9158 DSCN9160 DSCN9163 DSCN9164 DSCN9170