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Go to Loïc LEDEZ - The French Master Projectionist
The 2015 European Cinerama Festival Tour in Oslo
By Anders M Olsson
I've seen these films many times, but only on deeply curved screens, and on my own smallish TV. Never before had I seen them on a large flat screen. When seated at least halfway back into the cinema, the smilebox process made the illusion of a curved screen complete. If I hadn't known better, I could have sworn that I was actually sitting in front of a curved screen.

• Go to Gallery: Cinerama Remaster, Oslo, Norway
70MM in Varnsdorf – eine neue Hoffnung?
Von Ulrich Rostek
Was macht der Abhängige, wenn ihm das Suchtmittel ausgeht? Er sucht sich neue Quellen. Nachdem das traditionelle Widescreen Weekend in Bradford auf den Herbst verschoben wurde und ich das 70mm-Event in Krnov aus terminlichen Gründen leider nicht wahrnehmen konnte, war ich froh, auf „“ die Ankündigung eines bislang noch nicht in Erscheinung getretenen 70-mm-Festivals im tschechischen Varnsdorf zu entdecken. Gespannt machte ich mich auf einen wieder einmal weiten Weg.
70MM in Varnsdorf - a new hope?
Ulrich Rostek
Hard times for a 70mm addict. The traditional Widescreen Weekend in Bradford was shifted to October and business kept me away from Krnov. So I felt happy, when an up till then unknown event was announced on “”. Once again I took a long journey only to watch a couple of movies. Imbedded in a beautiful landscape not too far away from either the German or the Polish border the Czech smalltown Varnsdorf is not the center of the world and tourist attractions are somewhat limited.
Sold Out “Windjammer”
By Randy Gitch
After 22 days on marquees and movie screens, the 2015 European Cinerama Festival Tour has closed its’ last show in Oslo, Norway with a sold-out presentation of “Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich” at the Norwegian Film Institute’s Cinemateket. The film is a Norwegian favorite.
Visiting 70MM Cinemas of London's West End, September 1990
By Thomas Hauerslev
In September 1990, I visited London to see and photograph the 70mm cinemas. Looking at the pictures from London in 1990 so many years later inspired me to make a gallery to share the images for the first time. Maybe someone will see them and enjoy looking back at a time when things were different, and of course - a lot better. In fact, at least 70mm better.

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70MM Cinemas Gallery

Dominion, London
By Thomas Hauerslev
The Dominion on Tottenham Ct. Road, London. More than 2000 seats in several floors. Once the home of "South Pacific" in Todd-AO where it played for 4 years and 22 weeks. A world record. Has been used a live theatre for 25-30 years, with the occasional film presentation in between.
Empire, Leicester Sq., London
By Thomas Hauerslev
The magnificent Empire on Leicester Square in London, England. One of the most beautiful large cinemas of the modern age. For many years one of the the leading 70mm houses in England. Home of many 70mm premieres including "Far and Away", "Backdraft", "Black Rain", "Top Gun", "Brainstorm", "Ryan's Daughter", "Doctor Zhivago" and "Ben Hur". 

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Empire Cinema, Leicester Sq., London

"We keep you alive to serve this ship. Row well, and live."
By Morgan Montague

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, my wife and I decided to make a train trip up to Seattle from Portland. Our intent, being fans of Charlton Heston's films, and "Ben-Hur", in particular, was to take advantage of the 1 day showing at the newly upgraded Cinerama Theatre. And Seattle is such a great weekend destination for fun and culture!
The First 70MM IMAX Cinema in England
By Thomas Hauerslev
I went up to Bradford to see National Museum of Photography, Film & Television on a 1-day return trip by train during a visit to London. I had read about this new museum in Screen International some years before and it came highly recommended. I was especially interested to see the IMAX cinema.
HTWWW's "World Preview" in Paris
By Gerhard Witte
The Cinerama movie "How the West Was Won" (USA) had its official World Premiere on Thursday, November 01, 1962 at London's Casino Cinerama Theatre, where it subsequently successfully ran for more than 120 weeks. Previously, there had already been a "World Preview" of the movie at the Empire Cinerama Theatre in Paris on Tuesday, October 02, 1962.
Smilebox® Wows On Curved Or Flat Screens
By Randy Gitsch
In Karlsruhe’s Schauburg Cinerama Theater, where the screen is curved 120 degrees, Smilebox® had viewers recalling seeing analog Cinerama in Berlin, when it first premiered there, in 3-strip projection, in 1959.

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Picture Highlights from the 2015 European Cinerama Festival Tour

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70mm Film Festival in Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf
By Pavel Nejtek

We cordially invite you to the 12th Neisse Film Festival, on the section 70mm films entitled "NFF Panorama Festival 70mm FILM". The program are 70mm projection films, lectures, meetings with friends, fun and good food and drinks.
Cinerama 70mm short subject remastering work completed
By Dave Strohmaier
The 6-track magnetic prints were certainly faded to the usual Eastman color magenta, and we realized that at some point we should do a digital makeover to protect the assets. Tom March and I went to the vaults last January to pull the titles and examine them for overall condition. We could see that the fading was even more severe that when the prints were shown a few years back. Since no negatives were ever located we would have to relay on color recovery techniques to try to rebuild back as much color as possible.

Go to A Small Collection of Vintage Industry Adverts

An Incol 70/35 projection booth as found
By Paulo Roberto P. Elias
When the 70mm craze of the 1960’s was in progress a significant number of regular 35mm theaters refurbished their installations to give shelter to the relative more complex 70mm projection system. It took quite a long time but when the demise of the 70mm format exhibition started there was a coincidental decadence of the so-called street theaters and palace theaters that was due to the financial burden imposed by public administrators and service providers to major exhibitors and independent theater owners.


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David Lean's Film of "Doctor Zhivago"

KARLSRUHE, November 2014 / news. The 11th edition of the “Todd-AO 70mm Festival“ will take place from 9-11 October 2015 at the Schauburg in Karlsruhe, Germany. For three days in October Filmtheater Schauburg celebrates the world of LARGE FORMAT film, by offering a series of epic films in 70mm - the HD of film formats. Some films are in their original versions and some "70mm Vintage Classics", are dubbed into German.

Once again spectacular large format process names like CINERAMA, Super Technirama 70, DEFA70, Todd-AO, Panavision 70 and Super Panavision 70 will light up on the large 18 meter curved Cinerama screen.

One of very few original cinemas, still equipped with 70mm projectors. The huge screen is wide, curved and covered by a "Cinerama red" curtain. It’s the perfect framework to present 70mm with 6-track sound in Super Technirama 70, DEFA 70, Todd-AO and Ultra Panavision 70.

"in 70mm" is unlike anything you have ever seen - a High Definition movie experience with extremely sharp images and crystal clear 6 track stereo.
"in 70mm"
is very realistic, almost three dimensional and can make everything you have ever seen pale into insignificance. But don't take our word for it - come and see for your self.

• Go to Todd-AO Festival Program 2005 - 2014
Portland, Oregon USA 70mm Update
By Morgan Montague
The Hollywood Theatre in Portland has completed its 70mm restoration project and to great success. Large format film began running again through the projectors at the cinema, with 5 Sold Out performances of "2OO1: A Space Odyssey". Originally, only 1 performance was scheduled, which sold out immediately. To meet the demand another performance was added and it too sold out. And then another, and so on. Community response was simply overwhelming.
Movies with artificial smells in cinemas
By Gerhard Witte
There was a race to get smells into films at the end of 1950s between the "Smell-O-Vision!" and the "AromaRama" processes. AromaRama was won at the time by the Walter Reade Organization with a documentary called "Behind the Great Wall". "AromaRama" had been unveiled in the DeMille Theatre in New York with the movie's premiere on December 08, 1959.
The Greatest Show in Todd-AO: Mission Report from Karlsruhe
By Thomas Hauerslev
The Todd-AO Festival at the Schauburg is not only pretzel, sekt, schnitzel and Hoepfner's hefewize, it is indeed about going to the movies in style. An experience all by itself. Seeing the films at the Schauburg like seeing the films as they were originally presented - in a big cinema, on a a huge curved screen with red curtains and a Gong. It's all about showmanship and presentation, and very few cinemas do it better than the staff of the Schauburg.
Kinopanorama Museum
Dottore Buenocorso, Esq, Italy
"Kinopanorama Widescreen Preservative Association", known locally as "Movie Museum and Used Tyre Superstore", illuminates the history of the sensational Kinopanorama widescreen film system.
KRRR! 10th 70mm Film Fest Krnov 2015
By The
Kino Mir 70 Team
Under patronage of the Municipal centre of information and culture Krnov, together with Ministry of Culture, under the patronage of town major of Krnov, the Kino Mir 70 theatre will again be the meeting point for film enthusiasts from not only the Czech Republic but also visitors from many counties, including Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, United Kingdom and the United States. The event is organized in collaboration with town Krnov, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.
The Ethel O’Brien Printer. Letters from Walt
By Walter P Siegmund

During our big move from Pomfret to Brooklyn many things were found which were long hidden and forgotten, including more old Todd-AO files and photos. You will may find the enclosed material of further interest in connection with the printing of the Todd-AO “Process”. These are descriptions and original calculations on various ideas about corrective printing the release prints.
"An Homage To D W Griffith" A short Film In Ultra Panavision 70
By Dan Sherlock
The last Ultra Panavision 70 film that was released was reportedly KHARTOUM in 1966. As it turns out, there was one more Ultra Panavision 70 short subject that was made over 20 years later. In 1988, the equipment and lenses were used for a special short subject that was also the only time the format used a speed of 30 frames per second rather than the normal 24 frames per second format.
70mm Presentations - Letters from Directors
By Paul Rayton

Back in the heydays of 70mm exhibition of movies, it was not uncommon for a projectionist to open a shipping case of a 70mm title and find a "personal" letter from someone associated with the film. Typically it would be signed by the Director, or the Producer. Subjects addressed would be things like the illumination level on screen, and the audio playback level. Apparently many cinemas typically ran sound a bit too low. These messages were typically reminding us projectionists to run the sound at the "Dolby Standard" of a fader setting of "7".
The 2015 European Cinerama Festival Tour
Randy Gitsch has announced that Dave Strohmaier and he have been invited to present a slate of motion pictures they’ve digitally re-mastered, in a traveling film festival in four cities in Germany, Austria and Norway. Each venue will program from a roster of available titles, including features and short-subjects originally from 3-panel and 70mm. THE 2015 EUROPEAN CINERAMA FESTIVAL TOUR, as it is now called, will kick off on April 18 with multiple screenings at the Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Kodak Finalizes Motion Picture Film Agreements with Major Hollywood Studios
Kodak announced today that it has finalized new film supply agreements with all six major Hollywood studios. As part of these agreements, Kodak will continue to provide motion picture film to the six major Hollywood studios for their movie and television productions. Kodak has been engaged in broad discussions with prominent filmmakers, studios, independent artists, production companies, and film processors to enable film to remain a fundamental medium.


10th 70mm Festival in Krnov
By Johan C. M. Wolthuis
Krnov is a little town in the north east of the Czech Republic, on the Opava River, near the Polish border. The city was founded in 1221. Krnov has an 18th-century castle, several churches and abbeys as well as a lookout tower from 1903. The Krnov Synagogue is one of the few large synagogues to have survived the Nazi occupation of Europe. Its industrial center manufactures textiles, beverages and musical instruments.
“Scent of Mystery” Playdate History
By David Coles
In its original “SCENT OF MYSTERY” incarnation a new sound concept was featured, which unfortunately was never used again. Todd-Belock 8-channel Stereophonic sound was essentially normal 6-track magnetic 70mm sound, but with Perspecta-like encoding on the 6th surround channel. This automatically directed that track to left, right and rear auditorium speakers, as appropriate, during the showing.
70MM Impressions from Oslo
By Thomas Hauerslev

By far 2015 has been the most successful 70mm festival since the beginning in 2000. Several shows have been sold out, including "South Pacific" and "War and Peace" (1. February). A presentation of the festival appeared on national television with more than a million viewers. Jan have also been interviewed on radio to talk about the festival. 70mm is indeed back and "to be seen on the big screen" in Oslo.

• Go to Gallery:
70mm Festival in Oslo, 2015
"Inherent Vice" Red Carpet 70mm Premiere in Paris
By Jean-Luc Peart
Producer JoAnne Sellar, Joaquin Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson were present, for the a brief Q&A before the screening. The screening was perfect. It's a blow-up, well done, nice contrast, perfect 70mm projection stability and brightness. 1.85:1 ratio as expected.
German Release of "El Cid"
By Gerhard Witte
Samuel Bronston's epic premiered in 70mm in Hamburg at the impressive "Ufa-Palast am Gänsemarkt" on 25.05.1962. On the same day the movie also debuted at the Berlin Cinerama Capitol-Filmtheater. "El Cid" ran at the "Ufa-Palast" for 14 weeks until 30.08.1962.

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5 YEARS AGO - 2010
Todd-AO at the Savoy, Düsseldorf, Germany
Some ruminations after "The Reel Thing XXV"
Fred Waller's 1950 Diary

10 YEARS AGO - 2005

"Man in the 5th Dimension"
•  70mm films in Mexico
Olivier Brunet's "Fanny's Wedding"

15 YEARS AGO - 2000
"The Witness" in Super Panavision 70
Technirama on Wheels
A Brief History of Philips Cinema

20 YEARS AGO - 1995
A Message from Freddie A. Young
My first encounter with 70mm film
Todd-AO - Distortion Correcting Printing Process

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Kinopanorama around the World
By Alain Dorange
This is a listing as complete as possible of the countries in the world where the Kinopanorama three strip movies were exhibited. From Russia to Belgium. From Sweden to Japan. Kinopanorama was everywhere. Alain Dorange has all the details for you. Get the overview in this page, and send any additional Kinopanorama season to the editor.
Magnificent 70mm Cinemas of Casablanca
I was happy to hear that you are interested by the DP70s exposed at the hall of my cinema RIF. They have been renewed and they have been running since 2000 until 2013. I created a museum of 35mm and 70mm at the entrance of cinema RIF with Victoria 8 Cinemecanica, Westrex and DP70 projectors from my 3 cinemas ABC, RITZ & RIF in Casablanca.
Miramax Films Presents "El Cid"
"El Cid is one of the greatest epic films ever made. Anthony Mann's sense of composition, his use of space, and his graceful camera movements bring to life an ancient tapestry where the transformation of an ordinary man into a legend becomes almost a mystical experience." Martin Scorsese
By Wolfram Hannemann
A documentary about a very special "family" gathering which happens once a year in Bradford, UK - the "Widescreen Weekend" at the National Media Museum. If you ever wondered what "Widescreen Weekend" is all about, this brand new documentary may give you all the answers you need. Mostly filmed during 2013's "Widescreen Weekend" at the National Media Museum in Bradford (UK), Wolfram Hannemann's short film concentrates not just on the people running the festival, but on some of the regular delegates as well.

• Go to 11th Oslo 70mm Festival, January 2015
"Search for Paradise" Cue Sheet
The soundtrack of a Cinerama feature could be formatted as 6-track stereo, with mono surround or as 7 or even 8 track stereo with stereo surrounds. In some films surround format would change within the feature. The projectionist would follow a cue sheet indicating when sound channels had to be changed during the performance. This is an example from Malmø in Sweden.
70mm, Cinerama and Cinemiracle shown in Sweden
By Thomas Hauerslev
Which large format films were shown in Sweden in 70mm, Kinopanorama or Cinerama? See the list and let know if you can add more details to it. All contributions: titles, dates and adverts are most welcome. Many 70mm prints are archived in cold conditions near Stockholmat the official Swedish State Film Archive.
Remastering the soundtrack of "The Best Of Cinerama"
By Robert Weisgerber
Sepia Records and I have started the editing process for a CD release of "The Best Of Cinerama." What makes this different than the other Sepia Cinerama CD's is that the source elements are 35mm 7-track full coats of the production. The full coats are a mixture of the only surviving Cinerama 7-track audio of Act I, with narration and Act II, the music and effects without narration

Go to Miramax Films Presents "El Cid"
The Latest Word on DAVID LEAN’S Film of DOCTOR ZHIVAGO
"Doctor Zhivago" is playing to record breaking business in its second week at the Loew’s Capitol Theatre in New York and the Paramount Theatre in Hollywood with both engagements having the largest advance sales of any Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer roadshow attraction in the history of the company. David Lean’s film of Boris Pasternak’s Nobel Prize winning novel completed its second capacity week at the Loew’s Capitol, January 5, with a smashing gross of $70,224.
Cinema Retro Magazine Goes Curved in Issue #31
By Thomas Hauerslev
Cinema Retro is essential reading. The latest issue is no exception. Contributions from Raymond Benson, DVD, books and music CD reviews of films from that era, Gareth Oven takes us back to Pinewoods Past plus the usual entertaining articles about long forgotten films of the 60s and 70s. 64 pages in full (Techni)color. Cinema Retro magazine is unique, and if you are tired of (or don't give a dam about most) contemporary films - and adore the films from the 60s and 70s, THIS is THE magazine for you.
A restauração de Oklahoma, parte II
By Paulo Roberto P. Elias
A conversão de filme em película para vídeo a partir do interpositivo costuma dar resultados não condizentes com a resolução do Blu-Ray, mas neste caso a imagem supera todas as expectativas, mesmo do usuário mais exigente e, na minha opinião, superou todas as outras transcrições semelhantes, lançadas em passado recente. Sendo este um esforço que beneficia o resgate da história tecnológica do cinema, a presença deste set no mercado brasileiro deveria ser obrigatória, mas a Fox local ainda não se pronunciou a respeito.
The restoration of Oklahoma! on Blu-Ray
By Paulo Roberto P. Elias
The current Blu-Ray release will prove that the restoration done for Oklahoma! was indeed first rate. The sharpness and increased depth of focus of the picture that can be noticed is also a bonus in the magnitude of the field of vision achieved by the Todd-AO format. More importantly, the new restoration manages to put the colour balance back into the film. Hues and saturation are retrieved in perfect harmony, to the extent of making the picture look like new.
70mm, Cinerama and Cinemiracle films shown in Norway
Edited by Thomas Hauerslev
Which large format films were shown in Norway in 70mm, Kinopanorama or Cinerama? See the list and let know if you can add more details to it. All contributions: titles, dates and adverts are most welcome. Many 70mm prints are archived in cold conditions near the Arctic Circle in the official Norwegian State Film Archive.
11th Oslo 70mm Festival, January 2015
By Jan Olsen
The Norwegian film institute proudly presents the 11th Oslo 70mm festival 23. January - 4. February 2015. The program is a mix of vintage original prints, blow-ups and restored classics. This festival, dedicated to a movie format that was introduced more than 50 years ago, is a dream for many movie fans around the world.


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