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Members needed for 70mm distribution of German 70mm short

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Veit Helmer Date: Issue 39 - June 1995
One year after its world-premiere at the Munich Film Festival, the German 70mm short film "Tour Eiffel" has been selected for 9 festivals all over the world. The 10 minutes running comedy has won 3 awards at major competitions. The highlight was the presentation as the official closing-film of the prestigious Venice Film Festival at the theatre "Scala Grande" in September 1994. An audience of 2000 international film celebrities saw "Tour Eiffel" on a 180 square metres screen and clapped for over 2 minutes.

But unfortunately only few of the other festivals were able to run the film in the original format. Therefore two 35mm reduction prints have been made, which have an amazing quality, but do not compete with the 70mm prints.

26 years old producer and director Veit Helmer plans to release "Tour Eiffel" in 12 European cities next autumn. He is looking for the most beautiful theatres over the continent, who are interested to show an original 70mm short film before a long feature film.

"I am not interested to make big money. I want my film to be shown on screens. I need help from members of The International 70mm Association who contact theatres and make promotion for this particular event". It is planned to be a European-wide release in the same week. Six theatres in six capital cities should run a 70mm print for four weeks. Then the print should be shown at another six screens for a period of four weeks at the second largest town in each country".

Veit Helmer will provide those members, who are interested to work as a distributor in their country with one 70mm print, 100 posters and 100 colour stills. The small money, earned from the theatres would be shared between producer and distributor. Members who are interested to help Veit Helmer can contact him by mail at the following address:

Veit Helmer
Wormserstrasse 4
10789 Berlin
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Tour Eiffel

Lulu fulfils his life’s dream: he buys a bright red sports car. From the top of the Eiffel Tower, he can only watch as his car is being stolen. The police are soon in hot pursuit but during the chase, his beautiful car is wrecked.

Country, year: Germany 1994
Format: 10 min, 70mm, 1:2,21, Colour, Dolby SR
Cast: Bruno La Brasca, Shan Cong, Jef Bay
Director: Veit Helmer
Cinematographer: Joachim Jung
Editing: Antje Botschen
Music: Christoph Oertel

World Sales: KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg
Awards: 1st Prize, Gijon; official closing film Venice
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Updated 21-01-24