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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Howard Terpning und Joseph L. Mankiewicz's “CLEOPATRA“
Von Gerhard Witte
Einen Blick auf die verschiedenen Plakate zum Film "Cleopatra" (UK, USA, Switzerland, 1963) und die Kontroversen die mit Herstellung der berühmten Plakatkunst verbunden waren. Howard Terpning ist ein Kunstmaler und Zeichner unserer Zeit. Er ist der bekannteste und meist geehrte Maler für Bilder der Western-Kunst.
Howard Terpning and Joseph L. Mankiewicz's “Cleopatra“
By Gerhard Witte
A look at the different “Cleopatra” posters and the controversy surrounding the making of the famous poster art. Howard Terpning is a painter and illustrator of our time. He is the most renowned and honored Western artist painting today.
10th Oslo 70mm Festival 2013
By Jan Olsen
The Norwegian film institute proudly presents the 10th Oslo 70mm festival 4 - 13 January 2013. The program is a mix of vintage original prints, blow-ups and restored classics.
A Review of "The Master" in 70mm
By Ramon Lamarca Marques
I never thought I would be able to see any major release of an originated 65mm film on a 70mm print in the West End. This fact alone brought a sense of awe that had been missing from the experience of going to the pictures for a long time.
70mm at the Warwick Student Cinema
By James McLachlan
Unlike most cinemas today, WSC operates a changeover system at the majority of 35-mm and 70-mm film screenings. Reels of approximately 20 minutes' duration are made up and projected individually for the full cinema experience.
See It In 70mm! - 70mm Festival New York
The Film Society of Lincoln Center will present 15 films in their original 70mm glory, featuring a mix of beloved classics and rarely screened gems, all at the Walter Reade Theater from December 21 - January 1, 2013
"Lawrence of Arabia", 50th Anniversary Limited Collector's Blu-Ray Edition
By Gerhard Witte
"Lawrence of Arabia", the 50th Anniversary Limited Collector's Blu-Ray Edition has been published with an impressive hardcover coffee-table book and also with an authentic 70mm film frame.
Douglas Trumbull - A Conversation
By Wolfram Hannemann

I’m absolutely confident that the digital image has caught up with film in terms of frame rate, resolution, steadiness, brightness and colour saturation. I’ve gone totally digital; I’m not interested in film at all.
Paris Premiere's "The Master" in 70mm
By Jean-Marc Quinton
We will be screening "The Master" in 70mm from January 2013 at our L’Arlequin, a famous 3-screen arthouse cinema with a lovely 400-seat main auditorium. This will be the only cinema in Paris to show the film in 70mm.
The Todd-AO Process
By The Todd-AO Corporation
The ultimate result of intensive research by a team of research and engineering scientists headed by Dr. Brian O'Brian: "a process of motion picture photography and projection that establishes the illusion of participation in the action"
Dolby Stereo Surround On 70mm
By John Iles
“Superman the Movie” had an outstanding soundtrack for its day thanks to the enthusiasm of Gordon McCullum and his crew at Pinewood. Today almost all films are made with stereo-surrounds (5.1) although not all Directors and re-recorders take full use of the possibilities.
Victor Young 1900 - 1956
Von Udo Heimansberg
Victor Young wurde in Chicago in eine musikalische Familie hineingeboren- seine Eltern waren viel auf Tournee und schickten den kleinen Victor 1906 nach Warschau zu den Großeltern.
Cinerama Arrives
By William Latady
Finally, one week before opening night, installation of the Cinerama system was completed. Projectors had been aligned so that magnification of all three were equal, and the three films so positioned that they formed one image.
Paris DP70 for sale
A DP70 is for sale from the Saint Lazare Pasquier in Paris (France) 8eme Arrondissement. Serial number: #2181. If you are interested you can contact the cinema directly.
More about Tonhallen
By Udo Heimansberg
I was absolutely thrilled to find my favourite Cinema, the Cinerama Tonhallen Theater on your page! I enclosed a photograph taken from the outside in December 1965. It's from the archive of the town of Düsseldorf
Mission Todd-AO: Salzburg, Austria
By Thomas Hauerslev
Based in Zell am See for a week in February 2012, it was easy to reach Salzburg by train to find the filming locations of the Todd-AO 70mm classic "The Sound of Music". Little did I know the day of walking was going to be so cold, that my bottle of water was going to freeze to a slush-icy substance.

• go to The Gallery | The Panoramas
"Windjammer" at the Tonhallen
By Thomas David Boehm
A former friend of mine, Arno Buchholtz, who died many years ago, was a projectionist at the Tonhalle. There he took some slides which show the projection room with the Cinermiracle-setup.
Norwegian 70mm Film Maker Attending Schauburg's Todd-AO Festival
Hans Kristian Bukholm will introduce his 70mm short film "Svalbard - Arctic Seasons" Sunday afternoon which is very rarely shown out side Norway. There will be a q/a after the screening.
MCS 70 Camera on Display in Schauburg
One of the original M.C.S.-70 Superpanorama cameras, originally made by Jan Jacobsen in the early 1960s, will be on display during 8. Todd-AO 70mm-Festival 2012 on the Saturday and Sunday in the Schauburg foyer.
8th Todd-AO Festival About to Begin
The bill board is ready, the posters are printed, the flyer are all over town and the chandeliers have been cleaned.
Saturday at Cinerama's 60th Anniversary
By Anders M Olsson
Impressions from the Cinerama festival in Los Angeles. Film star Russ Tamblyn introduced "Brothers Grimm".
Cinerama 60th Anniversary By Tom March
A picture report from the "Cinerama center of the world" at the Dome in LA - people from Europe and the US are together celebrating the 60th anniversary of Cinerama
Cinerama South Seas Adventure in Venice
By Randy Gitsch
On Sept. 2, Dave Strohmaier, Tom March and myself left Los Angeles headed for the 69th edition of the progenitor of all film festivals, the Venice International Film Festival in, where else, Venice, Italy.
"The Master" Presseheft
Von Schauburg Kino
Ein eindrucksvolles Portrait von Herumtreibern und Suchenden im Amerika der Nachkriegszeit, schildert den Weg des Marine-Veterans Freddie, der verstört und orientierungslos aus dem Krieg zurückkehrt, bis er in den Bann einer Bewegung namens „The Cause“ sowie ihres charismatischen Anführers Lancaster Dodd.
"The Master" goes to Karlsruhe for 70mm Festival
in70mm.com Newswire
Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film "The Master" will be shown in 70mm at one of Europe's most prestigious 70mm film festivals, the "Todd-AO Festival" on Sunday October 7, 2012 at the Schauburg Cinerama cinema in Karlsruhe in Germany. It is a single screening of one of the most anticipated films of 2012.
Photography of "The Master" in 65mm
By Weinstein Publicity
Panavision went totally out of their way to service us in using cameras that have largely gone unused for decades. At times we had a guy from Panavision staying with us, just so he could handle technical issues with the cameras
Second Week of "The Master" in 70mm
"The Master" opened in even more 70mm prints Friday 21. September 2012. Here are some comments, adverts and pictures of the second week of release of the new film in 70mm
1995: Filming of "Svalbard - Arctic Seasons"
By Thomas Hauerslev
We chose 65mm because the film is going to be shown on a big curved screen, covering more than 100' angle from the audiences point of view. No smaller format could give the same feeling of being present in an arctic environment.
1996 Full credits for "Svalbard - Arctic Seasons"
The film will officially open the new 70mm cinema at The Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Bergen, Norway November 28, 1996.
"The Master" in 70mm, Los Angeles
By Paul Rayton
Though some of us never thought we'd see such again, "it's alive"!!!: A new film running as a commercial release, in more than one location, and ads bearing some kind of tagline about "70mm Presentation"!

• Go to "The Master"
Cast & Credits | New York | 70mm Release | Venice
"The Master" in 70mm Release
Following some pre-70mm shows, "The Master" is now opening in 70mm across USA. Follow this page for the facts about "The Master" in the coming months.

• Go to "The Master"
Cast & Credits | New York | Los Angeles | Venice
"Norway" Cast & Credits
By Gerber & Hauerslev
The clarity and grandeur of the large-scale images in "Norway-The Film" are due to the fact that the film was shot in 70mm, with the same Panavision camera used for "Lawrence of Arabia."
"Symbiosis" Cast & Credits
By Gerber & Hauerslev
Gerber’s 17-minute-plus film, “Symbiosis”, is a classic affirmation that effective film can be made by someone with equal devotion to science and art. It explores the mutually dependent relationship between man and nature
MCS 70 Superpanorama Camera For Sale
This is the opportunity to get your very own 65mm camera. This camera is very rare, only about 6 copies were made for the MCS Superpanorama 70 process in Germany.
Cinerama's Venice Adventure
By March & Gitsch
Day 1 in Venice. It was all travel, a long trip from LA with a stopover in Frankfurt. We met up with Michael Wilder of Image Trends and his wife, Peggy and we all registered at the festival.
70mm Film in Gartenbau Kino
The Gartenbau is one of the few Austrian cinemas still able to play the 70mm. The Viennale and the Gartenbaukino have decided that it is time to make it possible in Vienna to relive a chapter of legendary film culture for the first time in two decades.

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70mm Festivals and Screenings
Some Notes on Shooting "Lawrence of Arabia"
By Mike Fox
Lawrence of Arabia is still regarded as the finest example of desert cinematography ever photographed in the history of feature filmmaking. I can’t think what a talented DoP today would have to do to beat it or even match it.
Anmerkungen zu den dreharbeiten Von "Lawrence von Arabien"
Von Mike Fox
"Lawrence of Arabia" nach mehr als einem halbes Jahrhundert als bestes Beispiel für Wüstenfotografie in der Geschichte des Spielfilm gelten kann. Ich wüßte nicht, was ein heutiger Kameramann tun könnte, um das zu schlagen oder auch nur damit gleichzuziehen.
"Broadsword Calling Danny Boy!"
Cinema Retro updates "Where Eagles Dare" special Edition.
By popular demand, this newly revised and updated edition contains all of the text from the original issue plus 36 pages of brand new material including rare archival photos and documents from the estate of producer Elliott Kastner - plus a new, exclusive interview with director Brian G. Hutton.

• Go to "Where Eagles Dare" - 40th Anniversary
"Samsara" opens in New York
By Dennis Furbush
The film was magnificent! I got a seat in the 3rd row front. The image was incredibly sharp. It was a huge screen. This is the first digital projection I have seen. Simply amazing, I had no idea.
Limited Time Offer, 70mm T-shirt
By Wolfram Hannemann
have constantly been asked by widescreen enthusiasts whether my 70mm t-shirt would be available for sale. I have decided to give it a try, and will offer a limited special edition of the „70mm“ t-shirt.
"The Master", a new film in 65mm by Paul Thomas Anderson
70mm adverts now seen in San Francisco newspapers - follow this page for the facts about "The Master" in the coming months
Fricke & Magidson and The Making of "Samsara"
Wir haben ein 70mm-Kamerasystem verwendet, das es so bereits seit 50 Jahren gibt und das immer noch die qualitativ hochwertigsten Aufnahmen liefert. Der Transport des Films und der Ausrüstung von einem Drehort zum andern ist natürlich sehr kostspielig und schwieriger denn je.
Fricke & Magidson and The Making of "Samsara"
We used a 70mm camera system that’s been around for 50 years and is still the highest quality way of capturing imagery. There’s a big price to pay getting film stock in and out of places and moving that equipment around, it’s harder now than ever.
Cinerama Goes to Venice - Sensational Festival Screening
By Randy Gitsch
The Venice International Film Festival has now finalized the schedule for its 69th edition, and we wanted you to be the first to know when and where you'll get to see digital Cinerama within it.
Presented in Amazing AlamoScope: 70mm at the Ritz!
In the world of film presentation, nothing can ever match the power and glory of 70mm film. A gargantuan creation of the 1950s, 70mm quickly became the permanent benchmark of quality, transforming every title released in the format into a mind-expanding epic.

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70mm Festivals and Screenings
Todd-AO screening: "Those Magnificent Men"
By Sebastian Rosacker
On March 16, 2013 at 2pm, the ROYAL theater in Malmö Sweden, will celebrate its 52nd anniversary, by showing an original and classic 70mm film on the curved screen!
Hannibal 8 Special For Sale
By Thomas Hauerslev
A Danish car museum is selling its entire collection of rare cars. What is of interest for in70mm.com readers is lot 141 - the car Hannibal 8, featured in the 70mm film "The Great Race" starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Nathalie Wood.
Cinerama Inc. Scans "Holiday In Spain"
By Dave Strohmaier

Inspired by the scanning and remastering of "Windjammer" and their library of Cinerama films, Cinerama Inc. decided to go ahead and see what could be done with Mike Todd Jr.'s "lost" 70mm film
The Cinerama Dome Celebrates Cinerama's 60th Anniversary
Join us September 28th - October 4th at Hollywood's Historic CINERAMA Dome to celebrate Cinerama's 60th Anniversary! For the FIRST & ONLY time for one SPECTACULAR WEEK we will be playing twelve classic Cinerama productions
Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch - in conversation with Mark Lyndon
Cinerama’s future might evolve into a name on more than just a couple of theaters; Cinerama could come to mean a curved screen presentation; a noticeable distinct curved screen, perhaps not 146 degrees, but certainly more than a marginal curved screen.
"Oklahoma!" - The First Movie Produced By Todd-AO
By Gordon Macrae
On Sunday night I will act as the host of one of the most important telecasts of my career. At that time, I will tell the story of how "Oklahoma!" was made. I will be helped in my storytelling with most of the principals from "Oklahoma!", including the wonderful team of Rodgers and Hammerstein.
Todd-AO Process Shown At MGM Studio
By The Reflector
This screening, followed by a second showing in the evening to people prominent in the Hollywood motion picture industry, resulted in "rave" notices in Hollywood and Los Angeles papers, as well as feature stories in the New York Times and Variety

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The Saga of Todd-AO
"Tron": A 30-Year Look Back And The Original 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
thirty years ago today, Walt Disney’s “Tron” was released in about 1,100 cinemas in the United States and Canada. The groundbreaking though unsuccessful film was a visual and aural delight
Walter Siegmund Remembered
By Thomas Hauerslev
It is with great sadness I must report the passing of Walter Siegmund, one of the pioneers and engineers of the Todd-AO process. Walt was extremely kind and helpful, and always referred the "days of Todd-AO" to be among the happiest days of the working life.
"Snow White" in System 65
By Kodak
“The 65mm stock is absolutely incredible and it has no rival now,” exclaims the cinematographer. “It is simply the best format we had to work with.
Horizontal VistaVision Projector
Larry Davee
The design of a new projector mechanism normally involves between one and two years of engineering work—and this time they wanted it done in four weeks. They wanted a miracle. And—miraculously—they got it.
“This Is Cinerama”: The Original Roadshow Engagements
By Mike Coate
This list consists only of first-run, reserved-seat engagements. Not included in the list are return engagements, mobile presentations, drive-in engagements, the 70mm single-panel re-release engagements, and contemporary screenings.
“How the West Was Won”: The Original Cinerama Presentations
By Mike Coate
This list consists only of first-run, reserved-seat engagements. Not included in the list are return engagements, mobile presentations, drive-in engagements, the 70mm single-panel re-release engagements, and contemporary screenings.
Windsor “Todd-AO theater in São Paulo, Brazil
By Paulo R Elias
In70mm reader João Carlos Reis Pinto wrote me an e-mail calling my attention to the current status of the Windsor theater in São Paulo, Brazil
Speech for John Mitchell
By Bill Lawrence
There were many people who made the 60th Anniversary of Cinerama celebrations at the Widescreen Weekend in Bradford a success, but the contribution made by one man was particularly exceptional.
John Mitchell gets his Academy certificate
By David Coles
I returned home to Australia with the parchment, and instructions from a man named Thomas to photograph the Award handover
Randy Gitsch: A Bio
In 1990, he became one of the founding members of the Association of Moving Image Archivists and in 1999, he produced the critically acclaimed documentary on film preservation and restoration, "Keepers of the Frame"
A new film gate for the DP70 projector
By Emmy Rosbeek
We have some news about the DP70 projector: We made a new film gate for this projector.
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm - "Lost" Cinerama Film Reviewed
By Mark Lyndon

This legendary “lost” Cinerama feature has held up well over the years. For a fifty year old feel good film it still felt and looked pretty good. George Pal produced and directed the fairy tale sequences with Harry Levin for the real life drama.
"In the Picture": Filming Completed
By Dave Strohmaier
We shot the very last shot with the Cinerama camera the camera can go back to sleep for another 60 years until some other film makers discover it again!
"Star Wars" Presented in Dimension 150
By Derek Young
When "Star Wars" premiered in London in 1977, it was the last film to be presented in Dimension 150 at the Odeon Marble Arch
"Windjammer" and "This is Cinerama" released Blu-ray and DVD
By Flicker Alley
Now digitally remastered, the color, the music, the true artistry of these classics are reborn. Release date is medio September 2012, in conjunction with Cinerama's Official 60th Anniversary.

 • Go to Cinemiracle and Cinerama
“The CINERAMA story”
By Johan Wolthuis
A brand new publication from International 70mm Publishers, about the unique large format process which has been brought back to life by the unbelievable work done by Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch

 • Go to "Digital & 65mm"
Tom March
By Bill Lawrence
Tom March has made an outstanding contribution to bringing life back to the finest of widescreen formats that we all love.

 • Kevin Brownlow | John Mitchell

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5 YEARS AGO - 2007
The true history of Circlorama 1962-65
"Keepers of the Frame" - complete press kit
DEFA 70mm in Oslo

10 YEARS AGO - 2002

Treasures On The Really Big Screen
4 track magnetic stereo at the Egyptian
The Lion King: The IMAX Experience

15 YEARS AGO - 1997
John O'Callaghan 70mm Short Film Maker
Vinterpalatset A Story of Magnificence, Proud and Mourned
Historical Wide Screen Gathering

Cinerama's Ramine visits Widescreen Weekend 2012
By Thomas Hauerslev
Ramine was in "South Seas Adventure", and attended the Cinerama world premiere in 1958, and again for the digital world premiere of the same film in 2012.

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It Can't Be Done, but Here it is, 16mm to 70mm blow up
For years I have had this small advert in my collection. If any of readers have more information about "The Concert for Bangladesh" being show in 70mm, please let the editor know.
Frieseke & Hoepfner FH99
By Hans-L Wißkirchen
Less than 50 FH99 70mm machines were made. It had a lot of advantages and the design was strictly modular. The FH 99 could be assembled as left or right machine, because every part from the film path could be turned left /right and/or upside down during assembling.
Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Cinerama!
By Thomas Hauerslev
Cinerama's 60th anniversary is celebrated in 2012, with the digital re-release of the original 3-strip film on Blu-ray and in selected theatres. Cinerama premiered in 1952 and revolutionized the exhibition industry with wide screns and 7-channel stereophonic sound
Event at the Cinerama Dome
By Tom March
Debbie Reynolds signed autographs and posed for pictures after doing a couple of takes of her scene in "In the Picture".
"Napoleon" Conquers USA
By Mark Lyndon
The audience gasped audibly, then cheered wholeheartedly when the screen opened up to reveal the world famous ‘Napoleon triptych’. The Eagle of Destiny had landed.

Go to "Napoleon" in Triptych was an Absolute Triumph
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Loren Janes - Widescreen Weekend Guest
By Tom March
He will be traveling to Bradford as a very special guest and will be on stage doing his home movie presentation. He is looking forward to meeting and greeting all the many fans of Cinerama and 70mm who are attending the Festival this year
The Fall Of The Roman Empire
La-La Land Records and Sony Music present the remastered and expanded release of renowned composer Dimitri Tiomkin's original motion picture score to the 1964 Roman era-set feature film epic THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE
Schauburg's Printed Program
By Herbert Born
I'm pleased to announce the web publication of all our printed programs brochures from the past Todd-AO Festivals. Publication also include our free monthly magazine (in German) with our current program. All free of charge for on-line reading and free down-load.
Cinemiracle/Cinerama in Germany
By Gerhard Witte
In Europe, cinemas for 3-strip films were only set up on a wide scale fairly late, that is at the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s. By then, other wide-screen methods such as CinemaScope and perhaps also Todd-AO had been broadly accepted.

The Grindel Filmtheater | The "Savoy" in Hamburg
Cinemiracle/Cinerama in Deutschland
Von Gerhard Witte
Kinos für 3-Streifen Filme wurden in Europa erst spät breitflächig eingerichtet, nämlich Ende der 50er, Anfang der 60er Jahre. Zu dieser Zeit hatten sich andere Breitfilmverfahren wie CinemaScope und vielleicht auch Todd-AO im Großen und Ganzen bereits durchgesetzt.

Das Grindel Filmtheater | "Windjammer" in Hamburg
"Napoleon" in Triptych was an Absolute Triumph
By Mark Lyndon via SMS
The Americans love a young hero who is up against it. How they cheered Nappy on. The Triptych was... An absolute triumph. The whole audience rose to their feet and roared their approval as only Americans know how.
Roadshow Ways To Zlín And Prague
Jean-Pierre Gutzeit
Zum 50. Jubiläum des „Zlín Film Festivals“ Anfang Mai 2010 in der tschechischen Republik erhielt ich eine Einladung der Programm-Betreuerin Marketa Pasmova, um eine frisch aus der Taufe gehobene 70mm-Filmereihe zu begleiten.
Reflecting on Projecting
By Thomas Hauerslev

The audience is the most important factor, and it is paramount to take good care of them, and that is why a projectionist is still needed. If he is removed "Cinema" will become a fake plastic experience, and you might as well stay at home to see the film.
l'esprit vers le Cinerama
By Abel Gance
La celebre lettre de Abel Gance ecrite pour le programme de "Windjammer"en Fevrier 1962. Souvenez vous que le titre francais etait "La Grande Rencontre"
Spirit towards Cinerama
By Abel Gance
The original famous letter from Abel Gance, written for the French souvenir program of "Windjammer", in February 1962
KRRR! 7th 70mm Film Fest Krnov
By Jakub Klima
We have selected some titles for this year festival that will have their cinema premier in the Czech Republic. "Ice Station Zebra", "How the West Was Won“ and „Krakatoa, East of Java“,  our homage to the greatest, film format of all time – CINERAMA.
Für jeden etwas auf dem 7. Todd-AO 70mm Festival im Schauburg Filmtheater
Von Brian Guckian
Das diesjährige 70mm Festival lockte Gäste aus ganz Europa, einige kamen sogar aus den USA angereist. Die Teilnehmer erhielten eine ausführliche Festival-Broschüre, die den sowohl lehrreichen als auch unterhaltsamen Aspekt des Festivals auswies, das für alle ernsthaften Freunde des Filmes und des Kinos ein „Muss“ ist.
New Book: "The Making of Tron"
By Bill Kallay
The Making of Tron traces the making of this groundbreaking computer driven film from its inception, through its setbacks and in-fighting, to its enormous influence on modern culture.
Ben-Hur: The Complete Soundtrack Collection
This 5CD “Complete Soundtrack Collection” includes every film cue, every outtake, every alternate and every additional take preserved by the studio, mastered from the original six-track recordings
In the Movies with Gerhard Fromm
By Thomas Hauerslev
Gerhard Fromm (b. 1932) has spent a lifetime with movies. From small beginnings with DEFA in Berlin, to big European 70mm productions in the 1960s. From working with Heinz Hölscher, Jan Jacobsen and Leni Riefenstahl, to teaching camera techniques to students in his later life.
Doug Trumbull Gets an OSCAR
The Gordon E. Sawyer Award goes to Douglas Trumbull, for his lifetime of technical contributions and leadership in the motion picture industry.
A conversation with John Mitchell
By Cameron  Glendinning
Let's go to Australia and meet a man who has a complete 3-strip Cinerama cinema in his garden. It all started when he heard on the grapevine that a certain storehouse was to be emptied.
Cinerama unterm Sternenhimmel
Von Cameron  Glendinning

Es begann, als mir zu Ohren kam, dass ein gewisses Lager geräumt werden sollte, in dem sich viele Cinerama-Filme befanden. Ein paar bestimmte Jungs hatten die Leute dort belogen und ihnen vorgegaukelt, sie wollten das Magnetfilm-Material wiederverwenden, während sie in Wahrheit nur die Soundtracks anhören wollten.
Cinerama in Cardif
By Michael Williams
I came across the sound log of the Cinerama crew whilst shooting footage for "Seven Wonders Of The World" and suddenly realised that I had indeed met the Cinerama crew.
Lasse Kolstad passed away
By Kaare Terland
Four days after his ninetieth birthday Lasse Kolstad passed away. He was one of the main actors in Norway and mastered all disciplines from classics to musicals.
The hunt for RAMAs continues
The "Rama" page, now in its 5th year. More than 100 new and vintage RAMAs documented so far from: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 - send in your RAMA now!
Widescreen Weekend 2012
By Jennifer Hall
Some of the films we will be screening in this years festival are Cinerama's "South Sea Adventure", "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm", "Around the World in 80 Days" and lots of 60th Anniversary of Cinerama material.
CINERAMA 2012 - First day of shooting "In the Picture"
By Michael J Cahill
It is Saturday January 14, 2012 and today the Barn is the centerpiece for a brief scene in an all-new short film for Cinerama called “In the Picture”, produced by Anthony Saenz and directed by Dave Strohmaier.
Cinerama in Tel Aviv
By Peter Phillips

I used to know one of the technical staff at Cinerama London in the early 1970s and he had been involved with the installation at Tel Aviv
70mm at the Odeon Leicester Square
By Nigel Wolland
My first involvement with the Odeon Leicester Square came in 1978 when I was invited to help out at the Royal Film Performance, the film was Columbia Pictures', "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", the first to be presented in 70mm Dolby at the Odeon
"Samsara" is a Triumph of the Moving Image
By Mark Lyndon
We are shown potent and compelling images of birth and death: the face of Tollund Man, contrasted with an intimate portrait of an embryo in late development, followed by the funeral of a man in his prime, lovingly placed in a gun shaped coffin.
Draken - A Brief Technical History
By Adler & Elm
In 1966, Draken was equipped for 70mm projection, with two Zeiss Favorit 70 projectors. The first 70mm presentation was the Metro Goldwyn Mayer production of "Operation Crossbow"
Cinema Digital Sound
First they moved. Then they talked. Then came alive with color. Now the ultimate sound experience comes to the movies. Introducing CDS, the Boxoffice sensation of the 90s. Available in 35mm and 70mm.
The MGM PANAVISION Enlarged-film System
Douglas Shearer
To make our system universally adaptable a 65mm negative has been chosen having standard perforations with the incorporation of a mild anamorphic squeeze in the taking lens system.

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