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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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"Phantom Thread" is released in 70mm
Paul Thomas Anderson: We kind of hopefully presented this option, that if you wanna dig it this way, it's there for you. I prefer it. I enjoy it. I think it's a more well balanced meal, just in terms of the way that it kinda comes through the projector and the light and umm, and things moving around, and..... I prefer it. But certainly does not mean you are not gonna like the movie if you have to see it in any other way. It also doesn’t mean you gonna like it any more.

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Restoration of "My Fair Lady"

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Your Help Required to finance a re-recording of Miklos Rozsa film score
Volker Hannemann
The Kickstarter project for “KING OF KINGS” has a financial goal of 40.000 £ and ends on January 4, 2018. This is an appeal to all of you to support this project! But why should you contribute to this project? Maybe you love classic film scores, or maybe you are a fan of Miklos Rozsa, or maybe you like big biblical 70mm epics? Whatever reason it might be to get you onboard of this fascinating project, you can be sure to contribute to something of value! So, please donate and share.
"Dunkirk" back to the big screen in 70mm
By Warner Brothers
Warner Bros. Pictures is giving moviegoers a final opportunity to see Christopher Nolan’s sweeping epic “Dunkirk” on the big screen. On December 1, 2017, the film will be re-released in a select limited engagement in 50 IMAX and 70mm locations in 34 domestic markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Dallas, Atlanta, and Toronto, among others.
Mord in der Lichtburg
Von Ulrich Rostek
Film auf Film ist etwas besonderes, vor allem mit modernem hochauflösendem Filmmaterial und vor allem in 70mm. Eine jungfräuliche Kopie - keine Kratzer, kein Schmutz, ein felsenfester Bildstand. Das Filmkorn ist kaum wahrnehmbar, aber dennoch gibt es dem Film etwas organisches, etwas lebendiges, etwas, das einer digitalen Projektion leider abgeht.
Murder at the "Lichtburg"
By Ulrich Rostek
A film based movie performance is something unique, especially with modern high resolution film stock, especially with 70mm film. A virgin print, no dust, no scratches, an image steadiness like solid rock. The fine film grain is hardly ever noticable and yet it adds something organic to the projected image, breathes life into the moving picture; a phenomenon digital projection is lacking - sadly.

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Celebrating 40 Years of Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”: A 70mm Reference List
Cinema as it Should Be - 70MM at the Savoy
By Thomas Hauerslev
Why board an international train and go across sea, land and bridges to see 70mm? Well, why not? Especially if you can combine a visit to an original Todd-AO cinema, and see a 70mm film at the same time. It's not a coincidence I chose this cinema for this "Todd-AO Express" mission. The Savoy in Hamburg was the very first purpose built Todd-AO cinema in Europe.
Filmtheater im "Haus Savoy"
PHILIPS Kinotechnik
Am 14. März 1957 wurde das neue Hamburger Premierentheater im "Haus Savoy" eröffnet. Das "Savoy" ist von besonderem Interesse, weil hier zum erstenmal in Deutschland der vielseitige und modernste Kinoprojektor Philips DP 70 installiert wurde. Schon bei Beginn des Baues stand fest, daß das Theater nicht nur für die allgemein üblichen Projektionsverfahren eingerichtet werden sollte, sondern daß auch das modernste Verfahren, Todd-AO mit Breitfilm, berücksichtigt werden sollte.
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm in Bradford
By Johan Wolthuis
"Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich" digitally restored movie looked great on the large curved screen. From the original 3-panel elements it was possible to save this great movie for future generations. Producers David Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch did a great job! Beautiful images - a feast for the eyes and ears.
The Passing of Richard C. Babish
Richard passed peacefully at home. He was a MIT graduate, class of 1940 and was a Radiation Lab member and an optics developer for the Cinerama and Cinemiracle movie companies. He joined the Perkin-Elmer Corporation in 1954 and worked in the optical department providing technical expertise for numerous commercial and government projects.
Windjammer mystery sign
By Jan E Olsen
This sign was found in a scrap container last year, probably after cleaning out an old house. It was given to the Christian Radich Foundation, the charity that runs the school ship famous from the movie Windjammer. Does any body know where this sign was used?
Inaugural Australian 70mm Festival - Film is back!
By Sam McCabe
To coincide with the launch of "Murder on the Orient Express" on 70mm, the Sun Theatre, Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia is hosting a whole week of 7 films on glorious 70mm. The festival will feature films new and old, classics and cult. Old style presentation is back at the sun too, with every film introduced, film programmes and intermissions on the longer films.
2017 Widescreen Weekend Introductions
By Hannemann & Williams
 "The Untouchables" was released under the Theatre Alignment Programme created by LucasFilm in 1983. 70mm prints went out with a letter in De Palma’s name advising projectionists that 70mm prints were hard matted to the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, meaning bars could be visible at the top and bottom of the screen and offering guidance on the best presentation.
"Murder on the Orient Express" Production Information
By 20th Century Fox
What starts out as a lavish train ride through Europe quickly unfolds into one of the most stylish, suspenseful and thrilling mysteries ever told. From the novel by best-selling author Agatha Christie, “Murder on the Orient Express” tells the tale of thirteen strangers stranded on a train, where everyone’s a suspect. World-renowned detective Hercule Poirot must race against time to solve the puzzle before the murderer strikes again. Kenneth Branagh directs and leads an all-star cast including Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley and Josh Gad.

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Louis de Rochemont's "Windjammer" in Cinemiracle
Installation and Operating Procedures
By R. H. McCullough
Cinemiracle uses a triple camera, using three 35 millimeter negatives. This results in the filming of a scene under a triple angle. Such a method gives, in principle, a vision in wide angle in the projection system, similar to that which one has in real life. Cinemiracle is a system of photography and projection developed by National Theatres Amusement Company and first used by Louis de Rochemont in the production of "Windjammer".

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Projection Operating Procedure
Cinemiracle Theatre Survey
By R. H. McCullough
Attached is a list of 205 theatres in the United States which have been surveyed for Cinemiracle. Out of this number of houses 102 are suitable for the Cinemiracle process. There are several things to be considered in selecting a theatre for Cinemiracle. The theatre must be in good condition. Sometimes a small house with a large screen will be a great success. Huge houses with a large seating capacity and heavy overhead should be avoided.

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Full Cinemiracle Curved Screen Presentation
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70mm "Dersu Uzala" at the National Film Center, Tokyo, 7. October
By Eiji AOKI
On the 7th October, a 70mm presentation was be held for the first time in nearly 14 years in Japan. "Dersu Uzala" (1975 USSR film by Akira Kurosawa), released in 1975 in Japan. 70mm print was used only for the 11-week Tokyo first-run. Only two shows (11:00 &16:00) were programmed at National Film Center, in celebration of UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (27 Oct.). Dialogue in Russian, with Japanese subtitles.
Faded 70mm prints have their own special magic
By Thomas Hauerslev
Welcome to the thirteenth edition of the Todd-AO Festival here at the prestigious Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe. It seems 13 is our lucky number this September. What started in 2005 with this catch line: "Come celebrate with us a BIG weekend, with a BIG film format on a BIG screen", has now entered it's teenage years. The catch line is still valid, and in 12 years, and 13 festivals later, the Schauburg has built up a core audience who comes back year after year.

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Todd-AO Festival Film Introductions, 2017
• Go to Verblasste 70mm-Filmkopien haben ihre ganz eigene Magie
• Go to Faded 70mm prints have their own special magic
• Go to GALLERY 13th Todd-AO Festival, Schauburg Film Teater, Karlsruhe, Germany
• Go to 13. Todd-AO 70mm-Festival. 22 - 24. September, 2017
Todd-AO Festival Film Introductions, 2017
By Wolfram Hannemann
Welcome to our celluloid extravaganza, at the Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe! I will be your anchorman for this weekend. As such I will tell you bits and pieces about the films before each screening and I will do this in German and English. To make it a little bit more interesting let me tell you that I won’t repeat myself. So the things I am telling you in German will be different from the things I am telling you in English.
Verblasste 70mm-Filmkopien haben ihre ganz eigene Magie
Von Thomas Hauerslev
Wir begrüßen Sie zur dreizehnten Auflage des Todd-AO Festivals im renommierten Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe. Die 13 ist in diesem September scheinbar unsere Glückszahl. Das 2005 erstmals unter dem Motto „Feiern Sie mit uns ein GROSSARTIGES Wochenende mit einem GROSSEN Filmformat auf einer GROSSbildwand“ veranstaltete Festival ist inzwischen aus den Kinderschuhen heraus. Das Motto ist allerdings immer noch gültig und im Laufe von 12 Jahren bzw. 13 Festivals später hat die Schauburg ein treues Stammpublikum gewonnen, das Jahr für Jahr wiederkommt.

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Faded 70mm prints have their own special magic
“Solomon and Sheba”: The 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
70-millimeter presentations of “Solomon and Sheba” in North America. The film’s 70mm prints consisted of full-frame imagery derived from Super Technirama photography and featured discrete six-channel stereophonic sound. These were arguably the best cinemas in which to experience this film.
“The Last Valley”: The 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
“The Last Valley” was among four confirmed first-run films released in 1971 with 70mm prints for selected engagements. The ABC/Cinerama release was directed by James Clavell and starred Michael Caine and Omar Sharif. These were continuous performance, general release bookings (i.e. not roadshow…although roadshow style program booklets were made available).
“Far and Away”: The 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
“Far and Away” was among ten confirmed first-run films released in 1992 with 70mm prints for selected engagements. One-hundred sixty-three 70mm prints of the film were reportedly struck for distribution in North America, which places it among the industry’s ten-highest large-format print orders in history and the highest in Universal Studios’ history.
“Amadeus”: The 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
“Amadeus” was among sixteen confirmed first-run films released in 1984 with 70mm prints for selected engagements. The Saul Zaentz Company production and Orion release — directed by Milos Forman and starring F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce — opened exclusively in a 70mm limited release on September 19th.
Flying Clipper, Wiederaufführung der englischen Sprachfassung in digital restaurierter 4K Version
Von Schauburg Cinerama Press Bureau
Am Vorabend unseres traditionellen Todd-AO 70mm-Filmfestivals präsentieren wir den Film erstmals in einer digitalen 4K-Version, die von einer original 70mm-Kino-Kopie abgetastet und hochwertig digital restauriert wurde. Zu unserer Sondervorstellung am 21. September um 20 Uhr erwarten wir prominente Gäste, die maßgeblich bei der Entstehung des Films beteiligt waren.
Cinerama's 65th Anniversary Event at the Cooper in Casper
By Strohmaier, Gitsch and March
Casper's Cooper Auditorium has hosted a special Cinerama Weekend over three days to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Cinerama in the heart of Wyoming's famed Cowboy Country. The Cooper proved the perfect venue for the event. Wyoming Theater's owner Randy Pryde has built this special auditorium at his Studio City Mesa West theater complex as an homage to the glorious Cooper Theater.
"Murder on the Orient Express" in the splendour of 7OMM
By Thomas Hauerslev
Worldwide in-progress 7OMM Presentation Premiere list which has been has been edited based on internet foras, reports by in70mm.com's readers and theater web sites. This page is based on information sent in by YOU! Call your local cinema and ask for the authentic 7OMM Experience. Just as the director want you to see his film.
Margaret Honda's 70mm Kurzfilm "Spectrum Reverse Spectrum"
Von Gerhard Witte

"Spectrum Reverse Spectrum" ist ohne Kamera entstanden, indem 70mm-Filmmaterial mit genau kalibriertem Farblicht auf einer optischen Bank belichtet wurde. Das brillante, riesige Bild erzeugt eine intensive Wahrnehmungserfahrung, die wiederum den eigenen Körper bewusst werden lässt.
Margaret Honda's 70mm short, "Spectrum Reverse Spectrum"
By Gerhard Witte
"Spectrum Reverse Spectrum" is a camera-less film made by exposing 70mm print stock to precisely calibrated colored light in a film printe. The subjective visual effects of the film, enhanced by the size and brilliance of 70mm projection, make you aware of the act of watching and so remind you of the body you inhabit.
DEFA 70 – More than just a question of the format!
By Ingolf Vonau
Cinema was understood as an ideological and cultural conveying institution under an absolute leadership of the communist party and their hierarchical administrative practice. The focus of the DEFA 70mm project was, therefore, to maintain the attractiveness of cinema going, and to enhance it with 70mm wide film technology.
Mission Report: See It Big in 70mm
By Howard Haas
All Russian films had brief introductions by a museum curator and by guest curator Max Carpenter who organized them. My favorite of the trilogy was “The Story of Flaming Years” because the WW2 scenes and cinematography were so great in 70mm. Seeing these Russian films on the big screen, was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, and made for an exciting day!

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12th 70mm Film Festival Oslo, Norway

“WINDJAMMER” to set sail soon in a new digital version
By Randy Gitsch
“WINDJAMMER: THE VOYAGE OF THE CHRISTIAN RADICH” to set sail soon in a new digital version. Widescreen film fans around the world will be thrilled to hear that a new, sharper, clearer version of the 1958 three-panel picture has now been created by the Cinerama Restoration Team. Its theatrical rollout is now nearing its kick-off and will lead to a new Blu-ray launch next spring.
Record Breaking Film in all its 70mm - Todd-AO Glory on Blu Ray!!
By Mark Lees
Final performance - 30th September 1962 - Total run 4 Years 5 months 2 Weeks !! a total of 232 Weeks. They only had two 70mm prints in that time the number of screenings at this Cinema 2,551 performances!! in London an unbroken, record run that will probably never be equalled!!
Smithsonian Shouldn't Destroy the Natural History Museum's IMAX Theater
By James Hyder
The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, is planning to close its 18-year-old Samuel C. Johnson IMAX Theater on Sept. 30. The plan had not been announced publicly and only came to light in mid-July, when a group of distinguished giant-screen film producers, led by Jonathan Barker of SK Films and Taran Davies of Cosmic Picture, published an open letter calling for the decision to be delayed or reversed.

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"La Fayette" in CINERAMA

Widescreen Weekend 2017
Cinerama pioneers Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch return to our shores once more and enable us to screen their final digital restoration of the historic 3-panel Cinemiracle travelogue "Windjammer", showing on Pictureville’s deeply curved, louvered Cinerama screen.
Mancini's complete score of "The Great Race"
By Gerhard Witte

The 3-cd box set with an epic art design by Jim Titus. The included booklet gives detailed information about Mancini's score and the movie. The original film score is on CD1 and CD2, and on CD3 is represented the LP-version released in 1965 – here Mancini's album arrangements use a smaller group of players than the original film score.
“Lawrence of Arabia: The Director’s Cut” — The 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
The “Lawrence of Arabia” re-release was among eighteen confirmed first-run films (and two re-issues) released in 1989 with 70mm prints for selected engagements. The Sam Spiegel production and Columbia release was directed by David Lean and starred Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness and Omar Sharif.

Go to "Dunkirk" filmed in 65mm with IMAX cameras
Margaret Honda's "Spectrum Reverse Spectrum" in 70mm
Von/by KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Margaret Honda presents her color-field film "Spectrum Reverse Spectrum" (2014). The camera less film mines the entirety of the available color spectrum of the 70mm print stock as a fluctuating entity between a physical, industrially produced body, and an elusive philosophical concept that reveals the gulf between the measurable and experiential.
A Brief History of Wartime
By Mark Lyndon
Nolan applies this dictum by ditching conventional plot and narrative structure in favour of something far more complex and subtle. Dialogue as in Kubrick's "2001" is used very sparingly. Underpinning the frantic timing, suspense and action of "Dunkirk" is a deeply philosophical meditation on the nature of time itself and how it is perceived. Time, is the great theme and preoccupation of Nolan's film works, principally "Inception", "Interstellar" and now "Dunkirk".
Anamorphic Weekend in London
By Mark Lyndon
And so the Pilgrim returns, oftentimes to travel great distances to bear witness to what is surely a great spiritual as well as artistic experience. One such Pilgrim was our own editor, Thomas Hauerslev, who traveled from Copenhagen to London to bear witness. As a pilgrim, albeit one residing within ten minutes walk of The BFI IMAX, it was a pleasure to host a fellow pilgrim. Like Chaucer's pilgrims before us, we were based in Southwark.
Superior Quartz Products Xenon Lamps for Large Format Projection
By Dennis Losco Jr
Our family owned and operated company is passionate about what we do, hence the 60th anniversary and because we share this enthusiasm with our staff, they tend to stay! We understand the importance of reliability, nobody wants lost shows due to lamp failures and we offer 1200 hours warranty for the theatres peace of mind. Theatres who use our lamps enjoy these benefits. We realize large format theatres are unique, so we have made it possible to arrange payment plans to spread the costs.
"Dunkirk" in 70mm IMAX at the Langley theater
By Scott Pickering
I forgot how smooth IMAX film is on screen. And the detail mixed in with that. Shots from air showing the water and beach areas for example were very detailed. I didn’t care much for the hand held work in the film, as it was too jarring to watch. But I understood why they shot it that way. IMAX works better when the image is steady so you can actually see the detail in the shots.
"Dunkirk": 70mm Film Projectors Ready to Go!
By David Granadino
Having seen the film at the Cinerama Dome and Universal City Walk IMAX, I must say that this film was made for IMAX and works well in this medium. The huge IMAX screen swallowed the viewer into the picture with clear sharp pictures. The Cinerama screen surrounded the viewer in great huge panoramic scenes but in softer tones. Both theaters surrounded the audience with clear and high volume sound.
“Custer of the West”: The Roadshow Engagements
By Mike Coate
A historical listing of the roadshow engagements of “Custer of the West” in North America. These presentations utilized 70mm prints derived from Super Technirama photography and were projected onto large, deeply-curved screens and featured discrete six-track stereophonic sound. The seating was reserved at advanced prices with an average of ten scheduled screenings per week. The cinemas in which these special presentations played also sold souvenir programs.

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70mm Engagements
Showcase Presentations in Honolulu
By Claude Ayakawa & Michael Coate
Continuing the “Showcase Presentations in…” series, we now proudly present: Honolulu, Hawaii. A Chronology of Large Format and Roadshow Exhibition, 1957-Present. The Cinerama Theatre was located on the outskirts of downtown Honolulu near the Waikiki district. It was once the Pawaa Theatre, a neighborhood house that was converted in 1962 to a 3-strip Cinerama venue for the Hawaii premiere of “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm” at which time the theatre was renamed the Cinerama.

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70mm Engagements
"SEE IT BIG!" 70MM Series
By MoMI, New York
Museum of the Moving Image will present its popular summer series See It Big! 70mm, featuring nine classic and contemporary films that will be projected in 70mm in the Museum’s majestic Sumner M. Redstone Theater, July 19 through August 27. The series opens on Wednesday, July 19, with a preview screening of "Dunkirk"
“Dunkirk”: A personal first impression
By Mark Trompeteler
In “Dunkirk” Christopher Nolan has produced a mass audience, wide age demographic, intelligent epic war film for modern times. I was a little disappointed in the film at first viewing. I was expecting something a little short of a masterpiece. However, this really is a “must see” film in 70mm if you are a 70mm enthusiast. This is a film I definitely want to see again.
Report of the BFI "Dunkirk" preview
By Mark Lyndon
The British Film Institute, the most prestigious organisation in the U.K, devoted to The Seventh Art, screened a preview of Dunkirk on Thursday July 13, in the NFT. Nolan finally arrived twenty minutes late, flanked by two minders in the shape of BFI Grande Dame Heather Stewart and spouse cum fellow executive producer Emma Thomas.
"Dunkirk" Production Notes
By Warner Brothers
“Dunkirk” opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea, they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. The story unfolds on land, sea and air. RAF Spitfires engage the enemy in the skies above the Channel, trying to protect the defenseless men below. Meanwhile, hundreds of small boats manned by both military and civilians are mounting a desperate rescue effort, risking their lives in a race against time to save even a fraction of their army.
Todd-AO - Wie alles begann
Von Brian O'Brien, Jr.
Eines Abends sagte er schließlich: „In Ordnung, Doktor, ich gebe auf. Ich habe mir die Firmen angeschaut, die Sie genannt haben, und American Optical scheint die beste Lösung zu sein. Was soll ich jetzt tun?“ „Gut“, sagte mein Vater, „ich treffe mich nächsten Dienstag mit Walter Stewart, dem Präsidenten von AO zum Mittagessen. Kommen Sie doch einfach nach Southbridge und essen Sie mit uns!“
Todd-AO How It All Began
By Brian O'Brien, Jr.
Finally, he called one night and said "OK Doctor, I give up. I have been looking into the companies you mentioned and American Optical looks like the best bet. What do I do now?" "Fine" said my dad, "I am having lunch with Walter Stewart, President of AO next Tuesday. Why do you not come up to Southbridge and have lunch with us?".
Brian O'Brien, Jr. tracks American Optical Co's development of the Todd-AO process
By Thomas Hauerslev
etween 1953 and 1956, Brian O'Brien, Jr.'s secretary made a scrapbook with newspaper and trade magazine clips about the development of Todd-AO. A green ring binder with 132 pages of clippings, adverts and stories about one of the most significant films formats from the 20th century. It has been one of my goals to make all this available on in70mm.com for many years. Here it is as PDF files, and organized page by page in a very low-tech manner.
The Captains and the Kings depart
By Mark Lyndon
That weekend, Loren introduced "West" to a spellbound Pictureville audience and gave us fascinating insights into the creation of some of the most thrilling scenes in the whole of cinema. He joined us for breakfast at the hotel and shared some wonderful anecdotes of his life and times in the greatest film industry of them all. Those times are now over, but what a legacy!
Seeing a 7OMM presentation of "WONDER WOMAN"
y David Granadino
The sunny paradise of the Amazon island was so much brighter in the digital projection yet something was lacking in what I called depth, or the illusion of a 3-D effect that film can achieve. The sound in both presentations was fantastic, with the Cinerama Dome digital surround sound system creating a deep bass sound that could vibrate the seats.
The Short history of the Amphitheatre in Banska Bystrica
Michal Jaso
New official screenings and music festival shows began in 2014 with very good responses. Eventually we were able to reconstruct the original projectors into fully operational state. We even added a DTS system for 70mm to be able to show DTS titles. The two interesting things about this amphitheatre is that according to our information, it's now the only 70mm open air cinema in operation in Europe
The first German 70mm movie FLYING CLIPPER (1962) will hit the market as 4K UHD, Blu-Ray and DVD July 28, 2017
Scanned in 4K from an original new 70mm print and digitally high-quality restored, "FLYING CLIPPER" now unfolds in the home cinema with the same brilliance as at the time on the cinema screen. In addition to the classic original sound, a completely new sound design has been created in Dolby Atmos, which lets you experience the thunderous racing atmosphere of Monaco in the middle of the room.

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"FLYING CLIPPER" In 4K von der original 70mm Kinokopie restauriert

• Go tvo Where to see "Dunkirk" in 5/70 & 15/70 (IMAX)
Large Format Cinema as Communal Virtual Reality
Mark Trompeteler
A meeting and subsequent interview with Douglas Trumbull and Mark, continued a series of articles on The Future of Cinema, by Mark Trompeteler, that were featured in a number issues of Cinema Technology magazine. In this two part interview they discuss issues surrounding the pursuit of “The Holy Grail” of large format cinema technology – cinematic virtual reality.
FLYING CLIPPER will hit the market as 4K UHD, Blu-Ray and DVD July 28, 2017
Abgetastet in 4K von der original 70mm Kino-Kopie und digital hochwertig restauriert, entfaltet "FLYING CLIPPER" nun im Heimkino die gleiche Brillanz wie seinerzeit auf der Kinoleinwand. Neben dem klassischen Originalton wurde ein komplett neues Sound-Design in Dolby Atmos erstellt, mit dem sich unter anderem die donnernde Renn-Atmosphäre von Monaco mitten im Raum erleben lässt.
Music Box Theatre 70mm Festival
The Music Box Theatre is proud to bring you a two week festival of films presented in glorious 70mm on the big screen. To honour our commitment to film projection, the Music Box is very pleased to have commissioned a brand new 70mm DTS print of "2OO1: A Space Odyssey" from Warner Brothers, produced at Fotokem, the last full service 65/70mm lab in the United States.
Cinema Retro's Issue 38 now Shipping
By Thomas Hauerslev
Issue 38 just arrived in Copenhagen with a wealth of information about films from the '60s and '70s. Cover story this time is 17 page special about "The Dirty Dozen" from 1967 written by Brian Hannan. The classic WW2 film was blown up to 70mm, and presented as a road show feature - the tag line was: "Presented in Spectacular GIANT SCOPE of 7OMM"

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• Go to Gallery:
Technicolor Festival @ the Schauburg
We Would “Proudly” Wait Three Days in Line
By Omid Kayvan
We would “proudly” wait three days in line to see the March 1971 Columbia Pictures re-release of "Lawrence of Arabia" in 70MM, which was only shown in one Cinema (same venue as 1963 presentation), the Central Cinema. Our family took turns standing in line during those three days! There must have been over Thousand people at any given time, either trying to push or shove others out of line, or sneak into the line as Black Marketers

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Mike Todd's "Around the World in 80 Days"
Presentation and cast/credit of Michael Todd's "Around the World in 80 Days"
Edited by Thomas Hauerslev
"Around the World in 80 Days" was filmed simultaneously in two different film speeds: Todd-AO standard of 30 frames pr. second, and Todd-AO sub-standard 24 frames pr. second, for the 35mm reduction prints. Both negatives are 65mm wide.

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"Around the World in 80 Days" Advertising"
Showcase Presentations in Chicago
By Michael Coate, Tim O’Neill and Tamir Sharif
The duration of the engagements, measured in weeks, has been included for each entry in parenthesis following the cinema name. Note that some of the presentations included in this listing may have been presented in 35mm during the latter weeks of engagement due to print damage and the distributor’s unwillingness to supply a 70mm replacement print or because the booking was moved to a smaller, 35mm-only auditorium within a multiplex.

Showcase Presentations in Cincinnati
Showcase Presentations in Louisville
DP70s back at work at the Paramount Theatre in Peekskill, NY
By Helge Bernhardt
I've been working over the last months with the current operators of the Paramount Theatre in Peekskill (NY, US), on getting the projection booth up and running again! The theater hasn't run film in over 15 years and are ready to give it another try. 
Keith Swadkins Passed Away
By Bill Lawrence
It is with sadness that we received the news that Keith Swadkins had passed away. Keith had long been a great champion of Cinerama, passionate fan of the format and films, and a friend to fellow enthusiasts around the world. Many will have met and developed a friendship with him at the Widescreen Weekend in Bradford each year, as Keith and his wife Brenda turned up to renew old acquaintances and impress newcomers with his knowledge.
Cinérama Itinérant (Itinerama) Cinerama's Mobile Tent Theatres
By Gerhard Witte
A top priority of Nicolas Reisini, CEO of Cinerama, Inc. from '60 to '63, was to bring 3-strip projection to the widest possible audience, above all to the population in the countryside. Consequently, he created in a showmanly way a portable Cinerama, the so-called "Itinerama" which premiered in France in Mantes-la-Jolie on Monday, 4 September 1961 – "Why go to Paris or London to experience Cinerama, when Cinerama can come to you?!"
Remastered: Mission Report from Widescreen Weekend 1996
By Thomas Hauerslev
Seeing old prints, faded clips, looking for join lines, the smell of magnetic sound, hearing tape hiss, seeing "Intermission" signs, is all part of the show in Bradford. The week-end in Pictureville came to an end. I owe much thanks to the staff there, especially Mr Bill Lawrence, Mr Tony Cutts, Mr Duncan McGregor and Mr. Dick Vaughan for making it unforgettable, highly interesting and for making me feel so welcome.

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Remastered: Widescreen Weekend 1996
By Thomas Hauerslev
Bill Lawrence introduced the show and told the story of how the staff had worked hard to make this work. There was a big applaud for Tony and Duncan from the audience, and Bill Lawrence continued: "Without the International Cinerama Rumour Factory this show would never had taken place". The Widescreen Weekend is a celebration of all that is extraordinary in large format film and the audiences clearly prefer the curve to the flat screen.

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Pictureville Cinema, Wide Screen Weekend 1996
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5 YEARS AGO - 2012
Some Notes on Shooting "Lawrence of Arabia"
Dolby Stereo Surround On 70mm
Windsor “Todd-AO theater in São Paulo, Brazil

10 YEARS AGO - 2007

Grant's Blow-up Blog
Remembering Miklos Rozsa
The true history of Circlorama 1962-65

15 YEARS AGO - 2002
Filming of "Lewis and Clarke" in IMAX
How The West Was Won - in Cinerama
26 Things Movies Taught You

20 YEARS AGO - 1997
The Basics of The Rolling Loop IMAX Projector
Dimension 150 Driving Simulator
Movies Are Never What They Seem

The 7OMM Engagements
By Mike Coate
The following are lists of the 70mm first-run engagements of a hand full of film titles in North America:

“Lawrence of Arabia"
“Custer of the West”
Showcase Presentations in Honolulu

“Divine Madness”
“Let’s Spend the Night Together”
“E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial”
“The Dark Crystal”
“The Bear”
“The Bear” (also known as “L’Ours”)
“The Big Blue”
“One from the Heart”
“Can’t Stop the Music”

“Superman II”
“Superman III”
“Yes, Georgio”
“The Entity”
“The Great Race”
“The Dirty Dozen”
“The Manitou”
“Zoot Suit”
“Where Eagles Dare”
“The River”
“The Muppet Movie”
“The Black Hole”
“Hanover Street”
“Grease” and “Grease 2”
“The Cowboys”
“Big Trouble in Little China”
“Absolute Beginners”

Showcase Presentations in St. Louis
Showcase Presentations in Cincinnati
Showcase Presentations in Louisville
Showcase Presentations in Chicago
Showcase Presentations in the Silicon Valley
Showcase Presentations in Philadelphia
Showcase Presentations in Nashville

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Stereo-70 Three-Dimensional Cinematography in Russia
By Alexander Melkumov
Our company as scientific & creative program "STEREOKINO" was created by a group of people for the purpose of improving and developing the 3D movie in Russia. One of the founders of our company is the director of stereokino labоrаtоry in NIKFI (Russian Scientific Research Cinema and Photo Institute) - Sergey Rozhkov.

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Notes from the 12th 7OMM Seminar in Krnov, Czech Republic
By Thomas Hauerslev
I like the fact it is actually real film - scratches, dust and all - shown on film projectors by people for people. I appreciate that someone is doing the work upstairs that requires skills, expertise, and an understanding of showmanship. An experience with Reel People projecting a film for you. It's the real thing! It does not get more authentic than this.

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12th 7OMM Seminar Gallery

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"Dunkirk" in the splendour of 7OMM
Where to see the film in 5/70 & 15/70 (IMAX)
Want to see "Dunkirk" on real film, in the splendour of 7OMM? This is a Worldwide in-progress 7OMM Presentation Premiere list which has been has been edited based on internet foras, reports by in70mm.com's readers and theater web sites. Please note, this list is based on facts, and readers calling their local cinemas, asking for the authentic 7OMM Experience, as the director want you to see his film.
Cinema Digital Sound - System Overview
Ronald E. Uhlig & Howard J. Flemming
I hope this introduction to Cinema Digital Sound has helped you understand some of the excitement we have regarding the future of motion picture sound. Analog sound tracks for motion pictures have been around for about 50 years now. We fully expect that 1991 will mark the turning point and that Cinema Digital Sound will become the standard sound system for the next 50 years. The reaction of those who have heard it, from industry experts to the average theater goer, certainly points in that direction.
VistaVision Strikes Back
By David Harvilla & Jack Winemiller
The Negative, is about a large format still photographer and his journey in the wilderness of the American West. The film is a love letter to the John Ford western The Searchers, which was filmed in Monument Valley, a red-sand desert region on the Arizona-Utah border, which the production team of The Negative also chose as their shooting location. The scale of the landscape and theme of The Negative called for an epic shooting format. After exploring different options and formats, the filmmakers decided to originate the film on VistaVision.
"2OO1" in 7OMM sells out at the ARCADIA
By Francesco Gualeni
The 630 patrons have experienced "2OO1" in a total silence, no mobile screen was turned on, aware that they were seeing not only a masterpiece on the huge ENERGY screen, but a way to shoot & project the movie that is now vanishing. It was good to see a lot of young people, seeing the movie for the very first time.
70mm Film Weekend in Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
By Zdenek Stepanek
On behalf of 70 mm Cinema Panorama in Varnsdorf, Czech Republic, on the border with Germany, we would like to invite you to a 70mm Weekend which will be held from 11th until 14th May, 2017 within the 14th Film Festival Nisa. Viewers will have a unique experience to watch large format films projected onto a panoramic screen about the size of 120 m2. We've got a long weekend full of special movies that are rarely shown at similar events or not at all, but also the very best of world cinema.
12th Oslo 70mm Festival 2017
By Jan E Olsen
The Norwegian film institute proudly presents the 12th Oslo 70mm festival 25. August - 3. September 2017. The program is a mix of vintage original prints, blow-ups and restored classics. This festival, dedicated to a movie format that was introduced more than 50 years ago, is a dream for many movie fans around the world.
Z historie 70mm kina Eden v Plzni
By Ludek Brejcha
A tak v roce 1967 proběhla premiéra 70mm filmu Old Shatterhand ve zcela zrekonstruovaném kinu, jehož celý název zněl „Panoramatické kino Eden”. Kino si získalo velkou popularitu díky skvělému obrazu a zvuku. Návětěvníci se sjižděli z celého kraje /byly pořádány zájezdy/. Na mnoha místech v Plzni byly instalovány plechové tabule - směrníky, udávající směr ke kinu Eden.
70mm Cinema Eden, Pilsen, Czech Republic
By Ludek Brejcha
I'm former professional projectionist from Pilsen, Czech Republic and now I'm a fan of all aspects of film and projection techniques. In Pilsen, there was a cinema called EDEN for 70 and 35mm projection, and "my" cinema, the HVEZDA (The Star). Both cinemas EDEN and HVEZDA are closed. Projectors ended up God knows where.
Which films were probably never shown in Super Technirama 70?
By Thomas Hauerslev
Far from all Technirama films were given the 70mm treatment, and simply released in 4-perf Technirama. For many years in the 70mm enthusiast community, some Technirama titles have given rise to speculation. "Were 70mm versions released, or not?". in70mm.com lists 9 films, which may have been shown in 70mm somewhere in major markets. Comments and information about "Which films were probably never shown in Super Technirama 70?" is most welcome, and will be included in the page.
Visiting the Prince Charles Cinema in London's West End
By Thomas Hauerslev
The Prince Charles Cinema have many posters on display on their facade, many of which are of their own design. The tag "Presented in 7OMM 6 Track Dolby Stereo" is prominently placed with BIG letters on the posters. It is very nice to see this kind of showmanship still being used to promote 70mm in London. Take a look at their web site too - search for "70mm", and you can see the same logos and advertising. If you are in London, do check out their web site and go back to memory lane for some 70mm magic.

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Ken Draper interviewed
Mikael Barnard
I started work at the Casino on 19 September 1954, eleven days before opening night on 30 September. We had to pick it up quickly but we did many rehearsals and were well prepared. I started with the début screening of This is Cinerama, and then in 1956 we ran Cinerama Holiday. I left in 1957 for a job at MGM British Studios at Borehamwood where I worked in the preview theatre
No esplendor do 7OMM
By Paulo Roberto P. Elias

Quando Oliver! foi exibido no Vitória, o cinema ficou abarrotado. A expectativa em torno do filme e da estória atraiu o grande público. Tivesse Carol Reed se proposto a mais uma versão em filme do romance clássico “Oliver Twist”, escrito por Charles Dickens, o impacto talvez não tivesse sido o mesmo. Mas, se tratava de uma megaprodução, com sets em larga escala no estúdio, poucas cenas rodadas em locação, controle total de uma produção baseada em uma versão musical da estória.
Abandoned Prevost 70/35 projectors at Ariston Cinema in Meran
By Dietmar Zingl
Not much is know about the abandoned  Prevost 70/35 projectors at the Ariston cinema in Meran, Italy / South Tirol. As far as we know, the Prevost-projectors have been removed and saved and stored in a kind of technical museum in Bozen/Bolzano. Did the Ariston ever show films in 70mm? Maybe some in70mm.com readers can share some stories about it?
Why 70mm Matters
By Brian Walters
The 70mm format has experienced a phoenix like re - birth due to the efforts of film makers like Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, who have against the odds, released films using the large negative 70mm release print format, after being instrumental in brokering a deal with the six major Hollywood studios to guarantee the availability of Eastman Kodak film negative for a further five years.
Cinema like never before in Munich, Germany
By Anders M. Olsson
I heard that the Film Museum in Munich was going to show a couple of the digitally restored Cinerama titles, as well as David Strohmaier’s documentary “Cinerama Adventure”. David Strohmaier couldn’t be there to introduce the films and he suggested me as his replacement. Much to my surprise, the museum agreed to cover the cost of my flight and hotel room, so off I went to Munich on January 6 2017.
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Welcome to “This is Cinerama”
KRRR! 12th 70mm Film Fest Krnov 2017
The next 70mm Film Fest regularly taking place in Krnov is knocking on the door again. After a year the majestic cinema Mir 70 will become a place where true film fans of celluloid from many European counties - especially enthusiasts loving widescreen format - will meet. Three days of a rare occasion to see great 70mm movies screened on a 105 square meters of slightly curved screen and good opportunity to remember history of “old school” cinema technology in today's sterile digital era.
The Restoration of DP70 #1820
By Emiel de Jong
DP70 no. 1820 is back almost where it was born: it's now on permanent display in the lobby of "Centrum Hofdael", arthouse cinema / general art-centre in Geldrop, close to Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
The Making of ‘Ellston Bay’
By Nicholas Eriksson
Principal photography on the ambitious large-format short film ‘Ellston Bay’ concluded recently, marking the first time in a very long period that the 35mm VistaVision format has been utilised exclusively for a dramatic production. Below, Director and Cinematographer of the project Nicholas Eriksson talks further about the challenges of originating on VistaVision, and the benefits of using such a large negative area.

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"Comanche Stallion" filmed in Superama 65mm by Fatali Eye Productions
By Fatali
I am so thrilled to be chosen by Clyde Lucas to become a partner filming Comanche Stallion. This script was the legendary John Ford’s pet film project, which never reached the screen. Comanche Stallion, based on the novel by Tom Milstead, it’s the story of the Comanche’s search for a mystical horse, while suffering the wrath of General Lathrop. Ford wanted Burl Ives for the role of the general, but Ives’ health was not up to the task, and Ford’s own health also failed.
The Thrill of a Lifetime
A Diary from the set of "Cinerama Holiday"
By Betty York
Even on the 12th of January, Christmas is still hanging on with trees and tinsel seen occasionally in restaurants and stores. We finally met the great man himself - De Rochemont. We were both so scared we felt like dolts and could hardly speak. After all, what can one say to a person so great as he must be to produce the fine movies which we have seen.
Visiting John Harvey
By Tom March
I just got back from visiting John Harvey in Dayton Ohio where he has been living at the Pinnacle Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre since 1998. Never ceasing to amaze, John had a big new curved screen TV set up in his room and, when I arrived, it was all cued up to run the Rockaway Playland roller coaster.
Počátky Todd-AO
By Thomas Hauerslev
Co si máme představit pod pojmem systém Todd-AO? Todd-AO je sedmdesátimilimetrový film s obrovským rozlišením a ostrostí, který se promítá na obří plátno rychlostí posuvu 30 políček za vteřinu. Svou nedostižnou kvalitou obrazu je sedmdesátimilimetrový film nesmírně působivý právě díky velikosti obrazového pole a vysoké snímkové frekvenci. Negativ je 4 x větší než klasický 35mm širokoúhlý film. Systém Todd-AO se stal vzorem pro 65mm a 70mm film a inspiroval filmový průmysl po celých šedesát let od svého vzniku. Sedmdesátimilimetrový filmový formát si dnes často spojujeme zejména s historickými velkofilmy a muzikály 60. let.
"Oklahoma!" screening & Report of visit to the studios in Los Angeles
Fred C. Matthews and Frank Riffle, August 1955
Projection equipment was a Phillips 70mm projector containing both 6 track magnetic pickup equipment and a single track optical pickup built in the projector itself. Picture and sound quality was excellent. The light source utilized was a Peerless Hicandescent arc lamp operating at 180 amperes with National Carbon Company Hitex 13.6mm positive carbon.

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Showcase Presentations in Philadelphia
By Mike Coate
The “roadshows” have been listed with an asterisk following the applicable titles. These were reserved-seat engagements with advanced pricing and limited, scheduled showtimes (typically ten-per-week or two-a-day). Souvenir programs were usually sold and often the presentations included an overture, intermission, entr’acte, and exit music.

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