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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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The Passing of Peter O'Toole
By Mark Lyndon
The passing of Peter O'Toole marks the definitive ending of an epic era of film making. From the legendary title role of Lawrence of Arabia to the highly rated portrayal of RJ Johnston, the tutor of Pu Yi - The Last Emperor, his 70mm career spanned twenty five glorious years within a much longer range of half a century plus.
Cinema 180 in Denmark
By Thomas Hauerslev
There were at least four Cinema 180 70mm installations in Denmark between late 1970s and mid 1990s. In this page you can see images from three of them. The only installation I remember was in Aalborg, where I took some notes when I visited in 1991.
Cinerama unterm Sternenhimmel
Von Cameron  Glendinning

Es begann, als mir zu Ohren kam, dass ein gewisses Lager geräumt werden sollte, in dem sich viele Cinerama-Filme befanden. Ein paar bestimmte Jungs hatten die Leute dort belogen und ihnen vorgegaukelt, sie wollten das Magnetfilm-Material wiederverwenden, während sie in Wahrheit nur die Soundtracks anhören wollten.
Seeing "War and Peace" in 70mm is so rare. It is like a very fine wine. You HAVE to appreciate it
By Bal, Pol, Lyndon, Wolthuis and Hauerslev
Show it in 70mm and they will come. The EYE museum respectfully showed the film in 70mm, and the audience did come, and in greater numbers than expected.
The presentation was a marvel to behold. The three projectionists did a fantastic job keeping the film in focus and steady throughout the performance.
A refrigerator and a DP70, please
By Gerhard Witte
The Saturn electronics store on Tauentzienstraße 9 in Berlin's Europa Center has exhibited an authentic Todd-AO DP70 70mm projector in their department of Hi-Fi and electronics. The machine can be seen on the third floor in the Megastore's HiFi department.
My Cinerama Memories from Detroit
By Robert Jameson
I had first gone to see "This is Cinerama" with my parents in 1953 but was too young to appreciate or remember the experience. Later, When I was older my family took me to see "South Seas Adventure" and it made a permanent impact. The Music Hall then showed "Windjammer", repeated "Seven Wonders" and all the rest, however, I had never seen Search for Paradise until the performance at the Dome last year.
A 50th Anniversary with some disappointments but lots of laughter and happiness
By Sebastian Rosacker
It was a digital 4K screening. The film was beautifully restored with sparkling and sharp colors, projection and sound. If the atmosphere was high before the film, it was if possible even higher now. Lots of laughter was heard through the auditorium and for every new celebrity that entered the screen there was a warm applause. And the question is if there really exists another film with so many celebrities than "IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD".
Ett 50-årsjubileum med några besvikelser men massor av skratt och glädje
Av Sebastian Rosacker
Det var en digital 4K visning. Filmen var fantastiskt restaurerad med sprudlande, klara och skarpa färger, bild och ljud. Om atmosfären var hög innan var det om möjligt ännu högre nu. Massor av skratt fyllde salongen och varje gång någon ny celebritet dök upp på duken bemöttes vederbörande med en varm applåd. Och frågan är om det verkligen existerar någon annan film med så många celebriteter som "EN DING, DING, DING, DING VÄRLD".
Flicker Alley and Cinerama Inc. are pleased to announce the home video digital premieres of "Cinerama Holiday" (1955) and "South Seas Adventure" (1958). Both films will be released in Deluxe Combo Blu-ray/DVD editions in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Pacific Theatres' historic Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, California. These two widescreen treasures will be presented in the "Smilebox" curved screen simulation
Looking for Grauman Chinese's DP70s
By Kurt Wahler

Researcher Kurt Wahlner is looking for information on the installation dates for the 3 Norelco DP70s the theatre had for many years. He is researching a page on projectors and sound systems for his Grauman's Chinese fan site. He is trying to piece together the history of all the projection and sound systems for the Chinese over the years, and there have been a good number.
"Fortress of Peace" 70MM Remastering In 2K Digital
By Dave Strohmaier
I took both existing 70mm prints from the vaults down to Todd-AO in Hollywood for a digital transfer from the original 6 channel magnetic striped print. We brought both 70mm prints to make sure to check that at least one of them would have a usable track. A few days later I got a call from the guys at Todd AO transfer room and they said the sound on the prints was fine and the new digital track was ready for pick up.
In The Picture - Tom Down Under
By David Coles
Tom March spent a week in Sydney and had been looking forward meeting in person John H. Mitchell - the man who has been keeping the 3-strip flame alive Down Under for over 35 years. A two night 'Cinerama Festival' was held, with "In The Picture" and a variety of 3-strip items shown on Friday evening, and a feature "The Best of Cinerama" being screened on the Saturday.
"War and Peace" in Amsterdam 9. November 2013
Sergei Bondarchuk's epic film will be shown in Amsterdam at the EYE film museum on 9. November 2013. The presentation will be in original Sovscope 70. First half is very faded Eastman color, but the second half is reported to be in "glorious" Orwo color. This print runs 5 hours and 37 minutes. The sound is of course 6-track magnetic, however, some wear and tear is to be expected from this rare print. The print is in Russian with Dutch and French subtitles. This screening is introduced by Gerwin van der Pol
Från Sverige till Seattle
Av Anders M Olsson
Det finns bara tre platser i världen där man kan se riktig tre-projektors Cinerama, och Seattle har potential att bli den allra bästa av dem. Precis som sina "syskon" i Bradford och Los Angeles, borde bion kunna locka fans från hela världen.

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From Sweden to Seattle Gallery
From Sweden to Seattle
By Anders M Olsson
There are only three places in the world where you can see real three-projector Cinerama, and Seattle has the potential to become the very best of them. Like its "siblings" in Bradford and Los Angeles, the cinema should be able to attract fans from all over the world.

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From Sweden to Seattle Gallery
KRRR! 9th 70mm Film Fest Krnov 2014
By Klima & Tomesek
One of the main task of the 70mm festival is to recall now unused film format which dazzled visitors in its time by brilliant display of details in picture and and insurmountable sound to nowadays public - DESPITE ALL THE DRAWBACKS THAT OLD AND WORN-OUT COPIES OF 70mm FILMS BRING.
Seattle Cinerama 70mm Film Festival 2013
Howard B. Haas
The marquee listed 8 epic 70mm films, for the three week 70mm Film Festival of September 2013. I had traveled from Philadelphia for my first visit to Seattle, for the 2nd week of the festival, for what was to be an exhilarating experience of enjoying some of the most famous ever 70mm movies on a 90 feet wide screen.
Cinema Retro Announce 2014 Season
By Dave Worral and Lee Pheiffer
The 60's and 70's were probably the greatest period ever for the film industry - an era that brought the cinemagoer a choice of several classic movies released every week, film posters that were works of art, and ice cream usherettes that brought your ice pop to your seat - and wore stockings too! CINEMA RETRO is devoted to those great films of the 60's and 70's.
By Simone Odino
Rising from the ashes of my former web site, a naïve attempt made in the late '90s, my blog focuses on curios perspectives about the movie, with the intention to celebrate the craft of the talented people whose contribution to the movie is neglected, forgotten or otherwise limited in general recognition.
By Simone Odino
Dalle ceneri di un mio vecchio sito, un tentativo un pò naif a cavallo tra gli anni '90 e 2000, questo blog si concentra sugli aspetti più curiosi e meno conosciuti del film, con l'intenzione generale di celebrare il talento di coloro il cui contributo è ignorato o poco conosciuto.
Brian O'Brien, Jr. Passed Away
Brian O'Brien, Jr., 90, born March 13, 1923, passed away at Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care on September 11, 2013, after a period of declining health. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the only child of Brian and Ethel (Dickerman) O’Brien. Brian was predeceased by his beloved wife, Kathryn "Towie" (Jensen) O’Brien.
Todd-AO Festival 2013 introductions
By Wolfram Hannemann
Good morning, Widescreeners! According to our mission statement that „we will show and watch everything, provided that it is 70mm wide“, we have prepared another fine selection of rarities and oddities that will make your hearts jump. And to be honest: who cares about color, anyway? The wider the image, the better it compensates for faded colors, doesn’t it?

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Pictures from 9th Todd-AO Festival
Todd-AO Festival - 70mm Foreword for 2013
Von Born & Hauerslev
Herzlich willkommen beim 9. Todd-AO Festival in der Schauburg in Karlsruhe! Das internationale 70mm-Filmfestival, wo Filme im GROSSFORMAT so vorgeführt werden, wie es ursprünglich gedacht war: IN 70MM auf der GEKRÜMMTEN Leinwand. ...Und jetzt: „Gong“, Projektor starten, Vorhang auf, Beleuchtung dimmen, Blende auf, Scharfstellen, Soundcheck.....Film ab.........Auf ein weiteres unvergessliches Wochenende in der Schauburg!
Todd-AO Festival - 70mm Foreword for 2013
By Born & Hauerslev
Welcome to the 9th Todd-AO festival at the Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe. The international 70mm Film Festival, which celebrates LARGE format films as they were meant to be seen: IN 70MM on the CURVED screen. …and now, "Gong", start projector, cue curtain, dim the lights, open dowser, focus, check sound.....the show is running.........another unforgettable weekend at the Schauburg!
Interview mit Kameramann Peter Rohe
Von Gerhard Fromm
Von der technischen Seite her hatte man sich von Anfang an für das 70-mm-Format entschieden, da der Film auf einer extrem großen Leinwand gezeigt werden sollte. Mit 6 mal 18 Metern hat die Leinwand zwar etwa die Größe eines Drive-In-Kinos, der Zuschauerraum im BMW-Museum ist dagegen unverhältnismäßig klein. Bei etwa 120 Besuchern sitzt man praktisch direkt vor Korn und Auflösung.
Interview with Director of Photography Peter Rohe
By Gerhard Fromm
With regards to technology it was decided from the beginning to use the 70mm format because the film would be shown on an extremely large screen. With 6 by 18 meters the screen is almost the size of that in a drive-in, but in comparison the auditorium inside the BMW museum is relatively small. With a capacity of 120 visitors you are directly sitting in front of grain and resolution.
DP70: Die Geschichte des Todd-AO Projektors
Von Thomas Hauerslev
Heute haben die meisten Kinos auf digitale Vorführverfahren umgestellt und der DP70 wird - wie auch alle anderen Filmprojektoren - nur noch selten benötigt. In den meisten Kinos haben sie nun ausgedient, es gibt jedoch ein paar rühmliche Ausnahmen wie etwa die Schauburg oder andere 70mm-Kinos.
DP70: A Story of the Todd-AO Projector
By Thomas Hauerslev
Today, when most cinemas have converted to digital presentations, there is less need for the DP70 – or any other film projector – and most of the machines are now redundant, with notable exceptions such as the Schauburg, and other 70mm venues.
'In the Picture': The Return of Cinerama
By Johan Wolthuis
'In the Picture' had its European premiere on April 27, 2013, half a year after the Hollywood premiere, during the Widescreen Festival Weekend in Bradford , UK in the beautiful Pictureville Cinema, which is part of the National Media Museum and the only theatre in Europe with facilities to screen original Cinerama films.
Widescreen Weekend, Bradford, 2014
By Jennifer Hall
The dates for the next Widescreen Weekend are 10 – 13 April 2014. The one change to note here is that Widescreen Weekend commences on Thursday evening with a double bill and concludes after the last show on Sunday evening. We will be announcing programme information in January 2014 and will be in touch in December to update you and let you know when passes will be on sale.
A Conversation with Sir Sydney Samuelson
By Thomas Hauerslev
Sydney Samuelson gives a fascinating insight about his work with the international and British film industry in the 1960s and 70s. Sir Sydney and his three brothers managed Samuelson Film Service in London, a company which supplied all the technical equipment for film productions all over the world. Their costumers included David Lean, Stanley Kubrick, and Ken Annakin. In this conversation Sydney reveals a little bit about what went on in the movie business, during the time of "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Ryan's Daughter" and may others.
Dolby CP100 Cinema Processor
By Robin Dakin
I used to own the very first CP100 used for "Tommy" at the Odeon West End, although not the Quintaphonic decoder. It was only used for "Tommy" then removed. After that, its history seems unclear. I spoke to many people about it and got nowhere. I got it from a dealer of equipment for spares in 1995 and swapped it for a television picture tube
Hamburg’s Cinema Jewel, the Savoy, Has Reopened
By Gerhard Witte
The very first purpose built German cinema for Todd-AO was the Savoy-Filmtheater in Hamburg. March 14, 1957 marked the opening date of this grand cinema. Nearly 60 years later and despite several closures, and near-threats of demolition, this cinema, still exists. And now more beautiful than ever. Thanks to German cinema entrepreneur Hans-Joachim Flebbe, the Savoy reopened on June 19, 2013, as a Premium Movie Theater.
Hamburgs Kinojuwel, das Savoy, ist wiedereröffnet worden
Von Gerhard Witte
Das erste extra für Todd-AO erbaute Kino war das Hamburger Savoy-Filmtheater, das am 14. März 1957 festlich eingeweiht wurde. Fast 60 Jahre später existiert das Kino immer noch, trotz mehrerer Schließungen und der Gefahr des Abrisses - und heute schöner als je zuvor. Dank des Kinounternehmers Hans-Joachim Flebbe wurde das Savoy-Filmtheater als Premium-Filmtheater am 19. Juni 2013 wiedereröffnet.
Rolf Konow, Danish Stills Photographer on "Hamlet"
By Thomas Hauerslev
My job is to make people go and see the film: I shoot still photos that are supposed to show the sense of a scene. In the old days there were photos outside the cinema – around maybe 35 photos, that people looked at before they went in to see a film. My role is to take those photos, and also photos for publicity, for magazines; and later on, books that have to do with certain directors. So that’s what it’s all about. A good still image is something that captures the scene, in a way that will encourage people to see the film.
Warum sollte man 700 km fahren um Hamlet in 70mm zu sehen?
Von Ulrich Rostek
Ich las es auf “in70mm.com” – wo auch sonst? Kenneth Branaghs „Hamlet“ sollte in Schloss Kronborg aufgeführt werden, dem Ort, an dem Shakespeares Drama ursprünglich spielt. Das ganze sollte in 70 mm und 6-Kanal-Magnetton gezeigt werden, also perfekt geeignet, um ein wortgewaltiges Shakespeare-Drama wiederzugeben. So ein Ereignis würde es so schnell nicht wieder geben. Aber für mich als ein Kind des Ruhrgebiets liegt Helsingör nicht gerade um die Ecke. Würde sich eine Fahrt von über 700 km lohnen nur für einen Film?
Why drive 400 miles to see Hamlet in 70mm?
By Ulrich Rostek
I read it on „in70mm.com“ – where else? Kenneth Branagh’s “Hamlet” was to be performed open air at Kronborg Castle, the site Shakespeare’s drama was originally set. And it would be performed in 70mm and 6-track-magnetic-sound – the perfect mean to reproduce Shakespeare’s lines. Such an event would not happen again in the near future. But for me - living in the Ruhr region in West Germany – Helsingør is not just next door. It would be more than 400 miles to drive. Would it really be worth it for one single movie?
Seattle Cinerama Big Screen 70MM Festival
Film buffs will be treated to classic widescreen movies during the "Big Screen 70MM Festival", including extremely rare 70mm prints from studio vaults and archives. The festival opens Sept. 13 and runs through September 29. The festival will feature two of only seven movies ever produced for Cinerama's three-projector technology, "This is Cinerama" and "How The West Was Won".
”Hamlet” in 70mm at Kronborg Castle
By Thomas Hauerslev
A magical evening unfolded in the courtyard of Denmark' s Kronborg Castle in Elsinore on the evening of Saturday 10 August 2013. This was truly a totally unique experience watching this film behind the thick walls of Kronborg Castle. It can hardly become more authentic than this - and all in 70mm with 6-track Dolby Stereo SR - WOW!

• Go to Images from ”Hamlet” in 70mm at Kronborg
Kenneth Branagh's "HAMLET" on 65mm
By Eastman Kodak
"We shot on 65mm film because we see our "Hamlet", the complete Hamlet, as an epic film. An epic film demands an epic format. One which gives us absolute quality. One that gives nearly four times the picture information in each frame, relative to 35mm.
David Lean’s Film of “Ryan’s Daughter”
By Brian Guckian
Cinemagoers were treated to a rare 70mm screening of David Lean’s “Ryan’s Daughter” at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin. The print was in excellent condition, with little or no colour fading, and provided an ideal opportunity to encounter anew Freddie Young, BSC’s outstanding cinematography on what was to be Lean’s penultimate work.
9th Todd-AO 70mm Festival
By Born & Hauerslev
The 9th “Todd-AO 70mm Festival“ to be held from 20 - 22 September 2013 at the Schauburg in Karlsruhe, Germany. The festival celebrates the world of LARGE FORMAT film, by offering a series of epic films projected on a curved screen in 70mm on vintage and historically correct Philips DP70 and DP75 projectors. Some films are in their original versions and some "70mm Vintage Classics", are dubbed into German.
"The Master" in 70mm at the Grand Lake, Oakland
By Orla Nielsen
70mm film photo documentation from our USA vacation in the fall of 2012. During several weeks we travelled from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and saw "The Master" in 70mm, the iWERKS Special Venue 70mm show at Hearst Castle and finally we joined the Cinerama 60th Festival in Los Angeles for a few days. It was a memorable trip.

• Go to 70mm iWERKS Special Venue at Hearst Castle
• Go to Cinerama 60 at the Cinerama Dome, Los Angeles
DP70s of the Empire
By Robin Dakin
We arrived at Leicester Square early on a Saturday morning to join a Cinema Theatre Association visit to the Odeons and Empire. The Empire was the third visit, its vast auditorium was amazing with the constant colour changing lighting scheme.
"Windjammer" Remastered Soundtrack
Sepia records has remastered the soundtrack from the original tapes in stereo and together with the studio LP are releasing the complete "Windjammer" music on 2CDs. It took a lot of hard work by Audio Mechanics in LA to get the somewhat warped 1/4" tapes to properly play back but they did it! The tapes were originally recorded for a sound track album but then when Columbia Records committed to a LP version that was it.
Delrama Anamorphic Attachments
By Martin Hart
I was wandering through my hard drives and came across these images that I've had for ages. The Delrama anamorphic attachment were made by De Oude Delft in Delft, Holland. It's the same company that built the big Delrama anamorphic attachments for Technicolor's Technirama process.
A Danish Summer of 70mm
By Thomas Hauerslev
Three large format films will be presented this summer. "Samsara" on 28 August 2013. Kenneth Branagh's  "Hamlet" on 10th August on Kronborg Castle, where the play "Hamlet" is set. "Baraka" will return in 70mm at "Biffen". A unique opportunity to see the difference between the digital standard of 4K and the power and glory of full double-width 70mm film!
The Rivoli Murals
By John Vassos
In designing and executing the murals of the Rivoli theatre, I attempted to tell the story of TODD-AO through design, color, pattern and composition. The color scheme employs sixteen shades of hues, luminous and clear, derived from the three primary colors.
Todd-AO, ein neues Filmverfahren
By Philips Press, 1956
Den Besuchern der Photokina Köln 1956 wird zum ersten Mal auf europäischen Boden ein neues, sehr eindrucksvolles Filmverfahren vorgeführt, bei dem die Zuschauer nicht mehr passive Betrachter bleiben, sondern gewissermaßen in das Spiel auf der Leinwand einbezogen werden.
Fries and iWERKS 8/70 Cameras Filming "Lost Kingdom"
By Grant Wakefield
I ran the Fries 8/65 at 60 fps, and it was a hell of a thing. I was convinced that if the pull-down mechanism went wrong, the whole thing would explode out of the side of the camera and take my head off!
Todd-AO - A new film process
By Philips Press, 1956
A new and very impressive film process is shown in Europe for the first time to visitors of the Photokina exhibition in Cologne in 1956. It takes the audience away from its role as passive onlookers, giving it a real sense of participating in the action on the screen.
The Origins of Cinerama
Mark Trompeteler
Since Cinerama, Cinemascope, Todd-AO, 70 mm, Imax and other large format and widescreen cinema exhibition formats, screens that almost fill the front wall of a cinema auditorium have become almost a norm in the modern cinema experience.
Bradford Celebrates Cinerama’s 60th. Anniversary
By Mark Trompeteler
Cinema professionals, writers, academics and fans travelled from all over the world to this year’s [2012] Widescreen Weekend, at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Mark Trompeteler reports on Cinerama’s very own UK based “Diamond Jubilee” celebrations.
My visit to the locations of Ryan’s Daughter
Elizabeth Raffo Setti
Ever since I saw "Ryan's Daughter" in a cinema, I have wanted to visit the sets in Ireland. The idea has since followed me, but it seemed at times to be an impossible task.
Minha visita às locações de “A filha de Ryan”
Por Elizabeth Raffo Setti
Minha visita às locações de “A Filha de Ryan”. Minha vontade de estar no cenário desse filme começou desde a primeira vez que vi o filme.
Randy Gitsch (USA)
By Bill Lawrence
Randy Gitsch is a key part of the revival of Cinerama and a regularly welcomed guest at the Widescreen Weekend. For this, and his continued work in film preservation and filmmaking, we are delighted to welcome Randy Gitsch to the Academy of the Widescreen Weekend.
8th Krrr! 70mm Film Festival Krnov
By Martin Leskovský
Under the patronage of the Municipal Information and Culture Centre Krnov and the Krnov’s major as well as with the support of the Nation Film Archive, the traditional 70mm Film Fest took place in a local Mir 70 cinema from 12 to 14 April.
DP70 at the Casino in London
By Peter Philips
The pictures are taken of the left hand DP70 projector and two show it laced up with one of the reels of "Zulu". I used to know the Chief Engineer for Cinerama at the time and I made several visits to the Casino and got shown around.
Pristine 3-strip 70MM Print of "Vigilant Switzerland" recently found in Archves of the Swiss Army
By Herbert Born
This is the only existing 3-panel-70mm print of this movie. A total of 5 prints were made for the LAUSANNE FAIR in 1964. Projected with 3 70mm projectors on a 450 square meters screen.
Widescreen Weekend "Audience on Stage"
By Thomas Hauerslev
The traditional "on-stage" picture - a unique Pictureville tradition since 1998. A very enthusiastic audience went on stage to have their picture taken. See the image and download for free
John Wayne Was Set To Play Lawrence Of Arabia
By Brian Hannan
A decade before David Lean’s Oscar-winning epic "Lawrence of Arabia", John Wayne was in line to play the hero, according to a new book, The Making Of Lawrence of Arabia, launched this weekend at the Widescreen Weekend by Scottish film historian Brian Hannan.
Anders Olsson is reporting from Bradford, see the pictures here:
WSW 2013 gallery Friday
WSW 2013 gallery Saturday
WSW 2013 gallery Sunday

As usual every film is introduced by experts, read introductions here:
2013 WSW Introductions
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A film on historic scaling of Nanga Parbat
70mm in the Slovak Republic
On Location in Paris with ARRI 765
70mm Film in India
Amsterdam 70mm Cinema History

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Working for Louis deRochemont
The Photography of "Patton" by George J. Mitchell
Cinerama and Todd-AO at the Syossett
"Meet The Chief", Jan Niebuhr

15 YEARS AGO - 1998
The Miracle of Todd-AO Final review May 1, 1956
Time Traveling to the New Neon
Jan Jacob Kotte
1998 Best 70mm Vote

Johan Wolthuis
By Bill Lawrence
Johan is still promoting 70mm and celebrating movies in 70mm and Cinerama and 60 years on from the birth of his great passion and in recognition of his tireless work we are delighted to welcome him to the Widescreen Academy.
Interview with Mr Hans-Kristian Bukholm
By Thomas Hauerslev
70mm really started with me when I was 14 years old and I saw David Lean’s masterpiece “Lawrence of Arabia” at a small cinema in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Being able to count the grains of sand in the desert, that was a major thing for me when I decided to become a cinematographer.
70mm Rundown in Rio Revised
By Paulo Roberto P. Elias
My last adventure, reporting the presence of 70mm in my hometown had little or non-existent documents to rely upon. I recently had access to film adverts from newspaper files available to the general public, so this is a new investigation on the subject on 70mm in Rio in Brazil
Ken Annakin 90th Birthday Salute 2004
One of the most esteemed and talented Directors in British Cinema history - Mr. Ken Annakin! He’s going to do a short introduction to his personal favourite: Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, in a beautifully restored 70mm print.
A Magnificent Todd-AO Day in Sweden
By Thomas Hauerslev
Retired opera singer and 70mm fan, Sebastian Rosacker, rented the Royal and invited all his friends to come and enjoy "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" in Todd-AO with him. The audience - more than 300 - gave him a well-deserved round of applause for his initiative.
Royal and the 70mm Film
By Thomas Hauerslev
The Royal is located on the pedestrian area of central Malmö in Sweden. It opened in 1961 with "Windjammer". In 2012 it was "face lifted" with new seats and restrooms. This gallery was made on Saturday 16. March 2013.
Cinerama Remaster Credits
By Randy Gitsch
The entire library of 3-strip Cinerama and Cinemiracle productions are being Remastered for theatrical showings. These credits are technically complete for the moment, however may be added to, in case of the last two travelogues (7WW & SFP), which are being worked on now.
Sebastian and the 70mm Film
By Thomas Hauerslev
"Live" update from Malmö, Sweden, where Sebastian and his friends are preparing Saturday's Todd-AO show of "Magnificent Men" in 70mm. See a few images from the projection room where the film is being inspected - personally - by Sebastian. Nothing is left to change when we are talking about 70mm
Widescreen Weekend 2013 will pay tribute with screenings devoted to the 60th anniversary of 20th Century Fox’s cinematographic process CinemaScope and showcase the heyday of the Hollywood musical with two glorious 70mm prints of "Hello, Dolly!", and "The Sound of Music" (1965), which will be screened from the Phillips DP70 projector. This is the Rolls Royce of 70mm film projectors and the only projector ever to have been awarded an Oscar for its design and engineering!
A pair of DP70s on their way to the scrap dealer in a back street, somewhere in Tunisia.

Photographer unknown. Picture taken February 2013

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Movie Roadshows
By Kim Holston
A new book identifies and examines reserved-seat feature films from "Dante's Inferno" to "Man of La Mancha". Roadshows were prestigious productions  - many in 70mm - requiring advance purchase of the "hard-ticket" for specific seats. As the intermission came to a close, Entr' acte music heralded the second half. Audiences left the theaters to Exit Music.
KRRR! 8th 70mm Film Fest Krnov
By Pavel Tomešek
The traditional 70mm weekend in Krnov is approaching again and MIR 70 cinema invites devotees of 70mm projection technology to attend a unique movie experience. Film titles for this year´s program have already been booked and MIR 70 cinema is preparing for an imposing event.
Cinerama Color recovery examples
By Dave Strohmaier
Where we had several areas of missing negatives in "Seven Wonders", "South Seas Adventure" as well as the next title "Search for Paradise" we were able to go to the Library of Congress original deposit Eastman color prints stored there since the mid 1950s and scan these areas off of the faded prints.
Cinerama Festival Diary 2012
By David Coles
A whole week of rarely seen Cinerama features, documentaries, breakdown films and a 3-panel film advertisement – all presented at the worlds most famous Cinerama venue – the Dome, near the corner of Sunset & Vine in beautiful downtown Hollywood, U.S.A.
"The Master" - Die Deutschland-Premiere in Panavision Super 70
Von Clemens Scherer
Für eine Präsentation im Rahmen ihres 8. TODD-AO Festivals erhielt sie kurzfristig und überraschend eine 70mm Kopie des neuen Films von Paul Thomas Anderson. Auf diese Deutschlandpremiere von "The Master" konnte man sehr gespannt sein.
"The Master" - Germany-Premiere in Panavision Super 70
By Clemens Scherer
For a presentation within the framework of the 8. TODD-AO Festivals (Oct. 5-7, 2012), the Schauburg had a surprise adjustment to the calendar, being granted the honor to show the new film from director Paul Thomas Anderson, "The Master" in a 70 mm print.
70mm Editing Equipment for Sale
By Steve Pepin
We have closed down our last 70mm screens and have some goodies in excellent condition that needs a new home.
Oslo 70mm Film Festival
By Paul Sutton
The screening of "War and Peace" was a marvel to behold, almost as much as the film itself, because the average age of the patrons, in the packed cinema, was probably the late twenties. All watching in enrapt silence.
Music Box Theatre 70mm Festival
The Music Box Theatre is proud to bring you a two week festival of films presented in glorious 70mm. See these films as their creators wished them to be seen: on the big screen, in a theatre, on film, and in 70mm.
"The Master" goes to Denmark in 70mm
By Thomas Hauerslev
Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film "The Master" will be shown in 70mm at one of Europe's most prestigious 70mm cinemas, the Imperial Bio in Copenhagen on the request of the director.
Todd-AO screening: "Those Magnificent Men"
By Sebastian Rosacker

On March 16, 2013 at 2pm, the ROYAL theater in Malmö Sweden, will celebrate its 52nd anniversary, by showing an original and classic 70mm film on the curved screen!
The Passing of Orion Jardim de Faria
Paulo Roberto P. Elias
Brazilian 70mm film pioneer Orion Jardim de Faria passed away on December 25th 2012. He was living an active, still film-dedicated personal life. A movie lover himself, his profound knowledge of every aspect of film making and exhibition made his acquaintance with new technology far easier.
Falecimento de Orion Jardim de Faria
Por Paulo Roberto P. Elias
O pioneiro de filmes 70mm brasileiro Orion Jardim de Faria faleceu no dia 25 de dezembro de 2012. Ele vivia uma vida plena, ainda dedicada a filmes, em sua vida pessoal. Um amante do cinema, o seu profundo conhecimento de todos os aspectos de realização e exibição de filmes tornaram o seu alcance da alta tecnologia bem mais fácil.
Memories of Ryan's Daughter
By Ross Holden
My father Chris Holden was on location with "Ryan's Daughter" and a full team member of Freddie Young's Camera Team. I was twelve at the time and on our 1st visit we stayed at the Skelligs Hotel in Dingle, which was where the crew and cast were mainly billeted.

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Making of BMW 850i
Volker J. Müller
Director/cameraman Siegfried Steiner proposed to BMW to shoot the exhibition film in the 70mm-format. The advantages were quite obvious: More light-output, a sharper image, larger screen, etc. The automobile manufacturer agreed enthusiastically.
PHILIPS EQUIPMENT for picture projection and sound reproduction of TODD—A.O. 70mm FILM
By W. J. M. Jansen
The purpose of this paper is to explain the design of the Philips projector for the Todd-AO system. Change-over from 35mm. to 70mm. projection, and vice versa, should only take a few minutes to allow of both types of film being shown in the same performance.
70mm film projection lenses for the DP70
The Todd-AO system requires a very large optical system. The size of this system determines that of the lens holder. The lens is focused by means of the knob underneath the carriage over which the entire lens holder slides during focusing; this adjustment is free of any play. Special attention has been paid to the precision of this adjustment, since either a too fine or a too coarse adjustment may render focusing difficult.
70mm Pictures Are Few...and Prints Are Scarce
By: McLennan, Cottingham & Florine
I took them our Eglinton, and they reacted to the 70mm presentation with shock and delight. "It's like a different picture!" 70mm and stereophonic sound made the difference.
Cinerama Apartment
 Seamus Walsh
There are A LOT of these crappily-built apartment buildings from the late 50's-early 60's in Los Angeles. Many of them have exotic or grandiose names.
The Making Of The Guns Of Navarone The First In A Major Opus
By Brian Hannan
Scottish film historian Brian Hannan is rewriting film history – literally. And the first book – The Making Of The Guns Of Navarone - of a planned massive one-million-word opus under the general title of ‘The Magnificent 60s’ gets its ‘world premiere’ at the Bradford Widescreen Festival on Sunday April 28.
Vivi Bak Passed Away
By Thomas Hauerslev
Vivi Bak was found dead at her island home in Ibiza, Spain on April 22, by her husband producer, actor Dietmar Schönherr. She was 73. Vivi Bak starred in the HiFi-70 3D film "Operation Taifun".
Interview with Mr John Sittig of Arclight - The Dome, Hollywood, Los Angeles
By Mark Lyndon
When I was seven years old living in Columbus Ohio, Cinerama had opened in Cincinnati which was about 100 miles away and, this is before freeways, and my parents took me to see Cinerama at the RKO Capitol Theatre in Cincinnati; even though I was seven years old I can still remember where I was sitting in the balcony and the thrill that I felt when Lowell Thomas said – “Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Cinerama”

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