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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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in70mm.com 2011 News

The 70mm Newsletter
Changes and updates to the web site.Updated 18-01-2022
Alf R. Bjercke passed away
By Kaare Terland
In the mid-fifties he co-chaired on the Board of The Christian Radich Foundation in Oslo. In that position he became instrumental in the negotiation with Louis de Rochemont II in using the S/S Christian Radich as the windjammer in the Cinemiracle production
Imperial Bio Scraps 70mm projector DP70 #1640
By Thomas Hauerslev
Copenhagen: DP70 serial number #1640, installed for the 70mm opening of Imperial Bio in Copenhagen in 1961 has been taken out and scrapped. Sister machine #1644 will continue 70mm and 35mm operation is needed
"The Golden Head" and "Russian Adventure" Update
By Dave Strohmaier

We are almost done with the 2K "The Golden Head" and "Cinerama's Russian Adventure" remastering and they  look pretty darn good.
"In the Picture" - Now Shooting
By Strohmaier / Hauerslev
Wednesday November 2nd, 2011 will be the first time the Cinerama camera will shoot 3 strip since "How The West Was Won" over 50 years ago.
Cinema Retro Announce 2012 Season
By Pfeiffer and Worral
There is plenty of excitement in store for season 8 of Cinema Retro beginning with our eye-popping cover girl for issue #22, Sybil Danning. As usual, this issue will be eclectic in terms of content: special features on two Cinerama epics: "Krakatoa, East of Java" and the making of "How the West Was Won".
Remastered soundtrack "55 Days at Peking"
Expanded by well over an hour beyond its original LP release, this comprehensive re-issue contains additional material that was not used in the final cut of the film.
Rick Mitchell - A Rememberance
By Dan Sherlock
Film historian, editor, and sound editor Rick Mitchell passed away of natural causes in his apartment in Los Angeles just south of Hollywood
Für jeden etwas auf dem 7. Todd-AO 70mm Festival in der Filmtheater Schauburg
By Brian Guckian
This year’s 70mm festival drew visitors from all over Europe, as well as further afield from the US. Attendees received a comprehensive souvenir programme emphasising how this is as much an educational event as it is an entertaining one, and a must for anyone who is serious about Cinema.
Carl Davis Interview
By Mark Lyndon
I got a chance to talk to the last cinema organist of the Paramount Theatre in New York, someone who was still practising. We are talking now of the mid 1970s so you could still find a few 70 and 80 year-olds around. I got first hand information on how you would assemble a score
Cinerama Festival - Seattle October 2011
Paul Sutton
8,000 miles is a long way to go to see a film but when that film is "How The West Was Won", and it is being shown in three-strip Cinerama I was on the plane before I could tell my bank I’d left the country.
Hallo Hollywood ... hier spricht Anna!
Von Anna Rudschies
Ich werfe das Gepäck in eine Ecke, ziehe mich um und haste zur Schauburg. Erst als ich vor dem handgemalten Festivalposter stehe, auf dem die wunderbaren Worte „70mm“, „Todd-AO“ und „Cinerama“ prangen, fällt die Anspannung von mir ab und verwandelt sich in pure Freude.
Kevin Brownlow @ the Schauburg
By Thomas Hauerslev
Kevin Brownlow gave his lecture to an enthusiastic audience on a October Friday evening. The OSCAR winner was warmly welcomed by the 70mm delegates, who all enjoyed hearing about early large format presentations
Karlsruhe Film introductions
Friday | Saturday | Sunday
By Wolfram Hannemann
Variety is the spice of life. And variety is also reflected in this year’s festival. We have it all! And features quite a number of productions which haven’t been shown before in this country!

Posters | Projection | Friday | Saturday | Sunday
The Last Billboard Painter of Karlsruhe
By Herbert Born
We are proud to use Mr. Haas' skills on our facade. Few cinemas have room for it, but we do, and the audience appreciate the work he does

Go to the gallery:
Mr. Haas - Billboard Painter of Karlsruhe, Germany
7th Todd-AO Festival Foreword
By/von Born / Hauerslev
we are proud to present our program. We welcome all of you, and hope you will enjoy the 7th Todd-AO Festival. / Vor diesem Hintergrund präsentieren wir Ihnen mit Stolz unser Programm. Wir heißen Sie alle herzlich willkommen und wünschen Ihnen viel Vergnügen beim 7. Todd-AO-Festival.
Kevin Brownlow Interview - Part 1
Von Mark Lyndon
Meine Mutter sagte, ich solle sofort nach Hause kommen – und das tat ich; sie sagte, Abel Gance sei im NFT, er hätte gerade Kontakt aufgenommen.
Kevin Brownlow Interview - Part 2
Von Mark Lyndon
Der Film begann schlichtweg als jugendliche Angeberei. Ich hatte nicht die Absicht, den Film zu machen
"Seasons", A Short Film in 70mm
By Michael Milne
The score was recorded in 12 tracks at Todd AO in Hollywood. We ended up with 6 sound tracks on the 70mm print and 6 more tracks running in synch on a 35mm magnetic tape. It was spectacular wrap around sound!
Canadian 70mm Short Films
By Bill Kretzel
There is a long 70mm short-film tradition in Canada. In this page, five films are presented with full credits and background
Log of "Seven Wonders" in Cinerama
Richard J. Pietschmann
We were given permission to photograph and record a close-up of the Pope, and in order to get the camera close enough it was necessary to build a temporary scaffold for the camera and blimp.
Letters Sent Home
By Richard J. Pietschmann
If all goes well today with the schedule, we will leave this afternoon for Agra to do the Taj Mahal sequence.. Will be there two or three days and then expect to leave for Darjeeling
Cinerama Inc. Scans 70mm
By Dave Strohmaier
Inspired by the scanning and remastering of "Windjammer" and their library of Cinerama films, Cinerama Inc. decided to go ahead and see what could be done about three "lost" 70mm films in their vault.
Scanning Cinerama Films
By Tom March
Now that the digital scanning of the negatives has begun, Dave Strohmaier and I were invited to the Image Trends Lab to observe the progress of the restoration work.
The Urgel Cinema, Barcelona, Spain
By Ramon Lamarca
The Urgel cinema is a beautiful anachronism in today’s exhibition landscape. This beautiful and huge cinema is a good reminder of what going to the pictures used to be.
A Visit With Miklós Rózsa
By Jeffrey Dane
It seemed almost every square foot of wall space was lined with autograph letters (and some manuscript pages) of the composers, mounted in special frames so that when turned around the overside of each letter could also be read.

Remembering Richard Greenhalgh
By Tom March
It is with great sadness that I report to all of Rich’s friends that he has gone to the great movie theater in the sky.

The worlds first Imax theatre
By Krys Jawlosewicz
Cinesphere's original Imax projector serial #001, which is still used today, was the prototype used at Expo '70. The projector was rebuilt in 1986 and upgraded to Imax HD, 48 frames per second (fps) capability in 1990.
My "Windjammer" Story
By Sven Libaek
The world premiere was a typical Hollywood event, and there we were, three young Norwegian boys, who a year earlier could only have dreamt about attending such a spectacle.
Paramount Odeon, Liverpool - England 1934 - 2011
By Mike Taylor
The Paramount was the first cinema in Liverpool to install CinemaScope and Todd-AO, and as the leading cinema at that time it became the home for all future 70mm "Road Show" presentations
Historic Big Screen Films Get Major Digital Makeover
The complete catalog of Cinerama's 3-panel travelogue epics will be remastered in high definition for limited theatrical screenings at any digital venue and a home video release will follow.
Todd-AO Festival at the Schauburg
By Born & Hauerslev
Be amazed! Come and see 70mm in all it spectacular splendour and "sharp as hell" quality  - nothing beats 70mm as the best possible way to experience motion pictures in a state of the art cinema
70mm Engagements in Rochester, NY
By Jim Barg
When I moved back to Rochester from London last year, I had the time to research for any information regarding local 70mm engagements, and the results are presented here.
The Birth of IMAX
By Diane Disse
The brainchild of three gutsy people with a great idea but no office space, Imax Corporation built a whole new industry that today sits poised on the threshold of fast and explosive changes.
70mm Festival at Seattle Cinerama Theatre
By Greg Wood
15 classic 70mm and Cinerama movies screened during the Cinerama Film Festival, including extremely rare 70mm prints from studio vaults
An Interview with Ron Fricke
By The Big Frame
Working in the 35mm format, I was feeling that there was something lacking. Once I saw the IMAX theater and saw the film, I realized this is how it should be done.
"Sacred Site", A short film in 65mm Omnimax
By The Big Frame

The film focuses on the 1986 apparition of Halley's Comet over central Australia. Set near the majestic Milky Way of the southern night sky and contrasted by the spectacle of a total lunar eclipse.
A Conversation with Mark Magidson and Ron Fricke
Transcribed by Peggy & Paul Rayton
This interview has been transcribed from the original event recording. It has been slightly modified to optimise clarity in reading.
"Samsara" world premiere September 2011
By Thomas Hauerslev
No 70mm prints have been planned - yet. The premiere in Canada will be a state-of-the-art high-end 4K digital presentation, with full uncompressed 6-track digital sound.
"Samsara" Internet Sightings
By Thomas Hauerslev
A compilation of "Samsara" internet sightings found this morning after a standard Tuesday Morning Internet search
"Tak" Miyagishima, Panavision Passed Away
By Bill Hogan

For more than half a century starting in 1954 Tak was one of the most esteemed design engineers in the motion picture industry.
Christian Radich and Sørlandet in Ireland
By Brian Guckian
I had never seen the Christian Radich in the flesh, and was suitably in awe. It was hard to believe the Christian Radich is just short of 75 years old, so well is it maintained and looked after.
"Napoleon" Presented in “Polyvision”
San Francisco Silent Film Festival will present the U.S. premiere of Abel Gance’s legendary "Napoleon" in its complete restoration by Academy Award®-winning Kevin Brownlow
By Thomas Hauerslev
In 1992, my wife and I went to France to see "New Magic" in Showscan. On that July day I finally had my only-ever encounter with Showscan and the most vivid illusion of reality I have ever seen
"New Magic" in 70mm Showscan
By Brock/Trumbull Entertainment Corporation
To explain the Showscan process to the audience, Mr Kellar approaches the camera, until only his eyes fill the giant screen. An elaborate display with all the brilliance and clarity 70mm can offer, and in full six-channel stereo.
Showscan Film Corporation
By Showscan
Showscan is photographed on 65mm at a rate of 60fps and projects images 2.5 times faster and significantly brighter and larger than standard 35mm film. The brighter image result in greater picture clarity and an enhanced sense of dimensionality and realism
The Future is Now
By Showscan
Showscan can provide a revolutionary film presentation that can never be duplicated in the home. The obvious results will restore you, the exhibitor, to a more profitable position in the industry.
The Impact of Showscan
By in70mm.com Readers
The lights went down and the movie began. My reaction was that my jaw dropped to the floor due to the incredible picture sharpness and "you are there" effect.
70mm & Cinerama in Israel
By Alex Asp
Tel-Aviv have a Cinerama theater which was built in the sixties, originally as a circus-like building, but that was never finished due to a lack of funds.
More KRRR!
By Jean-Luc Peart
Krnov was indeed the place to be this year for this rare event, especially for people with some knowledge of the Russian language!
…in Sensurround - A new dimension to the motion picture
By Thomas Hauerslev
Sometimes you see a film which leaves an impression which will be remembered for many years. In 1980 I saw the movie “Earthquake”, presented in Sensurround and I have never forgotten it.
…in Sensurround,  Eine neue Dimension für den Film
Von Thomas Hauerslev
Manchmal sieht man einen Film der einen so starken Eindruck hinterlässt, dass man ihn für viele Jahre nicht vergessen kann. 1980 sah ich den Film ”Erdbeben” in Sensurround, was ich bis heute nicht vergessen habe.
"The Tree of Life" in 65mm - no 70mm prints
By THomas Hauerslev
Much expected The Tree of Life has opened in Europe to great reviews. No 70mm prints and yet another lost opportunity to do something great.
Joe Dunton/"Dance Craze" Q/A
Following the first 70mm screening af "Dance Craze" in 30 years the audience asked Joe Dunton questions about the making of this ground braking film
"Windjammer" in Hamburg
Von Gerhard Witte
Den Film “Windjammer" habe ich erstmals als kleiner Junge anfangs der 60er Jahre in Düsseldorf gesehen. Das war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis für mich und weckte in mir mein starkes Interesse für Breitwand-Kino und Filmmusik.
"Windjammer" in Hamburg
By Gerhard Witte

I saw “Windjammer" the first time as a little boy at the beginning of the 1960s in Düsseldorf on a huge deep curved screen. That was an unforgettable event to me and awoke my interest in widescreen cinema and film-music.
DP70s in Sweden
By Peter Andren
Update your knowledge about Swedish DP70's and see what happened to: 1354, 1355, 1659, 1737, 1816, 1837, 1844, 1845, 2347, 2350 and 2511 plus a few scrapped machines.
"Windjammer" Returns to Hamburg
By Thomas Hauerslev
For the first time in nearly 50 years, "Windjammer", a Cinemiracle Adventure, is back in Hamburg at the Metropolis Cinema
More Savoy Adverts
By Gerhard Witte
See more adverts - with captions in two languages - from the former Savoy cinema in Hamburg. The first purpose built Todd-AO Cinema in Europe.
"Waking the Sleeping Giant" - Research and Findings
By 65/70mm Workshop
This Paper questions the dominant belief that digital acquisition and presentation of movie content will entirely supercede motion picture-based film production and exhibition.
"Kelly's Heroes" - Cinema Retro ‘Movie Classics’ Special
By Dave Worrall
For the fans of 70mm blow-up "Kelly's Heroes", an 80 page special edition of Cinema Retro about this classic MGM road-show will be published in July 2011
70mm-Festival October 2011
By Born & Hauerslev
The 7th “Todd-AO 70mm Festival“ is being prepared at the Schauburg in Karlsruhe. A majestic weekend in the splensour of 70mm on the curved Cinerama screen. This year we are honored by a visit by our special guest, acclaimed film historian and OSCAR winner Mr. Kevin Brownlow, who will give his exciting lecture about early large format films
The Making of "Dance Craze"
By Joe Dunton
After the first concert, we hired a cinema in Brighton and the band sang along with the film because they knew the words. They told their mates in the other bands of this whole 2 tone group and I got permission from all of them in the end.
KRRR! 70mm filmfestival in Krnov
Hans Haenssler
Thanks to the good organisation of Klima, Tomesek and many other people, it was a interesting event for the visitors of the latest 70mm festival in Krnov in the Czech Republic.
70mm Magnetic Striping Machine for Sale
By Bruce A Heller
Complete Westrex recording unit. This unit striped prints of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Lawrence of Arabia". Unit is in tip top working condition and comes with Oxide medium and spare filters.
"Windjammer" sails into the Kinemathek Hamburg
By Randy Gitsch
The Kinemathek Hamburg has invited us to screen our remastered "Windjammer" on Thursday, May 5, at 8 P.M. Dave Strohmaier and myself will present our "Windjammer Gets a Facelift!" show.
Widescreen Weekend Mission Report 2011
By Thomas Hauerslev
After a one year absence I was delighted to be back at the Pictureville Cinema, and to see the movie family of widescreeners again
"It's Bloody Marvellous"
By The Widescreeners
What do I think about the Widescreen Weekend? Read what the widescreeners think after spending 4 days in a cinema in Bradford
Claire Bloom visits Pictureville Cinema
By Thomas Hauerslev
Actress Claire Bloom gave a delightful insight to her career on the first evening of the Widescreen Weekend and received the BIFF’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
Mr. "Circlorama" Visits Widescreen Weekend
By Thomas Hauerslev
A grand day in Pictureville with the granddaddy of Circlorama, Mr. Stanley Long, who delighted the audience with stories about the widest of all widescreen systems
New Academy member, Joe Dunton
By Tony Sloman
Joe is a man who has wide-screen sprockets running through his veins, who has done more to achieve widescreen perfection that any one single individual ever since Henri Chretien invented what we now know as CinemaScope
WSW 2011 Film Introductions
Essential Widescreen Weekend basics are the film introductions. Prepared and read by the guests for the guests with great dedication and gives wonderful background and knowledge about each production.
KRRR! 6th 70mm Film Fest Krnov
By Jakub Klima
We have selected some titles for this year festival that will have their cinema premier in the Czech Republic. The first is an all-time musical "The Sound of Music" and the second is historical epic "55 days in Peking“
..in Cinerama "Renault Dauphine" Tentative shooting script
By Cinerama Inc.
The sequence must be presented in such a way that there is a humorous angle which remove it from the category of a strictly "educational" commercial film.
The Drake, Plymouth, England
By Kinematograph Weekly

The aim in designing The Drake was to match up to the conception of the showman's ideal form of presentation. We aimed at nothing less than perfection in public entertainment.
Todd-AO "Mag Men" 2CD Released
Intrada presents entire score in splendid stereo from actual session elements courtesy 20th Century Fox, Ron Shillingford of the Ron Goodwin estate. Every cue survives in terrific condition
Delphi Filmpalast am Zoo
By Gerhard Witte
After the Second World War, 1949 was a new beginning. Berliners greeted the opening of a large new cinema with great fanfare
Der „Delphi Filmpalast am Zoo“
Von Gerhard Witte
Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg ein Neuanfang. Die Berliner fieberten 1949 der Eröffnung eines neuen Großkinos entgegen.
Howard Rust, Passed Away
By Bill Lawrence
Howard Rust was the little guy who strode like a giant in people’s hearts. He was much loved by those knew him and the world is a heavier place for his passing.
Composer Sven-Erik Libaek interviewed
By Hauerslev / Strohmaier
Sven talks about the "Windjammer" music group that he and the other guys were in, and much, much more
If It’s Bigger AND Bolder AND Better, It Must Be IMAX(?)
By Joeseph Kleiman
If we’re to believe the fashion press, a couple of days ago, “David Andersen…launched his womenswear collection in an IMAX movie theater alongside a 3-D fashion film”
The Bat Whispers
By Milestone Film, New York
For years, the only material for The Bat Whispers were 16mm prints. Robert Gitt decided to restore The Bat Whispers he located the 65mm Magnifilm master positive lavender, internegative, and optical sound negative which still existed.
Curiosities from Mexico
By Miguel Carrara
A collection of 70mm film movie posters from Mexico and Spain
Projecting “Napoleon” – une pièce de resistance
By Mark Trompeteler
I had always wanted to see the Brownlow restoration on the big screen as it is intended to be seen.
"Windjammer" Cast & Crew Interviews in Oslo
By Thomas Hauerslev
A small team, two Norwegians and a Dane, met with some of the cast and crew from the Cinemiracle adventure "Windjammer" to talk about the history
The Curved screen of the Eden Palast Kino
Image by Herbert Born
Foreign correspondent Herbert Born recently made a pilgrimage to his home town of Aachen where he took some pictures of the Eden cinema for in70mm.com readers
Widescreen Weekend 2011
By Lawrence & Hauerslev
Widescreen Weekend 2011 runs from Friday 25 March - Monday 28 March. Full program and information about, hotel bookings and tickets will be published sometimes during January 2011
World's Fair Cinerama facility in Seattle
By Matt Lutthans
In 1982,  I saw "It happened at the World's Fair" projected onto the dome, but had no idea about the Cinerama connection that the building had
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