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The Passing of Richard C. Babish
Richard passed peacefully at home. He was a MIT graduate, class of 1940 and was a Radiation Lab member and an optics developer for the Cinerama and Cinemiracle movie companies. He joined the Perkin-Elmer Corporation in 1954 and worked in the optical department providing technical expertise for numerous commercial and government projects.
Vivi Bak
By Thomas Hauerslev
Vivi Bak was found dead at her island home in Ibiza, Spain on April 22, by her husband producer, actor Dietmar Schönherr. She was 73. Vivi Bak starred in the HiFi-70 3D film "Operation Taifun".
Alf R. Bjercke
By Kaare Terland
In the mid-fifties he co-chaired on the Board of The Christian Radich Foundation in Oslo. In that position he became instrumental in the negotiation with Louis de Rochemont II in using the S/S Christian Radich as the windjammer in the Cinemiracle production

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Zum Tod von Hannelore Bollmann
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Willem Bouwmeester passed Away
Tony Cutts
By Duncan McGregor
Tony Cutts – projectionist extraordinaire – lost his two year fight against cancer and passed away in the Marie Curie Hospice here in Bradford. He saw the introduction of widescreen cinema in 1952, the transition to wide gauge 70mm film, the introduction of stereophonic surround sound in cinemas, 3D, VistaVision, Imax, Cinerama – Tony saw and experienced it all first hand.

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Tony Cutts Gallery from Bradford 1996 - 2012

Orion Jardim de Faria
Paulo Roberto P. Elias
Brazilian 70mm film pioneer Orion Jardim de Faria passed away on December 25th 2012. He was living an active, still film-dedicated personal life. A movie lover himself, his profound knowledge of every aspect of film making and exhibition made his acquaintance with new technology far easier.
Louis deRochemont, III
By David Page
Louis was kind enough to inscribe a "Windjammer" poster for me with the words...'To David Page who has become part of the cruise'. Then, at the end of the weekend, I drove Louis back to Heathrow where, at the departure gate, we bade farewell. As he went through the gate, with a tear in his eye, he turned, waved and returned home.

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Graeme Ferguson Passed Away
Richard Fleisher
By Rick Mitchell
This may also be the reason why Fleischer¹s more fantastic and adventurous films work as well as they do. Like Robert Wise, he took such projects seriously, and not only has his "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" (Disney; 1954) and "The Vikings" (United Artists; 1958) never been equalled or surpassed, to date no one seems to have tried to do so.
Georg Fricker
By Peter Kohl
The great Karlsruhe cinema entrepreneur Georg Fricker is dead. He passed away last Saturday [07.06.2008] in a clinic near Munich.
Dieter Gäbler
Von Herbert Born
Dieter Gäbler verstarb vergangenen Mittwoch, 5. März 2014 nach schwerer Krankheit. Viele Gäste unseres 70mm Festivals lernten Dieter Gäbler als einen aufgeschlossenen und freundlichen Zeitzeugen kennen, der zweimal als Ehrengast unser Festival besuchte.
Dieter Gäbler
By Herbert Born
Dieter Gäbler, German DoP and well known MCS-70 cameratechnician, passed away last Wednesday, March 06, 2014. We remember him as a very passionate filmmaker and a very friendly and likable friend who was always very helpful in answering questions during our long research conversations.
Bob Gaffney
By Sherry Gaffney
As you probably know Bob passed away. We will have a Memorial Service for Bob where he requested that humorous eulogies should be spoken by those who knew him.
Richard Greenhalgh
By Tom March
It is with great sadness that I report to all of Rich’s friends that he has gone to the great movie theater in the sky.
Brian Guckian
By Mark Lyndon
Over the years, our friendship grew, extending to my wife Margaret. We were looking forward to our reunion with Brian and were deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic news from Dublin. Brian achieved much in his tragically short life. He was a passionate advocate for film, at a time when film exhibition was becoming increasingly rare, less valued and appreciated. A co founder of the 70mm workshop, his scholarship and research made a considerable contribution to our knowledge of the subject.

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Charlton Heston
By Rick Mitchell
If there was one actor who symbolized the 70mm roadshow era of the Fifties and Sixties, it was Charlton Heston.

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Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins injured on set

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Go to The Passing of Heinz Hölscher - MCS 70 Pioneer
Robert Hopkins
By Sharon Dickman
Robert Hopkins died July 4, he was 94. His lens designs included the Todd-AO lens used to produce high definition, wide aspect-ratio films shot on large format film
Jan Jacobsen
Gerhard Fromm
Jan Jacobsen, died June 23, 1998 following cancer surgery in a hospital in Augsburg, Germany. He was 81. Highlights of his career include the first IMAX camera, a series of MCS 65mm cameras, the UltraScope lenses and a 360 degree Swiss-O-Rama 65mm camera for a 360 degree cinema
Loren Janes
By Mark Lyndon
That weekend, Loren introduced "West" to a spellbound Pictureville audience and gave us fascinating insights into the creation of some of the most thrilling scenes in the whole of cinema. He joined us for breakfast at the hotel and shared some wonderful anecdotes of his life and times in the greatest film industry of them all. Those times are now over, but what a legacy!

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Sir David Lean (1908 - 1991)
Joe Kelly
By Leimeter, Vetter, Weisgerber
& Williams
Joe Kelly was one of the truly good guys in the world. He was my unofficial technical guru during the time when Todd-AO was still affiliated with the United Artists Theatre Corporation.
Lasse Kolstad
By Kaare Terland
Four days after his ninetieth birthday Lasse Kolstad passed away. He was one of the main actors in Norway and mastered all disciplines from classics to musicals.
Stanley Kubrick
By Tony Sloman
Two of the finest 70mm movies, indeed two of the finest works in all cinema, are "Spartacus" and "2001:A Space Odyssey", both directed by Stanley Kubrick, who passed away in his sleep March 7, 1999 at the relatively early age of 70, having just delivered his last, and inevitably long-gestating and ultra controversial movie, the highly erotic "Eyes Wide Shot".

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The Passing of Gina Lollobrigida
Karl Malkames
By Dennis Doros
Karl Malkames, a cinematographer, inventor, film historian and pioneering motion picture film preservationist, died March 8th at his home in Scarsdale, N.Y. He was 83 years old.

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Rick Mitchell
By Dan Sherlock
Film historian, editor, and sound editor Rick Mitchell passed away of natural causes in his apartment in Los Angeles just south of Hollywood
"Tak" Miyagishima
By Bill Hogan

For more than half a century starting in 1954 Tak was one of the most esteemed design engineers in the motion picture industry.

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Cinerama Pioneer Jim Morrison passed away
Brian O'Brien, Jr.
Brian O'Brien, Jr., 90, born March 13, 1923, passed away at Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care on September 11, 2013, after a period of declining health. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the only child of Brian and Ethel (Dickerman) O’Brien. Brian was predeceased by his beloved wife, Kathryn "Towie" (Jensen) O’Brien.
Peter O'Toole
By Mark Lyndon
The passing of Peter O'Toole marks the definitive ending of an epic era of film making. From the legendary title role of Lawrence of Arabia to the highly rated portrayal of RJ Johnston, the tutor of Pu Yi - The Last Emperor, his 70mm career spanned twenty five glorious years within a much longer range of half a century plus.

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The Hills are always alive with Christopher Plummer
The passing of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher
By Mark Lyndon
At the end of an exceptionally hard year, the Cinerama and 70mm community as well as all who love the Cinema and beyond; are mourning the passing of two of the brightest stars who ever lit up the big screen.

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Ronald Rosbeek passed away
Miklos Rozsa
By Jeffrey Dane
When I finally met him after thirteen years, I felt almost speechless with admiration.
Howard Rust
By Bill Lawrence
Howard Rust was the little guy who strode like a giant in people’s hearts. He was much loved by those knew him and the world is a heavier place for his passing.
Omar Sharif
By Mark Lyndon
We must bid him a very fond farewell. For 70mm aficionados, "Lawrence of Arabia", regarded by many as the greatest film ever made, was a true triumph of the art and science of cinema. "Doctor Zhivago", was a rôle which made him the brightest star in the film firmament, adored and idolised by millions. He left this world, like his great Zhivago, after a fatal heart attack.
Bill Shaw
William C. Shaw, one of the founders of IMAX Corporation, died on Saturday, August 31 at age 73. Shaw died in a Toronto hospital after suffering complications from a heart attack. Shaw joined Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor and Robert Kerr in 1968 to design and develop the IMAX projection system.

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David Samuelson: A Lifetime with the Movies

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Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE BSC (1925 - 2022)

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Walter Siegmund
By Thomas Hauerslev
It is with great sadness I must report the passing of Walter Siegmund, one of the pioneers and engineers of the Todd-AO process. Walt was extremely kind and helpful, and always referred the "days of Todd-AO" to be among the happiest days of the working life.
Keith Swadkins Passed Away
By Bill Lawrence
It is with sadness that we received the news that Keith Swadkins had passed away. Keith had long been a great champion of Cinerama, passionate fan of the format and films, and a friend to fellow enthusiasts around the world. Many will have met and developed a friendship with him at the Widescreen Weekend in Bradford each year, as Keith and his wife Brenda turned up to renew old acquaintances and impress newcomers with his knowledge.
Dimitri Tiomkin
By Jeffrey Dane

Dimitri Tiomkin ended up in Hollywood, where he ultimately spent his entire professional life composing music for movies
The Passing of Oliver Michael Todd
By Thomas Hauerslev

I am very sorry to report the passing of Oliver Todd on Tuesday 23. February 2016 following complications of cancer treatment. Oliver died at the hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, with two of his siblings present. Oliver was a happy man, and glad to talk about 70mm history. Probably a bit surprised to meet the 70mm fans in Aalborg in 2014. He was the star among us, and everyone wanted his autograph and talk to him.

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Pavel Tomešek has Passed Away
Beatrice Troller
By Troller Family
Beatrice Stocklin Troller passed away on August 18, 2015 after a valiant battle with cancer. Beatrice was born on February 18th, 1932 in Basel, Switzerland, where she attended Kunstgewerbeschule, the school of arts and crafts. With her late husband, artist Fred Troller, she starred in the second Cinerama feature "CINERAMA HOLIDAY" (1955), directed by Robert L. Bendick and Philippe De Lacy.

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Douglas Trumbull. A Great Legend Departs

• Go to "Windjammer" star Harald Tusberg Passed Away
John Vorisek
By David Coles
Those familiar with the technical credits of the Cinerama travel films will recognized the name Richard Vorisek. He did post-production sound mixing on those five titles. Richard's brother John had an unaccredited, but significant, involvement with the original production, "This is Cinerama".
Doris Waller
Keith Swadkins
It is with great sadness that I must report the passing, on August 10th 1996, of Mrs Doris Waller, widow of Fred Waller. Those of us who came to know Doris in recent years will remember her as a frail lady with an active mind a bubbling personality which belied her 89 years.
Richard Vetter
By Robert Weisgerber
With all the trials and tribulations that Dick went through over the years in Hollywood he always believed firmly in the 70mm format and the value it brought to feature films, yesterday, today and tomorrow. He was extremely knowledgeable and was willing to share it all, but most importantly a true gentleman. We will all miss him!
Carl W. Williams
The Williams Family
It was at UCLA that he and fellow faculty member, Dr. Richard Vetter, invented a wide-screen photographic and presentation system called Dimension-150. Introduced in 1966, the system was soon being installed in movie theaters around the world and for a time, the D-150 process was one of Cinerama's chief rivals
Robert Wise
By Rick Mitchell
On "Star Trek", whenever I had to call the set for some reason, I was surprised at how often Bob, not an assistant director or p.a., would answer the phone. And, in the six years before "Star Trek", out of the respect for him and the esteem in which I held him, I always called him "Mr. Wise" about a month into shooting, an assistant took me aside and told me that he was bothered by that, that he felt we'd known each other long enough that I should be calling him "Bob".
Freddie Young
By Tony Sloman
Freddie Young achieved a dazzling hat-trick, unequalled and unrivalled, in being triple-Oscared for three movies, all of which premiered in the 70mm format, leading them a scale and distinction that, despite the punctilious direction of master craftsman director David Lean, would have unquestionably remained wanting without the contribution of the great Frederich A. Young's camerawork.

Online: 02-06-1999. Updated: 26-02-2024