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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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The land of Lumière Brothers, Léon Gaumont, Charles Pathé and others

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A Conversation with Jean-Jacques Annaud, Director of "The Bear" (1988)

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• Go to Gallery Max Linder Panorama, November 2010
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Belguiral's Max Linder Panorama
• Go to Belguiral's Max Linder Panorama

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Seeing "Licorice Pizza" in 70mm was an Outstanding Experience

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Soldier CHAUVET! You are going to Elysée Palace!

• Go to UGC Grand Normandie, Paris, France

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Temporary Closure of the Iconic La Géode
Go to Gallery A Visit to La Géode, 70MM Omnimax

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Le Cinéma Grand Mercure d’Elbeuf, à présenter le film "2OO1: L’ODYSSÉE DE L’ESPACE" en 70mm
The Hateful Eights opens in 7OMM at the Grand Rex
By Thomas Hauerslev

"The Hateful Eight" opened on continental Europe to a sold out house at the largest cinema in Europe. The Grand Rex in Paris. I had the opportunity to talk to Stéphane LANDFRIED about the spectacular premiere.
Les 8 Salopards en 70 mm - au cinéma le 6 janvier
5 mois de travail ont été nécessaires pour rendre possible cette prestigieuse tournée d’avant-premières dans ce "sublime format 70mm" choisi par Quentin Tarantino. La version présentée comporte 8 minutes de film supplémentaire par rapport à la version qui sera exploitée en numérique.
France's Grand Mercure Cinema, will be showing INTERSTELLAR in 70mm
By Richard PATRY, Président Directeur Général
The Grand Mercure Cinema, in Elbeuf, Normandy, France will be the only French cinema to show Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR in the optimal conditions as envisioned by the director: in 70mm film format. Christopher Nolan, wished to promote the distribution of his new masterpiece, INTERSTELLAR, on a 70mm print with 5 perforations. In Europe, only five cinema theatres will screen the film in 70mm: in Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan and at the Grand Mercure Cinema in Elbeuf

• Go to "Interstellar" opens in 5/70 and IMAX 70MM
• Go to Grand Mercure Cinema, INTERSTELLAR in 70mm

Gulliver Arane 65/70mm Laboratory in France
By Thomas Hauerslev
In July 2008 I met with Francois Carrin, who had arranged a tour at the only remaining large format film laboratory in Europe - the Gulliver Arane, in the Paris suburb of Clichy. I was very excited to go and looked forward to see the laboratory.

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Gulliver Arane 65mm/70mm Laboratory (gallery)
Restoration of "Play Time"
I saw about forty 70mm boxes come in; among those are about twenty boxes of 300m. size, quite rusty, but identified as being the original film. I expected the worst.

• Go to La restauration de Playtime a été une aventure passionnante et très enrichissante
Conversations with Olivier Brunet, "Fanny's Wedding"
By Ramon Lamarca
Choosing 70mm could have been a way to try to conceal my weaknesses... I have no true answers to that. I still wonder. I think truth is now in the eye of the audience. The film does not belong to me anymore.

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Empire - Cinerama, Paris Kingdom of curved screen
by Francois Carrin
CINERAMA arrived in 1955 in Paris near the Place de l'Etoile. It was a theatre called EMPIRE which was chosen to play "This is CINERAMA"

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It's alive at the Cinémathèque Française
70mm Retrospective in Paris
By Johan  Wolthuis
The Paris 70mm Retrospective was launched in a most extraordinary way with a lecture by Jean-Pierre Verscheure in French; entitled "Une Histoire du format 70mm". In a marathon three and a half hour power point presentation on the giant screen, he showed the audience beautiful images of the history of widescreen in 70mm, accompanied with short clips from various 70mm films.


• Go to Loïc LEDEZ - The French Master Projectionist
• Go to Loïc LEDEZ - The French Master Projectionist
Francois Carrin (France)
By Thomas Hauerslev
His encyclopaedic knowledge of cinemas in his country’s capital is amazing. I have visited him in France and met his family including the cats – one of which is called “My Fair Lady”.
Une Visite Chez Monsieur Cinerama
François CARRIN est plus connu à l’ALICC sous le pseudo de Mr. CINERAMA. En effet, notre conseiller à la rédaction d’ Infos-Ciné est passionné par les techniques d’écran large. Il a consacré toute sa vie professionnelle aux activités de métreuréconomiste de la construction. En marge de sa profession, il a été projectionniste dans un cinéma de la banlieue de Valenciennes de 1963 à 1973, à Quiévrechain, petite ville de 7000 habitants à la frontière belge.
En Conversation Avec François Carrin
François CARRIN. S’intéresser à l’écran large, au triple écran, avoir été projectionniste et avoir fréquenté ces installations un peu hors normes, ce n’est pas courant à l’ALICC. François nous explique donc son CINEMA PARADISIO personnel.
To understand the 65mm project
By Luc Barthélémy
Luc is working on his own 65mm film scanner/recorder project. He has been a film fan since the 1970s and the past few years he has bought some large format equipment on e-Bay, which he is putting together for a private LF project.

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What the archive kept - Le Central, Puteaux, France
"Inherent Vice" Red Carpet 70mm Premiere in Paris
By Jean-Luc Peart
Producer JoAnne Sellar, Joaquin Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson were present, for the a brief Q&A before the screening. The screening was perfect. It's a blow-up, well done, nice contrast, perfect 70mm projection stability and brightness. 1.85:1 ratio as expected.
Paris Premiere's "The Master" in 70mm
By Jean-Marc Quinton
We will be screening "The Master" in 70mm from January 2013 at our L’Arlequin, a famous 3-screen arthouse cinema with a lovely 400-seat main auditorium. This will be the only cinema in Paris to show the film in 70mm.
Pour prolonger la conférence du Conservatoire des techniques sur le 70 mm, la Cinémathèque présente un corpus de onze films représentatifs de la production de ce format dit de prestige.
Widescreen Film Festival, 2010
By Francis BARBIER
Cinerama, Ultra Panavision 70, CineMiracle, Super Panavision 70, Todd-AO, Gonflage 70mm, Sovscope 70, VistaVision, MCS-70… des noms barbares aux oreilles et aux yeux des spectateurs les plus récents.
By Francois Carrin
Un événement s’est produit mercredi 24 septembre 2008, un nouveau film est sorti ce jour-là en 70mm - "Faubourg 36"

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• Go to Loïc LEDEZ - Festival de Cannes
• Go to Postcards from Festival de Cannes

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• Go to 70mm in Lyon, France

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• Go to The Palais Des Congres, Lyon, France
Broadway "Spaciovision" Theatre, Paris, France
By Christian Karl
Other major and significant theatre dedicated to the widescreen 70mm was the Broadway which was opened by one of the managers of the Kinopanorama the first April 1977 with the process "Spaciovision" on his large curved screen given for 380m2.
Belguiral's Max
By Pascal Belguiral
Avant tout je suis spectateur et ainsi chaque séance que j’exécute ce doit d’être irréprochable : point, cadrage, fixité, niveau sonore. Il en va du respect du public, de l’œuvre projeté et de la fierté que j’éprouve à ce que chaque projection soit de qualité.
Belguiral's Max
By Pascal Belguiral
Each show I run must be perfect: focus, framing and sound level. It is the respect of the public and of the work being projected that are at stake, as well as the pride I take in providing quality to every show
Le CAPRI Juan les pins
By Sylvian Coudène
The theatre was inaugurated with a Todd-AO 70mm festival, first screening was "Cleopatra", is these times listed as a third rate film, today a masterpiece. "Cleopatra", "West side Story", "Can Can", "My Fair Lady" and "Lawrence of Arabia" were screened during the opening month.
Le CAPRI Juan les pins
By Sylvian Coudène

Car, bien sûr, la salle était équipée dans ce format et inaugura sa programmation par un Festival Todd-Ao et 70mm, le premier film présenté étant « Cléopâtre », film décrié à l’époque et considéré aujourd’hui comme un chef-d’œuvre. Le programme du mois d’ouverture accueillit donc Cléopâtre, West side story, Cancan, My Fair Lady et Lawrence d’Arabie.
Closure of the Comoedia in Lyon, France
By Jean Noel Durand Bourat
The Comoedia was the 1st and one of the very few theatre to have accommodated Todd-AO in Lyon France. As a 70mm buff having attended the 1st Todd-AO performance I was present at the last show and wrote a short article.

The CinemaScope Grail
By Mario Beguiristain
My Paris visit to rue Henri Chrétien, named in honor of the inventor of CinemaScope.
Trail of CinemaScope
By Thomas Hauerslev
ALEXA 65 - le 70 mm redevient le format d’excellence au cinema
Jacques Morell
On attendait la sortie imminente de la nouvelle caméra Panavision numérique 65mm développée avec le concours de la NASA. L’information est parue en début d’année avec une photo d’une version prototype. Et depuis plus rien. Surprise! La bonne nouvelle est venue d’Allemagne. ARRI, dont les différentes versions de caméras numériques de la gamme ALEXA sont la référence depuis des années sur les plateaux de tournages en Europe et dans le monde entier, sera non seulement la marque leader du cinéma 35mm numérique
l'esprit vers le Cinerama
By Abel Gance
La celebre lettre de Abel Gance ecrite pour le programme de "Windjammer"en Fevrier 1962. Souvenez vous que le titre francais etait "La Grande Rencontre"
Jean-René FAILLIOT: La restauration de "Play Time" | Loïc LEDEZ: Meet the Chief | "Faubourg 36" in 70mm in Paris, France |


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70mm Cinema and Film in France

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