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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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2OO1: A Space Odyssey
Full cast and credits

This article first appeared in
..in 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter

Written by: Anthony Frewin (From the internet) Issue 64 - March 2001

When “2001: A Space Odyssey” was released in 1968, it was customary in the film industry to keep the crew credits as brief as possible. Aside from Kubrick himself and Arthur C. Clarke only some 27 crew members were credited at the end of the film. Anthony Frewin, who worked on the film, put together a full list of cast and crew for a special showing of "2001" at the National Film Theatre in London last September (1999). It is here presented to the readers of ..in 70mm for the first time.

Director: Stanley Kubrick. Producer: Stanley Kubrick. Screenplay by: Stanley Kubrick Arthur C. Clarke. Based on a Short Story by: Arthur C. Clarke. Director of Photography: Geoffrey Unsworth. Editor: Ray Lovejoy. Production Designers: Tony Masters, Harry Lange, Ernest Archer. Music: Richard Strauss, Johann Strauss Jr., Aram Khachaturian, Gyorgy Ligeti.

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(Role): Keir Dullea (Mission Commander / David Bowman), Gary Lockwood (Astronaut / Frank Poole), William Sylvester (Dr. Heywood / Floyd), Daniel Richter (Moonwatcher), Leonard Rossiter (Smyslov), Margaret Tyzack (Elena), Robert Beatty (Halvorsen), Sean Sullivan (Michaels), Douglas Rain (Voice of Hal 9000), Frank Miller (Mission controller), Alan Gifford (Poole’s Father), Edwina Carroll (Aries Stewardess), Penny Brahms (Stewardess), John Ashley (Astronaut), Vivian Kubrick (Floyd’s Daughter), Burnell Tucker (Photographer), John Swindell (First Technician), John Clifford (Second Technician), Martin Amor (Interviewer), Martin Balsam (Voice of Hall 9000 [replaced]), Glenn Beck, Jimmy Bell, Edward Bishop, Sheraton Blount, Ann Bormann, David Charkham, Julie Croft, Simon Davis, Jonathan Daw, Peter Delmar, Heather Downham, Terry Duggan, David Fleetwood, Penny Francis, Ann Gillis, Danny Grover, Brian Hawley, Jane Hayward, David Hines, Tony Jackson, John Jordan, Mike Lovell, Scott Mackee, Laurence Marchant, Marcella Markham, Kim Neil, Darryl Paes, Jane Pearl, Penny Pearl, Joe Refalo, Andy Wallace, Bill Weston, Bob Wilyman, Richard Wood.

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Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Associate Producer: Victor Lyndon. Chief Accountant: Ron Phipps. Assistant Accountants: Peter Lancaster, Arthur Porter, Brian Harris. Accounts Inventory Clerk: Shrish Bhatt. Production Coordinator: Merle Chamberlin. Production Managers: Clifton Brandon, Robert Watts. Unit Production Manager: Eddie Frewin. Post-Production Manager: Ronnie Bear. Secretary to Ronnie Bear: Betty Parry. Production Assistant: Patrick Clayton: Assistants to Mr. Kubrick: Anthony Frewin, Andrew Birkin. Production Secretary: Iris Rose. PA/Secretary to Mr. Kubrick: Christine Mitchell. Pre-Prod. PA / Secretary to Mr. Kubrick: Vicky Ward. PA/Secretary to Mr. Lyndon: Daphne Paice. Assistant to Mr. Lyndon: Simon Bird. Assistants to Christine Mitchell: Jill Hollamby, Elizabeth Braby. Secretaries: Margaret Warrington, Monica Rogers. Production Dept. Secretary: Monica Rogers. Runner: Michael Murray. Typists: Domeny Bernie, Margaret Hattam. Assistant Director: Derek Cracknell. 2nd Assistant Director: Richard Jenkins. 3rd Assistant Director: Richard Hoult. Casting: Jimmy Liggatt. Additional Photography: John Alcott, Michael Wilson. Rostrum Cameraman: Dennis Hall. Additional Matte Cinematography: Richard Yuricich. Camera Operator: Kelvin Pike. Assistant Camera: Peter MacDonald. Focus Pullers: David Osborne, Bryan Loftus. Clapper/Loaders: John Campbell, Graeme Scaife, Terry Pearce. Camera Maintenance: Norman Godden. Grips: Don Budge, David Cadwallader. Chief Gaffer: Bill Jeffrey. Assistant Gaffer: George "Geordie" Walker. Electrician: Jed Murphy. Unit Stills Photographer: John Jay. Stills-MGM: Kevin Bray. Stills Filing Clerk: Keith Hamshere. Stills Technician: John Barnett. Special Effects Stills Printers: Graham Hooper, Dan McGowen. Dark Room Assistant: John Locke. Matte Camera Printers: Ron Wooster, Jim Budd, Jack Spooner. Special Effects Design Director: Stanley Kubrick. Special Effects Supervisors: Wally Veevers, Douglas Trumbull, Con Pederson, Tom Howard. Back Projection Supervisor: Charles Staffel. Optical Special Projects: Malcolm Kafetz. Special Effects Supervisor: Wally Gentleman. Additional Supervisors: Les Bowie, Charles Staffell. Special Effects Unit: Colin J. Cantwell, Bruce Logan, Bryan Loftus, David Osborne, Frederick Martin. Special Effects Unit: John Jack Malick. Front Projection Supervisor: Tom Howard. Special Effects Technician: Ron Ballanger. Special Effects Coordinators: George Pollack, Colin Brewer. Special Effects Dept. Secretaries: Valerie Kent, Delia Tindall. Special Effects Special Art: Roger Dicken. Special Effects Special Models: Douglas Potts. Special Effects Engineer: Ted Creed. Special Effects Assistants: Bob Cuff, Brian Johnson, Joy Seddon, Hilary Ann Pickburn. Special Effects Floor Camera Dept.: Bernard Ford, Brian Bennett, Peter Hannan, Terry Pearce, Bob Rickerd, Martin Brody, Special Effects Maintenance: Tom Welford. Airbrush Artists: William Davis, Trevor Lawrence, Alf Levy. Special Effects Runner: Toni Traynor. Blob Supervisor: Clive Sheperd. Blob Artists: Brian Wilsher, David Watkins, John Gant, Herbert Bailey, Peter Biggs, Ann Griffiths, John Horton, William Plampton, Hapugoda Premaratne, Dennis Smith, Gary Sinclair, Caird Green, Jenny Foster, Paul Haywood, Sarah Katz, Catherine Philby, Hilary Randall, James Wilkins, Fran Guye, Bob Nadkami, David Peterson, Livia Rolandini, James Simpson, David Temple, Roger Turner, Nigel Walter. Miniatures Cameraman: John Mackey. Miniatures Assistant: Phil Stokes. Technical Animation Specialist: Jimmy Dickson. Animation Stand: Edward Gerald, Martin Goldsmith, Jasieet Singh, Zoran Persic. Animation Artists: Bruce Logan, Roy Naisbitt. Editorial Assistant: David De Wilde. Assistant Editor(2nd Special Effects): Robin McDonnell. Editing Assistant: Robert Mullen: Art Director: John Hoesli. Art Department Assistant: Penny Struthers. Location Surveying: Jack Stephens. Set Dressers: Robert Cartwright, Jack Holden Draughtsmen, John Graysmark, Alan Tompkins, John Siddall, Tony Reading, Frank Wilson, Peter Childs, Wallis Smith, Martin Atkinson, Brian Ackland-Snow, Alan Fraiser, John Fennar. Engineering Draughtsmen: R. Burton, P. Jarratt. Scientific Design Specialist: Roy Carnon. Technical Illustrators: John Rose, John Young. Sketch Artist: Anthony Pratt. Art Department Secretary: Theresa Kendall. Art Department Typist: Anna Garrett. Production Buyer: Bill Isaacs. Stand-by Props: Tomy Ibbetson, Roy Cannon, Phil Lanning. Property Master: MGM-Frank Bruton. Construction Manager: Richard Frift. TMA-1 Construction: Gus Walker. Manager/Moon Construction Engineers: Les Hillman, G. Payne. Stand-by Carpenter: Reg Carter. Stand-by Stagehand: James Holmes. Stand-by Painter: Christopher Burke. Stand-by Plasterer: Henry Gomez. Plasterer’s Labourer: Stan Ogden. Stagehand Carpenter: Malcom Legge. Wardrobe Assistant: Duncan McPhee. Make-up: Stuart Freeborn. Make-up Supervisor: Charles Parker. Make-up: Graham Freeborn, Colin Arthur. Make-up Assistants: Muriel Rickaby, Kathleen Freeborn, Richard Mills, Hugh Richards. Chief Hairdressers: Carol Beckett, Alice Holmes. Assistant Hairdressers: Daphne Vollmar, Mibs Parker. Colour Timer: Harry V. Jones. Original Score (Replaced): Alex North. Master Plasterer: MGM-Wally Bull. Drapes-MGM: Jumbo Miall. Wardrobe: Hardy Amies. Wardrobe Master: John Wilson-Apperson. Assistant Wardrobe Master: David Baker. Wardrobe Supervisors: Eileen Sullivan, Mary Gibson. Music Editor: Frank J. Urioste. Dawn of Man: Choreography: Daniel Richter, Adrian Haggard, Roy Simpson. Sound Supervisor: MGM-A.W. Watkins. Sound Mixer: H. L. Bird. Recorder: Robin Gregory. Sound Camera Operator: Michael Hickey. Sound Maintenance: Neil Stevenson. Boom Operators: Bill Cook, Don Wortham. Chief Dubbing Mixer: J. B. Smith. Sound Editor: Winston Ryder. Assistant Dubbing Editor: Ernie Grimsdale. Negative Cutter: Alice Yendell. Scientific Consultant: Frederick I. Ordway III. Astronautics Advisors: Frederick I. Ordway III, Harry Lange, Richard McKenna. Technical Advisor: Ormond G. Mitchell. Unit Car Driver/Mr. Kubrick: Michael Connor. Unit Car Drivers: Ron Coldham, Terry Brown. Technicolor Contacts: Stewart Brown, Doug Haig. Laboratory Assistant: Colin Arthur. Print Librarian: Michael Round. Chief Projectionist: MGM-George Dunn. Engineering Shop: MGM-George Merritt. Catering: MGM-Sam Nolan. Additional Transport: Mac’s Minicabs, Elite Car Hire. Freight Agencies: Ashton Mitchell, Howlett, London Barnett, International Fowarders, New York. Stand-in: John Francis. Additional Stand-ins: Eddie Milburn, Gerry Judge, Brian Chutter, Tom Sheppard, Robin Dawson-Whisker. Leopard Trainer: Terry Duggan. Publicity Supervisor: Dan S. Terrell. MGM Publicity: Benn Reyes. Unit Publicist: Edna Thomas. American Publicity Rep.: Roger Caras. Secretary to Roger Caras: Elaine Simms. Publicity Artist: Robert McCall: Publicity/Art Dept. Liaison: Ivor Powell. Publicity Secretary: Hilary Messenger: Exploitation Designer: Christiane Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick’s Chauffeur: Jim Warner. Aerial Wire Work: Eugene's Flying Ballets.
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