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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Visit about Danish cinemas


Premium Wide Screen History Resources
The Swedish Widescreen Pages By Stefan Adler
American Widescreen Museum
By Martin Hart
Cinerama by Roland Lataille
From Script to DVD By Bill Kallay
70mm Film List By Bobby Henderson
The Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page
More than 100 years of film sizes
Dick Vetter about D-150 by Steve's Vacant Lot
Todd-AO and American Optical by Dick Whitney
Douglas Trumbull - His web site about his great vision

Cinemas, Exhibition and Boxoffice
Filmstarts German info on new and old releases
Silver Screens French site with very good links
Lumiere A French web site about cinemas and technique
Amsterdam 70mm Film History By Jan-Hein Bal
Dutch cinemas by Karel Dibbets
Zürich's Apollo Cinerama
Cinema and Theatre Historical Society, Victoria Australia
Theatre Historical Society of America Many useful links
Scott Norwood's:
US 70mm theatres and
Non US 70mm theatres
Gloria 1, Stuttgart, Germany By Frank Schiele's Kinotechnik
Biografinfo in Danish by Johnny Christian Rieck
Mapping Memory af Elsebeth Jørgensen
Sylvia Ballhouse Images of German Cinemas
Movie Theatre Reviews
Cinephoto UK
Empire @ Future Projections England)
Zurich's Apollo Cinerama 
The Redford Theatre
The Villa Theatre, Salt Lake City
WPI Lens and Lights club
Victorian Cinema
Regina in Bremen by
Heiko Dubiel
Movie Theatres US and Canada

Large Format Associations and Societies
Giant Screen Cinema Association
The Projected Picture Trust
Big Movie Zone
Large Format Film Web sites
"Baraka" | "Interstellar" | "Samsara" | "The Hateful 8"
News, History and Buzz
American Cinematographer by American Society of Cinematographers
LF examiner By James Hyder
Wide Screen Movies Magazine by John Hayes
Cinema Retro about movies from the 1960s and 70s.
Hollywood Lost And Found by Steve Lee
All Time World Box Office Chart As recorded by IMDB
French Cinema Forum in French
Projectionists forum in German, including Nostalgia thread and Gallery
Projectionists' playground by Brad Miller
French Projectionist forum
Swiss Projectionist Forum

Projectors, Speakers and Projection optics
Kinoton (Germany)
Kinoton (North America)
Equipment for cinemas, studios and special venue
Cinemaccanica Manufacturer of cinema projection equipment
International Theatre Equipment Association
JBL Professional Simply the best speakers
ISCO Optics Projection lenses and optical systems
Schneider Optics, Inc.  Precision optics for cinema projection
Harkness Screens, England
American Cinema Equipment, Inc.
Boston Light and Sound

Laboratories & Studios
Gulliver/Arane, Paris, France
FotoKem, Hollywood, USA
Kodak, Rochester, USA

Pinewood, England
Paramount Studio facilities
SONY Pictures Studio facilities
20th Century Fox Studio facilities
Universal Studio facilities
Warner Brothers Studio facilities
"Baraka" the official page
"Samsara" the official page
"The Master" official page, and TWC's page
"Where Eagles Dare" a tribute
"The Sand Pebbles" a tribute
"2001:A Space Odyssey" internet resource
The Underman View about "2001:A Space Odyssey"
Spirit of "Baraka"
Restoration of "Williamsburg -The Story of a Patriot"
The Cinerama Adventure By Dave Strohmaier & Martin Hart
Alpine Aromatics and Smell-O-Vision
The Digital Bits "starring" Robert Harris
Music for "Windjammer" - film of tall ship Christian Radich
Behind the Glass a film about projectionists
"Woodstock" in 70mm
John Mitchell's Cinerama set-up

The original Soundtrack
Varese Sarabande Soundtracks galore
Rhino soundtrack Classic soundtracks from MGM, Warner Brothers and RKO
Lalo Shrifin official site

Todd-AO Studios, Hollywood, USA
Datasat Digital Entertainment
Dolby Laboratories San Francisco, USA
John F. Allen's High Performance Stereo

65mm equipment & People
ARRI Group Go directly to the ARRI 765 65mm camera
Panavision, Inc Go directly to System 65
Super Dimension 70
Hawk lenses
IMAX Corporation
Simex IWERKS Entertainment
Stereo 70 70mm 3D in Russia
Camera Magica, DOP Morten Skallerud
Matthew Williams, DOP IMAX

Recently added links
Movie Posters DLH Collection
Movie stills
3-D Film Archive, LLC
Ian Price: Pictureville
Art of Brian Sander 2001
FilmoScopeFR by Olivier Rousseau
International Projectionist
Chinese Theatre, by Kurt Wahlner
Cinema Facades

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