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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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DP70s in Australia

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 27.05.2009
? David Grant (private)
  One DP70 (812).
Adelaide Fair Lady
  Two DP70 (2345+2370). Opened with "My Fair Lady" 09.03.1966. Closed and demolished 1989. DP70 to Cameo Cinema, Murray Bridge.
Adelaide Plaza (*»P)
  DP70 installed for "South Pacific" 12.11.1959. DP70 moved to Paris, Melbourne. Now a twin cinema.
Applecross Australian Museum of Motion Pictures and Television
  Two DP70 (1466+1469) installed 2016. From Plaza, Perth.

Clive Woodward posing with DP70 1466 & 1469 and ask the question: Do you know of the 'official' original colour for DP70 projectors?

What is the correct colour of a DP70?

Banora Point Brian Walters (p)
  Two DP70 (1788+2333) in private Esquire Theatre. 1788 from Esquire Theatre, Melbourne. 2333 from Redcliffe Drive-In. Projectors moved late 1999 to Brisbane.

The Wrath Of DP70 # 2333
Brisbane Her Majestys Theatre
  Two DP70 (2306+2309) installed 1965 for "My Fair Lady" 01.12.1965. Theatre closed 1983. Demolished. Also used for live theatre. DP70s to two private in Brisbane.
Brisbane St. James (*») / Paris
  DP70 installed for "South Pacific" 09.06.1960. Renamed "Paris" 28.07.1965 for the release of "The Sound Of Music" which played exclusively at this cinema for it's Todd-AO season. Closed 1980. DP70 to Hoyts, New Zeeland.
Brisbane Schonell Theatre (P)
  Two DP70 (2202+2349) installed 1989 came from a cinema in Canberra.
Brisbane Geoff Bielefeld (p)
  Two DP70 (1779 r+2306 l) 1779 from Regent Theatre, Perth. 2306 from her Majestys Theatre Brisbane. 
Brisbane Damien Farrell (p)
  One DP70 (2309+2408) from Her Majestys Theatre, Brisbane. 2408 sent to Lunar Drive-in Theatre Dandenong, August 2004. Mr. Farrell passed away, DP70 to Brian Walters, Brisbane
Brisbane Private (p)
  One DP70 (2401) from Southport Drive-In
Brisbane Private (p)
  One DP70 (2329)
Brisbane Brian Walters (p)
  Three DP70 (1788+2309+2333) in private Esquire Theatre.

Image by Brian Walters

2309 from Mr. Damien Farrell.
Brisbane Royce Goldsmith (p)
  Two DP70 (887+888) These projectors came from The Entrance Cinema In New South Wales Australia. Prior to the Entrance the were used by Hoyts Theatres in either the Paris Cinema or the Mayfair Cinema in Sydney. I am led to believe that they were imported second hand from Germany

2013 update
My Projectors have gone to a good home…a collector who lives 800 miles west of Brisbane

I was sorry to see them go, but have to be practical of what we can fit into a smaller house.
  Image by Royce Goldsmith, October 2000
Brisbane Western Drive In
  Two DP70 (2401+2408). Opened 10.11.1966 and closed 1988. DP70 to Southport Drive In, Gold Coast 1988.
Charlton Rex Theatre (P)
DP70 projectors as first installed at Charlton.  Photo by Jenny Pollard

Two DP70 (895+893). 424 seats down from 580

Canberra Civic Auditoriums
  Twin Cinema. 4 DP70 (2202+2348+2349+2381) installed 24.06.1965. DP70 2202+2349 to Schonell Theatre, Brisbane. DP70 2348+2381 to Gold Coast Arts Centre.
Dandenong Lunar Drive-In (P)
  Image by Peter Ricketts

Four DP70 (2343+2359+2370+2408) from David Kilderry 2001. 2408 from private in Brisbane August 2004.

We have now purchased DP70 serial 2370 from Ceduna, South Australia, ex Murray Bridge, Cameo, ex My Fair Lady, Adelaide. It is now a spare at our Lunar Drive-in Theatre, Dandenong in Melbourne, Australia and joins our other three DP70 projectors. We now have four, we’re getting to be one of the largest owners! Kind regards, David Kilderry, lunardrivein.com.au, 20 Apr 2007
Drillham Phillip Maddison (p)
  Picture by Phillip Maddison

Five DP70 (887 +888 +2309 +2329 +2401).

887+888 from Royce Goldsmith, Brisbane early 2013. Two machines were the first to be installed in Australia at the ''Mayfair'' in Sydney.

  Picture by Phillip Maddison

2329 & 2401....2309 was first in Redcliffe Di & then Toombul Cinema.

2401 was first in Oxley Di & then Southport Drive-In.

Gold Coast Southport Drive in
  Two DP70 (2401+2408). Closed 06.11.1995. DP70 of to private in Brisbane.
Gold Coast Gold Coast Arts Centre (P)
  DP70 projector #2348 at the Arts Theatre, Gold Coast Arts Centre, Queensland, Australia, on 24.09.2013. Image by Philip Grace

Two DP70 (2348+2381) from Civic Twin Cinema, Canberra.

DP70 Update from Australia, 2013

Hobart Avalon theatre
  Two DP70 (2343+2359). Moved to Capri Cinema, Shepperton
Leederville Luna Cinema, Cinema #1
  One DP70 (819) is sitting in pieces behind the screen
Melbourne Altona Drive In
  Two DP70 from Cleopatra, Melbourne. Closed and DP70 installed at Maribyrnong Drive in.

Image by Eric White, mid 1970s
Melbourne Australia Twin Cinema #1
  Two DP70 installed 31.08.1966. Screen 21" 3´ x 9" 3`.
Melbourne Charlton
  Two DP70 from Maribyrnong Drive in
Melbourne Cleopatra Theatre
  Two DP70. Machines from Plaza, Adelaide. Named Cleopatra for the release of the film in Todd-AO 27.02.1964. Later renamed Paris. Closed 1968. DP70 moved to "Altona" Drive in.
Melbourne Esquire (*»)
  Two DP70 (1779+1788) installed 05.02.1959. 1st film: "South Pacific" and "The Miracle of Todd-AO". 2nd Australian Todd-AO cinema. Closed 1974 projectors to Regent Theatre, Perth. No longer in existence.

Image from Eric White

I worked at the Esquire theatre in Melbourne for a short while in the mid 1970s. It was a large theatre. The screen was forty-two feet wide (fourteen metres) and was the largest indoor screen in Melbourne at the time. Todd-AO was installed in 1959 for SOUTH PACIFIC, apart from the Cinerama screen at the Plaza. (The first Cinemascope screen in Melbourne, at the Regent theatre, had been wider, but it was reduced in size after the first few Cinemascope seasons). The throw was about 150 feet (48 metres, approximately). The projection rake was almost horizontal, so there were no distortion problems. It was the most suitable cinema in Melbourne for conversion. Best wishes, Eric White, 29.09.2003
Melbourne David Kilderry (p)
  Two DP70 (2343+2359). Machines came from the Shepperton Capri cinema in June 1999. Machines sold to Lunar Drive-In theatre at Dandenong, Victoria, Australia 2001.
Melbourne Luna Drive-In #1 and #3
  Two DP70 (2343+2359). Machines into storage

Right DP70 Luna Drive-in #1, Melbourne

Left DP70 Luna Drive-in #3, Melbourne

Picture by: David Kilderry
Melbourne Maribyrnong Drive In
  Two DP70 from Altona Drive In, Melbourne. DP70 moved to Charlton, Melbourne.

Image by Eric White, mid 1980s
Melbourne Melbourne Arts Centre (P)
  Two DP70 (2346+2360) from anonymous Drive In, Portland. Machines moved 1998 to Fred Sandall, Traralgon.
Melbourne Rivoli Theatre (P)
  Two DP70 installed 01.06.1967
Murray Bridge Cameo Cinema (P)
  Two DP70 (2345+2370). DTS. DP70 2370 to Lunar Drive-In in Dandenong in June 2007
Perth Plaza
  Two DP70 (1466+1469)

Juli 2014, machines moved to AAMPT, Applecross
  DP70s 1466 & 1469 at the Plaza/Paris Cinema, Perth, WA, Australia. They last projected a film in 1983. Picture by Clive Woodward

Perth Regent Theatre
  Two DP70 (1779+1788) from Esquire, Melburne. Removed 1988. 1779 to Geoff Bielefeld in Brisbane. 1788 to Brian Walters, Brisbane.
Portland Anonymous drive in-cinema
  Two DP70 (2346+2360) 1980 until closure in 1984. Machines to Melbourne Arts Centre.
Redcliffe Redcliffe Drive-In
  Two DP70 (2329+2333) installed 23.12.1965 for "Can Can". Screen was 104 x 66 ft. 2329 removed 1974 and reinstalled in Toombol Cinema same year. 2333 went into storage until 1984 then sold to Brian Walters, Banora Point. Closed 1989.
Redcliffe Toombol Cinema
  One DP70 (2329) from Redcliffe Drive In, Redcliffe 1974. Closed 1989. DP70 to private in Brisbane.
Shepperton Capri Cinema (Victoria)
  Two DP70 (2343+2359). Installed for "The Fall of the Roman Empire" 1965. 600 seats. DP70 moved June 1999 to Private David Kildarre, Melbourne. Fred Sandall claims this: Two DP70 (2346+2360) from 1966 - 1980.
Shepperton Shepperton Drive In
  DP70 from Capri Cinema, Shepperton. DP70 moved to Melbourne Arts Centre, Melbourne.
Shepperton Village
  One DP70
Sydney Mayfair (*»)
  Two DP70 (887+888). 1st Todd-AO cinema in Australia. 1st film: "South Pacific" and "The Miracle of Todd-AO". Opened 26.12.1958. Closed 1976

There was some doubt that 887 & 888 were from the ''mayfair'' but this has been confirmed by Ken Robbins ''E.S'' who actually installed them in 1958: Philip Maddison, 02.09.2017

Assistant Projectionist Barry Ford threads Todd-AO 70mm film. Image by Philips

Sydney Paris (*»)
  Two DP70. Installed for "Solomon and Sheba" 10.12.1959. Closed 1976.
Sydney Penrith Drive In
  Two DP70. Opened 22.05.1966 and closed 1980s
Traralgon Fred Sandall (Private)
Two DP70 (2346+2360). Installed 1998.

Image by Fred Sandall
Victoria Charlton
  One DP70
Victoria Horsham Cinema 
  Two DP70 from Esquire, Melbourne.
Wollongong Regent Theatre
  Two DP70 (2377+2382) installed for "My Fair Lady" 30.06.1967. 1532 seats. closed
31 Jan 2004 and that at this point in time remains intact. I ran "My Fair Lady" and also ran the last show "Master & Commander" (only 35mm of course). Regards, Michael Kelly
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