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in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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DP70s in Denmark

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 14.06.2009
Aalborg Biffen
  One DP70 (2442) from Biografen, Nørresundby. Opened 02.04.1989. 51 seats, auditoria all black painted, 70mm on curved 18 ft screen. Dolby CP65 from 31.08.1992 and restored "Spartacus" in 70mm. "Baraka" in Todd-AO is the cinemas biggest success ever. SR.D, DTS and DTS 70mm. Closed 14 May 2009. Machine moved to new site Biffen Nordkraft #3

Image by Thomas Hauerslev
Aalborg Biffen Nordkraft #1
  Two DP70 (2170 l+1401 r). Opened 12. June 2009. Deeply curved screen is app. 9,37 x 4 meters. 90 Norwegian Skeie seats. Premiere films: "Chitis" and "The Reader".

Orla Nielsen & Thomas Hauerslev poses in front of the DP70, 13. June 2009 on the second day of operation. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

DP70 (1401), will be installed late 2009

Machines removed 2015 to Orla Nielsen storage.
Aalborg Biffen Nordkraft #2
  One DP70 (2458).

Screen 2 is opening (expected) 19. June 2009.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Machines removed 2015 to Orla Nielsen storage.

Aalborg Biffen Nordkraft #3
  One DP70 (2442) from Biffen in late June / early July 2009. Machines removed 2015 to Orla Nielsen storage.
Aalborg Europa Bio (*»)
  Two DP70 (1401+1403). Opened 15.08.1958. 70mm from 29.12.1959 with "Sleeping Beauty" on curved 47 ft screen. Closed 07.12.1980. Last film was "Spartacus" in 35mm. Concert hall today. DP70 to Nibe but never installed. Later sold to Orla Nielsen.

Image by Orla Nielsen
Aalborg Cinematographer Orla Nielsen (p)
  Seven DP70 (1401+1403+1763+2170+2171+2442+2458) from Europa Bio, Aalborg, Folketeatret, Århus and Rialto, Copenhagen. 1401 lent to Kinorevuen, Skørping, 1403 installed in private theatre, 2170 sold to Bent Refskier Svendsen, Aalborg, 2171 lent to Kino Hjallerup, 2442 installed in Biffen, Aalborg and 2458 to Kino, Hjallerup 30.09.1992-2004. 1763 from Hvalso Bio summer 2010.

Winter 2018/2019 Status: (1401+1403+2442+2458) 

DP70 823+824 from Biografen, Slagelse
DP70 1403+2458 in storage
DP70 1401 installed in JazzKino (Aalborg), 2017
DP70 1763 scrapped for spare parts around 2015
DP70 2170+2171 sold to BFI London. Removed from storage 19. December 2018
DP70 2442 to Gentofte Kino, May 2020.
Aalborg JazzKino
  One DP70 (1401). Installed 2017.

Aalborg Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum.
  One DP70 (1401). Installed 2003. Will be moved to Biffen Nordkraft #1 late 2009.
Aalborg Bent Refskier Svendsen, (p)
  One DP70 (2170) from Folketeatret, Århus via Orla Nielsen, Aalborg. DP70 sold & moved 16.09.1994 to Symfonien, Aalborg.
Aalborg Symfonien (P)
  Two DP70 (1403+2170). Opened 10.09.1994 with "Vredens Dag" and live orchestra. 2170 moved to Biffen Nordkraft May 2009.

Machines removed to Orla Nielsen 2015, and building demolished

Orla Nielsen & Thomas Hauerslev poses in front of the DP70s. Image by Thomas Hauerslev
Aalborg Øst Trekanten Kulturhus
  One DP70 (1401) from Kinorevuen, Skørping. Installed 1999 - 2002.
Copenhagen Thomas Hauerslev, private
  One DP70 (2171). Image from 1998 by Hauerslev

From Kino, Hjallerup, Denmark. Bought 04.10.1992. Bofa, Dolby CP50 and CP100. Installed 20 years in various rooms in a Frederiksberg flat. All electronics done by Bo Hansgaard. All sound by Alan Lyman and Stig Westergaard.

Many guests over the years have marveled at this machinery. Guests includes all family members and friends of the house, Richard Vetter, Todd-AO engineer Walter Siegmund, Carin Anne & Dave Strohmaier.

Machine taken down 02.07.2012 and moved back to Orla Nielsen's storage in Aalborg, Denmark.
  2171 going to retirement home in Aalborg, in Orla's caring hands. Leaving Copenhagen 2. july 2012.

I can come and visit "the old lady" as often as I want

By 2018 sn. 2171 was shipped to BFI London.

Copenhagen Imperial Bio (*»P)
  Six DP70 (1640+1644). 1102 Skeie seats installed summer 1998 during THX install. Opened 03.11.1961 with "Exodus" in 70mm.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Dolby CP200, SR.D, SDDS, DTS 6-track, DTS 70mm and JBL speakers. Curved 15,7 m Todd-AO screen. Biggest theatre in Scandinavia. 1179 Quinette seats installed 1988 (Originally 1521 seats).

Restored 70mm versions of "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Spartacus" have been shown with great succes. "Terminator 2" was shown i 35mm CDS in November 1991. SR.D installed 10.03.1993. First film: "Alive" 02.04.1993. 6060 people saw "Baraka" in Todd-AO in 1993.

Shown "Titanic" in DTS 70mm from January 23, 1998. Four DP70s for spareparts (1617+1622+2017+2018) removed to NFB Storage facility September 1998. 1622 exported to Pictureville Cinema, Bradford, England.
  DP70 1644 running "The Hateful Eight" 23. December 2015, part of a test and training.

Opening 4. January 2016.

DP70 1640 taken out 13.12.2011, stripped for parts and sent to scrap
Imperial Bio Scraps 70mm projector DP70 #1640

"The Master" (2013) and "Interstellar" (2014) shown in 70mm
Copenhagen Kinopalæet (*»)
  Two DP70 (2017+2018). Opened 26.12.1959 with 1225 seats, 2 Bauer U2 and a curved 23 metres Todd-AO screen.

It was the largest screen in Denmark at that time.

3-strip Cinerama from 31.08.1962-20.10.1963 and 1000 seats. 89 ft 146 degree Cinerama screen. Ultra Panavision 70 (70mm Super Cinerama theatre) and 1118 seats from 21.12.1963.

New 52 ft curved single sheet Todd-AO screen from 16.10.1972. Theatre closed 12.02.1981. Reopened 27.02.1981 and finally closing 15.03.1981.

DP70 to Bio Trio, Taastrup. Office block with A & C Cinerama projection rooms visible from outside, until 2001, when building was demolished.

Image by Jan Niebuhr
Copenhagen Nora Bio
  Two DP70 (1645+1646) from Villabyerne 1963. 70mm from 11.08.1963. 1184 seats. Theatre closed. DP70 to Bio, Vanløse. Converted to supermarket.
Copenhagen Palladium (*»)
  Two DP70 (1459+1473).

Image by Erik Hamre

Opened 18.01.1938. 70mm from 14.08.1960. 1410 seats. First 70mm was "Can Can" on 33 ft curved screen. Two Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 installed 1972. DP70 to Bio, Malling 1974. Theatre closed 1978 and demolished. New Palladium with three screens built on same site.
Copenhagen Rialto (*»)
  Two DP70 (2442+2458). Theatre opened 1924. 70mm installed 06.10.1966. First film in 70mm was "Doctor Zhivago". Played more than 2 years at Rialto. 737 seats. Closed 30.06.1980 with "Cleopatra" in Todd-AO version. DP70 to Orla Nielsen, Aalborg. Live theatre today.
Copenhagen 3 Falke Bio (*»)
  Two DP70 (823+824) and American Optical Cine Apergon lenses.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev

First Todd-AO theatre in Scandinavia. Purpose-built for Todd-AO. Opened to the public 24.10.1958 and played "South Pacific" and "The Miracle of Todd-AO" for 184½ week in Todd-AO. 1000 seats. 18,5 m screen with deep Todd-AO curve. Closed beginning of May 1981, last film was "The China Syndrome". Reopened 02.11.1981 and closed again 14.12.1982. Last film was "Spartacus" in 35mm. DP70 to Scala, Slagelse. Live theatre today. Projection room demolished.
Farum Villabyernes Drive-in (*»)
  Two DP70 (1645+1646) First Drive In in Denmark. Opened 07.06.1961. Have never shown any 70mm. DP70 moved to Villabyernes Bio during winter 1961/62 and 1962/63. Philips FP7 and 6500 watts Zeiss lamphouses from 3 Falke bio. Original Aschcraft Super Cinex lamphouses now installed in Drive-In in Stockholm, Sweden. Cinema closed and replaced by three new screens next door.
Gentofte Kino (P)
  One DP70 (2442). Opened 30.03.1938. DP70 from Biffen Nordkraft #3. installed May 2020.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Gentofte Villabyernes Bio (*»)
  Two DP70 (1645+1646). Opened 29.02.1956 49 ft screen with CinemaScope curve. 70mm from 1961. DP70 to Drive In, Farum summer of 1961 + 1962. Theatre demolished. DP70 to Nora bio, Copenhagen.
Hjallerup Kino (P)
  Two DP70 (2171+2458) from Orla Nielsen, Aalborg. 35mm only. 2171 taken out 30.09.1992 and replaced by 2458. 2171 to Thomas Hauerslev, Copenhagen 03.10.1992. 2458 taken out and returned to Orla Nielsen summer 2004.
Hvalsø Hvalsø Bio & Kulturhus
  One DP70 (1763) from Lido in Vejle.

Montage by Martin Tanggaard

DP70 moved into projection room 26.04.2001.
  DP70 #1763 image by Darren Briggs in June 2010.

DP70 taken out and moved to Orla Nielsen, Aalborg, Denmark during summer 2010
Malling Bio (P)
  Two DP70 (1459+1473). Opened 1943. 70mm from 20.11.1974. First film in 70mm was "Where Eagles Dare". DP70 from Palladium, Copenhagen.

Flat 16 ft screen. Dolby CP65 + Dolby MPU1 from 16.07.1992 with "Hook" in 70mm. DTS November 1994 with "Speed". SRD Octobr 1995 with "Crimsom Tide". SRD-EX August 1999 with "Star Wars Episode 1" .

Summer 1999, 70mm for the first time in 3 years with "Baraka" and "Out of Africa".

#1473 taken down 23.01.2011 to make room for digital projector. Sad day for Per. #1459 taken down 14.05.2012. Both machines had been in service from 1960 - 2012.

Both machines moved to Slagelse, Denmark to private collector.

Image by Per Hauberg
  Two DP70 (1459+1473).

Per Hauberg and his DP70, 17. June 2022. Image: Thomas Hauerslev

Machines returned to Mallling 2020. #1473 reinstalled fall 2021, and ran 70mm again 21. november 2021. "Out of Africa".

in storage

Nørresundby Biografen
  Two DP70 (2442+2458) from Rialto, Copenhagen replaced two Victoria 5 in 1985.

"Tonya and Lara". Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Closed 29.11.1987. Theatre converted to photoshop. DP70 to Orla Nielsen, Aalborg.
Odense Grand (*»)
  Two DP70 (1617+1622). Opened 21.08.1958. 70mm from 06.02.1961. First film in 70mm on 43 ft curved Todd-AO screen was "Porgy and Bess". Closed 10.12.1987. DP70 to Imperial bio, Copenhagen for spareparts. Theatre rebuilt to a disco Grand Palace and then closed again. Office in projection room. Now a super market.
Skørping Kinorevyen (P)
  One DP70 (1401) from Europa bio, Aalborg. Only 35mm but with 4-track magnetic sound. DP70 on loan from Orla Nielsen, Aalborg. Projector re-installed in Aalborg 1998.
Slagelse Private
  Four DP70 (823+824+1473+1459). #1473 and #1459 imported from Bio in Malling by mid May 2012. #8233824 from Biografen, Slagelse. Private passed away in 2020, and 823+824 went to Aalborg (DK) and 1473+1459 went back to Malling (DK)
Slagelse Biografen
  Two DP70 (823+824) from Scala, Slagelse. 70mm on 10 m flat screen from fall 1993. Biografen closed 30.12.2003

After closure, machines went to Private in Slagelse

Image by Keld P Andersen

Machines moved to Aalborg 2020.

Slagelse Scala
  Two DP70 (823+824) from 3 Falke bio 1986. 70mm from late 1969, Victoria 8. Theatre closed 1989. DP70 moved to Biografen, Slagelse.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev
Taastrup Bio Trio #4 (P)
  Two DP70 (2017+2018) from Kinopalæet, Copenhagen. Only 35mm. Taken out October 1992 and replaced by 2 Bauer U4 from closed Cinema 1-8. DP70 to Imperial bio for spares during April 1993.
Vanløse Bio
  Two DP70 (1645+1646) from Nora bio, Copenhagen ca 1976. Opened 02.03.1962. Only 35mm on 12 m curved screen. New CinemaScope lenses spring 1994.

Cinema closed around 2005 and demolished

See the cinema

Image by Thomas Hauerslev
Vanløse Restaurant Basement
  One DP70 (1645). Came from Bio in Vanløse. Now used as decoration in the restaurant and has been painted with black paint.

Image 02.05.2011 by Thomas Hauerslev
Vejle Lido (*»)
  Two DP70 (1763+1764). Opened 14.05.1955. Todd-AO from 08.01.1962.

Image by Martin Tangaard

First film was "South Pacific" on 14 m curved screen. 3 screens from 1977 and only 35mm. 70mm can easily be restored in original screen #1 if 70mm prints will be available. In 1999 and 1993 70mm prints were available but 70mm was not restored, however. DP70 1763 to Hvalsø Bio & Kulturhus April 2001.

Lido is closed and has moved to a new location. DP70 #1764 still at original site, which has been turned into a gym.
Århus Folketeatret (*»)
  Two DP70 (2170+2171) from March 1965. Opened 22.12.1956. First 70mm film "Fall of the Roman Empire" on 11,8 m curved screen.

Projection room ca 1987. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Rebuilt to 3 screens. DP70 removed and sold to Orla Nielsen, Aalborg. Victoria 5 instead. Closed and now supermarket.
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