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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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With a lot of help and support from
The Cast of DP70 Characters

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Written by: Thomas Hauerslev, editorDate: 07.05.2020
DP70 friend Francois CARRIN at age 24 in 1969 next to EMPIRE Cinerama's DP70.

George Abbot (USA), John Anastasio (USA), Peter Andrén (Sweden), Andrew (Mew Zealand), Stefan Adler (Sweden), Christian Appelt (Germany), Claude Ayakawa (USA), Jesper Åkesson (Sweden), Bob Amick (USA), Alex Asp (England),

Luc Barthelemy (France), Michael Berg (Denmark), Vimart Bertrand (France), Craig Binnebose (USA), Gerhard P. Bierling (Holland), Robert Blatter (USA), David D. Bogorad (USA), James Bond (USA), Herbert Born (Germany), Serge Bosschaerts (Belgium), Willem Bouwmeester (Holland), David Boyd (USA), Brian O'Brien, Jr (USA), Kris Brunton (USA), Rúnar Páll Brynjúlfsson (Iceland), Tim Burke (USA), Ton Beetz  (Holland)

Jørgen Carlsen (Denmark), Travis Cape (USA), Francois Carrin (France), Steve Cartlidge (England), Gerardo Cortés (Spain), Jim Cassedy (USA), John D. Carver (USA), Mathew Coenen (Holland), David Coles (Australia), Mitchell E. Cope (USA), Bill Counter (USA), Vernon Cramer (USA),

Alysson DeFaria (USA), Ralph Daniel (USA), Thomas Deg (England), Robert G Dickson (USA), Torsten Dubeil (Germany), John Duddy (England), Philip Dye (USA), Emiel de Jong (Holland)

Graeme Edwards (Australia), T J Edwards (USA), Marshall Ellenstein (USA), Magnus Elm (Sweden), Bob Endres (USA), Mark Engebretson (USA)

Tom Fermanian (Canada), George A. Flaxman (England), Hans Frahm (South Africa), Raimund Fritz (Austria), Fred Fullerton (England),

Bill Gabel (USA), Royce Goldsmith (Australia), Steve Gomez (USA), Eduardo Cesar Gomez (Argentina), Anthony Grimani (USA), Mark Gulbrandsen (USA), Steve Guttag (USA), Jean-Pierre Gutzeit (Germany) & Hans (Germany), David Grant (Australia), Steve Grimley (England), Bryce Gibson, New Zealand), Martyn Green (Far East)

J D Hamil (USA), Peter H (USA), Howard Spencer Hampton (Australia), Peter Hall (England), Craig Hansen (USA), Dion Hanson (England), Doug Harley (New Zealand), Robert A Harris (USA),
Howard B. Haas (USA), Harry de Haas (Holland), R. Michael Hayes (USA), Hans Haenssler (Germany), Fredrik Henn (Sweden), Brad Haven (Australia), Craig Hyland (USA), T.J. Hopland (USA),

David Johnson (Australia), Darryl G. Jones (USA), Thomas Jönsson (Sweden), Gunnar Johansson (Sweden), Ian M. Judge (USA)

Scott H. Kalata (USA), Steve Keenan (England), Ben Kehé (USA), Douglas Kell (England), Michael Kelly (Australia), Colin C Kennett (Australia), David Kilderry (Australia), Kinoton Hamburg (Germany), Hardy Ketterer (Switzerland), Nantavat Kittiwarakul (Thailand), Albert Knapp (Germany), Anton P Kotte (Holland), Steven Krams (USA), Steven Kraus (USA), Mats Kullander (Sweden), Steve Kathan (USA)

Phil Lamb (England), Thomas Larsen (Hollywood), Robert Leader (USA), Philippe Laude (France), Dan Leimeter (USA),
Tony Laing (Scotland), Martin Lipow (USA), Matt Lutthans (USA)
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DP70 - The Todd-AO Projector
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70mm Projectors

Mark Lensenmayer (USA), Dominik Lepuschitz (Austria), Kevin Lewis (England), Tony Laing (Scotland), Tom Lipiec (USA), Hans van der Vlist (Holland), Grant Lobban (England), Georges Loisel (France), William Luca (USA), Matt Lutthans (USA), Marin Lyhagen (Sweden),

Alain Malherbe (France), Dean Mardon (New Zealand), Erik Le Mahieu (Holland), Sean F. McKinnon (USA), Ed Mauger (England), Sean F. McKinnon (USA), German Marin (Venezuela), Nicholas Matonak (USA), William Menke (USA), Paul Michels (USA), Tak Miyagishima (USA), Brad Morris (USA), Vic Moyneur (______), Christopher Mondt (Germany), Greg Müller (USA), Rick Miller (USA), Robert Minichino (USA), Bob Meza (USA), Joe Murray, (USA)

Orla Nielsen (Denmark), Scott Norwood (USA)

Franz Oberthaler (Austria), Jan E Olsen (Norway), Chris O'Kane (Scotland), Oliver Oschman (USA), Feargus O'Raghallaigh (Ireland),

Clemens Pagel (Switzerland), Dave Parr (England), Florian Pausch (Austria), Robert Perlmutter (USA), René Pfaff (Denmark), Matthew Powel (USA), Jim Perry (USA), Philips Company (Holland), Brion Paccassi (USA), Barrie Pick (England), Matthew Powel (USA), Randy Pryde (USA), Christofer Psilander (Sweden),

Peter Ricketts (Australia), John Pytlak (US), Paul Rayton (USA), George E Read, (USA), Olivier Revert (France), Erjki Riimala (Finland), L Rieupey (France), Ian Rintoul (England), L Rieupey (France),
Florian Rohwetter, (Germany)

Fred Sandall (Australia), Bruce Sanders (USA), Ruslan Sarvarov (Russia), Stefan Scholz (Germany), Gerhard Scholz (Germany), David Seagal (USA), Carlos Serrano (Chile), John Sharp (England), Larry Shaw (USA), Michael Shaw (USA),
Norman Shetler (Austria), Jens Siebert (Germany), Walter Siegmund (USA), Joao Jose Damiao Sousa e Silva (Madeira), Sigfried Seeliger (USA), Aaron Sisemore (USA), Mick Stephen (England), John Stewart (USA), Larry Storey (USA), Keith H Swadkins (England), Don Sykes (England), Torkell Sætervadet (Norway), Jørgen Søndergaard (Denmark), Steve Scott (USA), Jerry Smith (USA)

Martin Tangaard (Denmark), N Thompson (England), Robert Throop (USA), Norbert Thäder (Germany), Bernard Tonks (England), Archibal Tuddle (Germany), Gilbert Travin (France), John Templeton (USA)

Dr. Richard Vetter (USA), Patrick de Vries (Holland), Jean-Pierre Versure (Belgium), Rich Vincent (USA), Hans van der Vlist (Holland)

Ben Wales (England), Stephen Walsh (Australia), Oren Walter (USA), Brian Walters (Australia), Robert Weisgerber (USA), Gerhard Wellein (Germany), Anders Westerberg, (Sweden), Gr. Harry Westervoort (Holland), Gary Wm. Weyers (USA), Rick Wilde (England), Trevor Wilson (Australia), Carey Williams (USA), Kenneth Williams (USA), Wade Williams (USA), John Williamson (USA), Hans-L Wisskirchen (Germany), Andrew Wither (England), Anton Witzel (USA), Paul E. Vollmers (USA), Peter Wollny (Germany), Johan Wolthuis (Holland), Peter Woods (England)

Vince Young (Australia),

Yves _____ (France)

Mike Zaiontz (USA), Fir Suidema (Holland)
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Updated 11-11-23