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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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Panoramic Film Presentation in Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic, 2019
Looking back at 2019 at the time of the COVID19 virus

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Ivan Školuda, Slovak RepublicDate: 04.07.2020
"The experience of open-air 70mm is different from the experience in a classic cinema. It is hard to explain. Come and try for yourself."

Projectionist and
Panoramic Film Presentation organizer Ivan Školuda next to the 70mm projector. Picture by Martin Dubovsky

The first year of the Panoramic Film Presentation took place at the Amphitheatre in Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic in 2016. The aim of the presentations was to enable local visitors from Banská Bystrica, and also from nearby towns and villages, to come and take part of a series of unique screenings of classic film prints. In today's digital age, seeing a classic film on film is becoming increasingly rare, and it is almost impossible to experience the "royal format" of 70mm. There are very few 70mm prints available (preserved or new prints), and locating a cinema with a functional 70mm installation and people to operate it is even harder to come by.

2020 schedule. Yes, an actual 2020 film event!:
24.07.2020 Friday "Joker" USA (2019)
25.07.2020 Saturday "Alien" USA/GB (1979)

• PDF: Panoramic Film Presentation 2020

• Go to 2019 gallery: Panoramic Film Presentation in Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic, 2019

There are very few 70mm festivals in Europe, and it involves a lot of effort and money to organize such a program. The show in Banská Bystrica in the Slovak Republic have several characteristics which makes it significantly different from other 70mm shows in Europe. It is an open-air show, and at the same time also the smallest 70mm film festival, with only two film screenings taking place during two evenings. It is the only (known) and regular open-air presentation of 70mm films in Europe. The Amphitheater in Banská Bystrica is the last known large out-door summer cinema in Europe, which can also show 70mm wide films. The screenings take place on a gigantic 32 x 15 meters panoramic screen, with a beautiful city view of Banská Bystrica in evening light behind it.

• Go to "Out of Africa" in 70mm on Karen Blixen's Lawn
• Go to ”Hamlet” in 70mm at Kronborg Castle

The open-air cinema is only operational during three summer months every year, and apart from the quality of the film, the biggest element that influences the overall result are the weather conditions. The success of the presentations depends on reasonably good weather. A little rain during the day, or a cold evening breeze will greatly affect the number of spectators. The weather in 2019 was like no other year. Wonderfully sunny and high temperatures most of the time. All this contributed to a good mood and higher attendance by the local audience.

The shows of 2019 were exceptional in several respects. Film distributors confirmed all the planned titles, which is extremely unusual, and we were faced with the decision of what to do. In the end, we decided to extend the 70mm season by one day. It turned out to be a good decision. The festival is primarily intended for local audiences and we try to prepare the program accordingly. Fans of the 70mm format are mostly in the minority. We were also pleasantly surprised to vellcome fans of 70mm film, whom we know from other 70mm film shows in Europe. We clearly had the largest participation from abroad in the last four years.
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Panoramic Film Presentation in Banská Bystrica

Go to PDF:
Presentation 2020
Presentation 2019
Presentation 2018

The Short history of the Amphitheatre in Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic

70mm in the Slovak Republic

Kino Mir 70's 7OMM Seminar Krnov

Open-air 70mm cinema Mír in Chrudim, Czech Republic

A Magical Evening with "Out of Africal" in 70mm on Karen Blixen's Lawn

”Hamlet” in 70mm at Kronborg Castle

Internet link:


BB Amfiteáter
Cesta na amfiteáter 494/2
974 01 Banská Bystrica
Slovak Republic
The festival is primarily intended for local audiences and we try to prepare the program accordingly. Picture by Martin Dubovsky

On this occasion, our photographer Martin Dubovský loaded some medium format Eastman 6x6 film into one of his vintage cameras for capturing the essence of the film presentations on real film. The 6x6 medium format is largely the same size (width) of 65mm motion picture film, which was used to photograph films like "Dunkirk" and "Tenet". The guest from the Czech Republic, Peter Bunata, also decided to make a short documentary about our shows on his authentic 35mm film motion picture camera. Of course, as always, Pavel Tomešek from Kino Mir 70, in Krnov (Czech Republic), helped a lot.

2020 is already marked by cancellations of 70mm festivals throughout Europe. Despite the fact that the situation around the world is not favorable to cinemas, and booking of interesting titles is a challenge, we are still working to complete the shows in July 2020. We hope that the weather will behav and the Corona situation will not get any worse. Our first priority is the safety of our guests and staff, so we will all be able to enjoy the "Splendour of 70mm" under the open night sky. The experience of open-air 70mm is different from the experience in a classic cinema. It is hard to explain. Come and try for yourself.

Go to PDF:

Panoramic Film Presentation 2020
Panoramic Film Presentation 2019
Panoramic Film Presentation 2018

Cieľom prehliadky je každoročne umožniť filmovým návštevníkom z Banskej Bystrice a aj blízkeho a ďalekého okolia zúčasniť sa unikátneho premietania z klasického filmového pásu. V dnešnej digitálnej dobe je to z roka na rok väčšia rarita. Vidieť premietanie z klasického filmu sa stáva čoraz väčšou vzácnosťou. A vidieť "kráľovský formát" je skoro nemožné. Zachovaných a aj nových filmových kópií je veľmi málo a funkčnej, premietaniaschopnej 70mm techniky ešte menej. 70mm prehliadok je v Európe veľmi málo a zorganizovať takúto prehliadku stojí značné vynaložené úsilie a aj finančné prostriedky. Prehliadka v Banskej Bystrici ná niekoľko špecifík, ktorými sa výrazne odlišuje od ostatných prehliadok v Európe. Za prvé, nakoľko sa premieta pod holým nebom, je to najmenšia prehliadka filmov. Za dva večery sa uskutočnia dve filmové projekcie. Každý večer jedna. Za druhé, je to jediná pravidelná prehliadka 70mm filmov pod holým nebom, nakoľko Amfiteáter v Banskej Bystrici je posledné známe veľké letné kino v Európe, ktoré môže a aj premieta 70mm panoramatické filmy. Projekcie sa uskutočňujú na obrovskom panoramatickom plátne 32x15 metrov s nádherným výhľadom na večernú Banskú Bystricu.
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Updated 03-04-23