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"Baraka" cast & credits

This article first appeared in
..in 70mm
The 70mm Newsletter

Compiled by: Thomas Hauerslev
Issue 67 - March 2002

Original title: Baraka. Danish title: Baraka. Filmed in: 65mm 5 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Todd-AO 70mm. Presented in: Todd-AO. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 1992. World Premiere: Montreal World Film Festival. Montreal, Canada, 30.08.1992. London premiere: MGM Haymarket, 16.07.1993, 2:30, 5:30 & 8:30. Benefit performance for "Friends of the Earth" the 15.07.1993. Danish premiere: 04.06.1993. Cinema and play times: Imperial Bio, Copenhagen 12:00 - 14:15 - 16:30 - 19:00 - 21:15 (04.06.1993-17.06.1993). Additional DK premieres: Bio, Malling (02.08.1993-15.08.1993). Biffen, Aalborg (01.11.1993-21.11.1993). 

Mark Magidson. Director: Ron Fricke. Concept and scenario: Ron Fricke, Mark Magidson, Bob Green. Director of photography: Ron Fricke. Film editors: Ron Fricke, Mark Magidson, David E Aubrey and Alton Walpole, using the Case Video Editing System. Music: Michael Stearns. Location sound recording: Michael Stearns, David Brownlow, Alton Walpole, Bruce Simballa, Bill Mitchell. Production company: Mark Magidson Films, Inc. Supervising producer: Alton Walpole. Production coordinator: Linda Giella. Producers representative: Norman B. Katz (The Norkat Company, Ltd.). Original treatment: Genevieve Nicholas, Constantine Nicholas, Ron Fricke. Concept consultants: Ruth Strassberg, Peter Russel. Todd-AO consultants: Richard Vetter, Lee Parker. First camera assistant: Sam Guam Tee Tong. Camera assistant: Bill Mitchell. Video consultant: Sarah Gartner, Miguel Grunstein. Aerial mount: Continental Camera Systems, Inc. Custom changing bags: Camera Essentials, Patti Harrison. Key grip: Bruce Simballa. Video effects: The Post House. 70mm motion control time-lapse camera designed & constructed by: Ron Fricke. Manufactured by: Magidson Films Inc. Motion control and computer program: John Clark & Michael R. O'Gara & Art Tanaka (Athena Systems, Los Angeles, California). Parts machined by: Garo Eskenian & Duc Nguyen & Walter Jochum (Moldex Metric), Dave Garcia (Dav-Co Precision). Manufacture supervision: Joshua Tamir, Aron Tintfass. Additional electronics: Jim Sorensen. Additional camera modification: Reinhard Lichter. Assistant editor: Gay Browning. Additional editing: Alton Walpole. Video editing system: Case System (ASC Video Corporation). Video to film conversion: Conform-It Software. Video to film conversion consultant: Lee Parker. Musical direction: Michael Stearns. Percussion overdubs: Miguel Rivera. Music research: Grant Wakefield. Sound effects design and supervisor: John Morris. Sound effects editor: John Joseph Thomas. Kecak audio production & editing: Miguel Rivera. 70mm magnetic audio layback supervision: Ammiel Najar. Sound editing facilities: Acme Soundworks, Electric Melody Studios, Fantasy Studios, Stone Age Technology. Sound recorded at: M'Ocean Studios, Marina Del Ray, California, Sonora Recorders, The Village Recorder. Soundtrack mix: Matthew Ladarola - Mixer (Skywalker Sound). Sound transfers: Skywalker Sound (Tom Sherlock, Robert Jansen, Jeffrey Payne, David Lomino, Joe Piantadosi). Milan soundtrack recorded at: M'Ocean Studios, Marina Del Ray, California. Milan soundtrack mastering: Joe Gatswirt, OceanView Mastering, Los Angeles, California. Foley artists: Margie O'Malley, Jennifer Myers. Foley engineers: Eric Thompson, Michael Semanick. Dolby consultant: Steve Smith. Locations: Alaska, Arizona, Australia, Brazil, California, Cambodia, Colorado, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kina, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, New Mexico, Peru, Poland, Thailand, Turkey & USA. Shooting period: More than 13 months. Entire production took 48 months. Location coordinators: Michael Scott Davis (Australia), Dudu Continentino, Flavio Somogyi (Neon Rio, Brasil), Michael Freeman, Chhay Song Heng (Ministry of foreign affairs, press dept., Cambodia), Yang Hua Don (China Film co-production Corporation), Jia Qi, Ren Yafei (China), Carlos Saavedra, Orlando Falco (Trans Galapagos, Inc., Ecuador), Magdi Youssef, Afaf Fawzy (Media International Center/Mic, Egypt), Marcel Castera Kahn (Why not productions, France), Barry Rivers (Teamwork Communications/Maui, Hawaii), John Lamond Jr., Salon Films (H.K.) Ltd., Hong Kong), Mohamed Shafi (India), Lorne Blair, Lawrence Blair (Indonesia), Amir Esfandiari, Jalal Khosroshahi, Shahram Asgari (Iran), Zvika Haen (The El Raz Company, Israel), Carlo Timpanaro (A & C - Communications S.R.L., Italy), Bebe Hiroko Ishikawa, Junko Ogura, Kennedy Taylor, William Word (Virgin Earth Inc., Japan), Jimmy Mukora (Cineset Productions, Kenya), Mouse McConnell (Robin Hurt Safaris, Kenya), Farouq Abdulaziz (Omar Productions, Kuwait), Thomas Laird (Nepal), Mel Lawrence (New York), Elzbieta Pyrich (The World Monitor, Poland), Kamonwan Sonsomsook Wilson (Thailand), Fatih Aksoy (Istanbul Film Agency, Turkey). 

Location research:
Robin Smith. Location production assistance: Alaska: Janet Fries (Pacific Communications and Marketing), Arizona: Susan Sand, Gail Wasserman & Karen Scates & Brenda Sperduti (American Express), Colonel Rianda (United States Air Force), Kee Long (Navajo Nation, Office of broadcast services), Thunderbird Lodge, Peabody Coal Company, David S. DeYoung & Vicki Miller (Kit Peak National Observatory), Australia: Jim Mann, Michael Boon & Terry Slack (Slack & Boon), Alan Walker & John Chesher (Jet Aviation Pty. Ltd.), Peter Aland, John Willis (Mutitjulu Community, Uluru National Park), Brasil: Lincoln Continentino Filho, Marisa Gandelman, The Kayapo Indians of Al Aukre, California: Lexine Alpert, Cambodia: Daniel Kahrs, Po Sivatha, Satharn Pairaoh, Yeang Sokhan, Meas Youna, Vicki Gregory, Chum Bun Rong & Hor Sothoun (Ministry of foreign affairs, Press department), China: Shen Zhihua & Zhany Zhengzheng (China Film Co-Production Corporation), Luo Zhengang & Di Rongan (Cultural Bureau of Shaanxi Province), Mo Zhoubao & Zhong Ming (Guilin Foreign Affairs Office), Yu Jingshen, Director Yuan Zhongyi (Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors & Horses of Qin Shi Huang, Xian), Song Zhenxing (Foreign Exhibition Department, Ancient relic bureau, Shaanxi Province), Zhou Gui Qing (Quilin Foreign Affairs Office), Colorado: Superintendent Robert Heyder (Mesa Verde National Park), Equador: Carlos Saavedra Jr, Carlos E. Arcos, Patricio Suarez, Jr, Jack Stein Grove, Alcides Rugel, Hector Heredia & Jaime Diego Jarrin (Ecuatoriana Airlines), Patricio Suarez (Saeta Airlines), Eye of the world photography, The crew of the M/Y Amigo, Egypt: Aly Helmy, Salah Fahmy, Meridien Hotels, Soad Kotb, The Egyptian Air Force, France: Jacques Kahn, Architects of monuments historiques (Chartres and Reims), Clergy and personnel of Chartres and Reims Cathedrals, Hawaii: Bob Green, Chief ranger John Erickson (Volcanos National Park), Chief ranger Karen Newton Ardoin (Haleakala National Park), Trudi Zelko (Hawaii 2000), Manager Charlene Goo (Keauhou Beach Hotel), Hong Kong: Allen Wan, Philip Lee, India: Hari Sewak Dwivedi, Samir Das, Dhavala Mallik, Archeological survey of India, Ministry of external affairs, Goverment of India, L. Kamaraj, Laxman Persad, Indian Airlines, Mr M.Y. Ansari, Varanasi city police department, Satkar travel lines, Jeena Company, Indonesia: Rasmini Gardiner, Sid Perret, Jaka Setiawan, Rio Helmi, George Wordsworth, Director general of tourism Joop Ave, Peter Pangaribuan, garuda Airlines, Her royal highness princess Koes Moertiyah, Mas Bowho, The palace of the Kasunanan, Organizing committe of the sekaten Festival, The Sekaten festival, Iran: Babek Fardfar (Harmonic Images, Los Angeles), M Ibrahimi (Iranian consualte general, Rome, Italy), M Zamani (Interests section of the islamic republic of Iran, Washington, D.C.), Israel: Ulrike Haen, Shimon Sabach - Key Grip), Shriki Yitzchak, Church of the holy Sepulchre, Their excellencies the heads of the greek, armenian, coptic and latin churches - The western wall authorities, Halil, Italy: Dante Colitta, Gavino DeVilla, Mrs. Marjorie Weeke (Social communication council of the Vatican), Japan: Terry Shiraishi, Robert George, Deki Goto, Mr. Yakawa (Global Air), Mr. Imaizumi (Daigai Building), Mr. Nojima (Izumi-Yu), Ann Sano, Imagica, Kenya: B.J. Boulter, Mara River Camp Ltd., Ministry of information and broadcasting, Directorate of civil aviation, Norok County Council, Kuwait: Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait Ministry of information, Kuwait Information Center - Cairo, Egypt, Mexico: Juan E. Garcia & Associates, Nepal: Broughten Coburn, Lee Birch, Sonam Gyalpo & Jhan Man Lama (Mountain Travel Nepal), Anil Gurang, Kancha Morjan, Tsewang Lama Sherpa, Dawa Tamang, Kumar Raj Gurung, Chetanath Adikari, Kala Tamang, Triratna Vajracharya, Royal Nepal Film Commision, Ministry of communication, Bharat Bahadur Adhikary, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Targay, Hotel Everest View - Charter flight coordinator D.R. Pandy, Shangrila Hotel, New Mexico: Kee Long (Navajo Nation, Office of broadcast services), New York: Carlo Ontal, New York Department of corrections, Sgt. J. Reilly & Sgt. S. Albury (Greenhaven Correctional Facility), Port authority of New York and New Jersey, Metro North Commuter Railroad, New York Department of sanitation, World Trade Center lasers - Science Faction N. Y., The Rockefeller Group, The Helmsley building - 230 Park Avenue, Helmsley Spear Company and the Empire State Building, Taro Yukitake, Peru: Sonia Arispe & Mario Rivas & Francisco Salomon (Cinematografica Proyeccion), Marggie Castellano & Marco Aristando (Explorandes), Poland: Rudolf Janota, Director Jerzy Wroblewski (Auschwith Museum), Specialist Adam Wozniak & Deputy Specialist Andrzej Macherzynski (Brobrek Steelworks), Simon Wiesenthal Center - Los Angeles, NOVA, WGBH - Boston, Thailand: Surat Sribuapeun, Public relations Department, Religious Affairs Department, Turkey: Aylin Ayar, Electrician Ali Salim Yasar, Electrician Alihan Kutlar, Driver Yasar Enes, The Association of Galata Mevlevi Temple, Contemporary lovers of Mevlana, USSR: David Gamburg (Illusion Pictures), Utah: George "Bego" Gerhart, Larry Campbell, Mike Welch, Moab Film Commission, Superintendent James Webster & Ranger Paul Cowan (Arches National Park), Ranger Tony Schetzsle (Canyonlands National Park). Production assistants: Chris Corkins, Kimber Hightower, Brian Kennedy, Nicole Nanos, Ken Neal, Kurt Frey. Legal: Greenberg, Glusker, Claman, Fields & Machtinger. Production accounting: Beverly Soo Hoo (Gorelick, Uslaner, Matzner & Freed). Assistant accountant: Public relations: Jerry Pam (Guttman & Pam Ltd.). Production office manager: Janice Mathewson. Insurance: Tom Putnam (Curland Peterson). Aerial pilots: Africair, Z Boskovik Air Charters Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya, William J. Silaa (Autair Helicopters (EA) Ltd. Nairobi, Kenya), Ashraf Osman (The Egyptian Air Force, Cairo, Egypt), Capt. Raymond Anderson & Capt. Gregory Nutt (Evergreen Helicopter, Portland, Oregon/Kuwait),Goverment of Rondonia, Rondonia, Brasil, Capt. Douglas Cavanaugh (Heliservices HK Ltd., Hong Kong), John Greenway & Nick Harrington (Hilo Bay Air, Hilo, Hawaii), Roger Hortop (Rotor Air Services, jabiru, Australia), Tom Moorehead & Dennis Baker (Southwest Helicopters, Tucson, Arizona). 

Travel Arrangement: Plaza Travel, Evelyn Handler. Additional travel arrangements: Hoffman Travel. Special thanks: Shirley Magidson, Nina Cooper, Moldex-Metric, Inc. Pre-production coordinator: Shelly Palmer. Post production consultant: David Bartholomew. Post production supervisor: Alton Walpole. Post production coordinator: Gay Browning. Opticals: The Chandler Group, Imagica. Main title design: Michael D. Gibson. End credit by: Pacific Title. Typography by: Hollywood Title Services. 70mm film to tape transfer: Crest National Laboratory & Video Image Inc. Original soundtrack on: Milan 74321 15306-2. Laserdisc on: MPI CLV 7060. DVD on: MPI DVD 7060.

Film stock: Eastman 96 & 48. Shooting ratio: 10:1. Negative conforming: James Sheridan, Peter Yanovitch. Processing: DeLuxe Laboratory. 70mm film assembly: David Bartholomew. 70mm prints: DeLuxe Laboratory. Color timer: Bill Pine. Recorded in: Dolby "A" Six Track magnetic stereo with stereo sourround (format 43). 70mm running time: 96 min. Meters: 3292 Feet: 10,800. Danish distributor: Pathe - Nordisk Film Distribution AS.

Awards: "Best Picture" (Hors Concours) International Film Critics Jury Award Montreal Film Festival 1992. Synopsis: Baraka is an ancient Sufi word with forms in many languages. It is simply translated as a blessing, or the breath or essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds. Baraka, the epic non-verbal film, tells the story of the earth's evolution, man's diversity and interconnection, and his impact on the planet. According to director Ron Fricke, "It is a journey of rediscovery that plunges into nature, history, the human spirit, and finally into the realm of the infinite". The film was shot in 70mm in 24 countries, in such diverse locales as Brazil, Nepal, Cambodia, Kuwait, India, Tanzania and Iran (soundtrack text). Miscellaneous: 6060 people saw the film at Imperial Bio, Copenhagen. Net gross was DKK 311.930,00. Press performance at Imperial Bio Wednesday 02.06.1993 at kl 10:00 am. Celebrity performance Thursday the 03.06.1993 at Imperial bio, Copenhagen at 21:30. The print cost USD 6000 dollars. 1. and 2. reel was exchanged due to a scratch. The print was used. Also see "Koyaanisqatsi" (1983), "Chronos" (1985) and "Sacred Site" (1986). Articles: American Cinematographer, November 1993 s. 58ff. "..in 70mm - The 70mm Newsletter" Issue 62 - 2000 "Todd-AO At Sea".

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