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"Samsara" Cast & Credits

The 70mm Newsletter
Faithfully adapted for for in70mm.com from a PDF of "Samsara"'s credit roll by Magidson Films. Special thanks to Anders M Olsson, Sweden. Date: 01.09.2012
Original title: Samsara. Filmed in: 65mm 5 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Panavision System 65. Presented in: Digital 4K Projection (from Panavision Super 70). Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 2011. World Premiere: Toronto Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 11.09.2011. US preview premiere: 01.02.2012, Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, CA. Irish Premiere: 18.02.2912, Dublin International Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland
UK premiere
: 29.04.2012 Widescreen Weeekend, Bradford.
Commercial Run:

German premiere:
19.08.2012 Schauburg Cinerama, Karlsruhe, Germany. Wide release: 23.08.2012.

US Release:

UK release:
07.09.2012. .

Danish release:

Directed and photographed by Ron Fricke. Produced by Mark Magidson. Edited by Ron Fricke, Mark Magidson. Original music composed by Michael Stearns. Original music composed by Lisa Gerrard, Marcello de Francisci. Concept and treatment written by Ron Fricke, Mark Magidson. Musical direction by Michael Stearns, Mark Magidson. Line producer Myles Connolly. Associate producer and additional editing John Chandler Earle. Imaging producer Christopher Reyna. Production coordinator Michelle Peele.

Gaffer/first assistant camera John Chandler Earle. Second assistant camera Alexander Falk. Additional camera assistants Justin Thomas Ostensen, Stephen Franklin, Siddhartha Abbazzi. Lead researcher Linda Giella. Consulting producer Dan Halsted. Special thanks Stefania Magidson, Nina Cooper, Moldex-Metric, Inc.

Featured portraits and performers Balinese Tari Legong Dancers - Indonesia, Ni Made Megahadi Pratiwi, Putu Sri Candra Dewi, Putu Dinda Pratika. Tattoo Daddy - USA, Marcos Luna. Professor and Robot clone - Japan, Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro. Man at desk - France, Olivier de Sagazan. Ladyboys of Cascade bar - Thailand. Geisha - Japan, Kikumaru. Cebu Provincial Detention Center - Philippines, Crisanto Neire - Lead Dancer. US Army Veteran - USA, Staff Sergeant Robert Henline. 1000 hands goddess dance - China, Tai Lihua - lead dancer.

Location production Brazil Copacabana Films & Productions, Bianca Costa. China Teneighty Productions Ltd., Producer - Noah Weinzweig. Denmark Ceenema, Kim Hansen. Egypt Semat Production & Distribution, Hala Galal. Ethiopia Camerapix, Ltd., Salim Amin. France Jean-Manuel Vignau. Ghana Paperkut Limited, Winifred Hmensa. Hawaii Mick Kalber, Ann l. Kalber. Hong Kong Samanna Lui. India On The Road Productions, Dileep Singh Rathor, Sushil Tyagi. Indonesia Rasmini Gardiner, Bali Film Center, Deborah Gabinetti. Israel Suha Arraf. Italy Panorama Films, Marco Valerio Pugini, Ute Leonhardt. Japan Virgin Earth, Inc., Richard Kipnis. Jordan Film Crew TV Productions, Ghassan Salti. Mali Amadou Thiam, Touré Ousmane Diadié. Myanmar Sonny Nyunt Thein. Namibia Moonlighting Films, Genevieve Hofmeyr, Dylan Voogt. Phillipines, Maria Polotan. Saudi Arabia, Madarat Productions, Zulfikar Shahnawaz. South Korea, Bang Singapore Pte Ltd, Keiko Bang. Thailand Bullet Productions, Miles Johnson, Thananath Songchaikul. Turkey, Aydan Özbalkan. United Arab Emirates, Filmworks Dubai, Tim Smythe, Leigh Clarke.
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Friday August 24, 2012 NY Times

Music: Vocals
Lisa Gerrard. Charango, viola, percussion Marcello de Francisci. Vocals on "Pagan", "Katrina", "Organics", and "St Peters" Vidia Wesenlund. Flutes on "food chain" Don Markese. Persian ney flute on "Dubai" Amir Pakrooh. Dharamsala monk recordings David Brownlow. Bell collection Paul Abell.

Source music consultant Zuleikha Bethami. Music clearances Music Resources, inc., Nancie Stern. Soundtrack re-recorded at Ross 424, Inc. Re-recording mixer Matthew Iadarola. Recordist Kaspar Hugentobler. Music mixers Michael Stearns, Marcello de Francisci. Additional music engineering James Orr. Music editors Michael Stearns, Kaspar Hugentobler. Sound design Michael Stearns, Miguel Rivera. Supervising sound editor Miguel Rivera. Sound effects editors Miguel Rivera, Angelo Palazzo, Jon Johnson. Foley recorded at Monkeyland Audio. Foley artists Rick Owens and James Baily. Foley mixer Greg Mauer. Additional foley Michael Magidson. Location sound recording John Chandler Earle, Michael Idioma, Michael Magidson, Will Staszak.

"Bali Dance" and "1000 Hands"
Based on "Omaha Clear Skies"
From the cd "Star Songs" © 2010
By Bonnie Jo Hunt & Ron Sunsinger
Bonnie Jo Productions &
Sunsinger Productions

Written & performed by Keith Jarrett
Published by Cavelight Music (BMI)
Courtesy of ECM Records

"La Ilaha Illah Lah/Nigun le Mashiakh"
Composed and performed by Yuval Ron
Published by Yuval Ron Music (Ascap)
Courtesy of Yuval Ron Music

"Shengshik Pema Jungney"
Written & performed by Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts
Courtesy of Hannibal Records
By arrangement with Warner Music
Group film & tv licensing

"Byssan Lull, Koka Kittelin Full"
From the album "Night Light"
Performed by Vidia Wesenlund
Published by Stone & Star Publishing (BMI)

"Sayat Nova"
Written & performed by Dijan Gasparyan
Published by EMI-Virgin Songs, Inc.
Courtesy of All Saints Records

Performed by Ayub Ogada
Written by Ayub Ogada, Mbarak Achieng
Published by Womad Music, Ltd
(Admin by EMI-Virgin Songs, Inc.) (BMI)
Courtesy of Real World Records

"Call to Prayer"
Performed by Radio & Television Symphony Orchestra of Bosnia Herzegovina
Arranged by Resad Arnautive
Published by Sounds True
Courtesy of Sounds True, Inc.
Sand Mandala-Ladakh, India. Image by Magidson Films Inc.

Location production assistance and services Africa: Moonlighting Films. Brazil: Steffen Ohnemüller • Paola Hehl • Celio Alves Feitosa • Aurelino Alves dos Santos • Marcelo Lourenco Borba • Waldir Luiz Dias • Paulo Moreira. China: Nina Huang Fan • Mr Gao - Deda Group Co. Ltd • Wei Feng - Tagou Wu Shu Academy • Chen Ya Gin - Eupa • Lu Ya - Eupa • Xu Oh - Gaffer China Deaf People's Performing Art Troupe. Denmark: Kenneth Sand • Mikael Kern • Moesgård Museum - Birgit Møberg • Silkeborg Museum - Ulla Eriksen • Pauline Asingh • Gunnar Duus • Per Posenkrantz Fuglsang • Torben Brandt Sørensen • Peter Jüregensen. Egypt: Ayman Hussein • Mohammad Gaber • Youssef Serag • Dahy. Ethiopia: Mark Muthee • Girma Welde • Mideksa Tesfaye • Tedla H. Maria • Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris • Nassos Roussos • Dereje Chane' • Fethi Yahya. France Pierre Pinglier • Carol Lecacheur, Notre Dame de Paris • Thyra Oarda, Centre des Monuments Nationaux • Christopher Wride • Nadine Pluvieux • Antoine Roucher • Martine Meron • Monsieur Poisson, Compagnie du Mont-Blanc • Mssr Royboz • Claude Marin, Service Départementale de L'architecture et du Patrimoine • Mme Krigel, Yellow Cab Studio • Steven Ghouti • Eric Lesachet. Ghana Victor Donkor • George Hammond • Muniru Kawawa • Samuel Odai Afotey • Kwame Frimpong • Kwame Yeboah • Maniq Owusu • Malik Ayaye. India Odpal d. George • Emmanuel Pappas • Manjari Makijany • Salman Shaikh • Mohamed Abbas • Peter George • Zangpo • Mohamed Nazir • Stobdan • Tutun Kau • Deepak Kantharia • Bk Kotian • The monks of Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh.

Ineke indriyani • Iwan Setya Budiman
Fx sigit widyananto • Nyoman Budiartha
Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Republic of Indonesia
Bapak I Nyoman Budi Artha • Province of Bali, Indonesia
John Hardy Jewelry, Ltd. • The sulphur miners of Kaweh Ijen
Ministry of Forestry, East Java, Bali • Province of East Java, Indonesia

Ahmad Sub Laban • Nahed Dirbass • Rafat Sub Laban
Ehab Hamaam • Kiko Cohen • Ofer Kimel

Francesca Cingolani • Alessandro Pantano
Pontificio Consiglio Delle Comunicazioni Sociali
Dottor Angelo Scelzo • Dottoressa Riccioni
Fabbrica Di San Pietro • Dottor Pietro Zander

B.H. "Bebe" Ishikawa • Claudianna Blanco • Kaori Ikeda
Noriko Ansell • Miki Toda • Rie Amano
Osaka University
Atri - Kyoto • Professor Nishio
Yk Tsuchiya Shokai • Hideo Tsuchiya • Nobuyuki Kodama • Mr. Aoki
Toshimaen/Hydropolis • Kazuo Arai • Shinichi Kudoh

Husni Maoof • Mustafa Masadah • Jamil Abu Miri (Jouj)
Mahmoud Farajat • Arwa Maoof • Ahmad Alaya
Al Nawras Maritime Agencies • Royal Film Commission of Jordan
Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities • Petra Authority

Carl Livermore • U Nyi Nyi • U Kyaw On Than
Balloons over Bagan • Brett Melzer
Popa Mountain Resort • Gracious Myanmar Travel

Francois Cois • Jaco van der Westhuizen • Eddie Bamm
Fritz Schenk • Francois Theron • Claudia Odunlaye
Clinton de Villiers • Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Camel Thorn Safaris • Namdeb Diamond Corporation

Ruby Ruiz • Gwen Garcia, Governor of Cebu Province
Byron Garcia, Warden, Cebu Provincial Security
Arms Corporation of the Philippines • Commodore George S. Chua, PCGA

Saudi arabia
Adel Aladulkarim • Abdulaziz al-Nafeesah • Rafa Khan
Ministry of Culture & Information • Giwar Company & Zamzam Tower

South korea
C.S. Kim • Mark Russell • Hyundai Glovis Co., Ltd.
UN Command Security Battalion • Republic of Korea Armed Forces
Hyundai KIA Automotive Group

Tanatrod Moondang • Piyaluk Lak • Natcha Nilsrisai
Kittichart Amrungsab • Apiradee Thongprachang • Nonjuree Obsuwan
Rachaen Suwannapan • Anusorn Anantarat • Arnarm Phumaradee
Pitsanu Lertpongthai • Nares Manaowan • Kong Boonyaritpongsa • Noo Dee
Thailand Film Office, Department of Ttourism

Melih Basara • Ghassan Salti
Mt. Nemrut National Park
Emrullah Hatipoğlu, the Imam of the Mosque of Sultanahmet

United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Ayesha Chagla • Kaya Smythe • Saddam Badreddine • Khaled Zaazouh
Mat Shramm • Bader Mansoor • Emaar Properties • Jumeirah Group
Majid al Futtaim Properties • Nakheel Properties • Shangri-La Hotel Group

United states

Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation • Lori Lee Sekayumptewa
Effie Yazzie • Stanley Crank • Carolyn Bigthumb
Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures • Vance Swartz
Jay Truman • Dalton Oberbeck
Navajo National Monument
Nancy Skinner, Usnps • Adeline Salt, USNPS • Orville Sisco
Nicolette Cisco • Naomi Yellowhair • Shawn Big • Avery Shortman
Jason Bradley • Michael Stewart • Roland Brady
Kent Parrish • Kent Parrish, Jr. • George Sisco

Associate producer/Los Angeles Michael Neale

Electricians Hillary Hanak
Brian l. Hauge

Grips Igori Kamoev
Travis "Trigger" Huston

Aadlen Bros. Auto wrecking company • White Mountains National Forest
Usda Forest Services • Frances Alvarado • John Louth
Mono Basin National forest scenic area
Inyo National Forest, USDA Forest Services • Jon Kazmierski
U.U. Department of the Interior • National Park Service
Yosemite National Park • Sue Clark, USNPS • Dan Williams, USBPS

Electronic recyclers international John Shegerian • Linda Ramos
Anthony Borges

Associate Producer/New Orleans Alton Walpole
Vanessa Vassar • Jennifer John • Philip Braun
Bryan Gardiner • Jake Springfield • Robert "Bear" Molitor

Arches National Park
Annie Corson, USNPS program support
Sharon Brussel, USNPS program support
Joe Kiffmeyer • Cooper Henderson • Dave Baker • Bryce Till • Chad Thomas
Dagou Hagemann • James Butler • Bill Schroeder • Brian Vazquez

Seonaid B. Campbell • Brian Branton
Yellowstone National Park
Karen Mcenearney • Brianna Rogers • Staci Vallie
Här kommer två filer med credits från Samsara konverterade till text.

samsara.txt är en vanlig textfil i 8 bitars ansi-format.

samsara1.txt är samma text i unicode.

Orsaken är att det finns tre specialtecken ("accented characters") som inte går att representera i 8 bitars ansi-format, utan som måste ha unicode för att de ska återges rätt. I ansi-versionen har jag helt enkelt bytt ut dessa tecken mot vanliga tecken utan accent.

The "G" in HATIPOGLU should be an uppercase "G" with breve accent

The last "A" in HARAM should be an uppercase "A" with a macron

The "S" in NEVSEHIR should be an uppercase "S" with cedilla
Filming Petra in Jordan in 65mm. Image by Magidson Films Inc.

Additional research
Rose Hlaing Faissal, Peggy Robinson, Kennedy Taylor, Keith Harmon Snow, Cary Ann Strelecki, Gayle Peck, Heather Coker, Mila Marvizon, Marianna Yarovskaya. Production assistants Paul Harper, Will Staszak, Ryan Key, Aaron Krinsky, Derek Ostensen.

Filming locations

Angola Epupa Falls.

Se metro station, São Paulo • Paraisópolis favela, São Paulo
Divino Salvador church, São Paulo

Changchun city, Jilin province • Zhengzhou city, Henan province
Shanghai • Zhangzou city, Fujian province • Beijing

Denmark Moesgård Museum • Silkeborg Museum • Mariesminde Poultry Farm • Bøgely Svineproduktion.

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities • Great pyramids of Giza • City of the Dead.

Omo Valley.

Château de Versailles • la sainte chapelle • Mont Saint Michel •
Mont Blanc • Aiguille du midi • Paris métro •
Cathedral de Notre-Dame de Paris • Cathedral de Notre-Dame de Reims

Street scenes - osu, accra • "sodom and gomorrah", accra
Kanikwei coffin shop, accra

Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong Hotel. India Thiksey Monastery, Leh, Ladakh. Indonesia Tri Pusaka Sakti Art Foundation • Kawah Ijen Sulfur Mine. Israel Church of the redeemer, Jerusalem • Nablus checkpoint, West Bank • Wailing wall, Jerusalem • Bethlehem.

Galleria vittorio emanuele, milan • teatro alla scala
Convento dei cappuccini, palermo • basilica di san pietro in vaticano

Osaka university • atri - kyoto • yk tsuchiya shokai
Fushimi inari shrine - kyoto • toshimaen/hydropolis, tokyo
Yoyogi park, tokyo • lotte kasai golf, chiba
Orient kogyo showroom, tokyo • yk tsuchiya shokai doll factory
Atr kyoto - advanced telecommunications
Research institute international

Sunday August 19, 2012 NY Times


Great mosque of djenné • dogon village, bandiagara escarpment
Cliff dwellings near terelli

Bagan, mandalay • mingun temple • popa taungkalat monastery

Kolmanskop, lüderitz • sossusvlei, namib - naukluft national park
Himba village, kunene • skeleton coast

Payatas trash dump, quezon city
Cebu province detention and rehabilitation center, cebu city
Arms corporation of the philippines • manila streets

Saudi arabia
Al-masjid al-harām, mecca

South korea
Demilitarized zone, panmunjom • hyundai glovis co., ltd. Shipyards, seoul

Cascade go-go bar, nana plaza, bangkok • siriraj medical museum, bangkok

Mt. Nemrut national park, adiyaman • cappadocia, nevşehir province
Mosque of sultanahmet, istanbul

United arab emirates - dubai
Ski dubai • dubai mall • burj khalifa tower
Burj al arab hotel • palm island development

United states

Betatakin, navajo national monument • antelope canyon
Secret canyon • hunt's mesa

Aadlen bros. Auto wrecking, sun valley
Ancient bristlecone pine forest, bishop
Mono lake, mono basin national scenic area • yosemite national park
Burger king, long beach • electronic recyclers international, fresno
Costco, van nuys • johann dairy, fresno • nikken corporation, irvine
Ymca, los angeles • los angeles national cemetery

Kilauea volcano, hawaii

Ninth ward, new orleans

Arches national park • canyonlands national park

Yellowstone national park
Special thanks to
The performers, portrait subjects & extras

Marcella corolina domingos • lucas da silva • samba jesus silva
Sandra jesus silva • marurina de jesus silva • vilma pereira da silva

China deaf people's performing art troupe • shao lin academy
Tagou wu shu featured students
Liu zhi hao • yan chao an • zhang yao • wang baocheng
He heng • zheng cheng long • li pengxi • zhang hao • wang tao

Mursi Tribeswoman, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.
Image by Magidson Films Inc.

Villages of the karo, hamr, bume, and mursi tribes

The monks of thiksey monastery

The sulphur miners of kaweh ijen, java

Dalila bruzzone - galleria shopper
Olga landi - galleria shopper

Jess kitaoka • taeko kanai • kinya ueno
Roku yumenaka • tadashi kaneda

Tjikoko village • villages of the himba tribe

Donna jean s. Esteban
Mynna n. Lim - female guard/cebu prison
Cebu provincial detention center - dancers
Arman gamayon - choreographer
Oscar quilaton • antionio gallarde • james michael bontia
Macario cambarijan • nelson panucat • rodello nava
Ramie albino • roel vender • neil garido
Anthony davirao • ruel piayo • jeffrey requieron
Raul gorgonia • domingo casanes • ramil cahigas
Egan torrecampo • danti laguna • benjamin eugenio
Frankie maxilom • julian aicaba • renante rabor
Ralph avenido • mahinay • roleto arnejo
Giovannie nemenzo • jimbert tayong • angelito aliviado
Johnny lobosada • renante benabye • rigie sanpedro
Jerson sasil • roel degamo

Ladyboys of cascade bar
Weerapol warewungol • nattawut nimanong
Natee boonsawat • suriyan jampachan
Somkiat duangpiang • badin harnchanameechai
Akara promyotha • poomsak seemamuang
Sasapak boonrueng • niwat maisomklang
Angsuthorn dangmanee • karnchanok jamsawang
Wasan suadsakul • ekachai peeraban
Napat boontawong • nada boonpan
Ariyada simacharn • chuichai jatsamrong
Premvivarn sitalart • surarat meechan
Tatchaya tipchak • patiya sitpornwetkul
Choochai wongnuangvang • jakkapong polchai

United states: Marcos Luna Family • Ashley Olivarez • James Bales • Robert Musso • Malley Musso • Macaulay Musso • Blanca Orloff • George Orloff • David Z. Stamp • Eva Martinez • Ale Munguig • Rachael Sousa • David E. Sanchez • Greg Lopez • Jennifer Mather • Collin St. Dic • Stacey Newsome • Ami Haruna.
Cameras by Panavision®. System 65®, Super Panavision 70®, Shot with Panavision HSSM 65mm high speed cameras. Greg Reilman - 65mm camera service manager. Ken Barrows - 65mm senior camera engineer. Dan Sasaki - 65mm camera lens designer & engineer. Michael Delatorre - camera prep tech. 65mm motion control time lapse camera system Designed by Ron Fricke Lead machinist Shane Combs, Motion control software programming Rob Greiner - smart engineering.

Aerial operations: Brazil Aircam Special Systems - Sao Paulo, Homero Martins • Viktor Martins. Dubai Helidubai • Dylan Goss • Barry Smith. France Aerial Camera Systems • Benoit Dentan • Basile Longchamp. Los Angeles Briles Wing & Helicopter • Peter Mckernan • Steve Koster. Namibia Airborne Camera Experts - South Africa, Gert Uys • Chris Lomax. Gyro-stabilized aerial mounts provided by Nettman Systems International. Bob Nettman • Ron Spongberg • Peter Graf.

All "Samsara" images were photographed entirely on 65mm film, digitally oversampled at 8k ultra high resolution, and mastered for 4k digital cinema release. Post production supervisor Christopher Reyna. 65mm film services by Fotokem. Operations Andrew Oran. Lab manager Jeff Heacock • Technical Director Vince Roth • Telecine operator Robert Tomaszewski • 65mm color timer Kristen Zimmerman • 65mm ocn lineup Sara Pasanen • data transfer editor Erin White. 4k image processing by Spy Post, a Fotokem company. Supervisor Darren Orr. Senior producer Amy Hollywood Wixson • Producer Jenny Head Appleton • Flame compositor Greg Gilmore • digital paint artist Micole Toyloy. 4k image processing by Griffiti Studios. Producer Paul Winze • supervisor Rob Nederhorst • Digital artist Sean Cox • digital artist Frank Fieser. 8k scanning & 4k image processing by Fotokem Digital Film Services. General manager Bill Schultz • Head of digital production John Nicolard • Producer Daniel Rapo • producer Sue Alexander •  Scanning Les Meek, Rick Lopez, Paul Mcghee • 65mm line up Mike Griffin, Jay Cox • digital artist Rene Simen. 4k digital intermediate services by Colorworks. Di colorist John Persichetti • Di producer Maureen O'connor • Di conformists Benjamin Sutor, Jason Saulog • color science Chris Clark • Di assists Kevin Lomet • Cat Rowe • Gwili Wilson • Data management Andy Chua • Greg Mucino • Tim Heugele • Digital artist Jesse Morrow • Engineering Jim Houston • Grant Jansen. 65mm vision film stock by Eastman Kodak. Main and end titles by Picture Mill. Designer David Clayton • Jr. Designer Iris Azadi • animator Nelson Yu • 3d animator Jonathan Block • producer David Midgen

Conform QC editor William Young. Internet presence consultant Elly Jonez. Internet presence assistant Michelle Grenier. Travel arrangements:  Altour Sha Fernando • Nancy Dennell • Sandra Broughton. Carlisle travel Jerry saxe • Scott Leyrer. Travel now - south africa Ross Pallatt. Visa services Intercontinental Visa Service - Rachel Siegal. Insurance Bachrach & Associates • Shel Bachrach • Ron Hess • Christine Wright. Legal Greenberg Glusker • Jonathan Sokol • Lapidus, Root, Franklin & Sacharow, Llp • Henry W. Root • Barkin Smith • Jill Smith • James Hornstein • Clark Mccutcheon. Production accounting Gorelick & Uslaner, Beverly Soo Hoo, William Osborne. Dolby sound consultant Trevor Ward. Thank you:  David Magidson • Michael Magidson • John Hardy • Cynthia Hardy • Vivian Vivona • Joe Hall • Manuel Cadaval • Deanna Born • Camille Celluci • Iris Ichishita • Bob Bailey • Chris Cookson • Jumeirah Group • Le Royal Meridian Hotel Shanghai • China Deaf People's Performing Art Troupe • Tagou Wu Shu Academy • Mr. Wei Feng • Janice Evans • Nick Bonner • Genevieve Nicholas • Constantine Nicholas • Bob Green • Lyra Cooper • Jessica Camper • Springhill Crutchman • Andrew Stearns • Brendon Stearns • Kabira Evans • Michael Freeman • Rasmini Gardiner • Thomas Laird • Robin Hurley • Marc Salomon • Ryan Creasy • Candace Chatman • Rene Ruilova • Robert Harvey • Bob Beitcher • Tak Miyagishima • Bill Turner • Dwight Lindsey • John Orphan • Darren Lambert • Omer and Irfan Totonji • Crest Turdjian • Leonard Williams • Bill Broderson • Bob Semmer • Paul Chapman • Douglas Greenfield • Verway Family • Dottor Pietro Zander • Father Barone • Robert Solomon • National Park Service • U.S. Department of the Interior.

Panavision System 65 camera overlooking China. Image by Magidson Films Inc.

Filmed with
Panavision® cameras & lenses. Kodak motion picture film. Fotokem®. Colorworks. Griffiti Studios. A Fotokem company. Spy. Dolby® 7.1 Surround In selected theatres. Datasat Digital sound In selected theatres. ©2011 Magidson Films, Inc. A Production of Magidson Films, Inc., Culver city, Ca. Additional information www.barakasamsara.com

Recorded in: Dolby 7.1 Track. 4K running time: 100 min. UK distributor: Arrow FilmsUS Distributor: Oscilloscope. German Distributor: . Danish distributor: ______.

Awards: ________.

SAMSARA is a Sanskrit word that means “the ever turning wheel of life” and is the point of departure for the filmmakers as they search for the elusive current of interconnection that runs through our lives. Filmed over a period of almost five years and in twenty-five countries, SAMSARA transports us to sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial sites, and natural wonders. By dispensing with dialogue and descriptive text, SAMSARA subverts our expectations of a traditional documentary, instead encouraging our own inner interpretations inspired by images and music that infuses the ancient with the modern.

Expanding on the themes they developed in BARAKA (1992) and CHRONOS (1985), SAMSARA explores the wonders of our world from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of man’s spirituality and the human experience. Neither a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, SAMSARA takes the form of a nonverbal, guided meditation. Through powerful images, the film illuminates the links between humanity and the rest of nature, showing how our life cycle mirrors the rhythm of the planet.

The filmmakers approach non verbal filmmaking with an understanding that it must live up to the standard of great still photography, revealing the essence of a subject, not just its physical presence. SAMSARA was photographed entirely in 70mm film utilizing both standard frame rates and with a motion control time-lapse camera designed specifically for this project. This camera system allows perspective shifts to reveal extraordinary views of ordinary scenes. The images were then transferred through the highest resolution scanning process available to the new 4K digital projection format that allows for mesmerizing images of unprecedented clarity. SAMSARA will be a showpiece for the new, high-resolution 4K digital projection, the HD format, as well as standard digital and film projection.

Also see "Koyaanisqatsi" (1983), "Chronos" (1985), "Sacred Site" (1986) and "Baraka".

American Cinematographer, ________________ ".
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