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DMX digital presentation

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Bill Kallay Date: 27.10.2007
SDS 70mm frame

I attended the DMX digital presentation last night, and I have to say...


If you can make it up to Westwood, there is another screening at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday at the National on Lindbrook.

I'll just say that SDS-70 and the DMX systems blow away any digital, and possible film presentation, that I've seen in recent years.

There is no "strobing/rainbow" effect that I've associated with digital projection in the past. The picture is rock solid, yet looks and feels like 70mm film. The picture is BRIGHT. There is depth to the picture and excellent color.

The only loss of detail, and this may just be my eyes playing tricks on me, were in the Grand Canyon scenes of the terrain...but this is so minimal I'm sure no one will notice this. The nighttime shots of Times Square look better than the night footage I've seen from the high quality Viper camera (the DMX demo was shot in 65mm).
More in 70mm reading:

Super Dimensional Xperience

Super Dimension 70

Reformatting films in SDS-70┤s "DMX" Process

Internet link:

Super Dimension 70

Super Vista Corporation
245 East 93rd Street, Suite 32 A
New York
NY 10128

+1 212 369 5035
+1 212 348 4136 (fax)

Los Angeles +1 818 789 1065


The program

*Short intro from Robert Weisgerber, inventor of SDS-70 and DMX

*Original SDS-70 short with Walter Cronkite

*DMX version of that same clip

*Comparison of 35mm (SDS-70) footage with DMX

*35mm converted to DMX (and I think you'll be very surprised with the high quality)
*Surprising "up-rez" of a classic John Wayne film

*The sound is uncompressed and is identical to the audio master

In other words, this format does everything I've hoped digital presentation would do. You might appreciate my enthusiasm because a system like this makes movies fun. My rave comes from being a fan of film and 70mm presentation. This was very impressive and makes me now comfortable that there is a digital presentation worth seeing and raving about.

Again, I don't own stock in Robert's company, nor am I employed by him. He is a good friend of mine, as is his partner, Barrie O'Brien. This endorsement comes from being a fan of his work, but also a fan of superior movie presentation. I think a lot of thrill of going to the movies has been lost over the last decade or more. But with SDS-70 and DMX, I think the thrill is back. Imagine the next Indiana Jones in this format, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Go see this!

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Updated 21-01-24