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"How the West was Shown"
Cinerama Dome, Los Angeles, USA 07.09.2008

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Paul Rayton Date: 08.09.2008
Lineup of people for entry into the Dome. Intrepid viewers will spot Duncan McGregor, and Dan Sherlock. They are in the "first 100 in line" to see the film, and would thus receive complimentary copies of the new Blu-Ray DVD box set of HTWWW.

Sunday, September 7, 2008: For the first time in about 3 years in the Western Hemisphere, "How The West Was Won" was presented on the big screen, in genuine 3-strip Cinerama.

[ed's note. "West" was also shown in 3-strip in Bradford in March 2006 and 2007].

The venue, fittingly, was the Cinerama Dome theatre, in Los Angeles. It would be a special "one-time-only" presentation, magically almost simultaneously coincidental with the September 9 release of the new Blu-Ray DVD version of the same movie from Warner Home Video. Perhaps WB had something to do with the timing?
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3-Strip at the Dome - and 70mm too!

Internet link:

The Cinerama (and etc.) touch screen curtain/masking control panel of the Dome.

The show sold out a few days before the event, so the tickets became really precious. Attendance was boosted by the promotional giveaway, to the "first 100 ticket holders in line", of one of the new Special Edition Blu-Ray DVD sets of "HTWWW".

A good time was had by most, though there were some audio quality issues about the sound (Dolby?) which made the overall presentation experience a bit of a letdown, especially to those who had seen (and heard) it before.
Mike Schulz and Jose-Luis Rodriguez, and the platter with "Baker" panel film. Note the tape and items on the floor -- to catch one's attention, so one wouldn't walk through the film path...

Present in the audience were actors Russ Tamblyn, who introduced his family, and Todd Fisher, whose mother, Debbie Reynolds, was one of the central characters in the film. Also introduced were principal stuntman, Loren Janes (who survived spectacular stunts in an amazing 3 of the 5 segments of the movie!), as well as Claude Johnson, and the child actor (at the time) Stanley Livingston, and several members of the family of Gregory Peck.
The ethernet plugs for the system which controls the projectors.
The crew of 5 for the show. L-R: Jose-Luis Rodriguez, Dave Strohmaier, John Sittig, Mike Schulz, Bruce Kerr.
Display of assorted HTWWW original memorabilia and publications.  
Over in "Able" area ("left" image on the screen), the show is running; this is the film paying out to the projector, through the platter's centerpiece rollers.  
Center panel ("Baker") projector, prior to show, with film from the platter leading to the projector.  
Cinerama camera, in silhouette. Modern-day traffic seen outside the doors.  
Inside the Dome for "2001". Image by Tom March  
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Updated 21-01-24