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Morten Skallerud visits

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 31.05.2008
Taking a look at a roll of decomposing 70mm film. Photo by Maria Hauerslev

On Tuesday 27. May 2008, Norwegian Film maker Morten Skallerud visited the head quarter.

The menu of the evening was cooked chicken with potatoes, salat and an Italian wine, which, according to the guest was "Excellent".

Morten Skallerud (1954) is world famous, not least in Norway, and his reputation reaches very far and wide.

His comany in Olso is called Camera Magica and produces short films, commercial films, and specializes in visual effects and camera work for other production companies

Morten was in Copenhagen on official film restoration business. The unique footage is being digitally scanned by the Digital Film Lab, a Copenhagen company specializing in digital restoration.
More in 70mm reading:

"A Year Along the Abandoned Road"

"Where The Trains Used To Go"

"The making of" Tanakh Bibelen al-Quran

Internet link:

Camera Magica

Morten Skallerud

Morten is taking a good look of the world through an original Todd-AO viewfinder.

Morten Skallerud is responsible for restoring three rolls of original  35mm nitrate negatives from fellow Norwegian Roald Amundsen's visit to the South Pole on 14 December 1911.

After Amundsen's return from the South Pole he travelled the world and showed film and stills when he lectured about the endeavour. A number of film versions were made, all very different.

As Morten said "No one on the South Pole Team knew much about using a film camera, so many of the pictures are quite bad. But the material is very interesting indeed, first of all because it is authentical footage from one of the really great expeditions!"

Upon his return to Norway the following day, Morten carried the three rolls with him on the ferry to Oslo. Sending inflammable nitrate film by air is not a good idea in our days.
The Todd-AO 64 degree lens and Morten.

Morten is his own Film director and cameraman and he has worked in the Norwegian film industry since the late 1970s.

Morten is a well known name within the 70mm film community pioneering a special filming technique called "nature animation". Nature animation is very time consuming, as every frame of the film is taken one by one, rather than as a continuous "stream of frames".

He premiered this technique with the award winning 70mm short film "A Year Along the Abandoned Road", which he photographed nearly 20 years ago.

In 2003, he followed that project up with a second project also done in nature animation. Only this time Morten photographed it in the IMAX format. The second film is the 4-minute short "Where The Trains Used To Go".
Looking at some of Morten's anaglyph 3D projects on a laptop computer. Thomas, Maria and Morten is seeing the world in 3D.

Morten is currently working on two different 3D projects in 35mm and has recently complete a 65mm project ["The making of" Tanakh Bibelen al-Quran] for an art company in Bergen, Norway.

The project included filming the text of the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. No titles, just filming each double page on three 65mm frames, and then another double page and so on.

Just 4 minutes in 70mm DTS. I hope to have more on that project very soon.
Finally, taking a look at the web site and coverage of filmmaker's "Where the Trains Used to Go" short film.

After 4 hours it was time to depart and Morten walked back to his hotel next to the central station.
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Updated 07-01-21