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Biffen's Three Curved Screens
It's Biffen, and it's Curved - 70mm is planned for all screens

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 05.10.2009
Entrance to Biffen. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Maybe the readers of in70mm.com are familiar with the "Biffen" cinema in Denmark. Originally opened 1. April 1992, the independent cinema was very popular among it's audience.

Biffen closed in May 2009, but only a few weeks until the grand reopening of a new "Biffen" in the old powerplant "Nordkraft" by the harbour in Aalborg, Denmark.

70mm with magnetic sound and DTS sound, will be installed in screen A later in 2009, and maybe in all three screens in 2010. "Why not?" says Orla. "I have DP70's and curved screens everywhere anyway, so why not use them for 70mm?".
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Cinema A. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

The new Biffen is expanded to three screens.

The cinema opened 6. June 2009, and the audience was please to see the big curved screen.

The sound is coming from QSC amplifiers and ElectroVoice speakers. "We can play DTS and Dolby Digital", says Orla.
Screen A. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Just as the original Biffen's screen was curved, all three new screens are also curved, as Orla Nielsen likes this shape of the screen.

"It's actually more curved than the original Biffen. I have taken Richard Vetter's advice, and used a simple radius of two thirds from the screen. This way projector's light is reflected straight back to where most of the audience sits. They have a VERY bright and VERY sharp image to look at. It's really impressive. Our audience like it a lot. It has a WOW! effect on the audience. Film become more intense on a curve, which is something they cannot get in any other cinema in Aalborg. Or most of Denmark for that matter."
Orla Nielsen and the DP70. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Projection room is large enough to house two DP70s. The second machine will be added towards the end of 2009. And later on, a 2K digital projector is on Orla's wish list.

Screens B and C, are also equipped with DP70 machines.

All three screens have Kinoton non-rewind systems. In screen A, its a ST270 for 70mm films.
Layout of three cinemas. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Screen A have around 100 seats, screen B and VC, both have around 50 seats.

All three screens are connected with LAN, for future digital projection, or any applications with network possibilities .
Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Screen B, still without screen in June 2009. Cinema opened in August 2009.

Orla has built everything himself since April 2009 (planning started years ago).

"It's not unusual for me to work 14 hours every day. I have practically lived here since April. My wife, Karin and our 12 year old son Anders, have been here every day to help out. We know all the take-aways in the area", Orla say's with a smile.

"Many friends have helped us to move from the old location to the new place. They have helped us a lot with everything. Painting, electricity, install seats, screen, lamps, projectors, etc., etc. - the list is long. We could not have done it without their assistance."
Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Screen C, still without screen in June 2009. Cinema opened in August 2009.

"We have a new web page design coming up very soon. I look forward to launch it.", says Orla.

"Most of the staff working in Biffen are volunteers. I work here every day, and have given up my TV work [Orla is a cinematographer, ed], to spend all my time running Biffen. And now with three screens, and Symfonien next door, there is a lot of work to attend to. It's a life style which I enjoy, but it is also very hard work".
Image by Thomas Hauerslev

The big projection windows assures a good view of the curved screen.

"Thanks to all the digital intermediates which are now used today, almost all our prints look stunning. Just a few years ago, many 35mm prints didn't look good as they all came from inter negatives several generations away from the original camera negative".
Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Last performance, time to go home.

Biffen is renting the space from Nordkraft, the new cultural centre of Aalborg until 2019.

Biffen was among the very first tenants to move in.

It will be exciting to follow Biffen in the coming years - not least the first 70mm premiere.
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Updated 21-01-24