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A 50th Anniversary with some disappointments but lots of laughter and happiness

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by:  Sebastian Rosacker, Malmø, Sweden Date: 30.10.2013
Mickey Rooney and Sebastian Rosacker

On November 7, 1963, The Pacific Cinerama Dome opened with the first film in Cinerama-format, filmed with one lens: "IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD". It became and instant hit and stayed on for 66 weeks in its first run. Of course, as with so many other great theaters, the Pacific Cinerama Dome has been threatened through the years but instead of demolishing it they decided to keep it and also build a multiplex theater next to it. Now it's time for the 50th anniversary. And on Sunday, October 27, it was time for the crazy film that opened this beautiful theater.

It was an event with a couple of disappointments but with lots of laughter and happiness. Before the film started it was Q&A's with Mickey Rooney, Karen Sharpe Kramer (wife of Stanley Kramer), Barrie Chase and Marvin Kaplan. And already now the atmosphere was sparkling. When Marvin Kaplan was asked why he thought the film still was so loved, his answer came like a flash through the air: It's about greed!!! Mickey Rooney was asked if he had some favorite colleagues and his reply I'll never forget:

"I've been so lucky and met so many wonderful people through my carrier". He also told us about his love for the job.

Even if some bitter trues are revealed through the years, I believe that there was a love for the job in the good old days, that doesn't exist anymore, or has somehow changed.

So, now it's time for the film. It was a digital 4K screening. The film was beautifully restored with sparkling and sharp colors, projection and sound.
If the atmosphere was high before the film, it was if possible even higher now. Lots of laughter was heard through the auditorium and for every new celebrity that entered the screen there was a warm applause. And the question is if there really exists another film with so many celebrities than "IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD".
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I guess most of us looked forward to something refreshing in the foyer. But not so. The film continued with no police-reports and no entr'acte music. It was a big disappointment that I can't understand. And even worse it was on the 50th anniversary. But, in spite of that, both the film and laughter continued at the highest level. In many ways, an unforgettable evening.
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Updated 21-01-24