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Picture Highlights from the 2015 European Cinerama Festival Tour

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Tom March Date: 02.05.2015

Karlsruhe, Germany

After a 10 hour flight from Los Angeles, we made our arrival in Karlsruhe, Germany on April 17. Dave and Randy preparing their presentations on the flight.
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The 2015 European Cinerama Festival Tour

Sold Out “Windjammer” Screening And Christian Radich Cruise Closes The 2015 European Cinerama Festival Tour

Schauburg Cinerama, Karlsruhe, Germany

Cinerama Remaster

Tom March & Friends of 70mm

Internet link:

Arriving at the Schauburg Theatre, we met up with Wolfram Hannemann from Korntal-Münchingen. Wolfram would be doing screening introductions as well as acting as interpreter. Dave Strohmaier, Randy Gitsch, Wolfram Hannemann, Tom March.
Meeting up with Herbert Born in his theatre. Tom, Randy, Dave, Udo Heimansberg , Herbert Born, Wolfram.
Checking out the theatre. Dave, Randy.
Dave and Randy giving Blu-ray and CD prizes before the screening.
Seven Wonders of the World up next.
A short interview with Dave for Wolfram's upcoming video release.
Breakfast with a view upstairs in the Schauburg Theater.
Taking in the promotional advertisements.
Randy and Dave and the Cinerama posters promoting all the Cinerama features screening at the Schauburg Theatre during the festival.
Dave and Randy off to visit a Grimm film location in Rothenburg.
Randy and Tom with the Plaque commemorating the making of The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm in Rothenburg.

Innsbruck, Austria

The next city in the tour is Innsbruck and we made our arrival on April 21. Our driver was none other than Udo Heimansberg who drove down from Düsseldorf to meet us and transport us on to Innsbruck.

Meeting Dietmar Zingl at the Leo Kino. Udo Heimansberg, Dietmar Zingl, Randy, Dave.
The main projection booth at the Leo Kino. Dietmar Zingl.
Introducing "This Is Cinerama". Randy, Dietmar, Dave. Udo.
Here, Smilebox looks fine on the flat screen.

Smilebox® Wows On Curved Or Flat Screens
On stage. Dave, Randy, Dietmar, Udo.
Randy and Dave take a little time off to give a lecture at Innsbruck University. The talk was on Film Making.
The lecture also includes Film Restoration.
A Q&A session follows the lecture.
Sightseeing in Innsbruck, a beautiful city.

Düsseldorf, Germany

Leaving Innsbruck, we drove to Düsseldorf. Our driver, Fritz of filmtaxi.info picked us up at our hotel and drove us by way of the scenic route.

Fritz and Dave planning the route to Düsseldorf.
On the way to Düsseldorf, Randy and Dave stopped in to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. It was seen in Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm.
Meeting up with Udo at the Metropol Theatre. Randy, Udo, Dave, Fritz.
Udo, Randy and Dave standing in front of Cinerama European Tour posters.
Randy, Dave, Tom and Udo in front of Metropol curved screen.
We made the front page …of the Kultur section.
Johan Wolthuis with his memorabilia items for sale.
In the lobby for a break.
Udo and Randy introducing "This Is Cinerama".
"This Is Cinerama" on the Metropol curved screen.  

Oslo, Norway

For the last leg of our trip we arrived in Oslo, Norway at the Cinemateket Norwegian Film Institute. There we met Jan Olsen, Technical Manager of the Cinemateket Theatre, for our final round of Cinerama screenings.
Randy, Dave and Anders Olsson in the theatre lobby.
Randy and Cinerama theatre posters.
P1000077a.jpg A peek into the Projection Room. Randy and Jan.
The workhorse for our Cinerama screenings was this magnificent Sony 4K.
Discussing the screenings. Dave, Randy, Jan.
Randy and Dave doing the introduction for "This Is Cinerama".
After the screenings, a time to relax. Dave, Espen Jorgensen, Randy.
Some sightseeing was scheduled while in Oslo. Dave and Randy visit the Viking ship burials museum. Also on the same outing, they stop in at both the Fram and the Kon-Tiki museums.
More Viking history. Interesting!
Dave hikes up the angled roof of the Oslo Opera House. Fortunately, there was no ice on the roof this day.
A "Must See" while in Norway was a visit to the Colosseum Kino. It screened "Windjammer" in the Cinemiracle format back in 1958.
And we got a personal guided tour inside. It seats 978.


Back at the Cinemateket, Einar Corwin, Managing Director of the Christian Radich Foundation says a few words before the screening of "Windjammer".
Special recognition was given to the attending Windjammer cadets who appeared in the film. Several cadets were in the audience this day.
The screening of "Windjammer". This is the scene with Sven Libaek and Arthur Fiedler conducting the Boston Pops Orchestra.
After the "Windjammer" screening, we headed down to the Oslo Harbor for a scheduled ride on the Christian Radich. Randy is more than ready with his Christian Radich “hoodie”.
The Christian Radich. There she is, just like in the picture.
Jan Halvorsen, cadet #34, also came along for the Christian Radich cruise.
Permission to come aboard, Captain? Jan Olsen and Randy.
All aboard.
Muster for the all important safety drill.
At sea with Windjammer cadet #85, Tore Bilet.
On the Christian Radich, everywhere you turn, there is another film location. Here is the Captain's table in 1958 (above) and today (below).
This is the mess hall and dormitory, then and now. Hammock hooks can still be seen protruding from the ceiling beams.
Still another recognisable film location.
Tom March is back on the upper deck. Time to ring the dinner bell.
The dinner special today is delicious hot fish soup and a bread roll. You can't top that!
In spite of some rain, everyone had a great time. A large tarpaulin that stretched over the lower deck kept us all dry. The cruise on the Christian Radich and the screening of "Windjammer, The Voyage of the Christian Radich" made for a very memorable day.
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Updated 30-06-22