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Murder at the "Lichtburg"
Keep on rolling

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Ulrich Rostek Date: 17.11.2017
The curtain opened - and once again the Kinoton FP75E in germany's largest movie theatre started rolling for the pre premiere of Kenneth Branagh's "Murder on the Orient Express" on Wednesday, the 8th of november. It was the second engagement of 70mm film technology this year, following Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" in Essen's "Lichtburg".

The story starts spectacular with an almost James Bond like prologue, where mastermind Hercule Poirot is introduced with his character's full spectrum - eccentric, pedantic on the brink of insanity, blessed with an almost supernatural sense of intuition. He solves his first case just in passing by and brings down the villain the coolest way since Indiana Jones. Yes, and this spectacular moustache is longing for the widest screen available.
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70mm film - delicate food for the little grey cells

A film based movie performance is something unique, especially with modern high resolution film stock, especially with 70mm film. A virgin print, no dust, no scratches, an image steadiness like solid rock. The fine film grain is hardly ever noticable and yet it adds something organic to the projected image, breathes life into the moving picture; a phenomenon digital projection is lacking - sadly.

Carpenters, taylors, and makeup artists did a very good job. Every tiny little detail, even the shortest stubbles in a well shaved face, the fine texture of the fantastic costumes, the filigran grain of the noble woodworks - everything appears so clear and living - almost three dimensional.

Some critics mocked about a somewhat restrained directing style. In my opinion Branagh found exactly the right pace for an old fashioned period movie. Just because there are so many details to be watched - the eyes are always wandering around the frame - the spectators need more time to absorb the scenery and are grateful when this time is given. This is what makes the difference between a 70mm presentation and just movie.

Yes, this is great cinema which deserves to be degusted on the large screen in the best image quality and in an appropriate ambience. Let us hope for and make our contribution to the film beeing a success. Then we may probably look foreward to a sequel - hopefully in 70mm. I am already keen on it.

The magnificent Two

Some amazing figures: Kenneth Branagh is the only actor/director who not only directed two movies shot in 65/70mm ("Hamlet" and "Murder") but also took over the leading roles in this two productions. He also gave his two co-actors Judi Dench and Derek Jacobi the chance to add two 70mm films to their carreers. Branagh himself appeared with "Dunkirk" and "Murder" in two 70mm productions this year, portraying two characters that could not be more different.

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Updated 21-01-24