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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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FuturVision and IMAX
FuturCinema Systems, Inc. February 2, 1987

The 70mm Newsletter
Information supplied by: Robert Weisgerber. Transcribed for in70mm.com from vintage documents by Anders M Olsson, Sweden Date: 26.03.2019

I. Foundation for Proposal

A. The high quality and entertainment value of IMAX productions coupled with limited exhibition sites creates a vacuum which is and will be filled by "printdowns" outside of IMAX control for format, lab quality, exhibition quality and financial participation.

B. Limited exhibition venues can encourage corporate sponsors interested in increasing their return on investment, measured either in dollars or corporate image, to seek alternative and more compatible production/exhibition formats.

C. IMAX does not currently participate in the Feature Film market.

D. IMAX does not currently participate in the large base of special venue exhibition where the cost and/or complexity of IMAX equipment would render it impractical.

II. Proposal - A collaborative effort on the part of FuturCinema Systems and IMAX where:

A. the Companies would jointly define the 1st tier special venue market which would continue to be serviced by IMAX and would establish priorities for the approximate 300 locations in the U.S. and Canada (and a like number internationally} that will comprise the second tier special venue market to be serviced by FuturCinema Systems.

B. IMAX productions would be "showcased" exclusively in the 1st tier IMAX theaters until attendance, time or new product dictates release in the FuturVision 360 format to the 2nd tier markets.

C. FuturCinema Systems would develop a vigorous, cohesive marketing and distribution effort to support both the IMAX and the FuturVision 360 production/exhibition technologies.

D. FuturCinema Systems, if desired, would serve as a representative of IMAX in the U. S..

E. FuturCinema Systems would lend its technological support to IMAX where appropriate, such as in audio processing and the support of traveling shows.

F. The Companies would work to develop and put into production printing and optical systems for:

1. the use of IMAX for background plates and compositing for feature film production in the FuturVision 360 format as well as other formats and development of the use of IMAX in creating a quality level of optical effects not now obtainable.

2. refining and optimizing the quality and cost of converting IMAX films to the FuturVision 360 format necessary to service the 2nd tier market.

3. refining the use of FuturVision 360 as inserts into IMAX films where restrictions imposed on factors such as camera speed and bulk would limit the effectiveness of IMAX equipment.

G. FuturCinema Systems would invite IMAX participate in the Partnerships established to produce software in the Futurvision 360 format for feature film as well as special venue exhibition.

III. Expected Outcome

A. IMAX, through FuturCinema Systems, fills the vacuum for product in the 2nd tier market, therefore not only substantially reducing the problem of "printdowns" to IMAX but turning that market into a profit center as well.

B. Appeal to prospective corporate sponsors of IMAX films is greatly increased due to substantially increased exhibition potential and, hence, to the the sponsors increased potential for financial and corporate image return on investment.

C. Confusion over best choice of format (IMAX, FuturVision 360, Showscan, 8-perf 70mm, 70mm/24fps, 70mm/30fps, 3-perf/30fps etc) is drastically reduced by providing a coherent and economic plan for filling the spectrum of demand for high quality product in both special venues and conventional motion picture theaters.

D. New markets are provided to IMAX including:
1. the feature film market
2. the second tier special venue market
3. the application of special venue type product in the FuturVision 360 "Showcase" theater.
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Updated 30-06-22