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"Windjammer" star Harald Tusberg Passed Away, age 88
06.04.1935 - 03.10.2023

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Jan Olsen, Oslo, Norway Date: 14.10.2023
Harald Tusberg and Kaare Terland, friends and "Windjammer" co-stars 2. May 2010 in Olso, Norway. Image by Fredrik Mortensen

Star of "Windjammer" Harald Tusberg passes away at 88 years old.

Harald Tusberg was the most known actor from the film Windjammer. After the films world wide success, he enjoyed a brief success in a pop group called “The Windjammers”. He started his professional television career in Sydney in 1961, and moved back to Norway in 1962 and started to work at The Norwegian Broadcasting Company. He quickly became one of the key players to develop new programs and ideas for humour and entertainment programs. The Norwegian version of “Candid camera” is still remembered to this day. During the 60s, 70s and 80s he was a very well know name in tv entertainment, and from 1979 – 1990 he was the boss of the entertainment department at NRK, which was at that point the only Norwegian TV channel.

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in70mm.com News

Norwegian national treasure Harald Tusberg in Oslo, October 1995 with friends of "Windjammer" by his side. Left: Willem Bouwmeester (The International Cinerama Society) and right Thomas Hauerslev (in70mm.com)

In 1990 Tusberg and Mr. Sven Erik Libæk saw a 3-strip presentation of "Windjammer" in a private home in Austrialia, and that screening inspired him to see the movie again on the big screen. After several years it looked that key players in the 70mm community with a famous name like Harald pushing it and being the promoter for the event actually be able to pull it off and get Windjammer back on the big screen at Colosseum where it once premiered. Read more about here.

Sadly the project collapsed, mainly due to Mr. Tusbergs unfortunate stroke in 1996. The TV entertainer and major evening talk show host which once could sing and dance lost his ability to speak at only 61 years old. A big loss for the Norwegian entertainment industry. He spent the rest of his life at a nursing home with mainly contact from his loving family.

In May 2010 "Windjammer" was presented in a digital “facelift” version based on a 35mm Scope film print at Cinemateket in Oslo. Read more about the event here

So many of the remaining cast & crew members turned up for the screening, and the films biggest stars Lasse Kaalstad, Kaare Terland and in a wheel chair due to his health issue – Mr. Harald Tusberg. If I had not been there, I am not sure if I would have believed it: Seeing his Windjammer friends again Harald raised up on his feet and walked and gave his old friends a big hug. I was fortunate to sit close by him during the screening and heard him sing and hum to the songs during the movie being screened. After the screening I could see him being very moved and touched by the experience with a tear in his eye. I felt the same way when I heard about his death.
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Updated 21-01-24