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Schauburg's 9. Todd-AO 70mm festival, Karlsruhe, Germany

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 20.09.2013
Herbert Born (left) and Thomas Hauerslev (right). Image by Bo Rump

Welcome to the 9th Todd-AO festival at the Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe. The international 70mm Film Festival, which celebrates LARGE format films as they were meant to be seen: IN 70MM on the CURVED screen. Our festival is where everything is larger, better, brighter, richer, sharper and crisper and has more WOW! than anything else you can see in cinemas.

Are you ready? Let's play the five tones. "Re, Mi, Do, Do, So" - so begins John William's concert for UFOs seen in Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" from 1977. A story set in middle America about ordinary people, exposed to extraordinary circumstances. Human drama where we – the audience - can be involved. We can laugh, or cry, that's what drives a good film. Sometimes the story works well, and sometimes it doesn’t. It is not always easy to predict if a film will be a hit or a flop, but one thing is for sure, we show our films regardless, because they are in 70mm.
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We'll all go on a magical journey to explore the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean with Jean Reno and Jean-Marc Barr in blazing Dolby Stereo. Listen to the wonderful gay waltzes by Johann Strauss in a film which is nearly forgotten - was it a flop? Be exposed to genuine Cold War / Iron Curtain propaganda in DDR's most expensive documentary ever filmed in DEFA 70mm. Go to Khartoum with Charlton Heston and see what happened in Ultra Panavision! If the African heat is too much for you, fly with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to Vulgaria and visit "Baron Bomburst" and his court - filmed locally at Neuschwanstein Castle. If you like dancing, Stanley Donen and his merry team of free-styling dancers will teach you how to build a barn - set against seven Hollywood virgins and nicely painted backgrounds in Anscocolor and CinemaScope. See the wonders without glasses! Was DEFA 70 really the biggest mistake of the former East German film industry? Judge for yourself with Orpheus and Goya in glorious Orwocolor. Live out your dreams. Be an emperor, slave or gladiator for the evening. "I'm Spartacus!" - There is not a dry eye in the house when one of film history’s most famous lines is spoken to Alex North's beautiful music. All unique weekend moments in full stereophonic sound.
Presenting 70mm is not done without human expertise or skills. The heavy 70mm reels and delicate film material is masterfully handled by the projectionist. Since the birth of the cinema more than 100 years ago, projectionists have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, making sure the pictures are IN FOCUS and the sound is perfect. In recent years the projectionist is largely made redundant in commercial cinemas, as digital projector technology gradually has been introduced for projection. But at the Schauburg we proudly still have our own skilled Projectionists with the necessary knowledge and craftsmanship to make every 70mm performance unforgettable.

…and now, "Gong", start projector, cue curtain, dim the lights, open dowser, focus, check sound.....the show is running.........another unforgettable weekend at the Schauburg!

Herbert Born &
Thomas Hauerslev
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Updated 21-01-24