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8th Krrr! 70mm Film Festival Krnov
„May the force be with 70mm always...!“

The 70mm Newsletter
Festival's echo byMartin Leskovský Date: 12.05.2013
Image by Stanislav Novotný

Under the patronage of the Municipal Information and Culture Centre Krnov and the Krnov’s major as well as with the support of the Nation Film Archive, the traditional 70mm Film Fest took place in a local Mir 70 cinema from 12 to 14 April. All the lovers of big screens and enthusiasts of a long time forgotten film format were heartily welcome to typical intimate atmosphere of the beautiful big cinema.

Well, the festival pays tribute to standard film strip width of 70 mm in original six-track magnetic or newest DTS stereo sound. And the Mir 70 cinema, although fully digitalized nowadays, is known far and wide for being still equipped with unique 70mm technology and being able to offer an experience of watching a movie on 105 square meters of a slightly curved screen! It is indeed a rarity in digital era...

As you certainly know, the atypical festival name (used in four previous seasons) is derived from initial letter of the city name Krnov and it mainly evokes characteristic interjections of a film projector sound effect. This, in combination with a pictogram having the shape of a hand reminding number 70 is an official festival logo designed by the Filmochod Agency. (CZ)
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Home of "7OMM Seminar" at Kino Mir 70, Krnov, Czech Republic

7OMM Seminar Through the Years:
Film Program
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About Todd-AO
Počátky Todd-AO

70mm in the Slovak Republic

Open-air 70mm cinema Mír in Chrudim, Czech Republic

Chrudim Cinema Exhibition


Kino Mir 70
Namesti Miru 14
794 01 Krnov
The Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 554 615 050

Head of the Kino Mir 70: Pavel Tomešek

Festival Page
KRRR! Facebook
Girls had hands full with accreditation. Image by Erik Vodička

The “Krrr!” Festival is international and not only do its regular spectators come from the Visegrad Four countries (The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) but also from other European countries. It is a very mixed group of people: cinemagoers who have discovered charm of widescreen movies, students from the Faculty of Movie and Art, film collectors and people who worked with 70mm technology once upon a time. In comparison to similar events abroad, the age structure of devotees as well as serious interest of young people in happening of this kind is remarkable. Many volunteers offer individual help to organizers, e.g. lecture introductions. Tomáš Klein, native of Krnov and a promising film director, in association with GURU FILM team, made a new interesting festival spot composed of three individual parts which altogether represent a sci-fi short answering a question, “What is the source of the mysterious sound “Krrr” billowing over the Krnov city at night?” (You can see a complete long version here. The project was presented on DCP standard, in Scope 5.1 and the author’s secret dream is to make a spot in a 70mm format. Fingers crossed!
Alena Krušinová, mayoress of Krnov came to wish all the best to festival's visitors personally. Image by Erik Vodička

Every prestigious festival needs a special guest. Rick McCallum, a producer of the three Star Wars films, visited this year’s widescreen event. Thanks to an organiser Jakub Klima, he kindly accepted an invitation to visit the Mir 70 cinema the second day. Rick McCallum met the audience and talked to them in a big foyer. Before the screening of "Star Wars, Episode VI – "Return of the Jedi", an onstage conversation took part, in which he highly appreciated an effort to organise this magnificent event.
Jakub Klima, Radomir D. Kokeš in conversation with Rick McCallum on the stage with impressive background of a Star Wars slideshow. Image by Stanislav Novotný

Festival's menu included two additional special presentations. Anna Batistová, a leader of an audiovisual library from the National Film Archive, introduced the role of this institution which was established in 1943 and it is celebrating its symbolic 70th anniversary these days. Just 70mm print "Vysoká modrá zeď" (something like "The High Blue Wall") comes from the National Film Archive depository and was loaned out for the purpose of a festival program. On Sunday morning, Stanislav Novotný gave a presentation on technical development of a cinemascope widescreen system
Sold out! Pavel Tomesek, a head manager of the Mir 70 cinema can be contended. Star Wars are very popular with the audience.

Several records were broken at the 8th Krrr! The average attendance was 206 spectators per performance and a visit rate is rising gently steadily by every year. Even promotion T-shirts and festival emblems were sold out within the first evening. Two performances were totally sold out!
Krrr!'s Martin Bodešínský, in checked shirt resposible for subtitling.

The inconspicuous smiling man with checked shirt, all the time hidden with notebook in corner of projection room, is very important person of Krrr! Martin Bodešínský is responsible for subtitling. However German or French dialogues are not his favourite language, he is able to click it intuitive and correctly too. All movies are screened with Czech subtitles synchronized via digital projector after the first test projection. Oftentimes is very hard to obtain suitable subtitle set due to different movie versions. Especially when movie never been screened or released on DVD in Czech Republic (for example "Ice Station Zebra" or "The Shoes of The Fisherman") Mrs. Vostřezová is very helpful to interpret dialogues in that event. Thanks!

What 70mm program was screening in three days?

"Edward Scissorhands"
Country of origin: the USA
Runtime: 101 mins
Filmed in: 35mm negative
Cinematographic process: Spherical, Blow-up, six-track magnetic Dolby A
World Premiere: 14.12.1990
Premiere in the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic: 14.5.1992 on 35mm Dolby Stereo dubbed prints.
Premiere in cinema Mir 70: 5.10.1992 on 35mm
12.4.2013, on 70mm with aspect ratio 1,85:1, original version, czech subtitles.
Print condition: good, full colour

"The Abyss"
Country of origin: the USA
Runtime: 139 mins version
Filmed in: 35mm negative, 65mm special effects
Blow-up, 6-track magnetic Dolby A
Cinematographic process: Super 35, blow-up, 6-track magnetic Dolby A
World Premiere: 9.8.1989
Premiere in the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic: 1.4.1991 on 35mm anamorphic Dolby SR, original version.
Premiere in cinema Mir 70: 9.4.1991 on 35mm
12.4.2013, on 70mm, deutsch version, czech subtitles
Print condition: good, full colour

Country of origin: the USA
Runtime: 146 mins with overture + intermission
Filmed in: 65mm negative
Cinematographic process: Todd-AO, 6-track magnetic sound
Aspect ratio: 2,2:1
World Premiere: 16.12.1969
Premiere in Czechoslovakia: 30.4.1971 on 70mm prints, original versions with czech or slovak subtitles.
The first premiere in cinema Mir 70: 23.7.1971 on 70mm
Print condition: restored print with marvellous colours and outstanding sharpness, presented in 6-track DTS sound.
Notice: The musical was released on 70mm relatively very soon after the world premiere in Czechoslovakia as road show. On 35mm mono anamorphic prints later.

"STAR WARS: EPISODE VI – Return of the Jedi"
Country of origin: the USA
Runtime: 134 mins
Filmed in: 35mm negative
Cinematographic process: J-D-C scope (anamorphic), special effects on Vista Vision,
blown-up to 70mm with 6-track magnetic sound.
Aspect ratio: 2,2:1
World Premiere: 25.5.1983
Czech premiere: 24.4.1997 on 35mm Dolby Digital prints, original version with subtitles.
Premiere in cinema Mir 70: 29.5.0997 on 35mm
13.4.2013 on 70mm.
Print condition: vintage print, a bit faded colour, soft scratched
Notice: The first episodes of Star Wars were released in the era of cold war. The film name „Star Wars“ reminded comrades of military SDI program preferred in the USA. Due to political atmosphere, these movies were not screened in the Czech and Slovak Socialistic Republic at that time of world premiere.

"The Shoes Of The Fisherman"
Country of origin: the USA
Runtime: 162 mins + intrermission
Filmed in: 35mm negative
Cinematographic process: Panavision (anamorphic), blown-up to 70mm, 6-track magnetic sound.
Aspect ratio: 2,2:1
World Premiere: 14.11.1968
Premiere in cinema Mir 70: 12.4.2013 on 70mm.
Print condition: faded print
Notice: Absolutely unacceptable movie for communist ideology. That is the reason why it had never been released in former Czechoslovakia. It was broadcasted for the first time on the Czech TV a few days after the Krrr! film festival.

Country of origin: the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
Runtime: 91 mins
Filmed in: 35mm negative
Cinematographic process: 35mm (anamorphic), blown-up to 70mm in Moscow labs, 6-track magnetic sound.
Aspect ratio: flat 2,2:1
Czechoslovak premiere: 1.6.1974, released on 35mm a 70mm at the same time.
Premiere in cinema Mir 70: 2.8.1974 on 70mm.
Print condition: vintage print, full colour by ORWO, soft scratched.
Notice: It was the year of 1974 – frosty era during normalization after the 1968 reform movement. Official ideology of the movie was to excuse Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia and to increase prestige of defensive alliance with the U.S.S.R. This is a typical propagandistic movie made under the pressure of political situation and absolutely incomprehensible for visitors from abroad, especially from the Western Europe. The story is simple: It depicts army fighter pilots defending western borders from imperialistic invaders. Czechoslovak Top Gun of that season!  Well, it is bizarre to watch this movie and listen to funny dialogues many many years after...
"2010: The Year We Make Contact"
Country of origin: the USA
Runtime: 116 mins
Filmed in: 35mm negative
Cinematographic process: 35mm Panavision Cameras and lenses, 65mm special effects only, blow-up, 6-track magnetic sound
Aspect ratio: flat 2,2:1
World Premiere: 7.12.1984
Premiere in cinema Mir 70: 13.4.2013 on 70mm, original version with subtitles
Print condition: vintage very good print, full colour spectrum.
Notice: Film was classified on black list and never been screened in Czechoslovakia. Do you ask why? Jan Tříska - popular Czech actor – appears here in a supporting role. After signing the Charter 77 (proclamation against Russian invasion) he immigrated to the United States in 1977...

"The Master"
Country of origin: the USA
Runtime: 144 mins
Filmed in: 35mm and 65mm negatives
Cinematographic process: Panavision 65 HR Camera, Panavision System 65, Panavision Super 70, partial blow-up
Aspect ratio: flat 1,85:1
World Premiere: 14.9.2012
Czech premiere: 10.1.2013 – D cinema, original version with subtitles
Premiere in cinema Mir 70: 14.1.2013 on DCP standard
13.4.2013, presented on 70mm, Datasat, original version with Czech subtitles
Print condition: new print, colourful spectrum.

"Die Hard"
Country of origin: the USA
Runtime: 131 mins
Filmed in: 35mm negative, 65mm special effects only
Cinematographic process: Panavision (anamorphic), blown-up to 70mm, 6-track magnetic sound.
World Premiere: 15.7.1988
Premiere in the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic: 24.6.1991 on 35mm anamorphic Dolby Stereo subtitled prints.
Premiere in cinema Mir 70: 27.9.1991 on 35mm
14.4.2013 on 70mm
Print condition: vintage good quality print.

The organisers wish to thank the following individuals for their help

• Duncan McGregor, Bradford, UK
• Rebecca Hill, Bradford, UK
• Luke Brawley, Hollywood Classic, UK
• Rick McCallum, film producer, USA
• Erica Frauman
• Aleš Danielis, Cinemart, CZ
• Michal Vostřez, CZ
• Pavel Štorek, Spedart, CZ
• Dana Janovská, Warner Bros, CZ
• Herbert Born, Germany
• Tomáš Klein and GURU FILM team

Many thanks go to Herbert Born, Duncan McGregor, Rebecca Hill, Luke Brawley, Erica Frauman for theirs prompt and reliable cooperation, and also to Thomas Hauerslev and his in70mm.com.

Special thanks to Michael Málek, Radomír D. Kokeš and Jaromír Blažejovský for theirs enriching introductions, as well as many thanks go to Pavel Tomešek, the head of cinema Mir 70 in Krnov, officals of culture department of Krnov, namely to director of Municipal Information and Cultural Center of Krnov (MIKS) Kateřina Lindovská and manager of the project Marcela Procházková, Anna Batistová from National Film Archive in Prague, Tomáš Klein and GURU FILM team, Stanislav Novotný – cinemascope presentation, Milan Socháň for preparing DCP background slides.

Many thanks to wonderful people from Filmochod, to all contributors to the festival brochure and many others for their support.

Thanks to Jakub Klíma for his insight and for organizing such interesting debate with american film producer Rick McCallum. Thanks to Daniela Paulová for great support through whole festival.

Finally, thanks to Rick McCallum for kindly accepting our invitation and came to our film fest.

2013 Credits
Manager of the project: Marcela Procházková
Director of the Mir 70 theather and founder: Pavel Tomešek
Projectonists: Petra Pokorná, Martin Bodešínský, Pavel Tomešek and Martin Leskovský
Sub-titling: Martin Bodešínský
Preparation of film copies: Pavel Tomešek
Festival co-organizers: Adéla Kokešová and Jakub Klíma

Say Krrr on next year!
Audience on stage.

Click picture for a large version
Rick McCallen, Jakub Klíma, Radomír D. Kokeš in onstage concersation. Image by Adéla Kokešová
Rick McCallen gives compliment to all the 70mm fans on visitors’ plaque…
Rick McCallen and Hans Haenssler from Germany, expert on widescreen technologies and big enthusiast is regular festival visitor several years. Image by Stanislav Novotný
Would you like to buy some stylish festival’s souvenirs? Image by Adéla Kokešová
Michael Málek, dramaturge of Czech television gives one of his lecture introduction. Image by Erik Vodička.
Martin Leskovský interpreting the message and greeting sent by Francois Carrin dedicated to all the festival audience. Image by Adéla Kokešová
Does a future widescreen generation grow up? (image by Erik Vodička)
Pavel Tomešek and projectionist Petra with Rick McCallum in projection room. (image by Erik Vodička)
An intermission is the precious moment to relaxation during a hard day of film marathon.

It's not good to watch movies with empty stomach so visitors may not starving.
For those that prefer outdoor refreshment - there was a mobile buffet in garden behind cinema building.  
Big foyer gives possibility to exhibit some movie theatre equipment. Visitors have a good opportunity to admire various types of cinema projectors from Mr. Tomešek collection. Image by Stanislav Novotný
Open air Krrr: True widescreen fan slept from night to morning across the street outside the Mir 70 cinema. Image by Stanislav Novotný
Film pedagogue and publisher Radomír D. Kokeš with festival girl did not resist the temptation to pose with legendary “Star Wars“ property. Image by Erik Vodička
Very rare short - Československá spartakiáda, (13 minutes, 6-track magnetic sound, Eastman color) lately found in private collection. Document about a massive gymnastic event taking place every fifth year, under the surveillance of the Communist party in former Czechoslovakia. Final title “Film laboratories - Kiev“ (Capital of the Ukraine) gives a notable proof that film laboratories in the former U.S.S.R. were able to process Eastman colour too.
Vysoká modrá zeď (The Hihg Blue Wall) - five original transportation cans with unthinkable red star labels of Sovexportfilm Moscow.
Joke? No! For audience with 70mm cameras access always granted…

Say Krrr on next year!

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Updated 21-01-24