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"The Master", a new film in 65mm by Paul Thomas Anderson
By Weinstein Publicity
Panavision went totally out of their way to service us in using cameras that have largely gone unused for decades. At times we had a guy from Panavision staying with us, just so he could handle technical issues with the cameras
A Review of "The Master" in 70mm
By Ramon Lamarca Marques
I never thought I would be able to see any major release of an originated 65mm film on a 70mm print in the West End. This fact alone brought a sense of awe that had been missing from the experience of going to the pictures for a long time.

Owner of the "Biffen" cinema Mr. Orla Nielsen: Am I on now? Welcome to the cinema in Aalborg and in the moment we're showing T. P. Anderson's [sic] film "The Master". Not only do we show it, we also showing it in the original 70mm version. And we're extremely proud and happy about that. We can now only hope that the audience will come and see it in the real 70mm format.

Girl with yellow shirt: I'm going to see "The Master" because it seems like a really interesting story. I don't know what it's about from viewing the trailers. And also because it'll be show in 70mm and it will only do that here and at another place in Copenhagen and the screen should be perfect, because it's a curved screen. And the director had a vision with this format, that it had a significance, so I'm really excited to see what effect it will have on the story and the whole experience.

Woman in cinema: It's truly a great visual story. I think...it's a flat image but the image is sculptural. The opening scene itself, with the helmet. It looks like silver but it's completely sculptural, as if you dragged into the image. I think that's amazing. Also the sand sculpture. It should be hard to see it, you know it's a woman but even the nipples are completely in detail. I think it's the image quality that makes it so amazing.

Man in cinema: It's an amazing film, an amazing story. There is some footage of water and I'm completely certain that it's only on 70mm you can capture the waves like that, made by the ship. Then there's some CUs of the faces and it's really amazing. Also because of the great performances. They are all great. It's not a movie where you think "Ah, there was that actor who was embarrassing". They are all great. So, it's all pretty perfect.

Transcription has been generously provided by CJ Wallis's "Cigarettes and Red Wines" website and Jonas Thorbjoern:

“In The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson has shown eloquently that 65mm works incredibly well for an intimate, character-driven film, not just those with epic backdrops. He recognizes the emotional power and depth of the large format, and delved into it in a way that is very rarely done. In so doing, he has advanced the power and beauty of 70mm storytelling and elevated moviemaking to exciting new heights.”

- Andrew Oran, Vice-President, Large Format and Restoration Services, FotoKem

"The Master" surpasses per-screen box office record; 70mm release appeals to cineastes, younger audiences - Variety report

"The Master": Framed in 65mm for Maximum Visual Impact - Kodak InCamera

Masterful use of 65mm on "Master" - Variety Oscar News
“We thought at the time that there wouldn’t be many places to play this in 70mm, but we were pleasantly surprised. There are still a lot of projectors, at least in US, that aere 35mm and 70mm combined.”

- Paul Thomas Anderson

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“The Master”: The North American 70mm Presentations
"The Master" goes to Karlsruhe for 70mm Festival
in70mm.com Newswire
Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film "The Master" will be shown in 70mm at one of Europe's most prestigious 70mm film festivals, the "Todd-AO Festival" on Sunday October 7, 2012 at the Schauburg Cinerama cinema in Karlsruhe in Germany. It is a single screening of one of the most anticipated films of 2012.
"The Master" - Germany-Premiere in Panavision Super 70
By Clemens Scherer
For a presentation within the framework of the 8. TODD-AO Festivals (Oct. 5-7, 2012), the Schauburg had a surprise adjustment to the calendar, being granted the honor to show the new film from director Paul Thomas Anderson, "The Master" in a 70 mm print.
"The Master" - Die Deutschland-Premiere in Panavision Super 70
Von Clemens Scherer
Für eine Präsentation im Rahmen ihres 8. TODD-AO Festivals erhielt sie kurzfristig und überraschend eine 70mm Kopie des neuen Films von Paul Thomas Anderson. Auf diese Deutschlandpremiere von "The Master" konnte man sehr gespannt sein.
"The Master" Presseheft
Von Schauburg Kino
Ein eindrucksvolles Portrait von Herumtreibern und Suchenden im Amerika der Nachkriegszeit, schildert den Weg des Marine-Veterans Freddie, der verstört und orientierungslos aus dem Krieg zurückkehrt, bis er in den Bann einer Bewegung namens „The Cause“ sowie ihres charismatischen Anführers Lancaster Dodd.
Paris Premiere's "The Master" in 70mm
By Jean-Marc Quinton
We will be screening "The Master" in 70mm from January 2013 at our L’Arlequin, a famous 3-screen arthouse cinema with a lovely 400-seat main auditorium. This will be the only cinema in Paris to show the film in 70mm.
"The Master" goes to Denmark in 70mm
By Thomas Hauerslev
Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film "The Master" will be shown in 70mm at one of Europe's most prestigious 70mm cinemas, the Imperial Bio in Copenhagen on the request of the director.
Second Week of "The Master" in 70mm
"The Master" opened in even more 70mm prints Friday 21. September 2012. Here are some comments, adverts and pictures of the second week of release of the new film in 70mm
"The Master" in 70mm at the Grand Lake, Oakland
By Orla Nielsen
70mm film photo documentation from our USA vacation in the fall of 2012. During several weeks we travelled from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and saw "The Master" in 70mm, the iWERKS Special Venue 70mm show at Hearst Castle and finally we joined the Cinerama 60th Festival in Los Angeles for a few days. It was a memorable trip.

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"The Master" in 70mm Release
Following some pre-70mm shows, "The Master" is now opening in 70mm across USA. Follow this page for the facts about "The Master" in the coming months.

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Cast & Credits | New York | Los Angeles | Venice
"The Master" i Panavision System 65 - nu i Danmark!
"The Master" er fotograferet med et Panaflex System 65 Studio kamera. Formatet er beskåret til 1.85:1. 80% af den færdige film er fotograferet i 65mm. De resterende 20% er fotograferet i standard 35mm. Det var et kreativt valg at anvende begge filmformater. Den anvendte 65mm råfilm er Eastman Kodak's 5201 på 50 ASA.
Imperial Bio i København viser "The Master" i 70mm
Af Thomas Hauerslev
Dette er den første kommercielle 70mm visning i Skandinavien, og jeg er sikker på, at det danske publikum vil nyde at se P T Anderson's film præcis som han havde forestillet sig det skulle ske "I 70mm og fuld stereofonisk stereo"
70mm Premiere på "The Master" i København
Af Thomas Hauerslev
"Hvorfor nøjes med noget tilfældigt småtteri, når en enkelt kæmpe biograf kan være lige så effektiv som et helt bio-center, og samtidig holde kvaliteten på topplan?" Nemlig - gå I Imperial Bio!!
Biffen, Aalborg viser "The Master" i 70mm
Af Thomas Hauerslev
P. T. Andersons episke "The Master" bliver vist i Biffen fra 15. februar, og helt ekstraordinært en 70mm kopi af filmen. Biffen er en af de få biografer i landet, der kan håndtere film i superformatet 70mm - en ægte filmoplevelse, du ikke skal snyde dig selv for.

En af Danmarks nyeste 3-sals biografer med 70mm udstyr og Philips' Oscarbelønnede DP70 maskiner i alle 3 biografer.

Buede lærreder og luxus som få biografer kan byde på. Der bliver ganske få forestillinger i 70mm af en af de mest imødesete film fra 2012. Filmen har været undervejs i 5 år, og nu har den endelig dansk premiere i 70mm.
I Biffen med "The Master" i Panavision Super 70
Af Thomas Hauerslev
I juni 2009 åbnede Aalborg's nye 3-sals biograf "Biffen". Fra begyndelse har det været meningen at der skulle vises 70mm film. I februar 2013 lykkedes det endelig at få en 70mm film til Aalborg - til og med en helt ny film produceret i Panavision's System 65. Premieren på 70mm var "The Master" den 15. februar 2013 i sal A.

"Inherent Vice" is released in70mm
When private eye Doc Sportello's ex-old lady suddenly out of nowhere shows up with a story about her current billionaire land developer boyfriend whom she just happens to be in love with, and a plot by his wife and her boyfriend to kidnap that billionaire and throw him in a loony bin…well, easy for her to say.
"Phantom Thread" is released in 70mm
Paul Thomas Anderson: We kind of hopefully presented this option, that if you wanna dig it this way, it's there for you. I prefer it. I enjoy it. I think it's a more well balanced meal, just in terms of the way that it kinda comes through the projector and the light and umm, and things moving around, and..... I prefer it. But certainly does not mean you are not gonna like the movie if you have to see it in any other way. It also doesn’t mean you gonna like it any more.

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P T Anderson's "The Master" in System 65

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