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70mm Film Weekend in Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
12 - 15 May 2016

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Pavel Nejtek Date: 16.03.2016.
Dear Movie Friends,

70mm Cinema Panorama in Varnsdorf, Czech Republic, located on the border with Germany, celebrates this year its 45th anniversary of its opening. In 1971 there was built a brand new modern 70mm cinema in Varnsdorf. We take this opportunity to invite you to 70mm weekend that will be held on 12 - 15 May 2016. We will offer once again a unique experience with the royal film format to the audience. There will be a weekend full of rare films that appeared on similar shows very rarely or never, as the title of Oliver! (1968, directed by Carol Reed).

Part of the event will not be only screenings of 70mm movies, but also screenings of technical presentations, rarities and other movie attractions. Last year we performed the title "Hello, Dolly!" on 16mm Cinemascope, then 35mm Cinemascope and of course on the 70mm format. Also this year you may look forward to similar attractions as well as good meals and drinks in our restaurant and bar, which are directly in the cinema premises. You can get pizza for 4.50 euros, meat for 5.50 euros and beer for one euro.

Visitors can look forward not only to the quality cinematic experience, but also to a gastronomic feast. Accommodation close to the cinema is available from 10 EUR per night.

Stay tuned for details of the program.

Our partners and supporters:
Neisse Film Festival
Kinomuseum Berlin e.V.

Web: centrumpanorama.cz

Facebook: facebook.com
Email: 70mm@centrumpanorama.cz

Centrum Panorama
Západní 2618
407 47 Varnsdorf
Czech Republic

City Varnsdorf is located at the heart of the border triangle Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, near the German city of Bautzen, where you can turn of the A4 motorway. For The train journey can be used the connection from Zittau or Děčín (Tetschen) with the Labe-Elbe ticket. Cinema is from the train station less than a mile. In front of the cinema is also parking for cars. For visitors from the Czech Republic we recommend the train from Decin or direct bus from Prague. Bus stop is near the cinema.
More in 70mm reading:

Varnsdorf Presents "The Big Fisherman" in Super Panavision 70

Varnsdorf Presents "The Big Fisherman" in Super Panavision 70

PDF: 70mm Film Weekend in Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf, Czech Republic

70mm Film Festival in Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf

CENTRUM PANORAMA Varnsdorf, Czech Republic

Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf, Czech Republic

70MM in Varnsdorf - a new hope?

Internet link:





7OMM Program

KLK an PTX - Die Rote Kapelle
12.5. 16:00
1971 / Director: Horst E. Brandt / 178 min.

East German spy title from 1971 takes us to the years 1938 -1942, when on the territory of Nazi Germany operated Communist anti-Nazi spy group. With this film you could meet in 2014 in Karlsruhe. Howler the East German makers were aware of the qualities of western film materials and so cameraman found in boxes labeled ORWO material from Kodak. The film will be in the German original with Czech subtitles.

Battle of the Bulge
12.5. 19:30
1965 / Director: Ken Annakin / 147 min.

Now classic film depicting the eve of the Second World War. The film is a last ditch attempt from the side of Hitler's Germany to prevent Allies to occupy Europe. Even though the film includes some historical inaccuracies, it is a classic in its genre and compared to modern and Computer created films it is an honest filmmaking work. On command military operations, we look at both from the point of view of Allies and German as well. The film will be in the English original with Czech and German subtitles.

Die Hard
13.5. 11:00
1988 / Director: John McTiernan / 131 min.

Introducing Bruce Willis in the role of John McClane is probably unnecessary. Classical action-movie of world class, to which it is a joy to watch even after 28 years. The title is of surprising quality for 70 mm strip. Perfect picture and sound with extra subwoofer track not let anybody on doubt that terrorists do not have the slightest chance. You will see the German version with Czech subtitles.

Mutiny on the Bounty (Ultra Panavision 70)
13.5. 14:15
1962 / Director: Lewis Milestone, Carol Reed / 178 min.

Mutiny on the Bounty is a famous film from 1962 inspired by real the events of the late 18th century and also another title with Ultra Panavision 70. English seafarers liked Tahitian women and local nature, they decided to stay in the Pacific, which was not otherwise than overpower the captain and officers, landing them on a barge and with the captured ship to sail alone on the island. For the first time since 2009 this film comes to life on the big screen in our cinema of 16.2 m bright in original with German and Czech subtitels.

Ben-Hur (MGM Camera 65)
13.5. 17:45
1959 / Director: William Wyler / 212 min.

Historic title from 1959 takes us to the days of the ancient Romans. Unbeatable Charleton Heston in the title role is betrayed and sent into slavery, only to subsequently won freedom for and achieved retaliation. Widescreen 2.76: 1 this film certainly suits. In Europe, you could see him the last time in 2009 in Berlin, albeit in an narrowed and corrupted version. Our version in original widescreen format was screened last time in 2005. You will see the German version with Czech subtitles.
The Dirty Dozen
14.5. 10:30
1967 / Director: Robert Aldrich / 150 min

Another war film of our 70 mm Weekend. After a long deciding, which of war films is better, we leave that decision up to you, the viewers. We will witness a suicide mission, to which a dozen defectors, serving up long sentences or awaiting death is sent. Goal is clear: Infiltrate into French chateau full of German officers and all of them blow up. Yet we are not sure, which language version will be projected, but subtitles are sure. Even this film was not shown on any of the 70 mm shows in recent years.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
14.5. 14:00
1982 / Director: Steven Spielberg / 115 min.

Featuring E.T. from 1982 is like carrying coals to Newcastle. Spielberg's classic will delight adults and older children. You can enjoy beautifully colored 70mm film, although the format 1.85: 1, as in this format it was made. But it will not miss the typical 70mm six-channel audio recording. Take your children with you, it is very likely that they have this title on 70mm never seen before. The film will be in the English original with Czech and German subtitles.

Alien Nation
14.5. 16:30
1988 / Director: Graham Baker / 91 min.

At its time slightly second-rate sci fi over time evolved into one of the favorite sci fi movies of 1988. Visitors from outer space decided to settle our planet, and in San Francisco it will be able to follow the story of one of the newcomers, how he is as new policeman incorporated in the society. Neither of Alien Nation is known to bee seen on 70mm screen. The film will be in the English original with Czech and German subtitles.
The Big Fisherman
14.5. 18:30
1959 / Director: Frank Borzage / 180 min.

The Big Fisherman is a gem of our 70 mm weekend. It is the first film processed Super Panavision 70. The film tells the biblical story of the angler Peter who became a follower of Jesus. The story is not only of Peter's redemption and forgiveness, but also about a young Arab-Jewish girl Fara. Jesus' teaching changes both of them their life. The film was recently screened 56 years ago! Coming in German language with Czech subtitles.

Far from the Madding Crowd
15.5. 10:30
1967 / Director: John Schlesinger / 168 min.

One of the many adaptations of Thomas Hardy's famous novel of the year 1874th Young ambitious Farmwoman already has three suitors: Charismatic herdsman Gabriel, likable but shy farmer William and finally nifty soldier Frank. Amorous intrigues and misunderstandings will result in even murder. Which of the suitors will have ultimately beloved wife? For the first time the 70 mm strip, you may find only in our cinema. Shown in the German language with Czech subtitles.

15.5. 14:15
1968 / Director: Carol Reed / 153 min.

The world famous story of a young boy from the English writer Charles Dickens Oliwer Twist will impress us in the form of a musical from1968. We believe that the musical based on a six-channel magnetic recording will chain into the seats many of the spectators. Even for us it will be a surprise, because we're not aware that this title in the last time has been played in 70mm strip. The film will be in the English original with Czech and German subtitles.


Liebe Filmfreunde,

Das 70-mm-Kino "Centrum Panorama" in Varnsdorf, Tschechische Republik, gelegen im Dreiländereck zu Deutschland und Polen, feiert in diesem Jahr den 45. Jahrestag seiner Eröffnung! 1971 war in Varnsorf ein völlig neuartiges, hochmodernes 70 mm Kino erbaut worden. Bei dieser Gelegenheit wollen wie Sie zum 70-mm-Wochenende einladen, das am 12. - 15. 5. 2016 stattfindet. Den Besuchern bieten wir wieder eine einzigartige Erfahrung mit dem königlichen Filmformat. Es wird ein Wochenende voller seltener Filme, die auf ähnlichen Shows sehr selten oder nie anzutreffen waren wie unter anderem Oliver! (1968, Regie: Carol Reed).

Ein Teil der Veranstaltung wird nicht nur projizierte 70-mm-Filme, sondern auch Projektoren-Demos, Raritäten und andere Film-Attraktionen bieten. Letztes Jahr haben wir den Titel HELLO, DOLLY! ausschnittsweise im 16mm-Streifenformat Cinemascope, dann in 35 mm Cinemascope und schliesslich als komplette Roadshow auf 70 mm-Filmband projiziert. Auch dieses Jahr können Sie sich auf ähnliche Kuriositaeten freuen sowie gutes Essen und Trinken in unserem Restaurant und in der Bar geniessen, die direkt im Kino liegen. Leckere Pizza bei uns ist für 4,50 € zu haben, Fleischgerichte ab 5,50 Euro und Bier für einen Euro. Sie duerfen sich nicht nur auf ein hochwertiges Kinoerlebnis, sondern auch auf ein kulinarisches Erlebnis freuen. Die Unterkunft ist in der Nähe des Kinos und ab 10 EUR pro Nacht zu haben.
Details über das Programm.

Unsere Partner und Unterstützer:
Neisse Film Festival
Kinomuseum Berlin e.V.

Web: centrumpanorama.cz

Facebook: facebook.com
Email: 70mm@centrumpanorama.cz

Centrum Panorama
Západní 2618
407 47 Varnsdorf
Tschechische Republik

Stadt Varnsdorf liegt im Herzen des Dreiländereck Tschechien, Deutschland und Polen, in der Nähe der deutschen Stadt Bautzen, wo Sie von der Autobahn A4 ausfahren. Für Die Bahnfahrt können Sie die Verbindung von Zittau oder Děčín (Tetschen) verwenden mit dem Labe-Elbe ticket. Kino ist vom Bahnhof weniger als ein Kilometer. Vor dem Kino sind auch Parkplätze für Autos. Für Besucher aus der Tschechischen Republik empfehlen wir, den Zug von Decin oder direkte Busverbindung von Prag. Bushaltestelle ist in der Nähe des Kinos.

From the Chronicle, about opening of the cinema in 1971

Mimořádnou událostí bylo zahájení provozu v novém kině Panorama dne 27. května promítnutím širokoúhlého filmu Čajkovskij. Tento film shlédli jako první dělníci a brigádníci, kteří kino stavěli. O den později, v pátek dne 28. května přivítal předseda MěNV Josef Mynář pozvané hosty, zástupce závodů a podniků, národního výboru, stranických a mládežnických organizací z celého šluknovského výběžku. Mezi pozvanými byli i zástupci z ředitelství Státního filmu a hosté ze Seifhennersdorfu. Dr. Řeháček, zástupce Státního filmu potvrdil, že tak reprezentativní kino nemá ani Praha. Zásluhu na vybudování tohoto objektu mají i projektanti, a to hlavní projektant Stavoprojektu Bratislava Ing. arch. Ladislav Bořuta a ing. Josef Poštulka. Oba jsou významnými projektanty. Ing. Bořuta dostal např. první cenu za urbanistickou studii bratislavského hradu, ing. Poštulka projektoval např. věžové domy v Bratislavě a jeho specialitou jsou lanové střechy. Taková střecha kryje i naše kino. V kině Svoboda proběhla přehlídka festivalových filmů. V roce 1971 se v našich kinech uskutečnilo 1176 představení, která navštívilo 201.216 osob.

An extraordinary event was the opening of the new cinema Panorama on 27 May with projection of wide-screen movie Tchaikovsky. This film saw the first laborers and temporary workers who built the cinema. A day later, on Friday 28 May welcomed by the Chairman MěNV Josef Mynář invited guests, Deputy factories and businesses, the National Committee of party and youth organizations from around the Šluknov Spur. Among those invited were representatives of the National Directorate of Film and guests from Seifhennersdorf. Dr. Řeháček, a representative of the State Film confirm that such representative cinema is not even in Prague. Credit for the construction of this object are also designers, and chief designer Stavoprojekt Bratislava Ing. Arch. Ladislav Bořuta and ing. Josef Poštulka. Both are important designers. Ing. Bořuta got eg. the first prize for urban study Bratislava Castle, ing. Poštulka designed eg. high-rise buildings in Bratislava and its specialty are roofs hanging on the ropes. Such a roof covering our cinema. In cinema Svoboda was a parade of festival films. In 1971, our theaters performances took place in 1176, which was attended by 201,216 people.

Ein außergewöhnliches Ereignis war die Eröffnung des neuen Kinos Panorama am 27 Mai 1971 mit Projektion von Breitwandfilm Tschaikowsky. Dieser Film haben die Arbeiter und Leiharbeiter, die das Kino gebaut haben, als erste gesehen. Einen Tag später, 28 Mai der Vorsitzende der Stadtverwaltung Josef Mynář begrüßte eingeladene Gäste, Repräsentanten der Fabriken und Unternehmen, Stadtverwaltungen, Kommunistischen Partei und Jugendorganisationen von den ganzen Gebiet Šluknov. Unter den Gästen waren Vertreter des Staatsfilms und Gäste aus Seifhennersdorf. Dr. Řeháček, der Vertreter des Staatsfilms bestätigte, dass ein solches repräsentatives Kino nicht einmal Prag hat. Das Verdienst auf dem Bau dieses Kinos haben auch Designer, und namentlich. Chefdesigner Stavoprojekt Bratislava Ing. Arch. Ladislav Bořuta und Ing. Josef Poštulka. Beide sind wichtige Designer. Ing. Bořuta bekam z. B. den ersten Preis für die städtische Studie der Burg von Bratislava, ing. Poštulka hat z. B. Hochhäuser in Bratislava entworfen und seine Spezialität ist die Konstruktion von Seil-Dach. Ein solches Dach unser Kino abdeckt. Im Kino Svoboda war eine Vorführung der Festivalfilme. Im Jahre 1971, in unseren Kinos wurden 1176 Vorführungen realisiert, die von 201216 Menschen besucht wurden.
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Updated 21-01-24