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Movie Enhanced with Internet-based Fragrance System

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: NTT Communications (NTT Com) Date: 22 May 2006
Fragrance Schedule for The New World

TOKYO, JAPAN – NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced today that technologies used for its Web-linked fragrance system will be specially employed at selected theaters in Japan for showings of "The New World" starring Colin Farrell beginning April 22. Moviegoers will experience various scents to heighten their sense of joy, love, sadness, etc. during key scenes.

The technology is based on NTT Com's Fragrance Communication (Kaori Tsushin) system, which uses a special scent-emitting device programmed with information obtained via the Web. Scents will be emitted into the theaters using devices placed under viewers' seats. The system will be employed at one theater each in Tokyo and Osaka.

The movie, distributed by Shochiku Co., Ltd., stars Colin Farrell as a British adventurer in the legendary romance between John Smith and Native American princess Pocahontas in the 17th century New World.

The system downloads an aroma recipe and distribution schedule from an aroma-control server and stores the information in a LAN box, which can then be disconnected from the network and moved freely. The box is then connected to aroma-emitting devices placed under a number of seats in the theater. Each device contains six base oils, which are combined according to the recipes for specifically generated aromas. The LAN box controls the automatic release of these aromas during selected scenes of the movie.

Research has shown that the human sense of smell can create stronger, more lasting impressions than sight, suggesting that the system has the potential to greatly heighten the intended effect of communication for diverse purposes.
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NTT Communications Press release, 11 April 2006

Configuration of In-theater System

NTT Com offers Fragrance Communication as a system for B2B2C / B2C and in-house applications. Providers can use it as a platform for online services, such as aromatherapy treatments and multimedia combining aromas with specific types of visual and/or audio content. General companies can rent aroma-generating devices, network-connection equipment and setup software for in-house applications, such as waiting lobbies, restaurant dining areas, displays and many more. Shunichi Hamada, Deputy Manager of the Consumer & Office Users Business Division of NTT Com says, "Thanks to the use of Internet telecommunications, the system can be managed from one place even if installed in multiple locations around the country or around the world."

NTT Com is currently working with a wide variety of companies interested in Fragrance Communication, such as homebuilders, carmakers and hotels. The Imperial Hotel in Osaka uses the system to deliver various fragrances to selected rooms. Guests can request that scents be specially blended to fit their mood or activities, such as an invigorating scent delivered along with a morning wake-up call.

The Fragrance Communication service for general consumers was launched in November 2005. Customers download aroma recipes that their aroma-emitting devices use to generate fragrances for specific purposes, such as relaxing before bedtime or staying alert late at night.

'Smellovision' for Japan cinema

Screenings of Colin Farrell's latest film will be accompanied by a series of smells at a cinema in Japan. Seven fragrances will waft from machines under back row seats during historical adventure The New World. A floral smell will accompany love scenes, with a mixture of peppermint and rosemary for tear-jerking moments. Cinemas across the country will be able to download programmes to control various sequences of fragrances for other upcoming films. Relaxation. The company who makes the fragrance-emitting machines launched a service for Japanese homes last year.

The home version of the equipment costing £510 was designed to provide aromatherapy during work or horoscope readings. The machines have to be topped up with fragrant liquids which create the scents. A globe-shaped version of the machine for computer users is also manufactured, which emits fragrances depending on mood. It can be used to provide relaxation before bedtime or to keep the user alert if they are working late at night. In "The New World", Farell plays American colonial leader John Smith, said to have been saved from execution by North American Indian princess Pocahontas.

source BBC News
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Updated 21-01-24