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Elbeuf’s Grand Mercure Cinema, France’s only cinema theatre to be showing INTERSTELLAR in 70mm

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Richard PATRY, Président Directeur Général Date: 01.11.2014
Christopher Nolan - Iris Knobloch, Présidente de Warner Bros France - Richard Patry, Président NOE Cinémas - Avant première Interstellar - 30 octobre 2014

The Grand Mercure Cinema, an independent cinema theatre of the « Nord Ouest Exploitation Cinémas » Group in Normandy (Elbeuf), will be the only cinema in France to show Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR in the optimal conditions as envisioned by the director : in 70mm film format.

Christopher Nolan, who directed among others the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception, wished to promote the distribution of his new masterpiece, INTERSTELLAR, on a 70mm print with 5 perforations. In the US, a dozen cinema theatres in cities such as New York and Los Angeles will present the film in this format. In Europe, only five cinema theatres will screen the film in 70mm : in Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan and at the Grand Mercure Cinema in Elbeuf : the only 70mm print of the film in France.

Deeply attached to the silver film print, Christopher Nolan decided to shoot INTERSTELLAR entirely on film, combining two formats: 35mm and Imax 70mm, rather than shooting digital like most directors today. The Grand Mercure Cinema chose to screen the film in 70mm with 5 perforations to offer you, starting from Wednesday 5 November, the most luminous, faithful, and respectful presentation of this visionary creator’s.
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Internet link:
Address and map
70mm by Richard Patry

Christopher Nolan 70mm - AVP Interstellar - 30 octobre 2014

Since the fifties, 70mm has become the main screening format for roadshow presentations, a format that until today offers a resolution 3 times superior to a standard image. This format has allowed directors to elaborate major theatrical works, putting technology at the service of their ambitions.

The world’s greatest cinema masterpieces have been shot in this format: Ben-Hur, West Side Story, Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, The Sound of Music, Alamo, My Fair Lady, Cleopatra, Playtime, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Hamlet, The Master, … all were shot in this exceptional format. With INTERSTELLAR, this tradition continues !

Three years ago, at the time of the digital transition, the Grand Mercure Cinema chose to preserve its perfectly maintained 70mm projector : a DP70 Todd-AO Philips, located in the booth of the cinema’s main screening room. Cinema professionals have always considered this projector to be the best in the world, the most stable and most luminous. It has equipped the most prestigious screenings rooms, among which the famous booth of the Cannes Film Festival.
Richard Patry, Président NOE Cinémas - Christopher Nolan - 70mm - Avant première Interstellar - 30 octobre 2014

The preservation of this projector allows us today to screen INTERSTELLAR in Elbeuf in this high definition format endowed with exceptionnal frame sharpness and a depth of field of great accuracy.

Elbeuf’s cinema will hence be the only French cinema theater to be offering several screenings of INTERSTELLAR in 70mm 5 perforations in its main 430 seats screening room, starting on its national release date. The film will be offered alternately in the French and the Original version with French subtitles. The screening schedule is available as of now on the cinema’s website: www.noecinemas.com/elbeuf

« Nord Ouest Exploitation Cinémas » is proud to offer its spectators the 70mm screenings of INTERSTELLAR, a unique and exclusive experience in France. We would like to thank in particular the distributor WARNER BROS FRANCE for its trust as well as all staff members at NOE Cinémas who have joined forces to offer you one of cinema’s greatest moments.


Capacity 430 seats of which 16 « love seats »
35/70 DP70 Todd-AO Philips
Series : 2022 – Year of manufacture : 1964
Lenses Isco and Schneider
Lamphouse Kinoton universal 7000 W
Bulb 70 SC Ushio
Dispenser Platter Kinoton ST 270 E – 35/70
Soundhead DTS XD10 - 6 channels
Subtitling Electronic : DTS-CSS
Sound processor Dolby CP500 D + SA 10
Magnetic Dolby MPU
Amplifier Amplis QSC
Surrounds Speakers JBL 8330 x 20
Behind the screen Tri-amplified speakers Bema membrane x 3
Subwoofer Speakers bass reinforcement Bema membrane x2
Screen 52-feet image base – transound white gain 1,00
Image size 52-feet x 23.8-feet : 1,238 square feet
Image ratio 70 2.20


Length 2h49 – 169 minutes
Size of each image 48 mm x 22 mm
Frame rate 24 frames per second
Number of frames 243,360 frames
Total length of print 18,374 feet
Weight of print 170 Kg


Richard Patry, Président NOE Cinémas - Christopher Nolan - Alain Surmulet, Directeur technique NOE Cinémas - 70 mm - AVP Interstellar - 30 octobre 2014

Nord Ouest Exploitation Cinémas, an SAS with a capital of 100 000 € and head offices in Elbeuf (Raoul Grimoin Sanson Square, 76500), is an independent cinema exhibition company and a programming agreement registered with the Centre National de la Cinématographie (National Center of Cinematography).

The company was created in 1987 by Richard PATRY who holds the functions of President and CEO. Richard PATRY is also the President of the Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français (National Federation of French Cinemas).

NOE Cinémas operates cinemas in 3 major regions :
• East of France
• Paris Region
• Normandy, its main operating zone with cinema theaters situated within a distance of 150 km around Elbeuf.

In total, « Nord Ouest Exploitation Cinémas » represents :
• 30 programme cinemas
• 73 screens
• 1,324,500 admissions in 2013
• 0.67% market share in terms of national cinema attendance in 2013


General Director President Richard PATRY
Technical Director Alain SURMULET
Head of Communication & Marketing Yoann DURAND
cell phone : +336-08-42-22-05


Release date : 5 november 2014
Length of the film : 2h49min
Director : Christopher Nolan
Actors : Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck
Genre : Fantastic and Science fiction
Nationality : American

Synopsis : At a time when life on Earth comes to an end, a group of explorers takes on the most important mission in human history : crossing the boundaries of our galaxy to know if Man can live on another planet…

Screenings of the first week of exploitation :

In 70mm – 5 perforations – French version
Wednesday 05 november 14h30 & 20h00
Friday 07 november 20h00
Saturday 08 november 14h00 & 21h00
Sunday 09 november 14h00 & 17h30
Monday 10 november 14h30 & 20h00
Tuesday 11 november 14h00 & 17h30

In 70mm – 5 perforations – Original version with French subtitles
Thursday 06 november 20h00
Saturday 08 november 17h30
Sunday 09 november 21h00

Also presented in Digital projection – French version
Wednesday 05 november 16h30
Thursday 06 november 14h15
Friday 07 november 14h15
Sunday 09 november 10h30
Monday 10 november 16h30
Tuesday 11 november 19h00

The screening schedule of the coming weeks will be available on the cinema’s website :

INTERSTELLAR is offered at the normal rates of the Grand Mercure of Elbeuf:
• Normal rate : 8,50 €
• Reduced rate between 5,50 € and 6,50 €
• <14 years : 4,00 €

"Interstellar" at the Grand Mercure
By Jean-Marc Toussaint

I had a wonderful time yesterday night in Elbeuf watching "Interstellar" in 70mm. Excellent presentation. The film is great. The huge amount of amps fed to the 7K lamphouse create a slight vibration resulting in some barely perceptible flickering in the projected whites but I guess I'm the only one in the audience who noticed that. Alain is aware of it but hats off to him for running the show (and taking the extra time on that day to entirely recut an aperture frame to the correct ratio).

best regards
Jean-Marc, France
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Updated 07-01-23