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"Interstellar" Goes IMAX 70MM and 5/70 MM
a page in progress with stories about Christopher Nolan's new film

The 70mm Newsletter
Information by: Eric Carter, Sean A. Weitzel, James, Hyder, Jeremy Warner and more Date: 27.03.2014 and Updated 21-01-24
"Interstellar" chronicles the adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage. Select IMAX theaters will be offering The IMAX Experience® featuring 15 perf/70mm film projection which combines the brightest, clearest images at almost 10 times the resolution of standard projection formats, with powerful, laser-aligned digital sound and customized theatre geometry to create the world's most immersive movie experience. "Interstellar" was shot using a combination of 35mm anamorphic film and 65mm IMAX film. Exclusively in IMAX theatres, sequences that were filmed with IMAX® cameras will expand to fill the entire screen and will deliver unprecedented crispness and clarity.
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Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directs an international cast in “Interstellar”

“Inherent Vice,” an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s funniest novel, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

"Interstellar" Now Playing in 70MM

Elbeuf’s Grand Mercure Cinema, France’s only cinema theatre to be showing INTERSTELLAR in 70mm

Interstellar: La Magia Del 70mm Al Cinema Arcadia Di Melzo (Milano)

"Inception" in 65mm

A review of "The Dark Knight" in IMAX

Internet link:

Kip S Thorne
interstellar web site
Interstellar Formats
imax.com cinemas
Hollywood Reporter
Italian blog
Hollywood Reporter
"Interstellar" is based on a story and treatment from an university physics professor of mine at Caltech, Kip Thorne. He wrote a treatment many years ago and shopped it around Hollywood. Steven Spielberg was involved at one time, but it eventually wound up with Chris Nolan. Kip is an exec producer on the film. The U.S./Canada exhibitor screenings of INTERSTELLAR are on 15 October. The New York screening was originally going to be at the Ziegfeld in 5/70mm, but has just been moved to the Lincoln Square in 70mm IMAX. Eric Carter

UPDATE. "Interstellar" will be shown at the Zegfeld inNew York, Ed, 31.10.2014

We booked 7 tickets for the Ziegfeld on Sunday at 6:45 pm, shown in 70mm. My first time at the Ziegfeld since a sing-a-long "The Sound of Music" (comped). Dennis Furbush, New York
EKKO "Interstellar"
EKKO "The Master"

Variety review 27.10.2014
Empire review
Studio Daily



Willow Creek 12 is in Plymouth, Minnesota; a suburb of Minneapolis:
For me it’s really like harking back to the kinds of films I grew up with, that took me to places I could hardly imagine,” he said mentioning "Star Wars" and a theatrical re-release of Stanley Kubrick’s "2OO1: A Space Odyssey" that the 43-year-old filmmaker noted his father took him to when he was just seven. “We shot quite a lot of the film in IMAX, more than we had ever done in the past. There will be some really beautiful IMAX film prints that will be in certain key locations. “I am not committed to film out of nostalgia. I am in favor of any kind of technical innovation but it needs to exceed what has gone before and so far nothing has exceeded anything that’s come before (meaning film),” he said before extolling IMAX as a format that can’t be touched in terms of resolution. deadline.com

Christopher Nolan is such a big draw and an advocate for IMAX, the company is going above and beyond for his latest feature. /Film has exclusively learned IMAX will be specially installing a 15perf/70mm film projection system inside the company’s flagship TCL Chinese Theater IMAX in Hollywood, CA, just for "Interstellar". /Film 25.09.2014

I also received email confirmation from the Esquire IMAX in Sacramento CA that "Interstellar" will be presented in 15/70mm. Filmed in 15/65 and 35mm anamorphic. Not sure if they pulled out any 5/65mm cameras though. There's been confirmation there will be somewhere between six to eight 5/70mm prints with DTS along with an undetermined number of 15/70 IMAX prints. Sean Weitzel, Facebook

“Interstellar” is also unusual in that it is being presented in a wide variety of formats. Nolan shot the film on film, which he believes provides more visually dynamic, lustrous images than digital cameras. It will be projected digitally, but also in 35mm and 70mm film formats and in Imax 70 mm. Tickets to shows in those formats have been a particularly hot commodity and early Imax and 70mm screenings of the film are starting to sell out in many major theaters. Variety 22.10.2014

42 days to go until "Interstellar" opens in glorious 15 perf 70mm Imax on Yorkshire's biggest cinema screen at National Media Museum. Dick Vaughan, Facebook
Director Christopher Nolan's futuristic sci-fi spectacle is receiving a rare theatrical release on old-school, large-format film stock. CBSNews.com's David Morgan enters the projection booth where the new IMAX movie is being screened in 70mm.

In the 70mm IMAX projection booth with "Interstellar"

In a digital age, "Interstellar" unspools on film stock

"Interstellar" billboard in Los Angeles. Image by Eric Carter

Paramount and Warner Bros. announced today that audiences nationwide can catch Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar two days early – projected on film. Starting November 5, Interstellar will screen in advance showings in 225 locations across the U.S. and Canada in 70mm IMAX, 70mm, and 35mm. Two days later the film opens wide as previously announced in 4K and IMAX digital screenings. Film purist Nolan was one of a number of filmmakers who fought to save film stock from extinction at Kodak earlier this summer. The Dark Knight Rises helmer is one of a few directors with the clout to make a traditional film release happen after the majority of exhibitors made the switch to digital projection. He filmed Interstellar on 35mm anamorphic film and 65mm IMAX and seems to have his studio bosses onboard despite the added costs of striking hundreds of film prints for the release: “To see Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar on the big screen is an unforgettable movie going experience,” said Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures. “From IMAX to traditional film and digital projection, we are pleased that audiences will have the opportunity to see this awe-inspiring film in a wide variety of formats and we are very excited to be making the film available two days early for moviegoers.”
“It is amazing. Scientifically picks up where 2001 left off. Definitely the heir apparent. The visuals are mind blowing, and Zimmer's church organ based score is a complete break for him. I can tell you that it also has an ending that, like 2001, is a visual metaphor. As a matter of fact, the film's narrative relies so firmly on hard science, that it might prove perplexing to some audiences. Particularly with regard to black holes. So I guess I should be talking about hard scientific theory.”

"INTERSTELLAR" Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at the exhibitor screening in New York in 70mm IMAX format.
The IMAX 65mm camera and Mr Nolan

Chris, you've stuck to shooting on film, not digital. Will you change at some point?

Nolan: I hope not to. I don't know. I love film and will continue to use it. What it has is a particular and unique quality. It's the thing that got me doing this in the first place. And makes me keep wanting to do it.


Nolan shot "Interstellar" using a combination of 35mm film and 65mm Imax film. The movie, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain, opens everywhere Nov. 7. Of those theaters getting "Interstellar" earlier, 189 locations will play 35mm prints, while 10 will play 70mm prints. The 41 Imax theaters will play enhanced 70mm prints.

"Interstellar" 70mm print at the Grand Lake, Oakland, USA. Image by Stephan, the chief projectionist

Nolan @ the DGA in 2012:

"For the last 10 years, I've felt increasing pressure to stop shooting film and start shooting video, but I've never understood why. It's cheaper to work on film, it's far better looking, it’s the technology that's been known and understood for a hundred years, and it's extremely reliable. I think, truthfully, it boils down to the economic interest of manufacturers and [a production] industry that makes more money through change rather than through maintaining the status quo. We save a lot of money shooting on film and projecting film and not doing digital intermediates. In fact, I've never done a digital intermediate. Photochemically, you can time film with a good timer in three or four passes, which takes about 12 to 14 hours as opposed to seven or eight weeks in a DI suite. That’s the way everyone was doing it 10 years ago, and I've just carried on making films in the way that works best and waiting until there’s a good reason to change. But I haven't seen that reason yet."

Read more at hitfix.com

Ultimate information Thomas,

Yesterday [31.10.2014] at Le Grand Rex, 70mm screening from a temporary booth installed on the mezzanine - projectionist Alain SURMULET. Grand Large screen not used, only the normal screen in the back - 17.00m wide in 70mm. Projector Kinoton FP75.

François CARRIN, France


Theatres with 5/70mm and IMAX 70mm Prints

USA 70MM 5/70
• CA, Hollywood, ArcLight Cinerama Dome
• CA, Oakland, Renaissance Grand Lake
• GA, Atlanta, CineBistro at Town Brookhaven
• MN, Plymouth, Willow Creek 12
• NY, New York, Bow Tie Ziegfeld
• NY, New York, City Cinemas Cinema 1

• TX, Arlington, Studio Movie Grill
• TX, Austin, Alamo Drafthouse Ritz
• TX, Dallas, Look Cinemas
• TX, Dallas, Studio Movie Grill Royal Lane

• Canada, Toronto, Cineplex Varsity Toronto 12
• Denmark, Copenhagen, Imperial Bio
• France, Grand Mercure, Elbeuf
• Germany, Berlin, ZOO Palast
• Italy, Milan, Arcadia Cinema
• United Kingdom, London, Odeon Leicester Sq
IMAX 70mm print in boxes just arrived in Bradford, UK. Image by Dick Vaughan

International 70MM IMAX

• BFI IMAX Theater, London, UK
• National Media Museum, Bradford, UK
• ODEON Manchester, UK
• IMAX Theatre, Palace Flora – Prague, CZ


• Krungsri IMAX – Bangkok, TH
• Miramar IMAX, Miramar Cinemas – Taipei, TW
• Prasads IMAX - Hyderabad, IN
• SM Mall of Asia IMAX Theatre - Manila, PH

IMAX, Melbourne Museum – Melbourne, AU
LG IMAX, Darling Harbour – Sydney, AU

Event Cinemas Queen Street & IMAX - Auckland, NZ



70mm IMAX INTERSTELLAR Engagements (U.S. & Canada) (as of 10/24/2014)
Opening November 5, 2014 (Previews Evening of November 4)

AB, Calgary, Scotiabank Chinook & IMAX
AL, Huntsville, U.S. Space & Rocket Center IMAX
AZ, Tempe, Harkins Arizona Mills 25 & IMAX
CA, San Francisco, AMC Metreon 16 & IMAX
CA, Universal City, AMC Universal CityWalk Stadium 19 & IMAX
CA, Irvine, Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 & IMAX
CA, Ontario, Edwards Ontario Palace Stadium 22 & IMAX
CA, Sacramento, Esquire IMAX
CA, San Jose, Hackworth IMAX Dome, The Tech Museum
CA, Dublin, Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 21 & IMAX
CA, Hollywood, TCL Chinese Theatres IMAX
CO, Denver, UA Colorado Center Stadium 9 & IMAX
DC, Washington, Lockheed Martin IMAX, National Air & Space Museum
FL, Ft. Lauderdale, Autonation IMAX, Museum of Discovery & Science
FL, Tampa, Museum of Science & Industry IMAX Dome
GA, Buford, Regal Mall of Georgia Stadium 20 & IMAX
IA, Des Moines, Blank IMAX Dome, Science Center of Iowa
ID, Boise, Edwards Boise Stadium 22 & IMAX
IL, Chicago, Navy Pier IMAX
IL, Lincolnshire, Regal Lincolnshire Stadium 21 & IMAX
IN, Indianapolis, Indiana State Museum IMAX
MI, Grand Rapids, Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapid North & IMAX
MI, Dearborn, The Henry Ford IMAX
MN, Apple Valley, Great Clips IMAX, Minnesota Zoo
MO, Branson, Branson's IMAX
NV, Las Vegas, Brenden Theatres & IMAX at the Palms
NY, New York, AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 & IMAX
NY, West Nyack, AMC Loews Palisades 21 & IMAX
NY, New Rochelle, Regal New Roc Stadium 18 & IMAX
ON, Mississauga, Coliseum Mississauga & IMAX
ON, Toronto, Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre Toronto & IMAX
PA, Philadelphia, Tuttleman IMAX, The Franklin Institute
PA, King of Prussia, UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 & IMAX
QC, Montreal, Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal & IMAX
RI, Providence, Providence Place Cinemas 16 & IMAX
TN, Nashville, Regal Opry Mills Stadium 20 & IMAX
TX, Dallas, Cinemark 17 & IMAX
TX, San Antonio, AMC Rivercenter 11 & IMAX
TX, Austin, The Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX
VA, Chantilly, Airbus IMAX, Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center
WA, Seattle, Boeing IMAX, Pacific Science Center

35mm INTERSTELLAR Engagements (US-Canada)


"Interstellar" Technical Specifications

"Interstellar" billboard on top of the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Image by Eric Carter

INTERSTELLAR was shot using a combination of 35mm anamorphic film and 65mm 15 perf IMAX FILM. When presented on 70mm IMAX, the sequences shot on IMAX are printed full quality in their native format- the highest quality imaging format ever devised, offering almost ten times the resolution of standard formats, and filling the giant IMAX screens from top to bottom. The 35mm anamorphic sequences have been blown up to fill the IMAX screen side-to-side using a 6k digital DMR process, the highest resolution processing ever used in a feature film presentation. The finished picture switches between the 2.40:1 and 1.43:1 aspect ratios at key dramatic moments in the film. This is combined with a specially made IMAX uncompressed sound mix for the most immersive presentation of the film.

The digital IMAX presentation has been created from 6 and 8k scans of the original film elements, graded specifically for the high contrast IMAX dual-projection system. When presented on digital IMAX, the sequences shot on IMAX will fill the IMAX screens from top to bottom and switch from 2.40:1 to an aspect ratio of up to 1.9:1. It will also carry the uncompressed IMAX sound mix of the film.
70mm film offers a brighter, clearer image, with 3 times the resolution of standard projection formats, using the process of projecting light through celluloid to deliver clear images in rich analog color with state-of-the-art digital sound.
The Grand Lake in San Francisco. Picture credit Casey Foster, manager of the theatre

When presented on regular 70mm film, the IMAX sequences have been optically reduced to 70mm 5 perf film to produce a grain-free, ultra-high resolution image, cropped top and bottom to fill the wide screen. The 35mm anamorphic sections have been blown up optically. Both processes are photochemical, preserving the original analog color of the imagery and combined in a 2.2:1 widescreen presentation. The sound is carried on a separate Datasat disc to produce state-of-the-art 6-track digital sound.

The 35mm anamorphic prints have been made photochemically, preserving all the rich analog color and high resolution of the original 35mm anamorphic photography. This is combined with new 4k negatives produced from 8k scans of the IMAX original negatives, cropped top and bottom to create a seamless 2.40:1 scope image. The sound is coded on the prints in Dolby SRD for a 6-track digital playback experience in most theatres.
Posted on Facebook by Nick Constable, and designed by Vaq one of the Techs.

The digital presentation of INTERSTELLAR has been created from 4 and 8k scans of the photochemically- color graded film elements, fine-tuned in the digital realm to maximize the color and contrast attributes of digital projectors, and dust-busted to achieve the cleanest and most stable image presentation possible. The film was mastered in 4k for the highest digital resolution currently available.

The sound on INTERSTELLAR has been specially mixed to maximize the power of the low end frequencies in the main channels as well as in the sub woofer channel. This effect is present is in all available presentations of INTERSTELLAR, all of which have been designed to play back at the volume level designated by the industry at 7 on the Dolby cinema processor.
Premium cinema in its full wide screen glory. Only at the Berlin Zoo-Palast! - Watch INTERSTELLAR exclusively in 70mm film format. zoopalast-berlin.de. An advert from the premiere day (06.11.2014) in a Berlin newspaper

"Interstellar" Advertising

"Interstellar" billboard in Los Angeles. Image by Eric Carter

Why see it in an IMAX Theatre? (From the Science Museum in London, UK)

• Director Christopher Nolan designed and captured Interstellar for true 70mm IMAX film viewing. We are one of only four IMAX venues in the UK to show it in this way, providing you with 40% more film image that is hidden on screens of the large cinema chains that use digital IMAX technology.
• Our screen is one of the largest in the UK and is almost double those of large cinema chains, measuring from floor to ceiling and wall to wall 24.3m x 16.8m (that’s the height of four double-decker buses or a car park for 64 taxis!).
• Experience 10 times the image quality, resolution and sound than you would in conventional digital cinema screens, making you feel like you’re part of the action.
"Interstellar" billboard in Copenhagen mounted on the Palads Theatre. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Directed by Christopher Nolan; written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan; director of photography, Hoyte van Hoytema; edited by Lee Smith; music by Hans Zimmer; production design by Nathan Crowley; costumes by Mary Zophres; visual effects supervisor, Paul Franklin; produced by Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas and Lynda Obst; released by Paramount Pictures. Running time: 2 hours 49 minutes.
Odeon Leicester Sq, London. Image by Howard Haas

WITH: Matthew McConaughey (Cooper), Anne Hathaway (Dr. Amelia Brand), Jessica Chastain (Murph as an adult), Bill Irwin (voice of TARS), Mackenzie Foy (Murph), John Lithgow (Donald), Timothée Chalamet (Tom), Wes Bentley (Doyle), David Gyasi (Romilly), Topher Grace (Getty), Michael Caine (Professor Brand), Ellen Burstyn and Matt Damon.

"Interstellar" 70MM Advertising on the web

"Interstellar" at the Grand Lake

"Interstellar" at the Cine Bistro

"Interstellar" at the Dome in Los Angeles

"Interstellar" in Copenhagen

"Interstellar" in London

"Interstellar" in The Studio Grill

"Interstellar" in Texas

"Interstellar" in Italy

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