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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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"The Hateful Eight" at the "Lichtburg" in Germany

The 70mm Newsletter
Written and photographed by: Ulrich Rostek Date: 01.02.2016
Like everybody within the 70mm community I was absolutely keen on seeing "The Hateful Eight" (which means I was dying to see people dying) since I read the movie was going to be shot in Ultra Panavision 70 - my excitement growing from day to day ever since. In Germany only four 70mm prints were distributed to the very few movie theatres still capable of projecting this high end film format. The 70mm-cinema next door to me - about ten miles from the place I live - is the "Lichtburg" in the city of Essen. Offering 1250 seats, the "Lichtburg" has the largest auditorium of all movie theatres in Germany. Since 1998 the building housing the cinema is a class listed monument.
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Therefore it is out of reach of the real estate brokers' greedy tentacles and protected from being turned into a shopping mall. Being completely restored in 2002 the interior breathes the atmosphere of the fifties when the movie theatre was one of the most important traditional premier houses, hosting lots of German  and international stars. Still today rarely a month passes without a German or European film premiering at the "Lichtburg". Equipped with a 150 square meters roller screen the cinema can also be used as a concert hall. And - besides modern 4K digital 3D projection - a DP75 machine survived, ready to start rolling for "The H8ful Eight" on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016. 7:30 pm.
And now in the almost sold out auditorium the light is dimming, the gong sounds followed by the opening music, the overture title card lights the slowly opening curtain, unveiling the wide wide wide screen, perfectly masked to 2,76 aspect ratio. After the overture the CINERAMA logo hits the screen. What a sight! Up to this moment already 5500 seats were booked in presales for the first week, grossing more than 71.000 EUR or 77.000 USD respectively. Back to the movie: Even the first shots, set in the endless snowfields of Wyoming, show what modern film stock combined with wide gauge photography can do. The high contrast range, razor sharp images and an almost unnoticable film grain provide a picture quality far superior to any digital image, even 4K. Here DOP Robert Richardson shows his extraordinary talent developing image compositions in a film format not used for nearly 50 years, perfectly framing the setups and sceneries.
Those People who cannot stand the sight of blood should leave the film alone. People familiar with Tarantino's movies know what is waiting for them. At least it's a typical Tarantino picture with long dialog sequences, always balancing the thin line between philosophy and insanity. Last but not least there is such an excellent cast, each of them portraying his or her character brilliantly. Their acting reminds more of a stage performance than of an action movie. However, the intimate play may soon turn into a splatter orgy - and surely it does. Good to know that no animals were harmed during the production of this motion picture. People may say the film is too long. In my opinion the tempo is perfect. The human eye and brain simply needs a longer time to process all the visual impressions the extra wide 70mm format offers. All that tiny little details to be seen in the background while in close-up shots every beard stubble almost breaks out of the screen, even without 3D glasses. Director, cinematographer and editor give their audience all the time they need to fully inhale the rich images.

THINK BIG! - Tarantino did it. This is where craftsmanship meets showmanship. A 70mm Ultra Panavision roadshow is an experience to remember.
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Updated 04-05-22